Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 66

Hassan – Masseur of The Wild (5)

    ༺ Hassan – Masseur of The Wild (5) ༻   


  Hippolyte kept massaging my back firmly while speaking to me.

  “Y-You’ve already met my father, haven’t you?”

  “Your father, Miss Hippolyte?”

  “Yes, Mars, the god of war. Some people don’t really believe it, but I’m really the daughter of a God. I’m a Demigod.”

  It was hard to believe that she really called herself the daughter of a God. Yet, I had already encountered many people who spoke of themselves as children of God or sages.

  For example, the pseudo-religious sect leaders of the world I originally lived in had also claimed themselves as that. They always used to preach that they were the savior or creator who had been brought back into this world.

  It was obvious that it was a big fat lie, but the funny thing was that there were people who really believed this story. That was why it’s hard to eliminate pseudo-religion from the world entirely.

  Fuck those cult bastards. Wasn’t I trapped in this strange world because of them? Wait, but since I’ve actually been sent to this world, then are they really a bullshit-spouting cult? I don’t know, damn it.

  However, while I was drowning in these thoughts…

  “Do you not believe that I am the daughter of a God?”

  “I-I never said that..”

  “Your muscles have become tense. I can tell whether you are telling a lie or not.”

  Huh, you said you could tell if someone was telling a lie just by observing how their muscles moved? What she said just now sounded more like a lie than when she told me that she was a daughter of God.

  “Honestly, I can’t believe it….”

  “Yes, it’s totally understandable. I haven’t met my father much either. Actually, I was an orphan initially. I used to live by going through trash cans, eating leftover food, and doing dangerous and dirty work in the back alleys. If I hadn’t sworn purity to Lady Diana, I might have been ruined by the hands of some wicked men already.”

  Hippolyte was an orphan. I had no choice but to become curious about that fact as it was the first time I had heard of it.

  For some reason, I thought this woman was a natural-born female warrior who was literally raised to be a killing machine from a young age.

  “Sodomora at that time was much more brutal than it is nowadays. It’s much better now. After the adventurer’s guild was established, security improved a lot. But back then, all the evil-doers had no bottom line. Imagine living in a female’s body there at that time.”

  “I don’t really want to think about it.”

  “Yeah, well, that’s okay. You are free only to think whatever you want.”

  The grip on my shoulder became stronger. It was so painful that I wanted to scream.


  “Anyway, one day, when I was very hungry and wondered if I should scoop mud from the ground, I met him in the back alley. Seeing the fierce-looking eyes ablaze with a kind of fighting spirit, I could immediately tell that day that this man was not human, I wasn’t an orphan either, and that this man was my father.”

  I had no choice but to reply as if I were interested in the story because she rubbed my shoulder to the point where it started to hurt.

  “Gah, a-are you saying that you felt it instinctively?”

  “Yes, you can call it an instinct that permeates in the blood that flows through my body. I realized my destiny as a Demigod that day. Then I could feel all my senses and nerves getting more sensitive.”

  “Eck, a-are you saying that your nerves became more sensitive?”
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  “Yes, I was very surprised at first. I could hear people talking in the distance. I thought I had gone crazy. Later, I found out that what I have experienced is common for those who come to sense their own divine nature. It’s called the Divine Awakening Syndrome.”

  I couldn’t wrap my head around this story of a Demigod who had realized her divinity.

  Just like the concept of Mana and Karma, this kind of concept felt like a rather secretive thing among the residents of this world. What the hell is this Divine Awakening Syndrome? It was a hilarious name. Was it like the spider-sense?

  Anyway, I guess Hippolyte was probably relieved after telling me this story. Her grip, which was almost crushing my shoulders into powder, now felt more relaxed.

  “I’m working as an adventurer so I can meet my father again. When you reach the end of Pluto’s labyrinth, you can get your hands on the Nectar of Immortality. After obtaining that, I will no longer be a demigod but a great god, and I’ll be qualified to enter Olympus. Then I’ll be able to meet my father again.”

  “Ah, so that’s your goal, Miss Hippolyte. I thought you just liked to fight.”

  “I want to fight my father.”

  What an immoral statement! Anyway, I had heard a little about the Nectar of Immortality previously.

  It was like the so-called immortal panacea from the myths, and many adventurers went through all the adversities of their life to reach the end of the underground labyrinth to get the Nectar of Immortality just to escape the fear of death.

  Elfriede said she became an adventurer because of this as well.

  But to me, the funny thing was that they were doing something contradictory. They entered the labyrinth of Pluto, which is like the underworld, to avoid death.

  Hippolyte spoke again.

  “You smell like my father. You have a smell that represents blood and war. For a moment, I suspected that my father had turned into a human to enjoy the pleasures of the mortal realm. I also thought you might have been my half-brother.”

  I am a God who turned into a human? Or a half-brother of hers? What kind of ridiculous misunderstanding was she having alone?

  “Those speculations are not the truth. The only truth is that… I’m Hassan of Samaria.”

  “Yes, I became sure of that fact when I watched you rolling on the dirt ground tonight. You’re not my father or my brother. But I can see that the gods are paying attention to you. They seemed to be having some kind of expectations from you.”


  Hippolyte got up from my body. Then after I also got up and sat on the ground, she turned and showed her back to me.

  “It’s my turn now. Try massaging my back as I did to you.”

  “What? Do you want me to massage your back, Miss Hippolyte?”

  “There’s nothing to be too nervous about. Just copy what I just did. Even a beginner can at least massage a shoulder so you’ll be fine.”

  Then Hippolyte shrugged her messy brown hair forward and showed her back clearly. Her back was narrow like a woman’s, but she looked very fit with well-trained muscles all over.

  I was amazed by her upright posture without a single sign of bend. She might not require any fixes at this point. Was the problem in the lower body then?

  After swallowing my saliva, I slowly extended my hand toward her shoulder.

  Perhaps due to the training we had just done, her shoulders’ temperature was pretty high, and she was sweaty. It felt a bit smoother.

  I massaged her shoulder first, right on the true shoulder acupoint near her trapezius muscles. It was tenser than I thought.

  Press— Press—

  “Is this enough for you if I do it like this?”

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  “Well, yes, that’s all you need to do. Well, although this much can be done by just about anyone.”

  Did Hippolyte know how much of a pleasure it was to me as a man to fondle her body?

  Not to brag, but my massage skills were even recognized by Elfriede, who was very strict and sensitive. I suddenly wondered how the strong-willed female warrior would scream if I were to show her my true skills.

  I had been the victim of her throws over the shoulder and joint lock move, and now I finally had a chance to get some revenge on her.

  “Then, since I’m not skilled enough, I’ll repay you for the massage you did to me.”

  “No need to put too much will into it. You can’t really stimulate someone’s body by force.””

  “Y-Yesh, I’ll keep that in mind.”

  At the end of the sentence, I gently rubbed Hippolyte’s trapezius muscles without saying a word.

  When I stimulated that part of her body for about a dozen seconds to a minute, I could feel her initially tight and tense body slowly becoming more relaxed.

  “Hmm, so, how does it feel?”

  “Whoo… It’s better than I thought. Even if you’re not good at swordsmanship or martial arts, you show unexpected talent in massage.”



  Taking advantage of the moment when Hippolyte trembled as if she had goosebumps all over, I slightly moved my fingers that were initially on her shoulders to her back.

  I didn’t notice it because her skin was originally ruddy, and the moonlight was dim, but when I looked closely, I saw a red spot near her straight spine.

  The red spot was on the Shenshu acupoint, the same area I pressed to heal Echo, the nymph, just before I arrived here to spar with Hippolyte. This spot and the Three Yin Intersection near the ankle were good acupoints to treat women’s diseases.

  Come to think of it, didn’t Hippolyte have a condition called Severe Menstrual Cramps? With that in mind, I put my thumb on the Shenshu acupoint because I wondered if I could heal her condition.


  Hippolyte didn’t say anything, but she was trembling hard as if she was shivering from immense cold.

  “Are you okay?”

  “…I’m okay. I was just a little surprised that someone touched my back. Come to think of it. This is the first time I have trusted someone with my body. I feel a little nostalgic because you look like my father.”

  “Then I’ll massage it.”

  I pressed the Shenshu acupoint on both sides of her waist with tremendous pressure.

  Since her back, including her erector muscle, was well-developed, I thought it would be more stimulating if I exerted a little more force. Maybe because her body was elastic, my fingers would bounce off whenever I slightly loosened my strength.

  Quiver— Quiver—

  Hippolyte’s body trembled whenever I applied strength to my hands. I couldn’t tell whether she felt pain or pleasure. Hippolyte, surprisingly never let out any sound from her mouth.

  Did the effect each person received differ from one another?

  So I decided just to stop being obsessed with it and focus on accumulating task points by getting rid of her conditions.

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  I heard a small voice coming from Hippolyte, who was turning her back to me. It was so faint that if I didn’t pay attention closely, I would never be able to catch it.

  It was very soft, like the sound of a caterpillar gnawing at a leaf, but the moment I heard it, I was motivated as if a trigger button had been pressed in my mind.

  So, I intended to sweep Hippolyte’s side and back with my palm and twist her muscles around using my thumb.

  Due to her sweaty body, her body was already shining and smoothly reflecting the moonlight.

  Since her body temperature slowly got heated, it became much more interesting. Hippolyte had a relatively high body temperature. Her metabolism was really active. Was it because she was a sun person?

  “Ugh… Hhh… Kk….”

  Now Hippolyte started letting out tiny screams. I didn’t know why, but she sounded like she was desperately trying to stop the sound from coming out of her mouth.

  I couldn’t see her face, but I thought she might be biting her lower lips to control her groans.

  “How do you like it? Are my massaging skills good enough?”

  “S-skill? Honestly, it’s terrible… I… cannot feel anything.”

  What? I couldn’t believe someone criticized me like this. Forget about everything else, but I was extremely confident in my massage skills.

  “I see. Then I’ll try to press it a little harder. ”

  “P-Press harder…!”


  I also wanted to put more strength in my thumbs.

  As soon as the red spot on the Shenshu acupoint, which was located on Hippolyte’s waist, disappeared, the words floated in front of my eyes.

『Hippolyte Heavensinger’s Severe Menstrual Cramps have been healed.』
『Task points + 10』
『Current task points +117』

  “Ukh, uh, ha, ah, ah…. Ahh…!”

  In the end, Hippolyte crashed down on the ground without being able to keep her position.

  It was fun to see her flinching like an insect that had been sprayed with insecticide.

  “Ugh, hmm…”

  I was thinking of letting her rest like this. But my anger rose again when I recalled Hippolyte making me roll on the dirt-covered ground for all kinds of training.

  I had to use this opportunity to get revenge on her. When else could I get revenge on a silver-tier adventurer like her?

  So after perching near Hippolyte’s hip, I swept up her solid backside with my palm.

  My hands smoothly ran on her back, even without any lotion, due to her sweat.

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  Rubbing your skin and stimulating it without pressing any acupoints like this was good for your health.

  Sweep— Sweep—

  “Ung… Huah…!”

  But I felt good because she was smoother and softer than I thought. A slender body like Luna’s was good, but a curved body like this was quite good to touch as well.

  “Ugh… S-stop it. How dare you keep… Ack….”

  She moved her body as if to resist me, but her body was already under my control.

  It was a mount position with her back showing. In this unfavorable situation, no matter how good Hippolyte was at using the ground technique, she didn’t have enough strength to push my heavy physique away to stand up.

  So I gently rubbed her from her back to her shoulders and sides with my palm.

  “Huh, Y-you bastard! H-how dare you do this to me!”

  “It’s just a massage.”

  “No matter how you look at it, this is not a ma-.”

  When Hippolyte was about to say something, my hand slipped from her back and accidentally jabbed deeply into the spot between her side and armpit.

  “Ang… Y-you!?”

  Hippolyte bounced in surprise like a mouse in a mouse trap. Because of that, I involuntarily fell back.

  Hippolyte stood up and corrected her posture before I realized it, then she looked down at me with cold eyes and said.

  “I-it was a terrible massage. Y-you can’t even do such a simple thing. Hassan, you really have no talent…!”

  Then she huffed as if she were enraged, then quickly ran away and disappeared from the training ground.

  I was so excited that I ignored the silver-tier adventurer’s feelings behind me. Damn it, while feeling that I had done something screwed up, I shook off my butt and raised my body from the ground. What do I do now?


  Suddenly something sharp flew from the sky and brushed past my cheek before it stuck on the floor. Fuck, just what in hell passed by me in the middle of the night. I feel something flowing my cheek. Blood?

  So I lowered my gaze to the ground, wondering what had grazed my cheek.

  At that moment.


  Was something hitting my neck and pressing me down as hard as possible to the ground? Lying face down on the ground, I found myself unable to move, as though there was a noose on my neck.


  No, I felt like I was being crushed by a heavy anchor rather than a noose. I really felt like my neck was going to break. Holy shit, what the hell was going on here?

  I wondered what the hell was going on, but it didn’t take long before I realized that it was someone’s foot.

  『It seems like you are getting quite cocky these days. Or is it just me?』

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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