The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 109

Chapter 109- Able to Protect

  ༺ Able to Protect ༻



  “Welcome, Young Master Frey. Thank you for visiting our market.”


  “…It’s my pleasure.”


  As the guard captain beckoned a guide over, his friendly voice greeted me warmly. However, I just replied with an icy tone.


  “But the person next to you…”


  “I’ll vouch for them.”


  “…I understand.”


  As the guide bowed slightly and started slowly walking forward, I, along with Ferloche quietly followed him.


  ‘…Ferloche is hiding something.’


  Amidst that silence, my thoughts drifted towards Ferloche.


  ‘Something very important.’


  The fact that she knew about the ‘Demon God,’ her strange behavior, and… even her memories of the past.


  She may be an important ‘key’.


  It was to an extent that I wanted Kania to sneak into her consciousness while she was sleeping, but her saintly nature made her impervious to such black magic.


  When Serena returns to the academy, I’ll have to talk to her about Ferloche.


  “To begin with, these are the various breeds hailing from the Western continent.”




  As we strolled along, the guide directed my attention to a cage on the right and proceeded to speak.


  “Unlike the Southern Continent, home to the Sunrise Empire, the Western Continent is inhabited by diverse ‘breeds’ such as Elves, Beast kin, and even Dragons that appear only in mythology.”


  “So, this is where you keep these tribes in captivity?”


  “Yes, that’s right. However, owning such noble creatures from mythological tales is considered a luxury, hence their high price.”


  When the guide flicked his hand, the dark cage began to shine.


  “This is the section for elves! Would you like to buy one? For VIPs like Young Master Frey, we usually prepare them in advance, but…”


  “I’ll pass.”


  When I quickly expressed my refusal, the guide looked disappointed and smacked his lips.


  “Hmm… I’m very worried that the popularity of elf slaves has suddenly dropped these days. I wonder if there are any negative rumors circulating among the public.”


  “Nevertheless, let us move on to the next section.”


  Before being found out, I should observe as many areas as possible to see if anything has changed from the previous timeline.


  Thus, I urged the guide forward. The guide let out a brief sigh and directed my attention towards the left.


  “Over there are the Beast people – rabbit, feline, and fox people, among others. They’re quite popular since they bear a close resemblance to humans, save for their distinctive ears.”




  Gazing towards the direction he pointed, my eyes fell upon a group of Beast kin dressed in tattered clothing, their eyes devoid of any emotion.


  Looking at the numerous injuries covering their bodies, it appeared that the captives were being subjected to harsh treatment.


  “They’re all women, aren’t they?”


  “There are also male prisoners. However, I’m just showing slaves that would best fit your gender.”


  “By the way, is it okay to treat your products so harshly?”


  My expression darkened as I witnessed a mother and daughter, who seemed to be Feline people, embracing each other while nursing severe injuries.


  “It’s not a big deal. I hit them with a magical whip, so the marks will disappear in a few days. The pain is what they’ll remember.”




  While I had a displeased expression on my face, the guide pushed me forward while speaking.


  “And here… these are the Dragons! They were really hard to get!”


  “They’re all babies, aren’t they?”


  “Yes. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to enslave them because of how terrifyingly strong they are.”


  “Did you force them to polymorph?”


  “As expected, you are an expert in this field. The magic shackles and necklaces they are wearing have a spell cast on them. It will last until they are fully grown.”


  The guide then guided me and Ferloche forward and then continued.


  “That’s it for our most prized possessions… This cellar houses both hybrids and regular individuals. Would you like to take a look?”


  “Yes. I’m going to look through everything today.”


  “I see. Then…”


  “I-Is there anything you can do?”


  I followed the cheerful guide downstairs, who seemed to have sensed a potential sale in my enthusiastic response. Suddenly, a high-pitched voice could be heard coming from somewhere.


  “We can’t have you act like this.”


  “Please! Please!”


  I think I should check what’s going on.








  “We only followed the rules.”




  “Yes, the rule is that those who pay more will reserve the rights to the slave for the auction.”


  In the dark hallway, someone in a sky-blue robe was talking to the staff in a trembling voice.


  “If you don’t buy these slaves at a higher price than the current offer, I can’t give them to you.”


  “Ho-how much is their best offer? I’ll buy them at a higher price!”




  When the woman wearing the robe shouted, pointing to the slaves, the employee quietly checked the statement and opened his mouth.




  The woman who heard the amount froze on the spot.


  “They must have liked those slaves quite a bit. They spent an amount equivalent to the price of the top-class breeds.”




  The woman quietly grinded her teeth as she heard it, and the staff patted her on the shoulder and spoke.


  “You should give up now. If you continue… things will get complicated.”


  “…I can look at them, right?”


  “As much as you want.”


  The employee, who had willingly allowed the woman with her head down, to watch, stepped aside and slightly muttered to himself.


  “She doesn’t even have that amount of money, how was she included among the VIPs?”


  The woman, who was periodically glancing at the employee, carefully began to approach the slaves in the cage.


  “Guys, it’s me.”


  She had a smile as she said those words, but the slaves trapped inside remained with their heads bowed with dead eyes.


Clank! Clang!




  The woman, who was puzzled by the lack of response, only realized after frantically pounding on the cage that a transparent barrier had been recently erected to block both vision and noise.


  “…Don’t worry too much, the operation is going as planned.”


  The woman stood motionless for a while, observing the slaves inside the cage. Looking at them, she mumbled to herself in a low voice.


  “As I said last time, I have enchanted the cabinet with an escape spell. If used correctly, you can escape and return to the kingdom before anyone realizes what happened…”


  “How much are these slaves?”




  As she was talking to herself, she screamed in surprise when someone suddenly appeared next to her.


  “Who are you?”


  “Here’s my visitor’s card.”


  The employee approached the man who had suddenly approached the cage with suspicion. After examining the visitor’s card Frey presented, the employee nodded and asked. 


  “I’ve confirmed it. What can I do for you?”


  “You don’t know me?”




  “Don’t you know me?”


  As the man spoke in an arrogant tone, the employee scratched his head in confusion, unsure of how to respond. Eventually, he bowed his head politely and replied. 


  “I apologize. I’m from the East… From the way you look, you seem to be an aristocrat from the Southern or Western continents, but I’m not sure of your exact identity.”


  “I see.”


  After hearing that, the man nodded quietly and soon opened his mouth.


  “I’ll reserve all these slaves.”




  “Didn’t you say that the one who pays more will win the rights to the slaves?”


  Saying that the man took out a scroll with a magic circle engraved in it.


  “So, I’ll reserve them.”


  “…I, I understand.”


  Although he did not recognize the person in front of him, as the man placed his hand on the scroll, the employee could immediately sense the immense wealth possessed by this individual.


  With this realization, the employee’s attitude swiftly changed, and he began to grovel and speak with deference.


  “Then, I shall transfer ownership over the slaves to you. Here’s the magical contract for them.”


  The man accepted the slave contract with a smile and spoke to the employee.


  “I’ll take them all on the day of the market, so until then, you should treat me well, don’t you think? Otherwise, you’d better be prepared.”


  “Ye-Yes sir!”


  The man smiled pleasantly as he threatened the guide next to him.


  “Then, let’s continue.”


  “My apologies, it’s time to change your guide. Please wait momentarily. Another guide will be here shortly.”


  The man nodded after hearing that and began to stare at the slaves he had just bought.


  “Excuse me.”




  The woman, who was looking at him with a restless expression, soon began to talk to him carefully.


  “Are you buying those slaves?”


  “That’s right.”


  “Ca-Can we talk for a moment?”


  The woman who spoke quietly took off her robe.


  “Le-Let me introduce myself formally. I’m…”


  “I know who you are.”




  “Princess of the Cloud Kingdom.”


  Upon hearing those words, the woman’s eyes widened in shock and her long, azure hair began to shake.


  “Who are you?”


  “Frey Raon Starlight. I was given the task for this operation.”




  Frey, who introduced himself to her, spoke with a smile.


  “Anyway, I’ve bought them, so don’t worry.”


  “Th-Thank you…”


  “Thank you for what?”


  “Fo-For saving the Royal Family of our kingdom…”


  As Aishi spoke with a shaken expression on her face, Frey began to speak with a brazen tone.


  “That’s enough of that, shall we hear what the Cloud Kingdom can do for me now?”


  “…Yo-You wouldn’t!?”


  Upon seeing Aishi’s doubtful expression, Frey responded with a smile on his face.


  “What’s wrong? We’re both serving the Demon King together anyway.”


  “We never served him! We were just threatened!”


  “I see, but will such an excuse work even if the public came to know the true identity of the Royal Family of the Cloud Kingdom?”


  Saying so, Frey pointed to the memo written on the cage.





  “…The royals of the Cloud Kingdoms are half human and half demon.”




  “I’m not sure how they were captured without their transformations activated, but… what’s important is that I know their true identities and that I hold your and your family’s fate in my hands.”


  Frey, who finished speaking, tapped Aishi on the shoulder and spoke once more.


  “So, let’s see each other often in the future. Princess.”




  Aishi, who ground her teeth together while looking at Frey, couldn’t bear to continue talking and quietly lowered her head.


  “Young Master Frey, I will guide you from now on.”


  “A girl? Hmmm… I like you. Do you have any time after work?”


  Without a single glance towards Aishi, Frey strode away, directing his attention to the new female guide who had just arrived.


  “Look at that. What did I tell you? You can’t trust the Empire.”


  “…Shut up.”


  Aishi, who had been bowing her head, cursed nervously when a ruby-colored aura emanated from her body, accompanied by an eerie voice.


  “Aishi. Just give in and you’ll receive strength. With that power, saving your family won’t even be a problem.”


  “I don’t need your strength. I’ve already made an escape plan.”


  “The cabinet where you can only come in and not go out?”


  “With a little more effort, we can make it an exit.”


  Aishi, unfazed by the eerie voice, placed her hand on her chest and began to conjure something.


  “…A freezing heart, a condition where your heart will slowly freeze to death. It’s also the curse I put on you.”


  “Shut up.”


  “Have you finally thought of transferring it to someone? Well, you’d better hurry or you’ll be dead within a few years.”


  “I’m just moving it to blackmail someone. I’ll take it back if it works.”


  Saying that, Aishi soon began to slowly conjure a bird made of ice out of her chest.


  “This is a curse that I can take back whenever I want.”


  “The curse will never accept you again once you move it.”


  “That’s nonsense.”


  Aishi, who was about to let the bird fly, spoke to her inner voice in an icy tone.


  “Everything you’ve told me since I was a kid was a lie. I’ve regretted everything that I’ve done while trusting you…”


  “This time, I’m really…”


  “I don’t know if you’re a real devil, an evil spirit, or just my delusion, but… I won’t believe in you anymore.”


  Finishing her sentence, Aishi let the bird in her hand fly with a cold smile.


  ‘Frey Raon Starlight, as rumored, turns out to be a villain.’


  Inside her, there was a constant peal of laughter.












  Frey, who was walking down the hallway with the guide and Ferloche, turned his head sharply at the sound of something falling behind him.




  However, there was nothing behind him.




  He found nothing behind him except Ferloche, who was reaching out to him.


  “What are you doing?”


  “I have a cramp in my arm! Help me!”




  Frey walked past Ferloche, ignoring her plea for help with a sigh. He continued down the hallway, not looking back at Ferloche who remained seated and trembling behind him.


  “Help me, Frey! We’re partners! Please massage my arm!”


  Ferloche, who was shouting urgently at Frey, smiled and slowly opened her hand as he moved away.


– Shine…


  Soon, she looked down at her hand and murmured, a warm smile spreading across her face, unlike her usual foolish grin.


  “…I was able to protect him.”


  In her hand, the ice bird, which had been shattered by the Blessing of the Sun God, was slowly melting.

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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