The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 143

Chapter 143- The Big Picture

The Big Picture



  A few dozen minutes prior to Frey’s arrival at the burning cafe.




  Ruby, who had entered the restroom, cleared her throat and then spoke with a frigid tone.


  “What’s going on?”


  – I apologize, Your Majesty, the Demon King. We just need a little more time…’


  Then, the voice of the Secret Lord seeped out from the communication crystal that she held in her hands


  “Are you telling me you still haven’t subdued that girl?”


  In disbelief, Ruby questioned him, and the secret clan leader responded with a quivering voice.


  – I-I apologize. I don’t know where she came from, but we can’t subdue her because she’s using some strange scrolls…




  Ruby, making a disdainful expression, terminated the crystal connection. She began muttering while stroking the crystal.


  “Instead of relying on such useless guys, it would be a hundred times better for me to solve this problem myself.”


  In Ruby’s opinion, the current situation was extremely advantageous for her.


  Initially, she had been concerned that Serena would discover her true identity.


  However, after talking with Serena, she realized that the girl only thought of her as a runaway slave from the slave market.


  Of course, there were a few suspicious remarks and actions in between.


  But Ruby, who had observed various impressions and appearances, knew well that it was merely the paranoia geniuses often exhibited.


  In addition, Serena clearly began to falter from the moment she mentioned ‘Frey’.


  Ruby, who had observed her from close quarters, could confidently guarantee that.


– Fzzzt…




  So, Ruby decided to set a trap.


  She wanted to force Serena, in her current state, to attack her, so she could nullify the attack prohibition on herself.


  – Ah, Sister! Hello!


  As Ruby thought about this plan and was toying with the crystal, a cunning voice began to come from the crystal as she released her grip.


  “Hmm… The voice is a bit awkward.”


  Ruby, who frowned at the voice, began to fiddle with the crystal again.


  – Hey, sister. How are you?


  Her lips synchronized with the words resonating from the crystal.




  After a brief moment, Ruby sported a satisfied expression and tapped her finger against the restroom wall.




  Gradually, the soundproof magic circle she had previously set up slowly began to disappear.


– She must be trying to eavesdrop on me now.


  Ruby smirked triumphantly as she gazed at the fading magic circle, preparing to execute her final move in the power struggle against Serena.


  – Leader Sister! Are you there?

  “Why? I told you to be discreet with contacting me outside.”


  – B-But…


  With a cold and arrogant expression when she spoke, and a servile expression when the voice came from the crystal.


  Ruby was putting all her effort into playing two roles.


  “Now, I’m busy deliberately leaking information to the nobles on the streets. If it’s not really urgent, let’s talk later…”


  – Uh, there was a commotion!




  – The hostage we caught has caused a commotion!


“That wimpy guy, what kind of commotion could he possibly cause?”


  After Ruby listened to the sounds beyond the bathroom door for a moment, she soon grinned and resumed speaking.


  – It seems the staff he had was a magical tool! He tried to deceive us with its strange functions and escape, but we narrowly caught him!




  – Even though we tied him up tightly, he continues to struggle, making him really hard to deal with! What should we do?


  At that point, Ruby momentarily turned off the crystal and approached the sink, turning on the faucet.


“What should we do… should we just kill him?”


  She felt the disturbed emotions coming from outside the door as she said that.


“If he manages to escape on his own, our location will definitely be exposed.”


  She began to make a sour face.


  “I just wanted to get the ransom and leave this country… ugh…”


– Click.


  As Ruby muttered for a while, sensing a presence behind the door, she instinctively activated the communication crystal.


  – Sister, have you decided?


  “Yes, I’ve decided.”


  Ruby started to loosen her grip on her right hand.


  “He was useful when we were escaping, but now he has become a hindrance to us. And, he’s the guy who tried to lure us in and manipulate us.”


  She muttered quietly, staring at the bathroom door.




‘Come, Serena.’


  She said with a more joyful expression than ever.


“In order to implement justice, just kill…”


  And, the next moment.




  The tightly locked bathroom door crashed down with a loud noise.




  Serena emerged from where the door had stood, taking a deep breath and calmly assessing the situation in her mind.




  In less than a second, Serena calculated the optimal path and outcome, and began to reach out her fan with a venomous glare at Ruby.




  But soon, she stopped her fan with a horrified expression.


  “You’re too late.”


  Ruby, however, maintained a playful expression as she looked at Serena.


  “You already attacked me with the intent to kill.”


  As she spoke, Serena’s fan grazed Ruby’s cheek, leaving a faint red mark.


  “From that moment on, the game was as good as over.”


  Ruby’s words were true.


  The moment Serena’s fan grazed her cheek, she had already lost consciousness due to the constraints on Ruby being lifted.


  “Now, all that’s left is to take care of the aftermath.”


  Wearing an expression that hinted at her amusement, Ruby extended her hand towards Serena.


  “A precious gem like this has rolled in… It would be foolish to just kill it.”


  Moments later, the bathroom filled with a purple light.









  Serena, who had lost consciousness for quite some time, slowly opened her eyes.


  “Are you awake?”




  In her field of vision, she saw Ruby, now revealing her true form, seated on a chair with her legs crossed.


  “Y-You are…?”




  Holding a wine glass and releasing a tremendous amount of magic while unfurling her wings, Ruby placed a finger on her lips as Serena gulped.


  “Since you’ve seen my true form, you must have figured out my identity. So…”


  “Where did the girl from earlier go…?”


  Continuing in a smooth voice, Ruby tilted her head when Serena suddenly made a strange sound.


  “Wait, just give me a moment. There’s someone I need to save. If I can just contact them through that girl…”


  ‘…This will be easier.’


  Hearing Serena’s panicked voice, Ruby responded with a gentle smile.


  “That girl was merely bait to lure you in. She was just a kind child who deceived you according to the script I provided her to protect the children at the orphanage.”


  As the Demon King, now revealing her true form, she appeared far more mature than the human girl named Ruby.


  Standing face to face with the demon king, whose powerful aura would challenge the sanity of an ordinary person, Serena struggled to comprehend her appearance amidst her panic.


  “What did you do to me?”


  After a long silence, Serena cautiously asked.


  “I took your soul.”




  “While you were asleep, I forcibly initiated a soul contract.”


  Upon hearing this, Serena’s eyes began to tremble intensely.


  “I had initially intended to use ‘Absolute Obedience Magic’… but it was already in effect? Did you already have a countermeasure in place?”




  “That’s why I had to go through the trouble of making a soul contract. I wanted to kill you several times in the process, but I couldn’t bear to let go of someone as talented as you, so I endured.”


  Ruby’s voice sounded weary, but her words, with their unsettling implications, choked Serena even further.


  “Now, you have no choice but to obey my commands. A soul contract may be complicated, but it absolutely binds the other party.”


  “What…what does that mean…?”


  “Bow your head.”


  As Serena tried to deny the situation she was in, the Demon King commanded her, and she immediately complied, bowing her head to the floor.


  “Good, now you look better.”




  “Say thank you.”


  “Thank… you…”


  Although it was difficult for her, Serena followed the commands, and Ruby, who had been observing her with crossed arms, whispered in a soft voice.


  “What do you value the most?”


  “… Frey Raon Starlight.”


  “Would you risk your life for him?”




  As Serena answered with a blank expression, Ruby asked again with a wicked grin on her face.


  “Then, can you kill him for me?”




  As Serena responded with a pained expression, Ruby smiled in satisfaction.


  “It seems the contract has worked. If you had answered immediately, I would have considered it an act and killed you.”


  As Serena trembled before her, Ruby sighed and murmured.


  “It’s a pity I couldn’t use the ‘Absolute Obedience Magic.’ With it, I could have avoided the penalties. But a mere soul contract makes it difficult.”


  “Um, excuse me…”


  At that point, Serena asked a question.


  “What… Do you want?”


  “…What I want?”


  For a moment, Ruby fluttered her wings and replied with a smirk.


  “Become a spy.”




  “Become a spy and give me information on the hero.”


  As Ruby finished speaking, Serena’s expression darkened.


  “Since indirect murder is also blocked by the constraints… there’s no other way.”




  “Well, cheer up. I should get going now.”


  As Serena gritted her teeth, Ruby looked at her with a mocking gaze. When she felt the stellar mana from afar, she frowned and got up from her seat.


  – S-Sorry! My Lord! I couldn’t make it in time…!




  – Y-Yes? But…


  “If you don’t want to be torn apart and die, retreat now.”


  – Ah, understood!


  As Ruby prepared to open a portal and disappear by drawing her finger through the air, she said:


  “Oh, by the way. This cafe has a lot of happy memories for you and Frey, right?”


  “Uh, ugh.”


  “And the chef, kitchen staff, and employees are all assassins. They must all be your loyal subordinates.”


  She said with a cold smile.


  “And almost everyone has a lower level of goodness than you.”




  “In 30 seconds, this place will explode.”


  Upon hearing those words, Serena’s face turned pale. Ruby added in a soft voice.


  “Letting go of attachments is a common initiation for those who have pledged their souls to me.”







  The cafe, which had once held cherished memories for Frey and Serena, was now reduced to charred ruins.




  Frey, having swiftly joined forces with Irina to extinguish the fire, stared blankly at the ruined place.


  “Irina, what happened here?”


  “I don’t know. I was chasing the Secret Lord while fighting and… this is where I ended up.”




  “Is Serena here?”


  At Irina’s words, Frey, who had been biting his lips, suddenly widened his eyes.


  “…I can feel it.”




  “A familiar… very familiar energy.”


  Frey then proceeded to walk into the ruins as if he was possessed by a ghost.


  “W-Wait! Frey, hold on!”


  Irina, attempting to stop him, hastily activated a “Restricted Access Magic Scroll” and followed him as people approached from afar.


  “Th-This is…”


  Frey, who had been walking with a blank expression, stopped at a certain spot.


  “…It’s the gift I gave Serena.”


  When Frey had visited Serena’s house, he had given her a bead crafted from  compressed star mana. The bead was now lying on the ground.


  “Why is it here?”




  As Frey knelt amidst the ruins wrapped in Irina’s Restricted Access Magic Scroll, he kept staring at the bead in silence.



Sudden Quest

Quest Content: Attack random citizens among the passers-by to relieve stress!

Total: 0

Do You Accept: Y/N



  As a sudden quest appeared before his eyes, Frey bowed his head and fell silent.




  Irina, who had grabbed his shoulder, tried to comfort him without even considering tending to her own wounded body from the battle with the Secret Lord.


  “I found it.”




  At that moment, Frey smiled faintly.


– Bang, bang!


  Frey began digging through the pile of ruins with his hands.


  “I found it.”


  After digging for a while, Frey discovered a bunker with a magic circle drawn on it and sighed in relief.




  After sitting there in a daze for some time, Frey cautiously opened the door.




  Serena poked her head out.


  “Serena, thank goodness…!”


  “Shh, there are employees downstairs.”


  As Frey was about to greet her with a bright smile, Serena raised a finger to her lips and hushed him.


  “…By the way, our employees don’t see very well.”




  Right after hearing that, Frey kissed Serena.


  “…So, what happened here, Serena?”


  “Right, this is not the time for that.”


  As Irina asked urgently, Frey also asked with a serious expression.


  “Indeed, did you feel the bead I gave you and come here? I was nervous because there was such a strong protection magic on it that I couldn’t open it from the inside, but it seems it was a needless worry.”




  However, Serena suddenly started talking nonsense.


  “Well, it’s a bead made of your star mana, so it’s only natural you’d find it quickly.”


  “Serena, right now…”


  “Do you still have the bead I gave you?”




  Serena, who interrupted Frey’s words and asked a question, spoke with a satisfied expression.


  “Good job. It’s important, so make sure you keep it safe.”


  “I will, but what on earth happened…”


  “Everything went according to plan.”




  While looking at Frey, who was making a puzzled expression due to the unexpected remark for the third time today.


  “As you can see from those two beads…”


  Serena said,



“I am only yours, Frey. Not to God, not my parents, not the Empire… only yours.”





  She said with a proud smile.


  ‘Of course, my soul too.’


  In her mind, she muttered a fact that was still difficult to tell him.


  ‘Since I pledged my soul to you with a blood oath when I was young, no one else can take it away.’




  ‘Even if it’s the Demon King, who has enjoyed collecting souls since her past life.’


  Above them, the moon and stars shimmered brightly.


  “Frey, can you give me just one command? As I said before, it’s getting difficult to control my mind on my own.”


  “What do you mean by that?”


  ‘I was suppressing the urge to reveal my identity as much as possible… but it was suddenly exposed.’


  With an unusually bright tone, she continued,


  “I want to try and see the bigger picture.”






The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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