The Heaven-Slaying Sword Chapter 29

Fifth Chapter - Dragon Phoenix Tournament (2)

༺ Fifth Chapter – Dragon Phoenix Tournament (2) ༻


  Il-woon, the 21st Generation’s Head Disciple of Shaolin Temple.


  He was in a very good mood right now.




  Given that he had been cooped up training and evening more training, there was no way he could be in a bad mood when this was one of his few rare outings.


  New people and new encounters.


  And exciting food he could only savor outside of Shaolin.


  A monk devoted to asceticism shouldn’t be delighted by such things, but he couldn’t resist.


  Why not?


  To a youthful twenty-year-old man who was full of energy, wasn’t the secular world a truly eye-opening place?


  ‘Such a small indulgence will surely be forgiven by the Abbot.’


  That was why as soon as he arrived at Huangshan, he entered an inn.


  Il-woon was sitting together with his fellow disciples, about to indulge in a long-awaited deviation from his usual self-discipline and abstinence.


  “Excuse me. May I please get a plate of Dongpo Pork?”


  Of course, while keeping a clear conscience.


  “…Ah, but without the meat.”




  A frivolous laughter spread across the entire inn, startling Il-woon who turned around.


  And then his eyes shook violently.


  “…Y-Young Master Zhuge?”




  Bang. Bang. The one who burst out laughing and pounding on the table was without a doubt the rightful heir of the Zhuge Clan, Zhuge San, whom he had met a few times.


  Aside from him, the lady next to him was the successor of the Sichuan Tang Clan, who had vanished after the last Dragon Phoenix Tournament six years ago.


  Of course, there was another man whose presence caught his attention, but Il-woon couldn’t afford to pay him any mind.


  ‘I-I’ve been caught…!’


  He had deliberately chosen a secluded alley to avoid familiar faces, but here he was, bumping into someone he knew.


  And of all people, it just had to be Zhuge San.


  A flippant kind of man who would spread rumors of today’s incident throughout the entire martial world.


  “My goodness! Monk Il-woon! What a rare pleasure to see you!!!”


  Zhuge San greeted him with tears in the corners of his eyes from laughing so hard.


  Il-Woon shut his eyes tightly and forced a hollow smile.




  Why him? Of all people?


  Was Buddha punishing him for his greed?




  “This seems to be trouble…”


  “…Calm down.”


  Despite sweating bullets, Il-woon composed himself.


  His unshakeable will forged through reciting countless Buddhist prayers was quite helpful at this moment.


  ‘Let’s get things under control.’


  Il-woon suddenly stood up from his seat and headed to where Zhuge San, Tang Hwa-seo, and the nameless man sat.


  And he bowed with his hands pressed together.


  “Amitabha. It has been a long time since we’ve met. Have you been at peace, Kind Benefactor?”




  “What’s with the ‘Oh’, Brother Mok? Didn’t you hear a moment ago? Dongpo porkhahaha… Withoutttt the meat…”


  “…Laugh in moderation. Aren’t you troubling the monk?”


  “Benefactor Tang, it has been nearly six years since we last met, hasn’t it?”


  “Yes, something like that.”


  Il-woon greeted them one by one, feeling like sweat might start pouring down from his forehead. 


  Then, he took a seat on the empty chair and said.


  “The Three Pure Meats.”


  All he had on his mind was shutting Zhuge San’s mouth up.


  Well, more like he wanted to come up with an excuse for his actions.


  “Do you know about the Three Pure Meats? These are the three fundamental conditions under which the consumption of meat is permitted in Buddhism. When eating meat, it should not be seen as being for oneself, should not be heard as being for oneself, and should not suspect that it is for oneself. Meat that meets these conditions is considered to have been left by the law of nature, and therefore, it is permissible for us to partake in it.”




  “Isn’t that right? What is Dongpo Pork? It is undeniably a dish made by braising meat with intestines. However, without the meat, we consume only the leftover vegetables and seasoning, and the meat is for someone else. In other words, since we did not eat the meat for ourselves, it aligns with the precepts of the Three Pure Meats.”


  His smile was patient, but the message was clear.


  –Don’t go around talking or I will break the precept against killing.


  Of course, Zhuge San wasn’t so faint-hearted as to be frightened by such a warning.


  “Yes, indeed. The Three Pure M… pfft… yes! Uh-huh! As you say! How could anyone live without eating meat? I understand perfectly!”


  Il-woon’s forehead throbbed as Zhuge San slapped his shoulder.


  So, regarding today’s events…”


  “Do I look like someone who gossips? Rest assured!”


  He couldn’t believe such an untrustworthy statement, not even one bit.


  Il-woon felt like his unshakeable will was about to shatter.


  “Please, once again, I ask…”


  “Please don’t worry. I will make sure he keeps quiet, even if it means crushing his throat myself.”


  Tang Hwa-seo said.


  Zhuge San promptly shut his mouth and shrank back slightly.


  Il-woon made a relieved expression and expressed his gratitude for the unexpected help.


  “Ah, Benefactor Tang! Thank you for your help.”


  “Don’t mention it.”


  ‘It isn’t like I helped out of the kindness of my heart.’


  She swallowed that thought and looked at him.


  ‘Should I consider myself lucky?’


  Having the opportunity to interact with him before the tournament even started was definitely a favorable turn of events. Although she couldn’t discuss her matters with him just yet, it would be important to make a good impression for the future.


  While Tang Hwa-seo was pondering what to say next, Mok Riwon opened his mouth first.


  “P-Pleased to meet you! Are you the renowned ‘Fist Dragon’?”


  “Hm? Ah, my apologies. Yes, I am. May I ask your name, Kind Benefactor?”


  “I am Mok Riwon! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but! The martial artists of this province call me Ink Sword!”


  Mok Riwon adopted the fist-palm salute.


  Il-woon looked surprised for a moment but then broke out into a bright smile.


  “Oh! I have heard of you. You’ve made quite a name for yourself in Jiangxi.”


  “Ahem! It was nothing.”


  Mok Riwon’s shoulders rose with pride, his face reddening from the joy of being recognized.


  Il-woon chuckled softly at that sight.


  ‘I heard he was surely a martial artist at the Peak Realm…’


  Indeed, his qi pathways were refined enough.


  He was without a doubt at least Peak Master…


  ‘And possibly equal to myself.’


  Il-woon was able to figure that out just from feeling his qi flow.


  ‘The martial world is indeed vast.’


  At a glance, the man appeared to be the same age as him.


  To reach the Peak Realm at such a young age would certainly require an extraordinary cultivation technique and precious spiritual elixirs.


  Il-woon wondered what kind of Esteemed Master had gone to such lengths, unaware that the only spiritual medicine Mok Riwon had ever consumed was the inner core of the Man-Faced Spider he had received shortly after his debut in the martial world.


  “Excuse my impoliteness, but may I ask which sect you belong to?”


  “Ah, that’s…”


  Mok Riwon panicked while looking to Tang Hwa-seo for help.


  Il-woon caught on and shook his head.


  “Ah, there is no need to say if it’s troublesome. It was mere curiosity on my part.”


  “Thank you for understanding.”


  There was no need to pry any further into his sect.


  It was a matter of courtesy to Il-woon out of respect for the other person and out of pride as a martial artist.


  ‘I will surely be encountering such a master in the main competition.’


  In time, Il-woon would naturally learn about his martial arts.


  And he was confident he would win.


  Shaolin, the Mount Tai of the Orthodox Path.


  That was the pride that instilled him with such confidence.


  “By the way, have you completed the registration for the tournament?”


  “Yes, I had already taken care of it before coming here.”




  “Why do you ask?”


  “We were about to go and register ourselves. I wanted to go together and hear stories of Shaolin from you.”


  A look of disappointment shadowed Mok Riwon’s face, but Tang Hwa-seo spoke up.


  “There’s no need to feel disappointed. You still have another chance to talk after tomorrow.”




  “The evening after registration closes, there will be a banquet. It’s a gathering of the young rising stars from the Nine Sects and Noble Clans. If you accompany me, Young Hero Mok will be able to attend as well.”


  “That’s right, we can continue our conversation at the banquet.”


  The friendly atmosphere continued as they spoke, and Mok Riwon’s face lit up again.


  As always, the sight of his beaming smile made someone excitedly squeal.


  “Great! Then we’ll meet again in two days!”


  “That’s that then.”


  “Yes. And, Young Master Zhuge…”


  Il-woon and Zhuge San’s eyes met.


  With a grin, Zhuge San gave a confident thumbs-up.


  “Don’t worry.”  


  ‘I’ll make sure to spread the word.’


  In response to the reply filled with that implication, veins popped out on Il-woon’s head.



* * *



  A city in Shexian, Anhui, directly beneath Mount Huang.


  The three of them had finally arrived at the Courtyard where the Dragon Phoenix Tournament would be held.


  “There really are a lot of martial artists here…!”


  Mok Riwon looked around excitedly, turning left and right to take in everything around them.


  In front of the walls, martial artists with sharpened qi pathways stood guard, and before the gate were crowds of martial artists waiting to register for the Dragon Phoenix Tournament.


  “Brother Mok, do you see that man over there?”


  “Hm? Where do you mean?”


  “The martial artist guarding the gate. The one with the blue headband on his head.”


  Mok Riwon followed Zhuge San’s finger that was pointing towards the gate.


  As he had said, there was a middle-aged man with a blue headband wrapped around his head.


  “Who is that person?”


  “Blue Sword Namgung Woon, the Sword King’s nephew.”


  Mok Riwon’s eyes widened, his mouth opening slightly in awe. 


  “The Sword King’s…”


  Nephew to one of the Ten Grand Masters of the Orthodox Faction, the Sword King.


  The moment he heard this, Mok Riwon expanded his qi detection and felt it.






  The entire area was under his control. His sharply refined qi wave pressed down on the surroundings there.


  Mok Riwon’s instincts told him.


  If he were to face this man, he wouldn’t last even three seconds.


  ‘…No, what if I don’t control my inner qi and I stay defensive instead, adapting to his sword? I can sense his killing intent, so it should be possible. And if I’m careful with my inner qi, then…’


  Maybe he wouldn’t be utterly defeated.


  But nonetheless, defeat was inevitable.


  “A martial artist of the Supreme Realm that the Namgung Clan boasts about.”


  “The Supreme Realm…”


  There was an enormous wall between the Peak Realm and the Supreme Realm.




  Mok Riwon clenched his fists.


  This was the first time since he had stepped into the martial world that he faced someone stronger than him.


  And the competitive spirit in him blazed.


  ‘I want to fight him.’


  He wanted to exchange swords with him.


  To steal the core of that martial artist’s skill and use it to ascend to even higher places.


  Mok Riwon’s heart began to beat faster and faster, his qi flaring up alongside his emotions.


  In that moment.




  Namgung Woon looked at Mok Riwon.


  The immense force in that gaze made his shoulders feel heavy.




  “Young Hero Mok, it’s time to go. We’re heading to a different line.”


  Tang Hwa-seo tapped his shoulder and the pressure he had felt until then dissipated.


  Namgung Woon had already directed his attention elsewhere.


  “…Understood. Let’s go.”


  Mok Riwon watched Namgung Woon for a moment longer, then looked away and followed Tang Hwa-seo.



* * *



  Namgung Woon subtly turned his head to watch the depart figure of the man.


  He then asked the adjutant next to him.


  “Hey, do you know who that man is?”


  “Ah, you mean the man between the Zhuge and Tang Clan?”


  “Yes, that’s right. I thought I had memorized the names of all the rising stars attending, but I don’t recall seeing that man on the list.”


  The adjutant chuckled softly and shook his head.


  “No, he is on the list, but you might not recognize him because this is the first time he has appeared in the martial world, captain.”




  “Ink Sword Mok Riwon. He’s one of the rising newcomers these days. I heard he travels alongside the Tang Clan’s Poison Phoenix, and has already become quite close with the Strange Dragon as well.”


  “Ink Sword…”


  Namgung Woon repeated to himself, recalling the qi he had felt earlier.






  “Never mind.”


  The adjutant’s question was met with Namgung Woon shaking his head as he pondered.


  ‘Destructive Sword seems to fit him more than Ink Sword.’


  The qi that burst forth from the young, unknown martial artist had a form more befitting of a path of destruction than tranquil ink.


  ‘An interesting guy has come.’


  Namgung Woon smiled slightly, feeling a sense of anticipation. It wasn’t so much about Mok Riwon himself, however.


  ‘It seems like Jincheon might have a good match.’


  The Young Head of the Namgung Clan, Sword Dragon Namgung Jincheon.


  His unbearably arrogant nephew might have finally found a worthy opponent.



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