The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 126

Chapter 126- The Day Before

The Day Before




  “This example demonstrates a significant correlation between mana and swordsmanship. So, all of you should keep this in mind…”


  Tomorrow marks the commencement of the slave market, which has been stirring up the Empire for several days.


  The sole main quest of the second semester and the highlight that marks the grand finale of the first year is finally about to begin.




  “Frey, concentrate.”


  I yawned, trying to hide my anxiety with composure, but was quickly scolded by Isolet.


  “If you, the person who ranks the lowest in sword art and ability in the class, doesn’t even pay attention in class…”


  “I’m not interested in swordsmanship at all. I rather find magic classes a hundred times more enjoyable.”


  As I said this with a sulky expression to Isolet, the surrounding nobles began to chuckle softly.


  ‘…But it’s true.’


  Even I would find it rather amusing if a swordsman who couldn’t even handle a sword properly kept talking about magic.


  However, I have already mastered swordsmanship.


  That was why, although I felt sorry for Isolet, I preferred magic classes that aided me with the harnessing of the blessing of the stars I had gained from the previous incident rather than swordsmanship classes in which I was already well-versed.


– Ding Dong Dang Dong


  While I was lost in my thoughts, the bell rang, signaling the end of the class.


  “Today’s class is over. If anyone has any questions, remain in the classroom.”


  Ignoring the murmurs from me and the nobles, Isolet, who was trying to proceed with the class, closed the book and said that as the bell rang.


– Slide!


  Most of the nobles rose from their seats, while most of the commoners remained seated with wide eyes and stared at Isolet.


  “Also, Frey, stay behind.”


  As I stood up from my seat, thinking it was admirable of the commoners, I tilted my head and questioned Isolet’s stern remark.


  “Why all of a sudden…”




  However, Isolet just maintained a stern expression and repeated that.




  Confused for a moment, I eventually scratched my head and settled back into my seat.


  “Professor, I don’t understand the similarities between the flow of mana and sword art…”


  “Should we refine our skills by focusing on techniques to be able to transform swordsmanship fluidly, or should we rely on strength as our foundation?”


  “Is it more efficient to cut through magic with swordsmanship during a real battle with a magician? Or should we just use it as a means of restraint…”


  Then, the commoners who had remained seated began bombarding Isolet with their questions all at once.


  Well, it was understandable for them to display such fervor, since they had the opportunity to receive direct feedback from Isolet, who was hailed as the next Sword Saint.


  “Do you think it’s possible to attain a level where magic can be infused into swordsmanship?”




  After answering the commoners’ questions for a while, Isolet fell silent and became lost in thought when someone asked her that question.


  “You’re chasing a dream.”


  An ordinary professor would have surely dismissed it as a fanciful notion.


  However, Isolet responded with a warm expression towards the student who raised the question.


  “Thanks to those who have struggled to solve that mystery, swordsmanship has advanced tremendously over the past millennium.”


  Isolet said this and concluded with a smile.


  “So perhaps you, or all of you, might be the ones to unravel that mystery. Now, let’s end the questions here…”


  “…What about you, Professor?”


  Just as she was about to declare the end of the Q&A session, she looked at the child who had asked her that question and became lost in thought once again.


  “I’ve hit a wall.”


  “A wall?”


  “Yes. Not just me, but the knight commander of the Royal Knights, the warriors of the Western Continent, and the Sword Emperors of the Eastern Continent. It is a cursed wall that none of the people who have dedicated themselves to swordsmanship over the past millennium have been able to overcome.”


  As the children swallowed their words at her statement, Isolet added in a faint voice with a wistful look in her eyes.


  “…But I still believe. I hope that someday, one of my disciples or maybe their disciples will eventually break through that wall.”


  Silence engulfed the classroom.


  ‘…I can actually do that.’


  As I listened to Isolet’s speech, I became lost in my own thoughts quietly.


  ‘Well, it’s almost like a cheat for me.’


  The reason I can infuse magic into my swordsmanship is due to the ‘blessing of the stars’ that I acquired abnormally during a fateful encounter.


  In other words, it wasn’t a conventional way of overcoming the wall.


  However, Isolet, who had calmly confessed to the children that she had reached the wall, possessed more than enough potential to surpass it.


  Her nickname, the ‘Reincarnation of the Sword Saint,’ wasn’t in vain. It implied that she had the potential to rise to a position that was equal to that of the Sword Saint, who had made a significant contribution in defeating the Demon King a thousand years ago.


  So, if I started the Isolet Awakening Quest, which was likely to begin in the second year, she might also be able to infuse magic into her swordsmanship…


  “Well, that’s it for today’s questions. Everyone except Frey, leave.”


  While I was engrossed in my thoughts, Isolet dismissed the students.




  “What are you waiting for? Get out.”


  Isolet, who had sent out the five main heroines who had been staring at me until the end, finally turned her attention to me, who was now left alone with her.


  “Are you planning to go to the slave market that opens tomorrow?”


  “…How did you know about that?”


  “I’m not a fool, Frey. I know that much information.”


  With that, Isolet began to stare at me intensely.


  “Don’t go there, Frey.”


  “Why not? It’s not like I’m the only one attending. The majority of the nobles in our class will be participating, right?”


  “…This is your last chance.”


  Her tone turned cold, and as I furrowed my brow, she threatened me.


  “You are my first disciple, the first bond I’ve made in my life dedicated solely to swordsmanship. And as your homeroom professor at the academy, this is the last chance I’m granting you.”


  “What happens if I refuse?”


  “…Henceforth, I will oppose you vehemently.”


  “Haven’t you been hostile to me since the beginning?”


  “I mean, I’ll exert political pressure.”


  Upon hearing that, I chuckled and said.


  “You’re trying to restrain me after severing ties with your own family? By what means?”


  “There are plenty of ways. So, don’t regret it later, and listen to me…”


  “I refuse.”


  Isolet tried to speak patiently, but I paid no attention to her words. I got up from my seat, and made my way towards the exit.


  “Is that your final answer?”


  “Then, farewell.”


  Ignoring Isolet’s trembling voice, I was about to leave when I heard her say,


  “…I guess the rumor that your body is seriously wounded is true.”


  I stopped for a moment upon hearing her words.


  “It’s your own fault, Frey.”


  “…Maybe so.”


  “Be on your way.”


  Isolet glanced at my trembling cane, and with an annoyed wave of her hand, dismissed me as if she didn’t want to look at me any longer.


  “…But, what kind of illness is it?”


  I didn’t want to waste my energy here either, so I tried to leave the classroom quickly. But she quietly asked me a question.


  “I don’t know.”


  I replied to her sullenly and muttered to myself as I stepped outside,


  “…She’s not worried about me again, is she?”


  Alongside Serena, Isolet was one of the few people who had been worried about me until she died in the previous round.


  That was why I told myself that I shouldn’t let my guard down, even if I had completely disappointed her.


  If she starts worrying about me again, I might be swept away by the ensuing trials.


  ‘So… I have to nail this main quest.’


  Thus, the slave market liberation mission was quite a significant turning point for me.


  By successfully completing this mission, the story of the first round will change. I will be recognized as a villain rather than just a scoundrel, alleviating my sister ‘Aria’ of her worries.


  Of course, I had no idea how to handle Clana’s situation… but if she possessed the Sun Mana, which was the strongest among the three light mana against dark magic, she should be able to endure somehow, right?


  ‘…For now, I need to focus on the current quest.’


  As I entertained such futile thoughts, I steeled my resolve and started walking forward.


  “…Young Master.”


  Suddenly, Kania grabbed me from behind and stopped me.


  She must have been waiting for me to come out next to the classroom.


  “What is it?”


  “…Are you alright?”




  Then, Kania suddenly started saying something strange.


  “From what I can see, it seems like your heart is burdened with sorrow, Young Master.”


  “What do you mean…?”


  “Could it be that you’ve been hiding your emotions all this while, putting on a carefree expression?”


  What is Kania talking about? Me, sad? Concealing my emotions?


  I was happy now that Isolet might be spared from the trials.


  So, I wasn’t sad, and there was no need to hide my emotions…


  “You don’t have to hide your emotions from me anymore. You need not even maintain a façade.”


  “Kania, what have you been talking about since just now?”


  “Are you truly oblivious to what I’m saying?”


  Kania furrowed her brow and began to mutter.


  “…You’ve grown numb. You’ve been through too much hardship.”




  As I tilted my head and gazed at her, Kania sighed and approached me.


  “I’ll support you.”


  “I don’t need support; I have a cane…”


  “Lean on me.”


  Without hesitation, Kania began supporting me, and soon a smile formed on her lips.


  “The cane is good, but sometimes please use me too.”




  As I burst into laughter at her joke, Kania looked at me with a smile of her own.


  ‘I guess I’ve really grown closer to Kania.’


  I maintained my smile as I looked at her.


  Internally, I gently caressed my aching heart.


  Somehow, in Kania’s presence, my increasingly useless mask seemed to mend itself.


  I quietly sank into my thoughts.


  ‘…Seeing her read all that.’


  Humans are often called adaptive animals.


  But even humans shouldn’t adapt to emotional pain.


  That was because adapting to emotional pain mostly manifests as mental illness or aggression.


  “I’ll support you all the way to the dormitory. Let’s review our plans for tomorrow there.”


  “What about the others?”


  “Do we really need to call everyone? Just the two of us can handle the inspection well enough…”


  But I had already adapted.


  So, what could I do about it?


  If I whined about it being tough or crumbled under the pressure, it would only harm me.


  That was why.


  I had faith in my strong mental resilience and looked forward to the eventual peace.


  “We should do the inspection properly.”


  “Since it’s a plan you’ve made yourself, it will be perfect.”


  “…Don’t be too certain. It’s a bad omen.”



I’ll just keep moving forward.


Eventually, there will be light at the end.



  At that moment, as Frey was being supported by Kania and heading towards the dormitory…


  “Everyone, I apologize for causing you so much trouble!”


  Thanks to the penalty, Ruby, who had been hospitalized, was now preparing to be discharged.


  “Don’t push yourself too hard from now on. You might collapse again.”


  “Bye, Ruby! Take care~!”


  Waving her hand at the people in the hospital who were saying goodbye, she bowed her head in gratitude.


  “If you feel sick, let us know! If we collect money little by little, we can always get a Saintess to…”


  “No, no! I’m fine!”


  When the topic of the Saintess came up, Ruby hurriedly waved her hand to dismiss it.


  “Well, I’ll be going now!”


  With those words, Ruby left the hospital, bidding farewell to the warm smiles of the people.


  “Now, it’s about time…”


  She murmured with a smile.


  “…to proceed with the main quest.”


  It was the moment when a crack appeared in Frey’s otherwise perfect plan.




  What is it?


  “I’d like to take a vacation.”


  But that was the case for Ruby’s plan as well.


  What? No way, you brat!! Didn’t I tell you?! The Continental Magic Tower Exchange Conference is right around the corner!! You absolutely cannot miss that…


  “Then, I ask for your permission.”


  “Wait a minute…! Damn it!! Why are all my disciples like this…!”


  Glare, who had concealed herself in a faint light…


  “…This time, I will definitely gather the evidence.”


  She was glaring at the information window floating in front of Ruby, who was wearing a robe with her hood up, from a distance.




The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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