The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 254

Chapter 254 - Operation Steal Frey

༺ Operation Steal Frey ༻



  – Flick!!


  “Ouch, ouch…!”


  Frey’s sharp tap on the forehead landed on the Youngest Paladin, a vessel of the goddess.


  “I-It hurts…”


  She knelt before Frey, tears streaming down her face as she clutched her forehead, seemingly pleading for forgiveness.


  “What are you saying?”




  In response to Frey’s cold inquiry, she quickly withdrew her hand, placing her head back on the floor.


  “That’s enough. Just go sit in the chair.”




  After a while, she cautiously sat in front of Frey, stealing glances at him before timidly speaking.


  “E-Excuse me…”


  “What is it?”


  “U-Uh… I’m, I’m sorry…”


  “Do you usually talk so slowly?”


  To swiftly address Frey’s composed but villainous demeanor, the Sun God stuttered, shaking her head and finishing her words.


  “I-I’m sorry… truly.”


  “What are you saying?”


  “I-I’m… incompetent… Agh! Ack!”


  As the Sun God gauged Frey’s reaction while speaking, she received two consecutive hits on her forehead.


  “How did you get possessed?”


  “I-I don’t know. I was lost in darkness. I don’t know for how long, though. Suddenly, I saw a light, and when I opened my eyes… I was here.”


  “And why were you trapped?”


  “I-it happened after losing to my younger sister. That time…”


  Her eyes began to change color as she spoke, shifting toward red.


  “W-what’s wrong…?”


  She looked around, confused.




  Perplexed at the people asleep around her, she spotted Frey and smiled with a chilling expression.


  “Didn’t I say? This isn’t the end…”


  Suddenly, her red eyes became golden again.


  “I-I don’t want to be trapped in darkness any longer…!”


  Her golden eyes burning once again, she clutched her head with a pale expression.


  “Did I just… get possessed by the Demon God?”


  Observing her regaining consciousness, Frey spoke quietly.


  “How much do you know, and what can you tell me?”


  “Well… after being sealed in darkness, I don’t know much…”




  “O-of course, I do know some things… B-but, I can’t tell yo…”


  Seeing Frey clench his fist, the Goddess hastily covered her forehead.


  “I-I’m sorry! B-but… if I reveal too much, I will have no more divine power!”


  “What does that even mean?”


  “Having lost the ‘Main God’ status and being sealed away by the Demon God, I also lost my power. Discovering the ‘singularity’ to reshape the world almost drained my divine energy…”


  She continued cautiously, glancing at Frey’s fist that was still in the air.


  “Therefore, sharing any information, even a small amount, depletes the power sustaining the Demon King’s system window. I-I’m truly sorry…”




  Frey, who had been silently observing, then asked in a low voice.


  “Let’s assume it’s true, but the Demon God has intervened multiple times.”




  “Even just now, she descended, using the body you’re in. She tried to corrupt me directly.”


  The Sun God, puzzled, responded.


  “I find it hard to believe that could happen…?”




  “If she tried that in her position, she’d likely have no divine power left.”


  She pointed at herself, tilting her head.


  “Take me as an example… changing the world took almost all the divine power I had gathered for countless years…”




  “No matter how much she enjoys others’ suffering, she wouldn’t harm herself.”


  Deep in thought until then, Frey suddenly opened his eyes and muttered.


  “Well, there must have been a reason for her to do something like this, even if it harms herself.”




  “Come to think of it, she had an anxious look in her eyes when she tried to corrupt me just now…”


  After muttering that, Frey grabbed the alcohol bottle on the table and concluded his thoughts.


  “Could it be that the Demon God isn’t the end?” 


  A brief silence fell in the inn. 


  “Woo… Wow…”


  Observing Frey lost in thought again, the Sun God gently rubbed her forehead. Her eyes widened when she looked out the window.


  “So beautiful…”


  The first snow of the year was falling outside.


  – Flick!




  She marveled at the scenery, then received another tap on her forehead, the count of which was impossible to determine given how many times it had happened.


  “Why, why are you hitting me…!”


  Timidly, she asked a question.


  “Do I have to provide a reason?”


  “N-no… it’s not that…”


  When Frey asked with a cold smile, she couldn’t help but trail off, knowing that the man in front of her would always be innocent no matter what he did.




  Slowly removing her hand from her throbbing forehead, she spoke with a trembling voice.


  “P-Please use me as you wish…”




  “Do whatever you want… until you’re satisfied… Eiik.”


  Upon hearing that, Frey rose from his seat and approached her. The Sun God closed her eyes tightly, shivering.


  ‘Wha-what should I do… What should… Ugh…’


  During the endless time as the highest god, she had immersed herself in games, comics, and novels discovered on a different dimension planet called the Blue Star by other gods.


  Therefore, her fantasy circuits, steeped in such subcultures for hundreds of years, started to spin rapidly.


  ‘B-but he’s Lord Frey, the good-natured one… Wait, but now he’s probably under the influence of villainization? Then… probably…’


  Contemplating these two possibilities, she turned pale and blushed simultaneously.


  “Ack, argh, arrrggghh!”


  After enduring three consecutive flicks on the same spot, she twisted her body, shedding a few tears.






  After rubbing her throbbing forehead for a while, she stared blankly at Frey, who sat down with a relieved expression.


  “I-is it over?”


  She whispered, and Frey calmly clenched his fist, replying.


  “If you want, I can give you more.”


  “N-no… that’s not what I meant…”


  “I’m a bit busy right now. For the time being, this will do.”


  While saying so, Frey poured alcohol into a glass. He looked at the Sun God, who wore a strange expression, and asked.


  “Is it possible to voluntarily break the possession?”


  “Uh, yes. It is possible, but… it might be better to continue like this for a while, isn’t it?”




  While still blushing and occasionally stealing glances at Frey, she gazed outside the window at the falling snow with a fascinated expression as she spoke.


  “My… my younger sister keeps trying to interfere while using this body. If I relax even a little, she’ll quickly take control away from me.”


  “Even though the Demon God has exerted so much power, it seems she still has the ability to interfere, doesn’t she?”


  “…Th-that’s right.”


  When she said that foolishly, Frey shook his head and drank the remaining alcohol.


  “Uh… hmmm…”


  She stared at him as if sitting on a thorned cushion, then muttered and stealthily got up from her seat.


  “P-perhaps… with this…”


  And then, she stealthily approached Frey while kneeling.


  “…What are you doing right now?”


  She began to tie Frey’s shoelaces while bending at the waist.


  “I-it’s done now!”


  She proudly struck a cheer-up pose and shouted, having fashioned Frey’s shoelaces into a cute ribbon.


  “As expected, helping to this extent doesn’t deplete any of my divine power!”


  “…Is placing importance on trivial matters a common characteristic shared among sisters?”


  “I can at least help you with this!”


  Whether she hadn’t heard Frey’s words or was ignoring them, the Sun God continued to kneel on the floor, looking up at him as she spoke.


  “How about if I do odd jobs for you from now on? I’ll do something like this. Although I haven’t fully grasped the concept yet, still, I’ll do my bes…”


  “I have plenty of helpers for odd jobs.”


  “Uh… well, then… a… part-timer? How about something like that? I can help you earn money for your operations…”


  “I have a lot of money.”


  “Uh, then… um…”


  Avoiding Frey’s cold gaze, as if she were a thorn in his side, she started muttering with a disheartened voice.


  “I-It’s just finally I have the chance to directly help you with something…”




  “It’s also been a while since I came down to the mortal realm to look around, but… uaaaahh…”


  As he tried to tap her forehead again, Frey suddenly tilted his head, murmuring to himself.


  “Clearly… Ancestor mentioned in the prophecy that the Sun God’s character was clumsy and filthy…”


  “Th-that’s slander! There are reasons for everything…!”


  The Sun God, somehow picking up on those words, tried to straighten her crumpled body, expressing a sense of unjust grievance.






  Serena, who had collapsed next to them, began to move.


  “Wow… She looks just like the real adviser of the Hero Party from a thousand years ago… She was really smart…”


  “She’s Serena, don’t you know her?”




  Observing the Sun God scratching her head with a foolish expression, Frey sighed and muttered.


  “I wonder if Ferloche turned into an idiot because she had to deal with someone like her for an unimaginable amount of time.”




  “…For the time being, go inside that room. It’s a room I booked.”




  Frey pushed the Sun God toward the stairs, his expression turning cold as he spoke.


  “Let’s talk in more detail tomorrow morning with just the two of us.”


  “Heik? Oh, ookayyy…”


  Upon hearing that, she got scared without any clear reason and blushed as she went up the stairs.




  Holding her throbbing head, Frey watched her act like that, quietly looking over at Serena.




  She was blinking rapidly.


  – Sskk…


  Frey brushed Serena’s lips with his finger, quite the contrast to his usual cold manner.




  Then, Serena instinctively put his finger inside her mouth.




  Frey laughed softly, gently stroked her hair, and stood up.


  “Oh, huh?”


  Serena, who had just opened her eyes, began to look around.




  Frey stood up for his seat. Staring at him, she asked a question.


  “Why is everyone all lying down…?”


  Frey answered softly.


  “I killed them all.”




  Serena’s gaze sharpened as she heard those words.


  “Just wait a moment. I will immediately summon the confidants to eliminate the evidence…”






  Frey stopped in his tracks and laughed again at Serena, who had said that promptly.


  “Come outside for a moment. I have something to say.”




  Then, there was silence in the inn for a moment.




  Puzzled by the sudden change in the situation, Serena looked around and smiled as she gazed up at the sky, watching the snow falling outside the window.




  In the darkening sky, the moon representing her had risen.




  Serena stopped staring at the moon as her expression suddenly changed. 


  “…As planned.”


  On her face marked with a peculiar excitement, there was a content smile.


  “Everything is proceeding as planned.”


  She mumbled like that and then quietly got up.


  ‘Today is the day, Frey.’ 


  Frey was standing quietly on the street where the first snow was falling. Serena muttered to herself as she walked toward the entrance.


  ‘Today will be the day I…’


  The stars and the moon hanging in the sky were shining upon her.


  ‘… take away your purity.’


  She had begun the masterplan behind the long-standing “Operation Steal Frey.” 




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The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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