The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 256

Chapter 256 - The Moon Who Has Embraced The Star

༺ The Moon Who Has Embraced The Star ༻



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  “Slurp… Slurp…”




  Before Frey could even utter a word, Serena intertwined her tongue with his as they held hands.




  Her tongue movements, honed every night to satisfy her fiancé, were sweet enough to overwhelm even Frey—someone who had gotten quite familiar with the action recently. 


  After a long while, as Serena slowly parted her lips, Frey gazed at her with a look of adoration, his eyes soft and full of emotion.


  “Se, Serena…”


  Due to their passionate kiss, Serena had a string of saliva mixed with Frey’s.


  “Haah… Haah…”


  Despite the cold, Serena felt hot and was sweating a bit. She exhaled roughly as she looked down at Frey’s cute expression. It looked good on him.


  – Squeeze…!


Serena firmly held Frey down with her knee, gradually increasing the pressure in her grip. With a gaze filled with love and desire, she whispered.


  “You have no idea how much effort I put into creating this situation.”




  “In this secluded, shabby inn, there’s no intrusion of animals, nor the Demon King’s army or the Hero Party, no meddling from pets and old maidens…”


  “That, that means…”


  “You’ve been caught in my trap, Frey…”


  And with those words, she began removing the garment covering her chest.

  “And now, there’s nowhere left for you to escape to… ♡”


  A liquid, ambiguous in nature—whether sweat or something else—trickled down between her legs.


  “Uh, yeah…”


  With the noticeable absence of foreplay and caressing, Frey assumed it was just sweat flowing down.


  “You have been looking forward to this a lot, haven’t you?”


  It was only when he observed that her panties were slightly wet that he realized otherwise.




  Taking that as a signal, Serena smiled a happy yet enchanting smile.


  “Shall we begin then?”




  Thus, the first night of a boy and a girl, each other’s first love, commenced.








   – Click…!


  Serena’s fair and delicate hand skillfully unbuckled Frey’s belt.




  With delicate precision, Serena leaned down and breathed into Frey’s underwear.




  “Pfft… Is this okay?”


  As Frey jerked and shivered from the tickling sensation, Serena asked with narrowed eyes.


  “You shouldn’t be like this already…?”


  From the moment she discovered that breaking the Curse of Familial Subordination required engaging in sexual intercourse with the person responsible for weakening the curse through their lifespan, Serena had been thinking of this moment.


  Therefore, she had no intention of letting tonight go to waste, considering it might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Serena was determined to make the most of it.


  “Well, don’t worry…”


  Maintaining a relaxed grip on Frey’s underwear, Serena winked at Frey, who was flushed.


  “I’ll make sure to control it as much as I can…”


  She recalled Frey’s cute little wiener that she had seen whenever they bathed together as children and the pleasuring techniques she had diligently read about every night.




  However, when Serena pulled down Frey’s underwear, the previously relaxed expression vanished.




  The naive and flustered expression on her face was unusual for her.


  “What, what’s this…?”


  “You know what it is.”


  “It’s a little… different from what I’ve seen in books?”


  For Serena, whose exposure to male anatomy came solely from books, both in her previous and current life, Frey’s equipment no longer seemed small and cute.


  “Uh, um…”


  The massive and robust pillar far exceeded her expectations and slowly overwhelmed her.


  “Uh, hmm. But still… this is above average, isn’t it?”


  Unable to let go of the reins now, she adjusted her perfectly laid plan, muttering casually.


  ‘W, will it… fit in?’


  The size of his equipment wouldn’t shrink, though.


  ‘Yeah, that’s right… once I take it out… it’ll shrink, right?’


  Alarmed and struggling, Serena spent a long time just breathing on his pillar, teasing Frey, until she finally reached out with determined eyes.


  – Swish, swish…

  “Look at this, Frey.”


  Serena, who cautiously held Frey’s manhood with both hands, rubbed it against her cheek with a shy smile.


  “The world’s greatest genius and the future Imperial Chancellor, a Duchess, is shamelessly rubbing her cheek against your manhood.”




  “The head of an assassin family who could eliminate all imperial officials with just one word is being eternally marked as your tool.”




  Frey’s eyes started to change at Serena’s deliberate and lewd comments.




  As his already erect manhood became even more swollen, Serena smiled contentedly and stuck out her tongue.


  – Lick…


  Serena’s tongue gently swept up from the base to the top of Frey’s pillar.






  Serena gently bit on Frey’s tip and began to watch his reaction cautiously.


  “Uh, uhm… Serena?”


  – Slurp…


  “Stop teasing me… ugh.”


  Like nibbling on a candy stick, Serena tickled Frey’s tip with her teeth while licking it. She smirked as Frey gave her a pleading look.


  After all, the control of his sizeable manhood gave her a confidence boost. 


  ‘I like… Frey’s scent…’


  So, Serena stroked Frey for a while, imprinting the scent and taste of his manhood in her memory.


  ‘Now it’s about time…’


  Her gaze was fixed on Frey’s throbbing manhood, and she wondered how much more it would take to satisfy him fully.


  – Thud…!


  Frey sat up from the bed with his back arched.




  Still holding his tip in her mouth, Serena looked up at Frey with wide eyes.




  And suddenly, Serena’s head was pushed down.


  “Ubbub! Ubbub!”


  Serena, with a mischievous expression, had been teasing his manhood for several minutes, causing Frey’s ‘Villainization’ to manifest in a way that maximized his urges.




  As a result, Serena, who had swallowed Frey’s manhood down to the base, started to choke. Her trembling hands reached out to him.


  “I’m sorry…! Serena…!”


  Frey, having regained his senses, looked distressed and tried to pull her away.


  – Squeeze…




  With tears in her eyes, Serena wrapped her arms around his waist. His manhood was still in her mouth, and she quietly closed her eyes.


  She thought since she had teased Frey, it was also her responsibility to relieve him.




  Serena kept her head buried and smiled happily, feeling the warmth and twitching of Frey’s manhood, even as her mind went blank.


  – Gulp…!




  At that moment, her throat convulsed around Frey’s manhood. Overwhelmed by that sensation, Frey squeezed his eyes shut, twisting his hips as the climax surged from the base.


  – Spurt, spurt…!


  Shortly after, Frey’s manhood spat out a white fluid.




  The liquid, Frey’s seed, slid down Serena’s throat and into her stomach.




  Filled with ecstasy and a hint of regret, Serena soon felt her senses drift away. She slowly closed her eyes.


  “Phew…! Haaa…! Haah…!”


  Frey quickly untangled her arms from his waist and withdrew his manhood from her mouth.


  “Serena… are you okay…?”


  “Ugh… uhh…”


  Frey looked at Serena. She was crouching in the bed, gasping for breath. With a worried expression, he patted her back.


  “It’s okay now.”


  After a moment, Serena regained her senses and fidgeted with Frey’s hand, looking down at her belly with a tender smile.




  Thinking about Frey’s semen swirling in her, she smiled as she stroked her belly carefully.


  “Do you know what, Frey?”


  Her face was now radiant.


  “The Moonlight family becomes stronger by absorbing most foreign energies that invade them.”


  Serena’s statement was laced with a taunt. She was seemingly trying to say that the more she was pressed, the stronger she felt. She was inviting him to try again.


  “I know.”


  Frey, who knew Serena better than anyone else, couldn’t possibly miss the hidden meaning behind her words.


  “But, you see… the Starlight family is no less when it comes to that.”




  Therefore, he, too, could confidently smile.


  “…It’s the ‘Protection of the Stars,’ Serena.”




  The healing of the Protection of the Stars, a legacy passed down through generations in the hero’s family, rapidly restored Frey.


  “I won’t lose when it comes to recovery.”


  Frey had endured and healed from countless wounds and blows, so he was not about to be left groggy from just one climax.


  “…Oh my.”


  Frey’s manhood was already ready for the next round. 


  “This throws off my plans…”


  Though she said this, Serena had long since discarded any complex plans. She was already so aroused that she needed no further foreplay,


  “What should I do now?”


  For the first time in her life, Serena’s instincts were overpowering her reason.










  Both of them were now fully undressed, gazing at each other.


  “So, shall we… begin? Frey?”


  “Y, yeah.”


  Unlike the confident exchange they had just moments before, they now looked flustered and nervous.


  “Y-Yes, okay…”




  Even the hero tasked with saving the world and the greatest genius of the era couldn’t help but be naive in this particular moment. 


  The impact of a first experience was bound to be profound.


  – Swish…


  “Uh, uh…”


  A blushing Serena took Frey’s manhood in her hand and brought it to her entrance.


  – Plop…!




  But as Frey’s tip touched her entrance, she stopped moving and moaned.


  ‘Will this really… fit?’


  The thought made her break out in a cold sweat as her fluid moistened Frey’s tip.




  – Plop, plop…♡


  She unconsciously rubbed Frey’s manhood against her entrance as she struggled to decide.


  “Serena… you’re doing it again…”


  Frey’s manhood began an intimate dance with her entrance.






  As his manhood accidentally slipped inside her, both Frey and Serena’s eyes widened in shock.


  “Haaa… Haah…”


  Now, only Serena’s thin hymen stood between them.


  “I, I’m ready, Frey.”


  Looking down at Frey’s manhood, which she had engulfed, Serena said, clutching her pounding heart.


  “…Me too, Serena.”


  “Seems we’re a perfect match.”


  A flushed Frey responded with a tender smile, and Serena took a deep breath and relaxed her legs.




  A sharp pain suddenly shot through her.


  “Eek, ugh…”


  Serena blinked back tears as she was overwhelmed by the searing pain spreading through her, and then she quietly lowered her gaze.


  – Drip…


  Her virgin blood slowly traveled down Frey’s manhood.


  – Shhhh…


  At the same time, the purity ring on Frey’s left ring finger began to turn black.




  And so did the ring on Serena’s left ring finger.




  Forgetting the pain from the penetration, Serena watched the mysterious and thrilling sight. She smiled and whispered in a captivating voice.


  “I have taken your first.”


  “…I just took yours too.”


  Serena looked down at Frey. He acted like all this had been by chance, but the shyness on his face betrayed him. 


  “We each took each other’s first, at the same time.”


  She recalled their conversation on that beautiful moonlit night when she first met him in this cycle.


  “Let’s remember today forever.”


  A smile slowly bloomed on Frey’s face as he heard her words.


  “Because it’s the first time for both of us.”


  Simultaneously, Serena’s hips slowly began to move up and down.




  Frey’s thick manhood stirred and twisted inside her, which had been soaking wet even before the penetration.


  “I love you… I love you, Frey…”


  “Me too.”


  The juices flowing out of her, fully enveloping Frey’s manhood, spilled down and splashed around.


   Frey’s manhood was fully erect, as if to satisfy Serena’s lust, and was reaching deep inside her.


  “I really, really like you.”


  “I like you more, Serena.”


  As their movements intensified, Serena’s vaginal walls, which clung tightly to Frey’s manhood, began to clench and squeeze him tightly.




  Frey’s manhood began to throb violently.


  “S, Serena, I’m at my limit…”


  Feeling the familiar rise of climax from his base, Frey tried to pull back.


  – Squeeze…!




  Serena instinctively clenched fiercely around Frey’s manhood.


  “Didn’t I tell you…?”


  Serena was also close to her climax.


  “Now you… can’t run away anywhere… ♡”




  When Frey reached his limit, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, trapping him beneath her.


  “…So, come inside me, Frey.”


  Her face flushed, she whispered into Frey’s ear.


  – Shooot…!!!


  Thus, held tightly by Serena, Frey’s manhood released everything it had into her womb.


  – Smooch…!


  Serena kissed Frey with a blissful smile on her face.


  “The moon… has embraced the seed of the stars.”


  Frey’s first lovemaking was concluded by coming inside her.



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