The Lone SF Transmigrator in the Otherworld Forum Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Growth-Type Space Battleship

༺ Growth-Type Space Battleship ༻  





  Yu Byungtae clicked his tongue as he looked down from the rooftop of the shelter headquarters.


  “Kim Youngsik.”


  “Kim Youngsik.”


  “Kim Youngsik…”


  Yu Byungtae’s gaze was complicated. After all, that ordinary name stirred a whirlwind of thoughts.


  “I cannot waver.”


  Yu Byungtae’s anxiousness was especially prominent.


  ‘Is it really fine to just let him go like that? Should I hold onto him? Or….’


  Of course, it was true that he had gone to great lengths to get Kim Youngsik expelled. He had subtly hinted and used colleagues around them to ostracize him.


  After all, he was an arrogant punk who always tried to control him at every turn and teach others, as if his opinion was the only right one.


  ‘It is true that he always acted like his opinion was some objective truth.’


  In the beginning of this fiasco, the punk’s calmness and resolution made it easier to adapt, but didn’t that also mean he and his colleagues were exceptional enough to survive in the first place? In other words, creating and maintaining the shelter would have been no problem without him.


  And it was especially insufferable how someone without any awakened abilities acted as if they were superior.


  The difference between shelter residents with and without Abilities was as vast as that between kings and commoners in medieval times.


  And that was only natural. In the apocalypse, one’s status was naturally determined by their Ability, was it not?



  Byungtae gritted his teeth.


  Besides that, there was also another incident that had been the biggest problem in his opinion.


  ‘I cannot forgive him….’


  He was a despicable bastard who had driven a female tenant to the brink of suicide and then expelled her. And that very woman was someone Byungtae had taken a liking to.


  -T-This bitch is truly dangerous. I’m telling you, she’s a spy for Slater! One of the cadre with a brainwashing ability!


  -Hic Hic, how harsh of you. How could I be from Slater when I just want to live?


  -What are you talking about? Do you really believe something like brainwashing exists? Isn’t that way too paranoid?


  -This delicate woman belongs to a group of plunderers?


  -Do you really think we’re not able to recognize an Awakened, our own kind?


  -Mr. Youngsik. If I have done something wrong, please let us talk it over….


  -It’s not like you to accuse someone innocent without any evidence, Youngsik.


  -Enough. Kim Youngsik!


  She was a woman who matched well with Byungtae. They had mutual affection, soothed each other’s pains, and were in the stage of confirming their feelings. Yet, he tormented and slandered her without reason, eventually forcing her to flee.


  Byungtae could never forget that day.


  His leadership was already undermined because the guy interfered with the shelter’s operation at every turn. So, he considered it good riddance.


  ‘See? This is what happens when you act however you like. The girlfriend you cherished so much has gone crazy for me, you know?’


  Byungtae grinned as he remembered Seulgi’s figure.


  ‘But still, I would be more at ease if this was dealt with definitively.’


  Byungtae’s gaze hardened and turned cold as he summoned someone.




  Meanwhile, Kim Youngsik could not hide his astonishment at the absurdity.


  [The Power Source of ‘Hyperion’ has increased by 0.0012%.]




  Defeating evolved zombies or beating up regular zombies sometimes yielded the valuable ‘Bloodstones’, 120 of which had now been reduced to a single meal for ‘Hyperion’.


  “Uh, eh…?”


  Wait, this was what Seungah had saved up for him to use, though…?


  [You have become stronger.]


  “Excuse me? Nothing about me has changed at all… though?”


  [You have become stronger.]




  So, because the Power Source of Hyperion increased, it meant he had become stronger as well? Was that what it was saying?




  Still, unlike Youngsik, who was at loss for words, there was a change in ‘Hyperion’, which was visible only to him.


  Click- Kieeeeeeeng- Click Click-


  [Unnecessary parts will be replaced and restricted with the Power available.]


  [Removal of parts used for Dimensional Travel and Space Flight completed.]


  “Dimensional… What?”


  Click- Chrrrk- Click-


  Although Hyperion kind of acted however it pleased, the sight of the flying object, which seemed only like a stereotypical UFO, transforming into something else left Youngsik speechless.


  The sleek design, metallic colors, and subtle blue lighting overwhelmed him, making Hyperion appear like some futuristic SF car.


  Its very design exuded dignity.


  Even Youngsik, who wasn’t usually observant, felt a certain ‘romance’ stirring deep inside him.


  How could such a shabby person dare to step into a distinguished place… was the type of thought that spontaneously came to him, making Youngsik feel utterly insignificant. The strange and alien design made him unwittingly aware of his instincts as a ‘steward’.


  “Uh, eh….”


[‘Hyperion’ Stage 0-0, Initial Setting Conversion and Reconfiguration Completed.]


[Current Possible Operational Power 0.0783%. Consuming 0.01% to start the Stage 0-1 Upgrade of ‘Hyperion’.]


[Please select the Feature for ‘Hyperion’ Stage 0-1.]


[1. Offense-Type]

[2. Defense-Type]

[3. Utility-Type]

[4. Life Support-Type]

[5. Other]


  Youngsik’s mouth fell open.




  With trembling hands, Youngsik chose an option from the hologram before him.


  ‘Offense-Type’ quite literally meant loading various weapons and upgrading them. ‘Defense-Type’ referred to upgrading defense mechanisms and the outer walls.


  ‘Utility-Type’ allowed for the installation of various special functions beyond attack and defense, while ‘Life Support-Type’ included the addition of facilities for water and food production among other conveniences.


  Lastly, ‘Other’ included options like passenger capacity, Combat Simulator Training, Facility Equipment for Adult Use, and more; things that one might even wonder, ‘Is this really needed?’.


  Youngsik was dumbfounded. The weapons included unimaginable armaments like Antiparticle Cannons, Graviton Surge, and Anti-Gravity Bullets. But of course, due to insufficient Power and a low Evolution Stage, he couldn’t choose them.


  Still, at least one thing was clear.


  ‘This is totally a superior version of a Shelter, isn’t it?’


  Shelters could also upgrade their defense towers and facilities used for life support, but ‘Hyperion’ had many features that Shelters, no matter how hard they tried, could not implement, especially not with such specificity and advanced technology.


  After all, even the final evolution of a Shelter’s defense tower was just a turret. Wouldn’t its power perhaps be comparable to the modern era’s heavy weaponry?


  “Good heavens.”


  As such, it was no wonder that Youngsik was so astounded.


  He swallowed hard, deeply contemplating which Feature to choose.


  ‘Since I had to leave the shelter alone, securing safety should be the priority.’


  Zombies didn’t distinguish between day and night. Since he was alone, he could not keep watch all the time, so securing a safe haven was paramount.


  Youngsik debated between enhancing Defense-Type outer walls and adding a Utility-Type alarm system before making a choice.


  ‘Yeah, this is the right decision.’


  Just having something to alert him to approaching enemies would significantly increase his chances of survival. Youngsik extended his finger towards the hologram to choose the alarm system.


[Utility-Type – Would you like to select the Alarm System? Y/N]


  Youngsik nodded eagerly, a mix of both anticipation and joy.


  “That’s right!”


  [It has been rejected.]




[1. Offense-Type – Vacuum Compressed Ballistic Automatic Machine Gun has been selected.]


  “Eh? Huh? N-No! The Utility Alarm….”


  [Vacuum Compressed Ballistic Automatic Machine Gun has been selected.]




  [Vacuum Compressed Ballistic Automatic Machine Gun has been selected.]


  “B-But I c-chose….”


  [‘Hyperion’ Stage 0-1 Upgrade has started.]


  Zinggg- Click- Whirrr- Click-


  What… Why even ask if it’s going to choose for me anyway…..


  A complex gun, similar to a gatling gun, began to be installed on the underside of Hyperion, which was about the size of a midsize sedan.


  Zinggg- Click- Click- Chrr-


  Parts of the hull split into cubes and reassembled into a new form; it was truly a spectacle that could not be seen, even if given all the money in the world.


  [Hyperion Stage 0-1 Upgrade has been completed.]


  A menacing gatling gun was installed on the lower part of the futuristic SF car-like body, with wings spread at a 45-degree angle.


  “Uh…. But am I even able to board it?”




  Hyperion gave no answer.


  Tears welled up inside Youngsik’s heart. It seemed he had to remain faithful to his duties as a steward, after all.


  “But still, isn’t it a bit too much… to not be able to board the spaceship?”




  Was it because of Youngsik’s timid comment that Hyperion reacted?


  Thump- Click.


  WIth a mechanical sound that seemed reluctant for some reason, the lower hatch opened on both sides, revealing a space where he could sit. The seat, resembling a massage chair, appeared to be adjustable for both sitting or lying down.


  A smile formed on Youngsik’s lips.


  “Y-You agree, r-right?”


  How should he describe it? It was like the strange sense of gratitude one got when making eye contact with a stray cat and it didn’t run away.


  Though Hyperion did not lower its altitude to make boarding easy, Youngsik managed to get on by using the terrain around him.


  “Ugh, hoit!”


  As soon as he boarded, the hatch operated and the door closed. From then on, it was like witnessing a whole new world.




  He had expected the enclosed space to feel cramped and suffocating, but he could look around the vicinity through screens displayed on all sides.


  Moreover… The seat that looked like a massage chair enveloped his body so comfortably that it felt like being wrapped in clouds.


  So much so that a moment’s distraction was enough to make him drowsy!




  Youngsik could not stop marveling after he boarded.


  Then, Hyperion’s neutral and mechanical voice reached Youngsik’s ears.


  [Setting target.]






  As seen from the screen, Hyperion’s outer armor opened up in various places and blue light seeped out. Then the hull’s attitude began to elevate.


  [Initiating Automatic Hunting.]




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