The Academy Heroines Remember My Death Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - Conclusion

༺ Conclusion ༻




  With the surprising appearance of the system window, I let out a confused noise.


  ‘Magi Manipulation’?


  I did copy it a while back, but because I was unable to use it, I had completely forgotten about it.


  But because Park Ki-yeol had used Magi, the conditions for the skill had been met.


  Opening the status window, I looked at my stats.


[Status window]

#: Park Si-woo

Level: 31 (2nd Stage Awakener)

Status: @*]

[Strength: @*] [Stamina: 1] [Agility: 1] [Magic: 28] [Luck: 22]
(Remaining attribute points are 36.)

Ability Copy (S), Magi Manipulation (S), Massive Blast (B), Mana Control (A), Continuous Slash (D), Difficulty (B), Small Flame (D), Shockwave (C), Ice Charge (C), Stealth (B)… [click to see more]


  ‘Why is my status window behaving strangely?’


  Similar to Professor Park Ki-yeol’s status window, something was off. Rather than my stat values going up, the window simply stated that Magi Control had been activated.


  ‘Well, I guess I should try it out.’


  I didn’t particularly feel that I had gotten stronger, but my body felt slightly lighter.


  Since I don’t feel any different, I should go all out.


  If I did nothing, Ha-eun would die from the residual magi.


「Large Explosion」


  I used my usual skill, intending to obstruct his vision, but something went wrong.




  The skill activation came with a ridiculous shock wave. It was difficult to even call it a normal explosion.


  With that one skill, I tore apart the spatial domain he had created, along with half of his body.


  ‘What the fuck?’


  It was a ridiculous force. With this level of power, I might have even surpassed a 4th stage Awakener.


  How could just one skill make me this strong?


  “H-How did you do that?!”




  Ha-eun, who was staring at me in shock, questioned me. Lee Hyun-a was wearing a similar expression.




  Professor Park Ki-yeol was writhing in pain, but after a brief moment, magi attached itself to his injuries, and his body began to regenerate.


  I didn’t know the principle behind magi, but it seemed it allowed one to regenerate far beyond their natural capabilities.


  “Glad you made your way here today. For some reason, I don’t feel like I’m going to lose.”


  “I’ll kill you.”


  “I don’t think you’re in your right mind, so I’ll make it quick.”


  I immediately used [Mana Control], targeting Lee Hyun-a and Ha-eun.


  Thanks to [Magi Manipulation], my general abilities were greatly improved. Consequently, I was able to create a blue barrier around Lee Hyun-a and Ha-eun and focus on the enemy in front of me.


「Continuous Strikes」


  Approaching Professor Park Ki-yeol, I quickly pulled out my cheap replacement blade and activated the skill with magi.


  Following the attack, Park Ki-yeol’s body was torn apart, but it immediately began to regenerate.


  ‘Has this bastard’s sentience completely disappeared?’


  I knew because I had fought him just hours earlier. The man was quite clever.


  Right now, however, it felt as if I were fighting some random demonic beast.


  He had neither technique nor finesse.


  “Hey, Park Ki-yeol.”


  “It’s Professor Park Ki-yeol to you.”


  “Fuck, you really are out of your mind.”


  “I’ll kill them.”


  He was once a professor, but it seemed the only thing left of him was an obsession to fulfill his purpose and a desperation to cling to his former status. His speech was limited to the same phrases.


  This makes me feel kind of shitty.


  ‘Is the chairman behind this?’


  The only person I could think of was the chairman. Someone who used magi and wanted to kill me and my comrades fit all the criteria.


  I wondered if the chairman’s actions back then were just a ploy to distract me.


  If I could find out who was behind this, I could kill Park Ki-yeol without hesitation, but that possibility seemed unlikely.


  How someone could put a 4th stage Awakener in this state and give him this much power was something I needed to find out, lest I be in significant danger.


  Well, there wasn’t anything I could do for now.


  ‘For now, the priority is to protect them.’


  I didn’t know where Seo-ah was currently. It would be nice if she could stay hidden, but it was likely she’d get caught up in one of his attacks.


  The crazy bastard was still using his stupid AoE attacks.


  Because I couldn’t regress, if someone died, I couldn’t bring them back.


  It was a bit regrettable that we couldn’t find out who had made Professor Park like that, but currently, he was too dangerous to be left alive.


  Right now, killing him was surely the correct option.


「Magi Manipulation」


  This was the first time I had ever used that skill.


  Normally, I wouldn’t use a skill I had never used before in a situation like this, but if the magi itself made me that much stronger, it was worth a try.


  ‘Especially since his attack is made up of magi.’


  Professor Park Ki-yeol’s attack was made up of a large mass of magi.


  Because I could see the telltale black smoke surrounding his attack, it would be worth a try.


  And so, I acted.




  The attack began to slow down and eventually came to a complete stop.


  However, there was something even more significant than that.


  ‘I can control it now?’


  Even though it was an attack of his own creation, I was able to control the magi.


  Still questioning if it was real, I used the magi he had formed to attack him instead.




  Before he could even finish the word, his body was disintegrated by a large amount of magi that engulfed him.


  Still, his body continued to regenerate.


  ‘At this rate, there won’t be an end to this.’


  He was stupidly strong, but somehow, at this moment, I was stronger.


  It wouldn’t be a problem for me to subdue him, but his regeneration was stopping me from ending the fight.


  Just when I was about to give up…


  ‘Oh, I know how to kill him.’


  All I needed was this one idea. I was sure my next move would kill him.


  Killing a professor would be quite an issue, but I could do it.


  ‘Seeing that nobody is interfering, I guess they’re just letting him be.’


  Just one of those attacks could have caused massive casualties. The fact that they hadn’t interfered meant they didn’t care what I did.


  Because he was a villain, it was likely they were fine with me killing him.


  “Hey, Park Ki-yeol.”


  “That’s Professor Park Ki-yeol to you.”


  “Whatever. I don’t have time for this, so let’s end this quickly.”


  Spoken from a position of confidence, I prepared to kill him and obliterate the rest of the flags.


  First, I taunted him.


「Continuous Strikes + Basic Telekinesis + Mana Control + Large Explosion」


  Using all of my combat skills, I swung my blade.


  The telekinesis-imbued sword swung at a great speed, causing a large explosion. Simultaneously, many mana spears pierced his body.


  It was an ignorant but surefire way to kill a person with so much power but no sentience to dodge.




  With a scream, he attempted to regenerate his body once again.


  However, I couldn’t let that happen.


「Magi Manipulation」


  The reason he was able to regenerate was because of magi. To stop that, I would strip him of the magi he was using to heal himself.


  Slowly but surely, the magi surrounding his body began to deplete.


  It was a difficult task to steal magi away while it was being used for regeneration, so I wasn’t able to take full control, but the speed at which he regenerated was slowing greatly.


「Large Explosion + Large Explosion + Large Explosion」


  I repeatedly cast the skill.


  As his body continued to regenerate and get destroyed, the speed of his regeneration continued to slow, until it finally stopped.


  “I hope we never meet again.”


  With only the traces of his attacks remaining as proof of his existence, Professor Park Ki-yeol disappeared completely.


[Skill: The activation of Magi Manipulation will be terminated.]


[You have leveled up.]


[You have leveled up.]


[You have leveled up.]


[You have leveled up.]


[You have leveled up.]


[You have leveled up.]


  My level had gone up quite a bit.






  Beyond the arena, Mane watched Si-woo and Professor Park Ki-yeol fight.


  ‘He’s the one.’


  As the fight went on, Mane seemed sure that Si-woo was the one she was looking for.


  She was absolutely certain.


  “There’s no time.”


  The fact that he had begun to regain his power meant there would be multiple incidents soon.


  Unable to stop those incidents by regressing, he would be left helpless.


  He didn’t have time to be messing around.


  He had to kill the people around him as soon as possible so he could begin to prepare.


  ‘It looks like I’ll have to kill them myself.’


  Because she didn’t want him to hate her, she used Professor Park Ki-yeol to try to kill the people around him.


  But with his strength, it wasn’t even close.


  Even if it meant the boy hated her forever, she had to do it.


Not for herself, but for his sake.





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The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

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100,000 deaths and rebirths to save the heroines. The heroines start remembering those deaths.   "I like you. So please, please don’t die."   ...I’m not dying anyway


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