The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 139

Chapter 139- Special System

Special System





  Leaving the cellar, Kania and I, dressed in hooded robes, crossed the chaotic slave market and entered a quiet room. The operation was over, but we couldn’t help but want to clear our minds.


  “My lord, is there something troubling you?”


  “…No, it’s just that I’m a bit uneasy.”


  As I stared blankly with a dark expression, Kania tilted her head.


  “Is there a reason for you to be troubled? Although there were a few unexpected situations, didn’t everything end well?”


  “…That’s true.”


    This main quest had reached a successful conclusion despite the unexpected variables.



Main Quest: Slave Market Liberation Mission Success!

You have successfully freed all slaves from the market without any casualties!


Reward: Increase in the awakening level of the Hero’s Weapon, increase in the total mana for the system user



  I achieved all my objectives and even gained some unexpected benefits.


  “The increase in total mana makes me feel like I’m transforming into a glass cannon.”


  The power bestowed upon me as the Hero enables me to unleash explosive force suddenly by depleting my life force. Naturally, the magnitude of my explosive power is directly proportional to my total mana, and this time, the reward significantly increased the total mana available to me. It appeared to have increased approximately 1.5 times compared to before; in this state, I should be capable of wielding my sword and slicing through most obstacles.


  However, I shouldn’t become complacent.


  My vitality has been reduced four times, making it quite difficult for me to use the Hero’s power.


  “Kania, let’s briefly review today’s events”




  “Just… I want to cool my head for a bit.”


  As I reclined in my seat and spoke, Kania, who had been observing me, cautiously retrieved a notebook from her bosom.


  “Then, I’ll start the report.”




    When I requested a report from Kania, she would take out her own notebook that she has never shown me, even when I asked to see it. Her soothing voice helped clear my head and made me feel more relaxed.




  However, for some reason, today was different.


  My troubled heart showed no signs of calming down.


  “First, the report concerning the slaves. Thanks to Irina’s efforts, all the slaves successfully escaped from the market.”


  “So, the slaves should have reached the secret location we prepared by now?”


  “Yes, that’s right. All the slaves are gathered in one place.”


  Kania replied, then sighed and murmured under her breath.


  “I was elated when we freed the slaves, but now that it’s all over, I have a headache thinking about the follow-up measures.”


  “…Kania, you don’t have to take care of everything.”


  As I empathized with her worries, she asked me a question.


  “So, what are you going to do with the slaves?”




  As I heard that, I tapped the desk a few times with my fingers and spoke.


  “People who have a hometown or family to return to, and those who want to leave will be sent off.”


  “Then, what about those with nowhere to go?”


  “…We need to hire them.”


  Upon hearing my words, Kania’s expression contorted.


  “Young Master, even if we filter them out… providing jobs for such a significant number of individuals is no easy feat. Moreover, while arranging their employment, there’s a risk of exposing our true identities.”


  “What if there’s a way to easily provide them with jobs without the risk of our identities being exposed?”


  “Is there such a method?”


  I replied with a sly smile as Kania asked me that with a puzzled look on her face.


  “We have the ‘Welfare Foundation’ that we established. There won’t be any problems if they work there.”




  Upon hearing that, Kania’s expression shifted from conviction to uncertainty.


  “Was the reason you ordered the establishment of the Welfare Foundation last time for this very reason?”


  “There were multiple reasons, and this was one of them.”


  As I leaned back on my chair, Kania, who had been observing my reaction, flipped through her notebook and continued.


  “Next is the report on Miho, the individual you referred to as the ‘mid-boss’.”


  “Right, I wonder if that was handled well.”


  “Yes, Clana and Irina managed to subdue her completely earlier. It was a calculated situation, after all.”


  Hearing that, I fiddled with the ‘Stone of Domination’ that had lost its connection.


  “Before we hand it over to the Imperial Family or the Holy Order, we must establish our ownership and retrieve it. If that doesn’t work, we’ll use force.”


  As I said those words with a serious expression, Kania inquired with a slightly hardened gaze.


  “Will you also take that Miho child into our household? We already have Lulu as a pet…”


  “No, we won’t take her in. It would be too much to handle her as well.”


  Hearing his resolute answer, Kania visibly relaxed.


  “We should employ that girl in the foundation as well. We can gradually learn about her abilities while she works there.”


  “What if she wants to leave?”


  “That won’t happen. I know the reason she left her hometown.”


  As I said that with a smile, Kania also smiled in relief and flipped through her notebook.


  “Next is… the mysterious individual who confronted the executive of the demon army.”


  “…Yes, that mysterious individual.”


  “If that unidentified person truly is the Demon King… do you know the Demon King’s true identity, my lord?”




  At her question, I fell into thought for a moment.


  “I can’t be sure yet. However, I think I know someone who is highly likely to be that person.”


  “…Who is it?”




  Just as I was about to reveal my suspicion to Kania, the door suddenly creaked open.




  Someone entered the room.






  As Ferloche opened the door and entered, the room descended into a deep silence.


  “What are you doing here?”


  “…And you, why have you come here?”


  Ever since I hugged the weeping Ferloche earlier, my heart has felt strange, and her innocent smile now just intensified that feeling.


  “I came here to be with you!”




  “I came to watch you!”


  For some reason, it seemed like Ferloche changed her words suddenly. As I looked at her Kania’s expression next to me began to harden.




  I wondered why, and I discovered an owl perched on Ferloche’s shoulder—a creature with which she didn’t have a favorable relationship.


  “Kania! Serena just arrived, and she has something to talk to you about!”




  “Go quickly!”


  As Ferloche made a fuss, the owl on her shoulder hesitantly let out a hooting sound.


  “Hoot, hoot.”


  “Look! Even the owl is urging you to hurry!”


  I had temporarily forgotten about Serena.


  Originally, she was scheduled to join the operation as soon as the sun set.


  However, the operation had concluded much more smoothly and swiftly than anticipated.


  So she must have rushed here at full speed as soon as the sun went down, yet she couldn’t help but be slightly late.


  “Then, I’ll go see her for a moment.”


  “No, I’ll go with you…”




  As I tried to stand up to comfort the heartbroken Serena, Ferloche blocked my way, making me tilt my head.


  “You stay here!!”




  “I have something to discuss with you!”


  Ferloche, still smiling brightly, said so.




  But why does it weigh so heavily on my chest?


  “Kania, I’m fine. Go speak with her and come back.”




  “I’ll join you shortly.”


  Finally relenting to her insistence, I reassured Kania and began to quietly stare at the Ferloche in front of me.


  “Ferloche, what do you want to talk about…”


  After gazing into her eyes for a while, I was about to ask a question in a soft voice, but…






  Suddenly, Ferloche’s expression turned cold, and she rose from her seat. I stopped talking and began to watch her closely.


  It was definitely the same Ferloche who was being bullied by me just a few months ago, but why has she become so scary lately?


Step, step.


  As I thought about it, Ferloche slowly walked toward the door from her seat.






  I was about to see what she was doing when Ferloche abruptly locked the door.


  ‘What on earth is going on?’




  I felt bewildered in the face of this inexplicable situation.


  “…Just for a moment, let’s discuss something else.”


  Ferloche suddenly whispered with a smirk.




  And then, a brief silence ensued.


  “…I’m joking.”


  In the silence, Ferloche suddenly looked sad.


  “What are you doing?”


  With a mix of empathy and suspicion toward Ferloche, I cautiously asked her about her unusual behavior.


  “It’s because there’s something more important than that.”


  She muttered in a soft voice, biting her lips, and returned to the seat opposite me.


  “I can’t risk a condition that I created… A condition that might never be recreated… just for a moment.”


  “What, what is it?”


  “Just to get a brief consolation… No, I’ve mentioned this before. Get a grip. No, if I get a grip, something terrible will happen.”


  She already seemed to be panicking.


  “Ferloche, calm down.”


  “Yes! I understand!”


  Yet, as soon as I spoke with a serious tone, she reverted to her original state.


  “Frey! It would be better to tell the truth from now on!”




  My mind was still reeling from the rapidly changing situation, but Ferloche spoke to me in a bright voice.


  “You were the one who involved Ruby in this incident, right?”


  “Ruby? You mean the staff member from the orphanage where we volunteered? That Ruby?”


  “I had to go to great lengths to protect Ruby, who was wandering around here today!”


  At that moment, when Ferloche said this with an angry expression,



Special Quest: Identity Recognition

Quest Content: ???

Reward: ???



  A system window appeared before my eyes.



You have achieved the unlock conditions for the Special Quest!



  “What’s this…?”




Condition: Find the person suspected of being the Demon King.



  “Ruby is such a hypocritical and kind person… How could you involve her and force her to flee from the monsters! The Sun God will not forgive you…”



Special Quest: Identity Recognition

Quest Content: Ascertain the Demon King’s true identity with your own eyes!

Reward: Special System Unlock, ???





  As I looked at the first special quest that was given to me upon receiving the special stack, the hidden parts were finally revealed.




You cannot reveal the Demon King’s identity to others! For more details, unlock the Special System!



  ‘…Are you urging me to try it, Demon King?’


  I quietly sank into thought, recalling her ruby-colored eyes.


  “Ferloche? You said Serena arrived, but I don’t see her anywhere?”


  I heard Kania’s puzzled voice coming from outside the firmly locked door.


  Meanwhile, at that moment.




  Serena, who was driving a carriage fiercely towards the slave market, muttered to herself,


  “That’s strange.”


  She tilted her head and whispered.


  “…I memorized the faces of everyone participating in the slave market, but I haven’t seen anyone like that.”


  In her moonlit eyes, she caught a glimpse of a girl with ruby-colored eyes, hurriedly running somewhere.





The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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