Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 38

Hassan — The Swamp Local (5)

༺ Hassan — The Swamp Local (5) ༻   


As I was entranced by the mesmerizing sight of her white and smooth armpits, unconsciously, my true thoughts leaked out.

“Are your muscles really sore? Do you want me to give you a massage?”


Silence spread throughout the cramped tent after her short exclamation, hearing my dubious words. Regret filled my whole body the moment I broke out of my stupor.

Contrary to the last time, I wasn’t trying to rid her of curses or any soreness her body might be suffering from. This time, my suggestion was purely motivated by my sudden desire to touch her supple body.

Although I didn’t have much experience with women, I knew for a fact that they inherited great senses to detect insidious intentions when it came to men.

No matter how naive and innocent Luna may be, or rather because of those exact characteristics, there was no way she wouldn’t be able to see through my obvious intentions.

Inhale- Exhale-

Luna and I get along rather well. I hope it won’t get awkward between us because of my stupid blunder.

“What did you just say, Hassan?”

Damn, she really asked me again. I don’t know if she actually didn’t hear me the first time or if she was just playing dumb to give me a leeway to correct my blunder.

I now have two options.

1. Play dumb too and correct this subconscious mistake of mine.

2. Repeat what I just said and walk on the path of no return.

A few seconds passed as I was experiencing great inner conflict, hesitating to choose between the two. The right answer was obvious, but I felt as if my little brother was frustratingly shouting at me to damn it all and just choose the second option as soon as I could.

I knew that making decisions by listening to one’s libido would spell for nothing short of a disaster. Thus, I decided to listen to my trusty, cold and rational mind instead.

My rational mind then spurred me to voice out my decision. I was done choosing.

“Do you want me to give you a massage? I’m pretty good at that actually.”

“I-Is that so…?”

While there were faint traces of suspicion rippling in her emerald eyes, she didn’t look as wary or embarrassed as I pictured her to be in my mind. Well, the start was good at least.

“They said we might have to face cultists tomorrow. It’s better to relieve your muscles of any stress or soreness right now so that you can be ready to move your body freely by tomorrow. It will help immensely when the time to fight comes.”

“I-Is that so…”

I had already massaged Luna’s body before.

At that time, the goddess Knox, or whatever the hell her name was, had appeared, and Luna’s memory of that incident had been thoroughly wiped out. Because of that, although it was my second time, it felt very much like it was the first time I was giving her a massage.

Her emerald eyes were trembling a lot. She was probably wondering in confusion how it would feel to have a massage, or perhaps she was thinking hard if it was even a good idea to let this strange dark-skinned man, who was me, touch her body.

“It won’t be painful or strange. I’ll stop whenever you ask me to.”

“Hu, Heuuu… T-Then a q-quick one… please…”

Oh yes, it fucking worked!

“Then lie down with your back facing the ceiling.”

“Like this?”


Luna hesitantly turned her back to me, exposing her waist and the back of her smooth knees. Although I’d seen them before it still somehow felt like a new vista to me, as though I had seen them for the very first time.

Just like how experiencing certain things can change your perspective in different ways, I don’t know if the prior knowledge of the soft sensations of her skin made me have a different outlook on them.

“D-Don’t press too hard. I have cramps all over my body and just brushing my teeth is enough to make me feel a lot of pain all over.”

“No need to worry about that. Let me check your pulse first.”


The usual letters appeared with a familiar Ding- sound after I touched Luna’s wrist.

Name: Luna Knoxdotty
Level: 3 → 8
Conditions: Curse of Knox 》Curse of Erebor 》Severe Growth Pains 》Mild Headache

She directly went from level 3 to level 8? Holy fucking shit!!! All the blood that had previously rushed out to my lower body went up to my head again with the reveal of that earth-shaking information.

Wait, what did she do exactly that warranted an increase of 5 whole levels? And that too in such a short time? Wait, wait, wait, now that I properly think about it, I did release her Curse of Weakening Growth previously.

Was it the reason behind her skyrocketing growth? Or was this because Luna was the daughter of that strange being called Knox? Whatever it was, those were the only things I could think of that attested to her sudden upgrade in the level department like this. My dull brain wasn’t able to come up with any other valid reason.

“Ha-Hassan. Is there something wrong with my wrist?”

“Luna, is your head aching??”

“… A little? Yes, now that I think about it, my head is hurting a bit for a while. Did I tell you about that before? Did you just figure that out just by touching my wrist!? That’s amazing, Hassan!!!”

“Yeah, actually, I can infer a lot just by touching someone’s wrist and getting their pulse. It’s a secret technique that is widespread in the wilderness of Samaria. It’s a must-have skill to survive there.”

“I-I see. It’s not i-illegal, right? The gods don’t really like that…”

I began wondering if I would be the main character of a Stone Festival if Luna reported me as an illegal medicine practitioner. Damn it, I have to avoid that scenario no matter what!

“It’s nothing of the sort. It’s just a massage to relieve the built-up tension in the muscles. Well, I’m gonna start now. I’ll be sitting on your body throughout the massaging session, so, just tell me if you feel like I’m too heavy.”

“Ugh, Uung. It’s okay, you’re not that heavy.”

I finally started the massage. I began by touching a red spot that had popped up on the back of Luna’s neck, it was the Fengchi point, the same spot where I had touched Nemea the last time I had given her a massage.

Just like the last time, I only remembered the name and forgot what kind of effect pressing on it would have on the body.

Hmm, doesn’t the blood that goes to the eyes, ears, and brain flow through the arteries mix here? Pressing here should probably relieve her of her mild headache. Damn it, that isn’t what’s most important right now, I should just stop thinking stray thoughts and continue with this massage.

Luna’s neck looked thin and fragile as if it would break with the slightest amount of force applied. Pressing on the Fengchi point with my thumbs will definitely hurt, maybe doing it with my relatively thin indexes will make it hurt less? It’s definitely worth a try.

I pressed and held on that spot for 3 to 5 seconds, just enough for her to feel slight pain but not too much. Soon after, I slowly started doing some rotations to enhance the effect of the massage.

“Huh, Huuuh…”

Luna’s body was trembling a lot, and groans of, what I could only interpret as pain, were leaking out of her mouth.

“Hey, hey. Does it hurt? Should I go slower?”

“No… M-My head is feeling really cool… Like cold water was poured over it… The feeling is spreading all over… Mmmm”

“Tell me if it hurts then, okay?”

“Huh, Huung… A-Alright. It doesn’t hurt a lot… What, what’s this sudden feeling? So refreshing!!! Huuuuuuh…”

Listening to her like this felt good in its own way.

I, then, began pressing on her back and neck like a meticulous and dedicated craftsman. Luna trembled while producing strange sounds with each of my rigorous presses.

“Ha-Hassan… I think it’s working…! Your massage is working wonders!!!”

“Of course, it is.”

“Oh, Oaaah…”

Luna’s body then trembled erratically, as though she felt sudden chills creep up all over her small body.


『Luna Knoxdotty’s Mild Headache condition has been healed. 』
Task Points + 10』

Words informing me that Luna’s headache had been resolved appeared in front of my eyes.

After having put my ability to the test, again and again, I grew to become fully confident of whatever it was claiming.

All that’s left now are her growing pains.

The spots causing those pains were spread all over her body. Some were even in the areas of her body that I was a little reticent to touch.

Nervously, I put my shaking hands on Luna’s waist, I was afraid the terrifying entity, known as the mother of the night— Knox, would appear again.

“Ugh… My muscles hurt so much.”

Luna was wriggling and moaning out in pain with each of my methodical presses on her erector spinae. Well, that’s a natural reaction for someone with severe muscle aches.

I couldn’t bear to look at her being in so much pain.

So I held Luna’s whole slender waist, clasping it with both of my large hands, and then pressed as gently as I could with the wide part of my thumb on the red spots over her erector spinae.

“Haaa… I-It hurts… so much…”

“It hurts?”

Her muscle pain was a lot worse than I had previously expected it to be. Let’s relax a little.


As though I was holding the most precious object in the world, I put all my heart and meticulousness into this massage. I could feel her tight and rigid body slowly loosen up under my rigorous care.

I lost count of how long I’d been massaging the spots on her back like this.

“Does it still hurt?”

“I-It was hurting in the beginning, b-but now…”

Luna looked like she couldn’t utter even a single word anymore. She was slumped like a deflated balloon, probably tired out of her wits. With trembling hands, she grabbed her clothes from the ground and used them to muffle her voice instead of just using her hands. She was probably exhausted from all the groaning, and her arms were probably sore too. This was indeed a better approach…



I was finally done with the spots on Luna’s thighs at that point, but nothing appeared in front of my eyes anymore. I was sure that I had cleared up all the spots, but it seems I might have missed some.

Therefore, I began looking all over Luna’s body, until I took a cursory glance at the gap between her armpits.

Red spots appeared under the smooth and soft folded ridges of pale white flesh.

“Hah, Hahaah-!”

Luna burst into uncontrollable laughter when I started rubbing the sides of her armpits with my hands.

“It tickles!”

I liked how cheerful her tone was, her carefree laughter was a delight to my ears. But it was well past the time to sleep, so, we would probably be cursed by the other adventurers if we make too much noise, causing them to wake up.

“Shhh, everyone’s sleeping right now. So, keep your voice down.”

“A-Alright. B-But… It’s so embarrassing… It tickles, Hahaheuheu, it tickles so much… Hag…”

It can’t be helped since I had started already. Then, I started to fully focus on the spots on Luna’s armpits, not letting any stray thoughts cloud my mind.

“Raise your arms. Open them wide. Yeah, just like that.”

“Heu, Heuheu, but it tickles so much.”

Since the lymph nodes were situated under the layers of the armpits, stimulating this area would lead to the disposal of the waste in the body.

That’s what my father used to say back in the day, not that I cared about that right now.

The armpits of the first woman I had ever touched felt smooth and really fragile.

The skin under my thumb felt so very thin that I had no choice but to wonder if I would leave a mark if I pressed on it a tad bit harder.

I kept vigorously pressing down on her armpits with my thumbs, in other moments, I also did a twirling motion around them for a few minutes.


Hearing her waning voice, I wondered if Luna, who was previously uncontrollably laughing and moaning because of the tickling, didn’t have any more energy left in her.

Perhaps she had a change of heart? Anyway, her mouth was currently shut and her body was twitching intermittently under my palms.

“Ah, Haah… Hang…”

My heart was pounding faster and faster with each and every sweet moan leaking out of her mouth.

In addition to rubbing and touching a woman’s body, I could even hear her cute breaths and sweet moans like this. My little brother was in its hardest state. It couldn’t get any harder than this, I was sure of it.

In fact, my now solid schlong was stabbing Luna’s buttocks with enough energy to pierce her pants. Fortunately, Luna was only half-conscious and didn’t notice it, at least for now.

But, it was her butt. It was so very soft and squishy.

  Scratch- Soft-

“Ha-Hassan, That place!”

“Stay still. We’re reaching the most important part of our massaging session right now.”

I moved my body behind Luna’s sweaty calves, and then grabbed Luna’s attractive and smooth-looking buttocks with both of my hands. Without any delay, I rolled up the thin white cloth covering them.

It was small enough to be covered by my palms, but it was very soft and elastic at the same time. The feeling of touching her cushy butt couldn’t be compared to anything I’d ever touched before. It was simply the best.

“T-The most important part…?”


Actually, a muscle cramp in the butt and hip area could cause a person to feel some discomfort when sitting, walking, or even running.


Her butt was wonderfully elastic as it popped up again as soon as I removed my thumbs from their previous pressed state.

It was like a white pudding that had the warmth and softness of a human being. Well, maybe pudding wasn’t really the best object of comparison here but that’s just how far my vocabulary went. It was pathetic, I know.

“Th-That place… Haaa…”

Luna was about to say something but immediately stopped in her tracks when I pressed on her butt again with my thumbs and spun it around in contradictory motions. It was better to apply a lot of force here since this part of the body had a lot of flesh and could cushion the pressure without inflicting any major pain.


“Tell me if it hurts.”

“I-It doesn’t hurt…”

Luna stopped talking altogether and simply closed her mouth. I didn’t ask her any questions after that. I put all my focus on pressing on her butt with my thumbs and sometimes held it in position to apply prolonged force, targeting a particular spot.

Of course, I didn’t really have to squeeze and hold it like this, but that’s what I felt like doing currently. The sensations of her soft butt were simply addictive. My whole body was heating up like the wheels of a skidding train, heading downhill with broken brakes.

“Hahhh. Hang… Ha-Hassan, stop it… please…”

I think Luna said something to me but nothing was reaching my ears anymore.

I suddenly felt all my thoughts getting paralyzed to a single chant— “Touch!” as both my cold and rational mind and my little brother were echoing the same word repeatedly in my mind.”

Luna was no doubt a woman. So she must also have the same soft, warm, and moist place between those smooth and plump thighs of hers as every other woman does.

What would happen if I put my little brother, that was swelling to the point of hurting, inside that place of wonder? Those thoughts kept repeating like a broken record in my disconcerted mind.

“Heu, Heuuu, Haaa, Ang…”

The cramped A-type tent, where two people could barely fit, was filled with the subtle and strange smell of her sweat and her weak moans of pleasure and pain.

Whether it was because of the sweat of my hands, or the one she excreted, Luna’s bottom had now become shiny and wet.

“Ha-Hassan… I don’t think… this is just a simple massage anymore… That… I-Is it that? Did you want to do that with me all along?”

“Huh, Hmm?”

“…B-Baby making… Y-You asked me… if I knew how to yesterday, Hah… You always glance at my chest too…”


“I… I made a vow of chastity… I’ll be sentenced to death if I break it… Huuh… Ha-Hassan… Please… Don’t.”

Luna’s lewd voice calling out to me reached my ears, pleading me with something. But I couldn’t hear it clearly. Her voice was just ringing in my head like the repeated echoes of my own name— “Hassan, Hassan…”…

Hassan, Hassan…

“Hassan, Hassan! Hassan of Samaria, is he asleep already? Come on brother, your shift is starting. So, come out already!”

Wait, fucking hell, someone is actually calling me.




It was kinda weird to translate this chapter, seeing Hassan acting maidenless was…. meh.

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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