Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 31

Lions Are Prideful (2)

 ༺ Lions Are Prideful (2) ༻  


  “Well, miss witch. W-What the hell is this…?” 

  “An experimentation table~ I dissect various substances on top of it~ It’s also where I prepare my ingredients for my experiments~”  

  No, I know this is an experimentation or operating table. But why the fuck are you laying on it? Was what I wanted to ask but, I didn’t really have the courage nor the resolve to ask such a question.

  There were various reasons at play, but if I had to choose the most glaring one… Then it would be because a white-furred cat, that was more of a bonafide lion than a cat, was ferociously glaring at me from the distance.

  “It’s okay~ Our Whitey is very well-behaved~ He won’t bite~”

  Shit, hearing those words of persuasion somehow made this whole predicament much scarier. It was very uncomfortable, downright frightening even, to be in the same space as the lion-cat I was previously fighting a bloodied battle to the death with.


  D-Did this beast just smack its lips? Wait, can they even be called lips? I was so frightened by the beast’s actions that my brain almost short-circuited, unable to produce any coherent thoughts.

  “Come on, my friend~ My shoulders are rather stiff these days~ I can’t concentrate on my work at all~ Can you relieve me of this pain~? Just like you did the last time~ I’ll pay the appropriate price for that~ 1 silver~”

  1 silver? How can someone get so much money just by massaging a woman’s shoulders?    

  A miraculous experience where my greed for money overcame my fear of the lion-cat, prowling in the corner with a savage gaze, flowed within me.

  And just like that, with my greed fueling my actions, I reached out my hands towards Nemea’s body that was laid out on the operating table, or whatever the hell it was.

  Right then. 


  The gigantic white-furred cat growled loudly with its mouth wide open and fangs bared.

  “Be a good boy, Whitey~”

  “I’m asking just in case but, is it a male?”

  “It’s a girl, actually~ She’s just like my little sister~ Anyway, lying down here, on this hard table, is very uncomfortable~ Why don’t you start working soon~?” 

  “Ah, yeah…”

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  My hands finally reached the witch’s shoulders.

  “Ha~ Ugh~ Huuh~ Y-You’re so strong~”

  “… I haven’t pressed on anything yet, though.”

  “Just a joke~ You’re too stiff~ Do I look like I’m going to eat you, or something~? I’m not going to eat you…yet… Don’t worry~”

  “Yet? Does it mean you’ll eat me someday?”


  Wait, damn it, why are you not answering my question?    

  Moreover, I couldn’t relax even if you told me to. I mean how could you even relax while being in the same room as this behemoth of a kitten that was threateningly licking her lips like she was about to cleave me with those sharp claws of hers at any moment?

  Fretting over this matter for some time, I finally made up my mind. I have to get done with this as soon as possible. That aside, even if it didn’t seem to bother Nemea, the smell of the sewers that was sticking to my body made me seriously uncomfortable. It’s so disgusting, I want to wash up as soon as possible.

  “Well, then, show me your wrist… I want to get your pulse?”

  “My pulse~? Alright~”



Name: Nemea
Level: ??
Condition: Chronic Fatigue 》 Back Pain 》 Stiff Shoulder》 ????》 ????》 ????????


  Well, it looks like some letters have been unlocked compared to the last time I accidentally checked her condition. Another weird thing I noticed is that the ‘Chronic Fatigue’ condition is back. Didn’t I get rid of it last time? Why is it here again?

  Am I interpreting the letters wrong? Or maybe the system malfunctioned? Unlikely in both cases. There should be some other reason for the condition to have resurfaced.

  “Hey, miss witch. Do you feel any kind of pain in your back?”

  “Wow~ That’s amazing~ My friend~ Can you tell that just by taking my pulse~?”

  “Do you feel tired too?”

  “Yes~ I felt rather light after you touched my body the other day, but it soon started to feel heavy again~ I would have known if it was like that from the beginning~ But, it keeps alternating between lightness and heaviness every now and then, my stomach hurts like hell too~”

  “Ah, I see…”

  That’s how massages and manual therapy are.

  After the message, your body feels very light as if on the verge of flying but a few days after your body would go back to its initial stage again.

  The fatigue that accumulates in a body over a long time can’t completely disappear after a single massage.

  Those that can’t bear to part with the lightness and coolness that they feel after a massage session will use their money and get another one. In fact, the more massages you receive, the better the effect it has on your body, relieving fatigue and pain.

  Well, I now know that chronic diseases couldn’t be easily cured after a single massage session. Good to know for the future.

  “Well, then I’ll start with lightly rubbing your shoulders.”

  I pressed both of my thumbs on the witch’s neck, especially the red spots that glowed over it. This is the Fengchi, although I remembered the name I’m not sure what would happen if I pressed on this spot.

  “Uh, Guh, my neck~? But you said the shoulders~?”

  “Everything is connected in the human body. Your shoulders hurting doesn’t necessarily mean the problem stems from there. Now, do you usually walk with your chin lifted up?”

  “My chin~?”

  “If you form the habit of pushing your chin forward like how a turtle does, your neck muscles get overworked. To not compromise any bodily functions your shoulders are gonna compensate for the overworking, indirectly leading to them hurting instead of the neck.”

  “My shoulders are compensating~?”

  “And if your shoulders are strained, your whole body’s balance will be disturbed. That’s why your body feels so sluggish.”

  It sounded rather plausible, right? It was actually all improvisation on my part, though. Simply speaking, I was just spouting bullshit on the fly…

  I have no clue if what I’m saying is true or not. As for my medical knowledge, it was something I picked up on the streets akin to the preaching from quacks, so it was probably not true, at least I think so.

  Well, just as my father said, it was enough if it sounded plausible to the clients of the health center. If it worked, they wouldn’t care about it anyway…

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  “Indeed~ I do tilt my head forward~ My chest is huge~ My whole body leans forward because of it ~ Is that a problem~? Ah, Uh~ So refreshing… I’m getting chills down my spine~”

  The witch trembled and leaked out an “Heuuuh” sound, just like an old man. I don’t know why nor how but it seems my touch was very pleasant to her as she constantly sighed in comfort.

  It lead me to wonder about how effective my massages actually were. Believe it or not, rather than doing them, I liked receiving massages instead.

  However, pressing on one’s own body and receiving a massage from someone else couldn’t be compared at all, so I never knew how my massages felt.

  Anyway, I just kept pressing on the witch’s thin neck, nape, and shoulders over and over again, targeting the red spots accurately.

  Even if they were both girls, Elfriede had tough skin and muscles, while Luna’s skin was as soft as a rice cake.

  Nemea was also very unique in her own way. Her skin was so tender that my fingers would just sink in with a pleasant sensation no matter how hard I pressed. Rather than calling it tender, calling it soft as cotton feels way more appropriate.



『Healed Nemea’s chronic fatigue.』』
『Healed Nemea’s stiff shoulders.』
『Task Value + 20』


  Alright, both the stiff shoulders and fatigue have been healed at the same time. My ability seemed to be pretty flexible since it could heal multiple things simultaneously.

  Was every part of the body really connected like I was rambling earlier?

  “Ugh~ Wow, so refreshing~ This i- This- Now that I know how this feels, I can’t go back~ I feel like even my head has been cleared up from all the troubles and fatigue~” 

  The witch lay flattened on the operating table like a steamed bun that had been thoroughly microwaved. She seemed to be feeling pretty good. After coming this far, I’m starting to get confidence in my abilities.

  “I’m going to press on your back now. Excuse the offense, can I pull your clothes?”

  “My goodness~ How risque~ Are you going to take all of my clothes off~?”

  “Well, it’s more effective if I can have direct contact with the skin…”

  “Fufu, you’re such a pervert~ Well, if you, my friend, say so then I’ll trust you wholeheartedly~ Can you heal my back pain~? I was moving luggage around when it suddenly started hurting a little~”

  “You’ll know once we try.”


  I thought she was just going to roll up the hem of her robes. Instead, the witch untied her off-shoulder dress and exposed her shoulders, back, and waist to my shocked eyes.

  Her skin was white and smooth enough to even reflect the light of the lamp. I could even see the sides of her massive breasts from behind, damn how big are those even?

  Of course, her whole body would hurt all over if she daily had to carry things that are so massive. I could somehow relate to her as I felt heavy on my lower torso every day because my little brother was ginormous too. Anyway, it was definitely because of my little brother that I felt so bothered.

  “Well~ I’m ready~ I don’t usually show this to anyone~ Count this as an honor, my friend~”

  “W-Well… Then I’ll take a look.”

  I could see red spots popping up on her waist and the sides of her erector spinae, quite close to her butt. Just as I tried to place my fingers on them as I did with her neck and shoulders…    


  Nemea growled out a terrifying scream and pushed my hands away from her body with great force, startling me quite a bit.

  “I-I’m sorry!”

  Damn it, it’s gonna be a pain to deal with if she makes a fuss about sexual harassment and whatnot. The punishment that was dealt to molesters in this world was truly terrifying. So terrifying that… I don’t even want to describe it.

  “Ah, no~ I was just a little surprised~ You can continue~ I’m just kidding, just kidding~”

  The witch spoke in her usual soft, languid voice after recovering her breath.

  “Come on, Hurry~”



  I rested my palms on Nemea’s bare waist again. The witch trembled violently as if her body was inflicted with excruciating pain because of my touch.    

  “Then I’ll press…”

  Press- Press-  

  “Woo~ Weuah~”

  Something very unexpected happened right after I began the massage on her waist. Nemea’s waist which had been previously lying flat on the table, being pressed by my hands, suddenly rose along with her pelvis, ending in her buttocks being lifted high up in a slanted position.

  “Uhm, miss w-witch?”

  “It’s okay~ Go on, go on~ Why don’t you try slapping it~? With your palms~”

  “L-like this?”

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  Slap- Slap-   

  “Huuh~ T-this can’t be~ This can’t be happening~”

  She wanted me to slap her waist. What kind of massage is this even? But Nemea, the witch, looked like she was dying of joy, from her reactions, and she gasped so much that I thought she was going to run out of breath at any moment. Was she originally a pervert or something?     

  I began teasing Nemea with my hand movements while lost in thought ruminating on the various types of fetishes that the different races of this world might have. As the number of slaps on her waist increased, the witch’s breath became rougher and rougher.

  “Huh, Hoo, a little stronger~ Yeah, just like that~”

  Wait, I think I’ve heard this somewhere before?


  Just then, in a corner of the room, the gigantic cat that had been quietly picking its own fur until now suddenly cried out. I rapidly looked back and forth between the lion-cat and the moaning Nemea. 

  As I alternatively looked between them, I was reminded of the mating video I had watched two years ago when my life was still easy-going and I had access to my smartphone and youtube.

  Damn it, isn’t this a cat’s erogenous zone?

  The way she raised her ass and shook it after I spanked her waist was very similar to Gungdipangpang. [1] 

  “Euh~ Won’t do~. How is this~ How is this possible~?”

  The way in which she was rubbing her thighs together while erotically breathing out made me feel like I had just entered a scenario I shouldn’t have, making me feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable all around.

  “Guaaah~ Huuuuh~”

  Soon after, Nemea began making strange sounds that could hardly be qualified as human speech, and I couldn’t make sense of those sounds no matter how much I tried to interpret and comprehend them.

  Her vivacious, long, and drooping scarlet hair was fluttering back and forth as she was shaking her head uncontrollably, just as I was going to say something. 

  “Uhm, huh, should I stop?”

  “Noooo~ Go on~”


  After some time, as I continued my message, Nemea’s buttocks were raised so high up that I thought they’d eventually touch the ceiling.

  Rather than someone who was getting a massage, her posture was similar to the crouching position before a track and field athlete would start running.



『Healed “Nemea’s Back Pain”』



  Nemea shouted with her mouth wide open, at the same time as the usual Ding- sound and the accompaniment letters appeared.

  It was more of a roar than a normal shout, though, and my legs began faltering before I even realized it.

  It was said that animals would run away or urinate when they hear the cry of a predator, a beast that was higher up on the food chain than them. That was the best way to describe my current situation.

  Thank god, I had done a lot of things in the sewers. I nearly peed my pants. Actually, I might have had a little leak.    

  “Ah~ Uh, Uhm~ What is~ What am I doing~? Hmmm, Hmm~ It’s weird~ Huuh~”

  Nemea rose from the table and put the dress that had been pulled to her waist back on her shoulders again.

  With her back facing the lamp, her face was clouded in the darkness. Only her inhuman-looking red eyes and terrifying long fangs were visible through her slightly opened lips, making up a scene that felt absolutely surreal.

  Whoosh- Rattle- 

  The windows then suddenly opened with a rattle letting the unruly wind in. It made her fiery red hair swing like a beast’s mane, giving her an even more beastly feel.

  “My friend~ Why do you look so dazed~? Wake up~?”

  The witch grabbed my shoulders after I had fallen down on my buttocks, owing to the abrupt rattling sound. My body was then abruptly lifted up by her hands…with a power and grip that I couldn’t even imagine coming from a woman.

  It was more like being pulled out than lifted up. I felt like a cabbage that was being rooted out from the ground.

  “My friend~ You have an interesting talent~ Are your hands special~?”

  Then, the eerie witch brought her nose close to the palm that had been patting her back and began sniffing it.   

  Goosebumps ran down my back and blood rushed down my lower body at her animalistic and inhuman-ish act.

  “I don’t know~ It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a good relationship with someone like this~ I forgot how long it has been since I got this heated up~ But~”

  Sniff- Sniff-

  The witch kept sniffing around my body.

  “It smells so bad~ Ah~ I can’t stand it~ My nose is sensitive contrary to someone like Hamelin~”

  “W-Well then can I go? I want to take a shower and rest.”

  “Not a chance.”

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  The disagreeing witch’s voice wasn’t the usual soft and languid one that I was used to. It was like a growl that escaped from the depths of her humongous chest, carrying a beastly resonance akin to the gigantic white cat.

  “Kareureureu, I can’t stand it.”

  Wait, damn it, she’s growling for real!!!?

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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