Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 84

The Descendant of Pluto (11)

    ༺ The Descendant of Pluto (11) ༻   


  “This is some really hard stuff to get, you know!” 

  Somnia, shouting cheerfully like a little boy who had discovered an interesting toy, took the pot from my hand and placed it on the round table.

  I tried my best not to let her take away Luna’s pot from my hands, but the strength her slender body wielded was beyond my imagination. So I couldn’t do anything but be devastated like a squirrel whose food was taken away, in the end.

  “Gosh, damn it! It tastes awful.” 

  Somnia scooped up the elixir that wasn’t even her own into a small wooden cup, then opened her mask to reveal her mouth and gulped down the liquid with loud gulping noises. 

  “But I feel like my body is getting more and more energized with each moment! It’s really effective. Yet, it’s really hard to make it this effective immediately…!” 

  “Somnia, what is this?”

  “It’s an elixir to boost your stamina for a short time! Damn it, I didn’t know I could find something like this in such a place. I’m so lucky! I can’t even make this myself. This is really awesome!”

  “It smells so rotten. Does this thing really work?”

  “Of course, it does. It tastes awful, but once you feel the effects, you can’t live without it. I haven’t been able to sleep well these days, so I felt like dying. But now, I’m feeling energized once again.”


  The masked woman reached out her hand toward me. 

  “I am Somnia, daughter of Ideope. A silver-tier great shaman. Nice to meet you, barbarian.” 

  Is she asking for a handshake? 

  I thought that it was a good sign when someone was showed me goodwill. So, I decided to accept her hand and her goodwill.I will quickly escape this place and report these motherfucking bastards’ hideout to the guild, whenever the opportunity arises. 

  Then, I will be Hassan, the man with the most outstanding contribution in this scenario, turning crisis into an opportunity, and destroying the cultists!

  An illegal resident caught a spy. This was definitely some newsworthy material.

  Honestly, wouldn’t there be a huge reward if I made such a great contribution? What would I get? A house with a yard? A big sum of gold coins? Damn, I couldn’t even begin imagining the potential rewards. 

  “I’m Wutugu1Wutugu, more widely known as King Wutugu, is a reference to a character that appears in the Romance of The Three Kingdoms. He is an extremely tall man and is known as the tallest man in the entire Romance of The Three Kingdoms series. He is jacked and built like a barbarian which is why I think Hassan could only think up his name to reference here. You can find out more about him in this link ->… of Samaria.”

  “Wutugu? What a fucking strange name.” 

  It felt like a fucking strange name to me too. But I had an ominous premonition about this situation. Who knew what might happen later if I mentioned my real name here?

  So in a haste to think up a good name, the only goddamn name that I could think to be suitable for a barbarian at that moment was Wutugu so I just blurted that out to her. Fuck it. I’m sorry, Wutugu bro. 

  “Whatever, it’s not like it’s something new that Samaritans have a garbage taste. Anyway, you brought us all these precious gifts. So, you’re a nice guy.”


  I grabbed the great shaman’s hand that stuck out toward me. Then, a set of letters appeared in my mind, followed by the usual Ding sound. 


Name: Ri Somnia
Level: ??
Conditions: Insomnia 》Cannabis Addiction 》??? 》??? 》


  Seeing that there were so many question marks, she seemed to be more than twice as strong, if not much stronger, than I was. Of all the people I’d seen so far, the only ones I’d seen with question marks were the most powerful ones.

  This was a simple concept, the higher the level of the person compared to me, the less I could know about them.

  “Forget about that. You, you have such an interesting wound.” 

  However, Somnia, the great shaman, seemed interested in what was beneath the rolled-up sleeves of my leather shirt. Were Luna’s teeth marks still visible there? 


  After raising her mask up to her nose, she even started sniffing and smelling the teeth mark on my arm. Damn it, what the fuck was she doing? Did people from Ideope have no qualms about smelling others?

  “…It’s a little weak, but… it’s definitely the magical power of night and darkness. Look at you… You actually have a stigmata on you!? You’re really an amazing guy, you know that!?” 

  Somnia, the great shaman, shouted out loud because of the teeth marks on my arms, making it seem that the marks were something extraordinary… 

  What the heck was a stigmata even? 

  “Is it real? Knox and Erebor are one of the Protogenoi, the source of hell’s magic!?” 

  “Don’t act like a know it all and speak in simpler terms! Such an asshole, I swear!” 

  “To put it simply, it means that he is an ally of the great Lord Pluto. So that means he is also our ally.” 

  For the very first time, even the black-robed mage, Anxious, who had shown me nothing but blatant hostility till now, raised his voice as if those teeth marks were actually a very big deal. 

  “Did you say your name is Mr. Wutugu? I’m sorry to have doubted you, sir.”

  Underneath the robe’s hood, I could even see his neat and tidy teeth as he grinned from ear to ear, giving me the impression that he had witnessed something incredibly amusing and joyful. 

  Seeing this scene, I couldn’t help but wonder why they had to make such a fuss about the teeth marks that I got due to Luna’s bite. As expected, all of these cult members were really just crazy morons.

  That must be true. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get involved in this evil religion.

  I was actually a bit terrified of their vigor and spirit previously. Now though I was feeling a little more confident about my chances of survival. All I had to do was coax them and get out of this place; pretty simple, right?


  Just when I opened my mouth to speak— 

  “Schizo! Even though you are blind, you can bring the right guy if you try, huh! We can fill the empty spot of Paranoy with him now!” 

  Somnia, the great shaman, shouted with great excitement and brought something like a big basin from the corner of the room. 

  It was about the size of a rubber basin used to make kimchi, and at the bottom of the basin, there was a bizarre six-pointed star-like figure drawn with black ink.

  The great shaman from Idiope slammed the basin onto the round table’s surface and said out loud.

  “Get your blood out, you punk!” 


  What did she mean by getting my blood out? Damn it, the image of being slaughtered with a decapitated head once again appeared inside my head. Didn’t you just fucking acknowledge me as your ally just now?

  “You’re going to draw my blood?” 

  “To cast the enchanted fog, you need a lot of magical power mixed with blood and dark magic. Paranoy was a fool, but she had the best magical power reserves among us.”


  Somnia soon pulled a short dagger out of her waistline.

  The blade was short, but the handle was long. From its design, it looked like it was made for ceremonial or religious activities rather than for the act of killing.

  However, getting stabbed by that, would probably hurt and make me bleed a lot. I could even die if I got hit on a critical spot..

  Was she going to fucking stab me with that— 

  When I was feeling nervous and on edge— 


  Somnia cut her palm with the sharp blade and shed blood.

  Soon, the blood falling from her palm hit the basin, emitting a strange scorching sound and a smoke-like substance sizzled out of the basin. 


  “Look, in response to the karma and magical power in one’s blood, it causes fog to erupt.”

  Somnia’s blood sizzled and continued to create a calm fog. It looked like a dry ice device installed on a stage.

  “It’s your turn, Anxious.”

  “But, my blood is precious.”

   “Shut up, you moron. We’re already late. I’m going to cover their vision with fog, pack everything necessary for the raid, and destroy the rest.” 

  “Yes, I see. Alas…” 

  Anxious, the black-robed mage accepted the dagger from Somnia’s hand. Soon after, red blood flowed out and dropped onto the basin when he slightly slid the dagger across his palm.


  Just like what happened with Sonnia’s blood, the drops of his blood that touched the magic circle drawn on the bowl created a white smoke and released fog around it that slowly occupied the surroundings. The process was akin to hot oil spattering on a pan. 

  Because of this phenomenon, this enclosed space was gradually filled with a hazy and unpleasant mist that reached up to our knee levels.

  “Well done, Anxious. I guess your magical power has improved.”

  “I don’t rely on superstitions or luck like a certain someone. Still, it would be difficult to produce enough fog to fill the entire city. Indeed, if it’s not Paranoy, this thing won’t work out.”

  “Let’s believe in the power of the stigmata!”

  The dagger that made a cut along the palm of the great shaman and the mage was now handed to me. While I was holding it, I was unexpectedly taken aback. Thus, I asked again. 

  “Is it already my turn? This person here hasn’t shed any blood yet.”

  “Schizo has no magical power at all. He is good at fighting, but he is useless when it comes to things that involve magic. Anyway, try your best.”

  “Uh, can I go to the bathroom—”

  “Are you trying to back out now? Sit down already! Look at you. Are you scared of cutting your palm? Is a big man like you going to chicken out? Come here!”

  Somnia, who was suddenly angry at my hesitant attitude, took the dagger from my hand, swung it, and made a straight cut on my left palm.


  There was a sudden bout of terrible pain as a sharp blade cut into my flesh, and a considerable amount of blood poured out of my hand and trickled down my palms. 


  A few drops of my blood went into the basin and created white fog like the others.

  “Oh, the effect is very good! What great Karma you have there!” 

  Somnia shouted with great joy, but I couldn’t think of anything other than to stop the bleeding by grasping my bleeding palm with my other hand.

  It was normal for people to get taken back when they saw their own blood.


  “…Somnia, isn’t this amount of fog a bit too much?”

  “Damn, that’s what I just thought too! We’re screwed! Did I do the spell wrong or something!?”

  Dense— Dense— 

  There were endless amounts of fog leaking out of the basin as if there was a massive fire raging inside. It was so much that we couldn’t even see an inch ahead.

  It filled the enclosed space at a scary speed like water pouring out of a broken dam. I usually exaggerate a lot, but this was all real this time around. I didn’t exaggerate anything at all.

  “This is too much! If we don’t do anything about it, we will get caught. Anxious, do something already!

  “I’m not the one in charge of the spell!”

  I wasn’t sure what happened, but the voices of the cultists making a ruckus in shock at this unexpected situation could be heard through the fog. Wasn’t this a really good opportunity for me to escape? Whatever, let’s run first!

  So I reached my arms into the surroundings, trying to find the door.


  As I pulled the heavy door open with all my might, uncontrollable smoke and fog started to pour out from the enclosed cabin space.

  However, I couldn’t afford to care about it, so I ran super fast along the hallway, climbed the stairs, and escaped the cultists’ meeting place with everything I had in me.

  Damn it! Finally, I’m free! Stupid cultists, you fucking morons!

* * * * * * * * * *

  The whole city was covered with a terrible fog, and I couldn’t see even an inch ahead.

  However, I was finally able to reach Luna’s house after great efforts.

  This became possible as I was able to overcome the thick fog with the Shining Hand ability I gained not too long ago. 

  I ran with all my strength, as if my butt had been lit on fire, as I could hear the rattling sound of armor chasing after me.

  “Luna, open the door!”

  Someone opened the wooden cabin door after I knocked and shouted in front of it. Coming from inside, Luna greeted me with a deep frown on her face.

  “Hassan! Where did you go until now with such a thick fog outside? Why are you only coming back now?! I was so worried!”


  Then, Luna started smelling me out like usual. 

  “It seems like you did not do something useless this time around… Wait! How did you hurt your left hand? Blood, you are bleeding!”

  “That’s not the point right now! The cultists have appeared!”

  “T-The cultists!? Then we should report it quickly!” 

  “But the guards have already closed all the doors! Not to mention, it’s too hard to see in this fog! What should we do?” 

  “I don’t know either!” 

  Luna and I were so confused wondering what to do that we fell into total chaos. Damn it. My name even wasn’t Wutugu. I was just a nameless miscellaneous! 

  “Is there any way to call them?”

  I wish there was a cell phone in this damn world. Fucking damn it. This world sucked so much for not even having a phone. How could I get Hippolyte or the other adventurers to come here now? Or, at the very least, I should find a way to get the guards to come here somehow.

  So I was seriously considering the prospects of whether I should burn Luna’s wooden cabin to light a signal fire for them to come at this moment.

  “I-I can call someone with my spirit magic!”

  “Really? Then hurry up and do it! Call someone who is strong!”

  “But I need a part of that person’s body. Something like hair or nails—”

  I immediately thought that Hippolyte would be the nearest person I could call right now.

  Wouldn’t there be some part of hers on my body, like her hair or follicles? After rubbing her crotch on my lower body so hard, perhaps she left some pubic hair on my legs or something.

  So I searched through my leg hair like a madman, focusing on my thighs and shins, but nothing was there. Damn it, I must have washed it off when I took a shower! 

  “W-Why are you looking for things from there?”

  Luna slapped me on the back of my head as I crouched down to search my calves. 



  But it hurt more than I thought it would, so a shrill scream came out of my mouth. Did she notice that I was looking for Hippolyte’s hair on my legs? Her sixth sense was so good in these kinds of situations. 

  “T-Then what should we do?” 

  So when I was stamping my feet for a while in frustration, anxiously wondering about what to do now, I soon saw someone’s ‘hair.’ Fuck, yeah, there you are.

  I picked it up and lifted it up high.

  “This is it!”

  “H-Hassan, why are you taking fur out of the deer carpet—”

  “Fur! Fuck, this is fur! Won’t it work?” 

  This deer fur was similar to a certain gold-tier adventurer’s skin, Actaeon— someone I had saved not long ago by lifting the curse that made him transform into a deer. 

  Honestly, I initially felt a little underwhelmed inside when he rewarded me with this fur-covered leather, but now… 

  “Hurry up and summon that gold-tier adventurer!”

  Hope surged within me with the thought of calling upon a dependable ally to use him as a valuable asset in this troublesome situation.


  But then, there was a sudden sound of a huge lump of iron crashing in front of the cabin. 

  “Even if a thick fog evnveloped the world, it wouldn’t affect me, who is always in the dark. Come out. I know you’re there.”

  “This fu—”

  I drew out the swords that were hanging on my waist. Now it was time for a real fight.

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    Wutugu, more widely known as King Wutugu, is a reference to a character that appears in the Romance of The Three Kingdoms. He is an extremely tall man and is known as the tallest man in the entire Romance of The Three Kingdoms series. He is jacked and built like a barbarian which is why I think Hassan could only think up his name to reference here. You can find out more about him in this link ->
Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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