The Academy Heroines Remember My Death Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - Devil

༺ Devil ༻




  Even as the Dark Flame Dragon, Yu Ha-eun was worried.


  During the last exam, participants could move around freely on the battlefield, so she could go see Si-woo anytime.


  He was strong enough to defeat a professor.


  She almost wanted to beg for his autograph, as dragons always liked those who were strong.


  She had felt like something was off during their bet, but she ignored it, assuming she was just overthinking the matter.


  (She lacked some common sense.)


  Truthfully, she had forgotten the entire thing because she had fallen deeply for Si-woo after seeing him defeat a professor.


  But there was an issue.




  Why was he grinning so evilly? It felt as though a devil, and not a dragon, had manifested in this world.


  ‘It feels scary!’


  Many other participants screamed in terror as they ran away, reminding her of a horror movie.


  As people attempted to run, bodies collided, causing some students to fall.


  And in the center was Si-woo, who was holding many shards of something.


  Those charred remnants appeared to be flags, but it was difficult to tell from their charred remains.


  Furthermore, the way he smiled as he looked at the fleeing participants made him appear to be the devil.


  “S-still! I’m a dragon!”


  Even if everyone else ran away, it would probably be fine if she didn’t.


  She would not flee just because she was scared. She had her pride as a dragon after all.


  So what if he was a devil? A dragon, the strongest living creature in this world, wouldn’t lose… right?


  Y-Yeah! She was sure. There was no way he would hurt her either.


  S-surely she was right.






  A large explosion occurred, and with it, a gust of wind.


  “Fuck yes!”


  Instantly, I felt like all the pressure from Park Ki-yeol and the chairman had been lifted off of me.


  “I know most of where the flags are located, so it’s perfect.


  I was familiar with the majority of the locations where the flags were hidden thanks to [Return by Death].


  Finding just one would be no issue.


  However, I was holding multiple flags.


  Normally, I would have just kept them, but this time was different.


  Although it was important for me to become a student at the academy, there were more important matters at hand.


  The thing I had to pay attention to most was preventing the majority of students from passing.


  The method was quite easy.




  I would just destroy all the flags present.


  And for those flags I didn’t know the location of? It wasn’t an issue.


「Large Explosion」


  Thanks to the break between the exams, I had recovered most of my mana. In this dense forest filled with kindling, a simple explosion would do the trick.




  With it, I could set the entire forest on fire.


  “…Wh-what the hell do you think you’re doing?!”


  “Are you crazy? Why are you destroying the flags?!”


  Some participants had followed the sounds of the explosions and found me.


  Naturally, they seemed surprised by the fact that I had intentionally destroyed so many flags.


  “Is not it strange to ask me that when the answer is so obvious?”


  “What is that supposed to-”


  “I’m trying to stop people from passing.”




「Large Explosion + Mana Control」


  They weren’t able to finish their sentence as many large explosions occurred nearby, accompanied by pillars of mana.


  The display of power made them shut up quickly.


「Large Explosion」


  With one skill, the entire forest disappeared.


  This was a kind of satisfaction I had never felt when I was at level 1, the sensation of overwhelming dominance.


  I now possessed enough power to wipe everything away.


  I expressed my emotions with one statement.


  “Fuck yeah!”


  Cursing was the only way to express such joyful emotions.




  As the students who were shocked watching me stood shell-shocked, I noticed something strange about one of them.


  “You have a flag, hmm?”


  Terrified, the student attempted to hide it behind him.


  “You. Have. A. Flag. Huh?”




  Slowly backing away, he let out a scream unbefitting of his manly appearance and began to run.


  I had to do something about that. I couldn’t exactly let him go.


「Mana Control」


  Using a needle formed using [Mana Control], I shattered the flag the student was holding.


  “Let’s get this party started.”


  I still didn’t know what the chairman was intending, but he couldn’t do anything to stop me right now.


  I wasn’t sure if it would work, but there likely wouldn’t be very many new students.


 Take that, assholes.




  As I was destroying the arena, I caught sight of a familiar figure.


  Rather than running away from me like the other students, they walked toward me quietly as I continued casting skills like a madman.


  It wasn’t Ha-eun.


  I had seen her hesitant to approach me earlier.


  Then that left only one person.


  ‘It’s been a while.”


  The person who hadn’t even told me his name properly. “Lee Hyun.”


  Lee Hyun-a was approaching me.






  “Professor Park Ki-yeol, remain silent.”


  In an unknown place not far from the academy, chained inside a room, Park Ki-yeol, who was missing an arm, was screaming.


  The injury hadn’t even healed properly, so the pain he was feeling was likely substantial.


  ‘Dammit, dammit, dammit…!’


  Had the chairman abandoned him too? With that thought, a sense of horror engulfed him.


  If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have cut off his arm.


  ‘Park Si-woo, that damn bastard!’


  He had maintained his last vestiges of rationality until a little while ago. However, now that he was headed for prison, he had lost it.







  The fact that the bastard was anywhere near him was a nightmare.


  He needed strength.


  If he could kill that bastard, he would do anything.


  He would even make a deal with the devil.


  However, there was nothing he could do.




  If one attempted to touch the bars, they would be electrocuted from the high voltage, and the inside of the prison prevented the flow of mana. With the guards being at least B-rank, escape was impossible.


  I want to kill him. I want to utterly destroy him.


  And not just him, but all the people around him. If I’m not able to do so, I’ll go insane.


  “Mmm, hello!”




  At that moment, a small girl calmly appeared in front of him, having easily made her way past stringent security.


  “How did you get in here?”


  “Student, don’t get too close. Come out here.”


  After guards spotted her, they quickly approached the girl, knowing people weren’t normally allowed inside.


  “You’re all nuisances. I’m not interested in you.”


  “Wh… gag!?”


  “W-what is this!”


  All the girl did was smile.


  But with that action alone, a black mass began to tear their bodies apart.


  Within a few seconds, it was over.


  Without even raising a finger, the little girl had killed two guards.


  ‘I don’t think she’s using mana, so what did she do?’


  He wasn’t able to use [Mana Control], but he could sense that the black mass surrounding her wasn’t mana.


  It was something a little bit deadlier.


  In as calm a voice as he could muster, he asked her, 


  “Who are you?”


  She looked much younger, but he could feel she was similar to that bastard Si-woo.


  This girl was definitely stronger than him.


  Not even Si-woo gave off energy this strong.


  “Professor, you shouldn’t joke around. We’re old friends.”


  “Are you a professor?”


  “My name is Mane, the streamer that represents our academy. Don’t you recognize me?”


  She spoke in a cutesy voice. Park Ki-yeol was taken aback by the sudden change in her demeanor.


  He noticed her expression changing as he did so. He couldn’t help but take a step back.


  “Why are you running, Professor?”


  Her smile remained, but his body begged him to flee.


  Something resembling bloodlust could be felt from the girl.


  While wearing that creepy smile, she spoke. 


  “Do you want power?”


  Almost like a devil offering him a deal, she reached her hand out to him.






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The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

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100,000 deaths and rebirths to save the heroines. The heroines start remembering those deaths.   "I like you. So please, please don’t die."   ...I’m not dying anyway


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