The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 141

Chapter 141- Thorn




  “…E-Excuse me.”




  “I-Is it true that… i-if we stayed and worked for you, you would provide us with food and shelter?” 


  A brief uproar ensued when I presented the slaves with a choice between seeking freedom or working with me.


  “H-How can we trust you?!”


  “That’s right. We ended up in this situation because we were deceived by such sweet promises… do you think we’ll fall into the same trap twice?”


  “P-Please… let us go… our family is waiting for us in our hometown… please…” 


  The crowd consisted mostly of troubled people who regarded me with suspicion and distrust.


  In reality, there was no group at all. 


  Most of these slaves here were shouting and screaming due to their minds being filled with suspicion and distrust.


  “…L-Let’s attack him!”


  “Should we…? But…”


  That was how the situation, which had become increasingly hostile, eventually reached its peak as a few strong slaves formed a group with the intention of attacking me on the stage. 






  “Damn, aren’t they too strong…?”


  The rebellion ended quicker than anticipated due to the intervention of the assassins from the Moonlight family.


  No matter how skilled the slaves were in combat, they couldn’t compare to assassins who had dedicated their whole lives to killing and warfare. 


  However, these assassins were truly remarkable.


  Upon Serena’s command, they swiftly sprang into action, protecting me—a mysterious figure concealed beneath the robe of deception.


  “I’ll say it again. You are all free to leave this place now.”


  Although I slightly envied Serena, who held such influence, I calmly addressed the slaves, who began to panic and lose hope due to the dire situation after their defeat against the assassins.


  “Rest assured. I won’t give you any disciplinary actions or brutal punishments.” 


  Only after I reassured them and sent a few groups outside did the slaves finally calm down. 


  “So, have all the people who wish to leave already gone? I’ll say it once again. All of you are free to leave whenever you want.” 


  After hearing the announcement repeatedly, the slaves, who had calmed down, finally began to contemplate.


  “If you’re really providing food and shelter… I want to stay.” 


  For a while, I could only hear the slaves murmuring among themselves. However, amid this crowd, a little girl finally stepped forward and voiced out her decision. 


  “Food and shelter are the basic things you will certainly get. On top of that, we’ll also give you compensation.” 




  “Yes, when you work, it’s only fair to expect some form of remuneration for your efforts.” 


  The little werewolf who had mustered the courage to come forward first, spoke again with a smile and a hint of confusion on her face. 


  “But, my master said otherwise.”


  “Your master?”


  “Yes, the previous owner, who sold me at the slave market. They said that just having food and shelter was already a huge blessing for me…”


  From behind, slaves who had been observing the situation nodded in agreement with the timid werewolf’s words. 


  Based on what I could gather, these slaves were accustomed to such treatment. 


  “I will compensate each of you according to the hours you work, and you will also get breaks and vacation.”


  I smiled at them as I spoke.


  I simply gave them a chance to enjoy the basic things they deserved, but why did it make me feel so elated? 


  Well, since it was a good thing for them, they should be happy about it as it was a pleasant thing for me to do as well.


  “And if you don’t like working here, you are free to quit and leave at any time.”


  With that thought in mind, I dropped another bombshell. 


  “I-I agree to it.”


  The werewolf girl immediately spoke urgently.


  “I agree to your conditions. I want to do this. Please let me work for you.”


  “Alright, then sign here.”


  If taken out of context, this scene might appear fraudulent. But of course, this wasn’t any fraudulent contract. Similar to what I had done with the commoner students from Class A before, this contract aimed to protect the rights of these slaves.


  After signing the contract, the werewolf girl sat down in the waiting area with a silly expression on her face. Soon after, the rest of the slaves began shouting in unison. 


  “I-I want to sign too!”


  “Me too!”


  “P-Please, help me. I have no means to feed my children. Please let me work too.” 


  It was surprising to see how people who had endured dreadful mistreatment, abuse, and torture in the slave market desperately desired to stay.


  Honestly, I had thought at least half of them would leave, so this situation was quite out of my expectations. Well, perhaps those who had wanted to leave have already gone, leaving only those with no other options behind.


  ‘..Well, this outcome is much better. It’s not like I’m lacking in money.’ 


  While slightly surprised by this turn of events, upon further reflection, it turned out better than anticipated.


  Since I had just given Aishi a hint about the underground mines, the Cloud Kingdom would revive a little faster than the plan. 


  In other words, with the monopoly trading rights I had secured for Aishi, who would become the key figure in the Cloud Kingdom, my wealth would continue to grow boundlessly.


  Considering these circumstances, it was not a bad decision to take all the slaves here under my wing.


  Since establishing the foundation with Kania’s assistance, I had been struggling with personnel recruitment. Having talented individuals who understood the requirements for providing “welfare” would be beneficial.






  With that thought in mind, I smiled contentedly. However, suddenly, the surroundings fell silent.


  Wondering what had happened, I turned my gaze around, only to realize that people had gathered closely together at the spot I had indicated after signing their contracts.




  Nevertheless, not everyone had chosen to stay in the end.


  The infamous tiger tribe and dragon tribe, known for their strong egos, and even the elves, who seemed somewhat dissatisfied, had already left and disappeared somewhere. 


  Nevertheless, considering the number of remaining slaves, it appeared that I had indeed succeeded in my mission. With that in mind, I put on a straight face and began speaking calmly.


  “From now on, all of you will be working at the welfare foundation that I have established.” 


  “Together, you will strive to create a better world by assisting and caring for those in similar circumstances as you.”


    After I said that, the slaves seemed dumbfounded.


  Well, it was quite different from what they had been doing so far. It would take plenty of time to adapt, and during the process, they would encounter many trials and errors. 


  But I wasn’t too concerned about that. 


  Since some people’s eyes lit up when I said to make the world a better place.


  Although only a few at the moment, as they continued working and grasped the true purpose of their efforts, wouldn’t the light in all of their eyes begin to shine once more?


  When that time came, they would be able to help others, just like myself. 


  “For the specific details, someone will inform you when you come to work tomorrow…” 


  With such thoughts in mind, I stepped down from the podium. Voices filled with anxiety erupted throughout the room.


  “…Is there any work that requires using strength?”


  “Well, I am skilled in wielding a sword.”


  “I used to do dirty work, so I don’t think I’m suitable for that kind of work.” 


  Somehow, it seemed like there were quite a few slaves who were used to doing such tasks. 


  “It’s alright, I have plans for those people.” 


  Of course, there were tasks prepared for these people, especially those who were like Miho, so there was nothing to worry about.


  ‘Come to think of it, it has been a while since I received an update from her. What happened to Miho?’


  I should have heard something from her around this time. Nothing should have gone wrong, right?


  “Excuse me.”


  As I quietly stepped down from the podium with a slight feeling of worry, someone poked my side. 


  “What is it?”


  I turned my head to see Serena’s personal maid gazing at me intently.


  “Lady Serena asked to meet you urgently.”


  “What? Why?” 


  “I’m not sure either.” 


  Her loyal maid began to murmur as she stared at me with bleary eyes. 


  “You look too weak to toy with someone’s feelings. Just seeing your face…” 


  “So, where is she?” 


  “…Here, she left a letter.”


  Although she was just a maid, she could easily handle five assassins. And yet she was only serving as a messenger here. 


  Once again, I was reminded of Serena’s deep care for me.



Come to the café we visited last time immediately. 





  Baffled, I stared at the roughly scribbled handwriting. It was completely uncharacteristic of her.



I feel lonely.  



  “…Then, please help me take care of the matter concerning the slaves.” 


  After seeing the following content, I spoke to the maid and started walking away. 




  Serena was feeling lonely. I had to ensure that she didn’t feel that way. 


  Meanwhile, at that very moment…









  “Hmm, how are you feeling now? Are you better?” 


  “…Ah, yes. Thanks to you.” 


  Ruby and Serena exchanged smiles while sitting in a room at the café.


  “Oh, I need to use the restroom for a moment.”


  But, in that situation, Ruby suddenly rose from her seat and said that. 


  “Great timing. I also need to go to the restroom.”


  Serena replied and also stood up without hesitation. 




  A brief moment of silence hung in the air.


  “…Suddenly, the thought of going to the restroom completely disappeared.” 


  “Me too.” 


  They simultaneously sat back down, maintaining their smiles while exchanging sarcastic remarks.


  “So, what do you want to tell me?” 


  “Ah, you know.” 


  In the midst of the bright yet uneasy atmosphere, Serena smiled and responded when Ruby asked her question. 


  “By any chance, were you at the slave market today?” 


  “…Excuse me?” Upon hearing those words, Ruby responded with a blank expression. “What does that mean?”


  “Exactly what it implies. Were you at the slave market, by any chance?”


  Nevertheless, as Serena persistently pried, Ruby eventually sighed and answered. 


  “Yes, I was there.”


  “Really? I heard there was a big commotion at the slave market today… did you happen to get involved in that?” 


  “…Let’s just say I did.”


  Serena’s expression turned into a frown as Ruby unexpectedly admitted the accusation. 


  “Really? So… I suppose you also know what happened there?” 


  After a brief pause, Serena spoke again.


  “…uhm, there’s something I’m curious about.” 


  However, Ruby, who was quietly sipping her black tea, ignored Serena and posed her own question. 


  “Why are you asking about this?” 


  “…It’s just an investigation. I have personal reasons to look into the slave market.” 


  Upon receiving that question, Serena picked up her coffee cup and give Ruby a reply. 


  “So, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I request your cooperation.” 


  – Plop! 


  As Serena spoke, she dropped a few sugar cubes into her coffee. Ruby’s face slightly contorted as she saw that.


  “…It seems that you don’t like sweet?” 


  When Serena saw that expression, she lightly threw the question at Ruby. 


  “Well, um… I don’t really dislike it…”


  “Then, do you like it bitter?” 


  “Excuse me?” 


  “That black tea is quite bitter. Judging by its color, it seems you haven’t added any sugar or syrup, and I rarely see someone drink it that way.” 


  Upon Serena’s silly comment, Ruby crossed her arms and replied. 


  “And you must be very fond of sweets? I mean, you didn’t just drop one sugar cube, but five all at once.” 


  “Yes, I like sweets. I have a craving for them when I have to use my brain a lot.”


  And so, they suddenly delved into a topic that was completely foreign to Ruby and began to engage in a lively discussion. 


  “Actually, I’m not really the type who enjoys sweet things. I prefer to have the natural taste rather than the artificially sweetened ones.”


  ‘Secret Lord, how far have you come?’


  However, among the blossoming conversation between the two girls, there was a thorn sticking out from Ruby’s flowery words, sharp and pointed. 


  ‘If you pull this off, I will overlook your previous errors and promote you as an executive in the Demon King’s Army. I will also grant you your wish.’


  Those thorns were directed at Serena. 


 There was… a problem.




  However, the tip of the thorn seemed more blunt than expected.  


 ‘An intruder has appeared.’ 




  It was because someone had sliced off the tip of the thorn. 


  ‘A red-haired girl fully dressed and carrying a bunch of scrolls… and there was a scar on her face. ‘




  In response to the unexpected appearance of an intruder, Ruby inadvertently reacted.


  “Why are you acting like this? Are you waiting for something, perhaps?”


  “Oh, no. Nothing at all.”


  This time, the thorns blossomed within Serena’s flowery words and pointed at Ruby.  


  ‘…I’m also waiting though.’


  The fate of the world, hinging upon which thorn would pierce the other first, silently drew closer. 




The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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