The Lone SF Transmigrator in the Otherworld Forum Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - The Lucky Box Event (2)

༺ The Lucky Box Event (2) ༻  



-Title: Why Magic Is Great.txt


It was said that highly advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. Thus, the ‘Cosmic Emperor’s’ Dimensional Transfer Technology is magic. Therefore, the Cosmic Emperor is a mage and the magic that succeeded in Dimensional Material Transfer is great.


To add, here is the proof.

(Roughly a picture of the Lich King’s third rib bone.jpg)


ㄴwhat kind of dogshit is this? u couldve shat out a bit less couldnt u

ㄴcan someone summarize

ㄴsummary: anyway magic is lit

ㄴwhat is this proof even for LMAOOO

ㄴis this mfer stupid

ㄴas if a sane person would ever become a lich

ㄴby the way r u saying u actually got the event?

ㄴwhy would this crazy mofo post that picture? isnt this counted as one of those heinous images?

ㄴi think it’s a rib bone….

ㄴSeeing as how it is discolored, it looks as if it’s been rotten for a long time.

ㄴthis lil shit is a 1500 year old lich. he always yapped around claiming to be the suzerain of magic or something then got fucked in the ass by the DevilKing in a debate.

ㄴreport report report


ㄴ(TheLichIsRich) Hmph! How dare these inferior humans not know true magic?

ㄴthis lil shitter has sooo much fucking pride in his magic and race frfr

ㄴokay sure, thank u next. magic gets crushed by SF technology and u got ur ass handed to u by the DevilKing jajaja

ㄴ(TheLichIsRich) It is not that we were crushed! The greatness of magic remains unchanged! And SF is… Magic!

ㄴnever cook again


ㄴreport report report lets see how this new report feature works

ㄴur shaking in ur boots, huh? sensei boomer

ㄴwhy dont u give up magic and become a scientist for a chance, lich kun?


  Raymond, using the nickname ‘TheLichIsRich’, felt like his eyes were going to pop out of his skull in anger.


  “Those lowly beings who cannot even prove their own worth dares…!”


  Fine. I admit it.


  Honestly, he might have underestimated the very essence of scientific advancement, SF. After all, the ‘Cosmic Emperor’ guy seemed nothing but an attention seeker with a severe case of mythomania.


  Raymond had to calm his trembling phalange bones as he looked at the object in front of him.




  ‘To think Interdimensional Material Transfer was truly possible…’


  Despite the evidence right before his eyes, it was still hard to believe. After all, many intellectuals had struggled to unveil the truth of the [Integrated Dimensional Community].


  Exactly how many transcendents had wasted their lives on Community Research only to die in vain?


  ‘And I have no choice but to believe other dimensions exist….’


  [Integrated Dimensional Community]


  There, people from various worlds existed. And the name itself suggested dimensional integration, didn’t it?


  Even if one tried to think of it as just different planets in the same dimension….


  ‘A transcendent who actually went into space had confirmed it.’


  There was no reason why one couldn’t go into space just because it was not an SF world. Raymond remembered. A Demonic Dragon, called the Divine Dragon, had once ventured into space.


  Though it eventually turned into cosmic dust due to the limitations of being a living creature, the Divine Dragon had traveled the universe for hundreds of years. And while doing so, it consistently logged its journey in the community.


  The logs clearly stated. No matter how much it traveled, it never felt a connection to any other community link.


  Moreover, there was a second reason.


  What was that again? Parallel worlds? Worlds that were mostly similar but slightly different. Could there really be numerous parallel words in just one dimension?


  Raymond thought not.


  The transmigrators or reincarnators of the community often shedded tears longing for their homeland. After all, they had lost their entire lives in an instant and were separated from their families.


  Even moving to a different country could cause homesickness; how extreme would it have been for them to change entire worlds?


  And those tired from the constant longing they felt typically sought to form friendships with people from similar backgrounds in the community.


  ‘I believe them to be weak, but I cannot say I do not understand.’


  However, they came to realize that the worlds they previously lived in were slightly different. Perhaps there were different presidents or slightly different histories.


  Finding true compatriots was close to impossible. In fact, Raymond was someone who thought those claiming to be from the exact same place just hadn’t found their differences yet. That they were from parallel worlds nonetheless.


  This meant that other dimensions truly existed, thus making it inevitable for the transcendents to dive into Dimensional Research.


  But the results, as could be seen, were…


  Absolute nothingness.


  Not even the transcendents who flew and soared could fina  clue to Dimensional Magic.


  So, this figure called the ‘Cosmic Emperor’ was… How…


  Lich King Raymond stared at the item in the box with a serious experience.


-(Hair Loss Treatment) Return your scalp to your prime! The perfect and complete cure for baldness!

-(Hair Wax) Using it once will naturally fix your hairstyle in place for 6 months!


  For some reason, from his perspective, the assortment of gifts were incredibly infuriating.


  Is he making fun of me?


  “Why have you given me such items, Cosmic Emperor?”


  It was a question with an answer that could not be heard.


  Surely, it wasn’t sent without any reason….


  ‘Is it perhaps a message from the Cosmic Emperor to recall the heart of a human before becoming a Lich?’


  “Hair loss treatment….”


  The Lich lifted his rattling bone hand and swept it over his skull. The blue flames flickering in the eye sockets of the Lich trembled slightly.


  ‘I absolutely, most definitely did not decide to become a Lich because of my hair.’


  “But… if only I had met the Cosmic Emperor a bit sooner… then maybe….”


  Raymond flinched. He was reminded of the severe stress he had endured before becoming a Lich.


  ‘Me, the Lich King, having regrets? Impossible!’




  It was a cry from the Lich King, who ironically looked more like a devil than anyone else.


  After calming down, Lich King Raymond stroked his chin with his phalange. It wasn’t important. Whatever the gift was, it was nothing compared to Interdimensional Material Transfer.


  “…First, I need to become closer to the Administrator. Then, after extracting the Dimensional Technology, invading the Cosmic Emperor’s dimension might be a good idea.”


  Raymond smiled with satisfaction as he read the post he had made. It was a post that praised the Administrator aptly, while also elevating the dignity of magic.


  An attention-seeking admin would surely respond!


  While waiting for the Administrator’s reaction, Raymond read the community’s comments with extreme patience.


  After all, he felt like he couldn’t hold back his curses and swears if he started replying to scum.




  “It is here!”


  What kind of reaction would the ‘Cosmic Emperor’ show?!


[Your community use has been blocked for 3 days.]

[Reason: byebye]


  Raymond doubted his own eyes for a moment.




  Why? Just why?


  He had posted the proof picture just as the Administrator had asked….


  And he had even waited quietly without swearing, didn’t he?


  Raymond hadn’t realized that the photo he took as proof only captured his third rib bone.




  After 3 days, the Lich King posted a protest filled with anger.


  Of course, in a polite manner.


-Title: Mr. Administrator? Why did this happen?

Why was I muted and blocked from community use when the others were the ones swearing? My only crime was praising you, Mr. Administrator.


Could it be because of this proof picture?

(Roughly a picture of the Lich King’s third rib bone.jpg)



ㄴLOLLLLL the effectiveness of reporting goes crazy holy

ㄴisn’t this the retard claiming SF is magic?


ㄴthank you next

ㄴa 1500 year old lich who feels genuinely wronged LOLOL


  The effect was immediate.


[Your community use has been blocked for 3 days.]

[Reason: no disgusting pictures]




  The Lich King screamed, clutching his skull.




  After 3 days passed, the Lich King appealed with emotion.


-Title: I apologize. Mr. Administrator. I will not mess around.

So please, no more blocking.


ㄴ(Cosmic Emperor) ok


ㄴeven a 1500 year old lich couldnt escape the community addiction
ㄴLOL mfer surrendered

ㄴBreaking News) A 1500-year-old Lich kneels to the tyranny of the Administrator!

ㄴthe lich who was subdued in just 6 days!

ㄴlook at this mfer being mad polite AAHAHAHAHA

ㄴLOL bro! u came to ur senses, ye!




  Karlstein had been incredibly busy.


  “If you’re going to go crazy, at least do it gracefully, tsk tsk. Delete this, and that….”

  (Roughly a photo of an old arc dangling out his lower half.jpg)


  (Roughly an extreme close-up photo of the BugQueen.jpg)


  (Roughly a photo of a goblin’s genitalia that had transcended his species.jpg)

  Running the Administrator Mode recently gave him more work to do. It would be simpler to delegate to Aria, but since delegating meant he had to perform the Emperor’s duties himself, that wasn’t an option.




  He was sometimes shocked by the horrific images posted, commonly referred to as ‘tactical nukes’ in forums. As such atrocities came from all dimensions, they were photos that an Earthling could never have even imagined.


  Perhaps the fortunate part was that he recovered quickly thanks to the [Mental Invariability] trait?


  “You will be permanently suspended.”


[Your community use has been blocked for 99999 days.]

[Reason: fk off]


  What caught his eye amidst his busy schedule of managing the community’s quality was a proof picture from a notable user named ‘TheLichIsRich’.


  “What…Seriously, what is this crazy bastard posting? I said to send a shot of proof for the event.”


[Your community use has been blocked for 3 days.]

[Reason: byebye]


  After 3 days, he sent another penalty for equating advanced SF technology with magic, considering it a grave offense.


  “How dare you compare the two? Sssssp.”


  Eventually, after confirming the Lich guy’s surrender, he granted mercy.


  “But how is there not a single guy who posts a proper review? And it would look far too unsightly to be begging for reviews.”


  That was when he noticed a review posted by another user besides the Lich.


  It was from a notable user named ‘DevilKingVirdel’.


  “3rd Place in Unofficial Sword Debate Rankings…?”


The Lone SF Transmigrator in the Otherworld Forum

The Lone SF Transmigrator in the Otherworld Forum

Score 9.95
Status: Ongoing Released: 2024 Native Language: Korean
After transmigrating into a SF (Science Fiction) novel and enduring cruel hardships, I ascended to the throne as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. [Welcome to the Integrated Dimensional Community.] As the community's Lone SF Transmigrator, I unleashed the poison of new cultures on the uncivilized primitives of the Otherworlds. -Let there be light. To judge the horde of evil, the Apostle of the Goddess sent down a Graviton Surge. Thus, in that place was light along with a massive explosion... -The Grand Duke of the North has shown great interest in your Heattech... -I, as a Namgung, am thankful for the grace akin to the vast sea provided by the Great Hero. By virtue of the Vibroblade bestowed by the Great Hero, the nefarious Demonic Cult has… It seems like these Otherworlders can’t get their shit together.


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