The First Letter (8)

Chapter 8 - The First Letter (8)


  The days spent at the academy were repetitive.


  Except for weekends, your schedule was dictated by the lesson’s timetable. There weren’t any students who didn’t care for their grade, so they went to their lectures conducted at the academy, where failing even a single class meant expulsion.


  I got injured during last week’s battle against Seria, but I still had to attend all the classes except for the ones of that day itself. No matter how wounded I was, skipping lectures would negatively impact my grades.


  So, most academy students had their day’s schedule tailored to their lectures.


  For example, if there were students who took a particular class together, they would go to eat together after finishing the lesson. Or, if he had time until his next lecture, he may go to train on his own at a nearby training center.


  I was no exception. Already, a week after the confrontation with Seria, my daily life was slowly regaining its natural course.


  My daily life was simple. Go to my lecture, hang out with Celine or Leto, and at the end of the day I would train in the evening.


  It was an ordinary schedule, but I liked its normality. To be honest, the events I went through last week ripped apart this daily routine.


  After a week of losing my memory, the crazy things I did were still being talked about. Since the “Yurdina’s Beating Incident” became so famous, it was buried, but it seemed like I did other anomalous actions at that time.


  For example, I suddenly went to the Saintess and looked at her without saying a word. I also asked Celine if she had any intention of using any other weapon other than a sword.


  I felt the need to apologize to the Saintess separately later on. That gentle Saintess was panicking so much that she asked me ‘What happened?’ several times.


  And I didn’t even answer those questions and just turned around and walked away, which I couldn’t understand the reason no matter how much I thought about it.


  Why was I so rude and brash when I lost my memory?


  Now, I was embarrassed by the advice I gave to Seria last week, ‘Be polite to others’ after telling her to greet me when we cross paths again. Every time I heard those rumors, I had no choice but to heave a sigh.


  It was the same today. I was walking down the lane, wondering when it would be appropriate to visit the Saintess. But soon I felt someone poking me in the ribs.


  It was Celine. She grinned while having a look of delight in those brown eyes.

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  “Hello, Ian Oppa!”


  “……Yeah, hello.”


  At my sighing voice, Celine covered her mouth and giggled. As if she knew what I was worried about as soon as she saw me.


  Our friendship has already passed the 10 years mark. Having interacted since the age of eight, she must have understood my thoughts just by looking at my face.


  “You are thinking about your lost memory”


  Just like I thought, she knew. It wasn’t the first time my mind has been read by her, so I nodded without a hint of surprise.


  It was a pretty unfortunate experience for me, but it didn’t seem so for Celine. Rather, she stretched her shoulders and placed her hand on my chest.


  The sound generated by that soft touch was registered in my ears. I coughed and sneaked a glance.


  “Why didn’t you feel satisfied? Did you forget? Those prideful aristocrats, don’t they make fun of us and call us “plebs”…….”


  “Not everyone does, and discrimination by status is prohibited within the academy.”


  “It’s just something written on the academy regulations.”


  At my reply, Celine cut me off in a firm tone. I looked around. It was because nothing good would come out if these words were to go into other people’s ears.


  Fortunately, people around us didn’t seem to have paid much attention to Celine. Sometimes, a murmur could be heard as I passed by.


  Last week’s draw against Seria was what led to this stronger reputation.


  The first time is a coincidence, but the second time is a proof of ability. In addition, the dramatic factor of the second rumor was higher than that of the first.


  It was impossible for a swordsman in the middle and lower ranks to overwhelm someone ranked at the top of their grade even if they were a senior by a year. The gap in talent was not something to be taken so lightly.


  In comparison, what an exemplary and beautiful story it is that he won against the top of the grade by aiming at their opening.


  The weak can defeat the strong as long as they have the will necessary. It is a beautiful story that instills hope in the lower ranks and caution in the higher ones.


  In addition, in the process, there seemed to have been a change in the perception of some students who had previously ignored me for being a lower aristocrat. What Celine was trying to say was that.


  “Do you know how many kids have been showing off their parents’ status? One told me I should be honored to be his concubine.” 




  “Tell me his name. I’ll go find him.”


  As Celine shuddered at those memories, harsh words came out of my mouth.


  From his speech to its content, that man was making me feel sick in the stomach. It was inevitable that the desire to beat him up appeared.


  Of course, I wasn’t stupid enough to go and beat a senior aristocrat.


  No, I’ve hit Yurdina’s daughter. Maybe I can do it now?

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  Celine burst into laughter as I fell into serious thoughts. She looked at me, a little more pleased.


  “Yes, but I’ll refrain, since it seems you’re just angry at the fact that someone was rude to you.”


  There was a look of disapproval. “But you’re a man, aren’t you?” That look.


  I smiled in vain while she looked dumbfounded. I wasn’t the one who would give her the answer she wanted.


  “Me? I’m just afraid you will be the cause of the downfall of one of Your Majesty’s loyal subjects… Argh!”


  Celine’s answer to my sarcasm was immediate. Her foot trampled the top of mine, forcing me to jump quickly with a foot up while screaming out of pain.


  Celine glanced at me with cold eyes and soon snorted, with her arms crossed. A sign of her displeasure.


  No matter how much I knew her after spending more than 10 years with her, I still couldn’t understand a girl’s heart.


  As I looked at Celine with resentment, she continued her speech as if she felt it was time to get back to business.


  “Anyway, what I want to say is… Thanks to Ian Oppa’s performance, even high-ranking nobles can’t treat me recklessly anymore, afraid that you’ll go crazy and point your sword at them.”


  “No matter how much I would like to, I could never do such an insane thing twice…….”


  Feeling that headache coming back, I gave such an exasperated answer.


  The range of those rumors being spread can’t be decided by my will though. My voice even contained a kind of resignation to what I keenly felt for the past week.

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  Anyway, if it continues on like this, the world will remember me as a fiend who beat up the member of a revered aristocratic family in the Northern part of the empire.


  Perhaps proud of that, Celine grabbed my arm with a sly grin.


  I can feel her breasts. At that moment, a realization suddenly crossed my mind, Celine is a lady now.


  “Should I spread the rumor that I’m Ian’s lover? In this way, I’m sure nobody would look for me.”


  “How will you get married in the future then?”


  “At that time, Ian Oppa just needs to take responsibility, right?”


  I turned to Celine for a moment, baffled by her coquettish behavior. Her brown eyes sparkled with mischief, and a strange smile hung around her mouth.


  She must be joking.


  I gave her a smack on the forehead while clicking my tongue. Celine stumbled back, while covering her forehead and let out a cute scream.




  “If you’re born pretty, you should enjoy its benefits, you know? There must be a lot of prestigious aristocratic families who would want to marry you based on your looks.”


  Celine’s expression crumpled when I said it. Soon she squeaked.


  “You think I would ever marry someone based on their status!”


  “Everyone says that when they’re young, but marriage is a different matter altogether.”


  As I clicked my tongue, Celine’s eyes were filled with sulky emotions. But what I said was certainly true.


  Aristocrats bear the fate of their families from the moment they are born. Even if you weren’t the heir, you had to sacrifice your life for the influence and prestige of your family.


  The same was true for marriage. Celine may want to marry someone she loves, like the main character in a romance novel, but when she will become mature enough to tie the knot, she will have to consider the future of her family as well.


  So I couldn’t shackle a woman with such a bright future. The bitter reality brought a complaint about the injustices of life in my mind.


  Celine was still grumbling, unwilling to admit it.


  “Well, as long as he comes from an aristocratic family. As long as he is a noble…….”


  I knew what was on her mind, but I decided not to impose such a tragic reality on Celine. After all, it was useless to do so.


  Instead, while I was thinking about words to comfort Celine, I realized that someone was walking up to us from the opposite side.


  Yesterday, he must have stayed up all night, untidy brown curly hair and green eyes that couldn’t hide their fatigue lingering in them. He was one of the pillars of the ‘Three Lower Imperial Nobles,’ along with Celine and me.


  Leto Einstern was trudging toward us.

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  I waved my hand in delight, but Celine looked even more displeased after seeing Leto’s face and even acted like she was about to throw up.


  Celine was particularly cold to Leto since while she was his cousin, they grew up as if they were blood-related siblings.


  Leto, of course, did the same. He accepted my greeting with pleasure, and as soon as he saw Celine, he crumpled his face.


  “Who is this? If it isn’t the ‘Hero of the Intermediate Ranks’ who’s beating up the high rankers of the Academy these days! And… one ugly girl.”


  “Who said I’m ugly? You look like a boiled potato.”


  “No, this stupid girl is really…….”


  Leto, who looked tired even without Celine’s rebuttal, seemed to be dumbfounded, but Celine just stuck her tongue out and hid behind my back.


  Leto took a step as if he was going to grab Celine’s hair, but his movements soon stopped as he had no energy left.


  It was a characteristic of students in the Magic Department. Long hours doing tasks and magical research made them prone to become exhausted like this. Not considering the fact that Leto Einstern enjoys drinking and clubbing.


  I watched him with a slight pity in my eyes, and then, as I heard something weird in his words, I inquired.


  “What do you mean by ‘Hero of the Intermediate Ranks?'”


  “What do you think? It’s about you. They were treated so half-heartedly, but I guess seeing you made them think, ‘Can I also do what that guy did?’”


  I smirked, an ironic smile crept up my face. What a bunch of nonsense.


  “I don’t know what was wrong with me either.….”


  “But since you lost your memory, your senses have become sharper, right? You gained more mana, more strength. Well, I’d like to research the cause.”


  Leto still seemed interested in my condition, but he soon smacked his lips and changed topic as I began showing my distaste.


  Then he smirked as if he had just came up with a good idea. It was truly a beautiful smile. It was a pity that it usually came out when he asked for something.


  Leto asked me in a voice full of interest. Seemingly having regained some of his vigor by the force of his curiosity.


  “Come to think of it, is that true?”




  In response to my question, Leto approached me as if I was just pretending to not know and slapped me on the shoulder. He then continued on.


  “I heard that Yuridna’s bastard is following you around.”




  The answer came from behind my back. Celine’s little head, which was hidden as she used me as a shield, popped out.


  Her face was icy. Her yellowish-brown eyes had a cold glitter.


  “That bitch? Why would she?”


  And the eyes of the two siblings turned to me. Their eyes were asking for an answer. I finally sighed and turned to my back.


  Throughout the campus, street trees were planted for decorative fashion. One of them was particularly a large one and right behind it a glimpse of gray hair could be seen.


  Seria Yurinda has become one of my concerns these days.


  Leto burst into a subtle smile, amused by all of this. Celine’s eyes were filled with ferocity.


  “Why would she follow Ian around? Doesn’t she remember the last time when you almost beat her to death? She must be crazy…….”


  “Could it be that there’s a reason? Like having a crush on Ian.”


  Celine’s throat seemed to be choked up by Leto’s subtle allusion and even showed signs of wanting to go and confront Seria. That’s why my hand held her arm.


  “Well, it doesn’t bother me, so it doesn’t matter.”


  “It’s because it bothers me! I’m still gnashing my teeth just at the thought of last week’s events……!”


  Celine’s hostility toward Seria seemed to stem from last week’s duel. Of course, before that, I had brutally assaulted Seria as well. However, the human brain likes to interpret facts as it pleases.


  It was highly probable that the fact that I beat Seria to near death had already been erased from her mind. Only the memories of the violence I suffered from Seria remained.


  At this rate, the collision between Celine and Seria seemed to be inevitable. And, no matter how much of a young lady she was, it seemed too clear who would end up losing in a conflict to a high-ranking aristocrat who had been given the surname of Yurdina.


  The last time I touched Yurdina, she pretended not to recognize me and acted like a spineless woman. I was thankful for that.


  I glanced at the growling Celine, then turned again to the glimpses of the gray hair I could see behind the street tree.


  Come to think of it, it was a matter that had been left unattended for too long. It had already been a week, so maybe we should talk.


  Thinking so, I released the hand that was holding Celine’s arm, and immediately placed it on Celine’s shoulder.


  “Wait, I’ll talk to her.”


  “…Ian Oppa?”

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  Celine had a dissatisfied look, but the situation still seemed to have been defused, perhaps because she had nothing to say as me, the person involved, was coming forward.


  Leto looked delighted at the perspective of something interesting. He then advised.


  “You never know. She might be stalking you because she is so into you. If she confesses, make sure to accept it. Good looks, good background, good ability. How fortunate it would be for you to marry her… Aaarghhh”


  Of course, that advice was punished before it even ended.


  I calmed down my pounding heart, took a deep breath, and stepped forward.


  To be honest, I couldn’t imagine why Seria Yurdina would follow me around.


  She fell in love? After having suffered a beating by my wooden sword, last week, she looked like a woman trembling with fear. It was impossible.


  Then the possibilities extended in many directions. Some of them included ominous speculations.


  For example, vengeance.


  For me, it was bound to be a source of stress. Seria also flinched when she sensed my approaching figure, and her hair started trembling, but she didn’t shy away.


  Rather, she even peeked out to check if I was approaching her. As I stood in front of the tree, Seria hesitated and walked out from behind it.


  “Seria, do you have something to say to me?”


  Seria bowed her head instead of answering. Her soft milky skin was flushed bright red.


  Is she still afraid of me? As I was brooding over my bitter memories, Seria raised her head after having taken enough courage.


  And with eyes full of determination, she opened her mouth while stuttering.


“It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s…….”


  She, who continued to talk with difficulty, closed her eyes tightly and bowed. It was a polite gesture of request.


  “Ehm, I would like to… Ugh…If it’s not a problem for you! Can you give me your guidance?!”


  She bit her tongue again, but this was good enough for me.


  She did not have the snobby attitude of a high-ranking aristocrat, and her aloof side was broken compared to the last time, and her attitude as a junior of asking her senior’s guidance was excellent.


  Looking at her attitude, which had been elevated from being “Yurdina’s ill mannered ” to “Junior” in just a week, I nodded in my heart with satisfaction.


  And I said,


  “I don’t want to.”


  “Well, please take care of me… What?”


  Seria’s expression of gratitude, which seemed to have been prepared in advance, went blank for a moment, as if my answer was unexpected.


  Her bewitching gaze turned to me, and I smiled at her and repeated.


  “I don’t want to.”


  Seria froze like a statue.




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