The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 259

Chapter 259 - A Small Star And A Setting Sun

༺ A Small Star And A Setting Sun ༻



  “Lick, lick…”


  “Hey, Lulu?”


  Looking sad, Lulu vigorously licked my stomach.


  “I-I am… ugh…”


  I was sensitive and weary from the long night, so I couldn’t push her away despite holding onto her shoulders. My face was flushing red.


  How did she recognize me anyway? Magic Eyes? Even Serena’s flawless disguise couldn’t fool them.




  Lulu continued to growl softly and lick my stomach. I blushed and spoke.






  Lulu, her face buried in my stomach, quietly raised her head and looked at me.




  She quietly reached for my left hand.


  “Lick, lick…”


  Lulu finally spoke up as she held my hand and licked the blackened ring with the same sad expression.


  “Master… do you know?”




  “…I’ll protect Master’s baby.”


  The statement left me bewildered. After wiping her tears, Lulu clutched my leg and whispered.


  “I-I am… Master’s pet.”




  “Master’s baby is my little master.”


  Laying flat on the floor, Lulu pressed her cheek against my leg and spoke again.


  “When Master’s baby starts crawling, I’ll play next to it.”




  “If ever need be, I will throw myself in front of the baby to protect it.”


  Lulu held onto my leg and whispered, looking up at me with teary eyes.


  “So please… don’t abandon me. Please.”


  The people around me started looking at me coldly.


  “I-If necessary, I can stay in the yard. I can just sleep on newspapers in the yard. I’ve lived like that for years. I can live that way contently.”




  “I-If you don’t like that… should I stay in the basement? I don’t mind as long as I can see Master’s face once a day.”


  As I swallowed hard, Lulu became more desperate. She buried her face in my leg and continued.


  “I won’t disturb Master’s happy times… please.”




  “I’ll do all the cleaning. Wherever Master goes, I’ll follow and do all the menial tasks and housework, so please…”


  My clear mind began to cloud again.


  ‘Calm down, calm down…’


  The influence of ‘Villainization’ threatened to reemerge, so I desperately tried to comfort Lulu.


  “Lulu, it’s not like that…”


  “I just… want to see Master’s face once a day and be stroked by Master once daily.”


  I lost my rationality for a moment.






  I firmly nipped Lulu’s nape with my eyes closed. Lulu was startled and shivered.




  Engulfed by desire, I just wanted to tease and own her, so I continued to nibble her neck, ignoring her reaction.


  “Ah, ahh…”


  I held onto her shoulder and nibbled on her neck for a while. She moaned, and I quietly let go of her neck.




  “Uh, uhh…”


  I gripped Lulu’s chin roughly and tilted her head up. As our eyes met, I caressed the distinct bite mark on her neck.




  I whispered, looking at Lulu’s neck as she stared at me with dazed eyes.


  “You’ve been keeping my bite mark all this time, Lulu?”


  “Yes, yes, Master…”


  Lulu curled up and answered me, looking several times cuter than usual.


  “Good, keep it always.”


  Feeling everyone’s gaze fixed on me, I managed to summon up what little self-control I had left and whispered again with a gentle smile.


  “That is my promise never to abandon you.”




  Lulu’s eyes widened in surprise at my words.


  “I will be by your side forever, Master.”


  Then, Lulu crawled under my feet with a delighted smile.


  “No matter what happens, forever.”


  In the now quiet dining room, with most people having retreated to their rooms, Lulu willingly placed her belly under my feet and whispered.


  “…I’ll live as your pet.”


  She pressed her belly against my foot, looking content and happy to be dominated and owned by me.




  I was relieved that even the combat officers had blushed and escaped to the bathroom.


  “I-I… actually want to… have your baby…”




  “I-I’m sorry! That was so presumptuous of me! I’m just your pet… and I dare to…!”


  I was the only one who heard her as she mumbled while rubbing my foot against her belly. 


  “T-The meal you ordered is ready…”


  Or so I thought. 


  Unfortunately, the innkeeper’s daughter brought the food right then. She seemed to have heard Lulu’s muttering.


  Otherwise, she wouldn’t have looked at me with such a flushed face.


  “T-Thank you…”


  Feeling my mind clear again and shaking off the lingering villainization, I quietly accepted the food with a red face.


  ‘For now… let’s eat.’


  After all, I was in disguise, and Lulu was covering herself, so what was there to be embarrassed about?


  More importantly, I needed to replenish myself if I didn’t want to collapse from exhaustion.


  “Oh my, you ordered two beers?”




  With that thought in mind, I reached for the rye bread and beer. I turned my head, startled by the voice next to me.


  “Did you order one for me in advance?”


  There stood Serena, looking fresh and radiant and smiling at me.


  “Uh, that’s…”


  Perhaps I should prevent her from drinking.


  “They’re both for me.”


  I didn’t have the time or energy left for a second round.








  “Here, Frey. Say ‘ahh.'”




  “Good, well done.”


  Having cut the rye bread into bite-size pieces, Serena fed a piece to Frey, who obediently opened his mouth.


  “Chew, chew…”


  “…You’re so cute.”


  As Frey slightly blushed while chewing, Serena affectionately patted his head with admiration.


  “Eat that and quickly recover your strength.”


  “Y-Yeah, I should.”


  “…Of course, including your virility.”




  Frey quickly downed his beer, and Serena giggled.


  “Actually… I was at my limit, too.”


  Her eyes quietly sparkled as she spoke.


  “If I hadn’t used my mouth, hair, breasts, and thighs, I would have fainted by now.”


  Frey recalled what had happened a few hours ago and asked in a low voice.


  “That… your personality will change soon. Will you be okay?”


  “Of course. When my personality changes, I naturally accept the current situation. That’s why we need to create a natural scenario.”


  Frey nodded at her explanation and then spoke apologetically.


  “I see. But I urgently need to use the bathroom… what should I do?”


  “Go ahead. The sun isn’t fully up yet.”


  Frey nodded and got up from his seat.


  “…Next time, let’s definitely determine the winner.”


  “Oh my.”


  Feeling manly pride, he slowly headed toward the bathroom.


  “Actually… I already lost♡”


  Serena watched his back and touched her lower belly; she felt full. Closing her eyes, she murmured. 


  “The moment your seed entered, I already lost.”


  There was a moment of silence in the room.


  “Oh, right.”


  She looked out the window at the slowly rising sun as she caressed her belly and looked down to start a conversation.


  “So… what are you going to do?”


  A nervous-looking Lulu, sitting tensely in Frey’s chair, came into her view.


  “Look here.”




  She showed Lulu the pure white ring on her left ring finger.


  “Frey is my husband.”


  She declared proudly, and Lulu scratched the ground with a sullen expression.


  “You’re Frey’s pet, right?”




  “Then, since I’m marrying him… wouldn’t I also be your master?”


  With a gentle smile, Serena picked up a piece of rye bread from the table and offered it to her.


  “Here, you must be hungry. Eat this.”




  “Accept it. Don’t try to rise any higher; be content with your place.”




  “And acknowledge that I am also your master.”


  Serena’s eyes grew cold as she massaged her belly and crossed her legs.


  “The seed of our master is in here. Will you still not obey?”




  “Come on.”


  As Serena pointed to her belly and said this, Lulu slowly crawled toward her.




  Serena smirked while looking at her and muttered to herself.


  ‘By the way, she crushed the Hero Party tonight, didn’t she?’


  Indeed, Lulu had used her Magic Eyes mercilessly against the Hero Party, driven solely by her mission to protect Frey.


  Serena tapped the table with her ring and pondered.


  ‘She’s loyal, skilled, and beloved by Frey. Plus, she doesn’t seem to pose a danger to the baby… Maybe I should take her in if she firmly acknowledges her place?’


  Both of Serena’s personalities were in complete agreement at that moment.


  – Creak…




  Lulu glanced up at Serena and quickly bit the bread she had been offered as Frey returned from the restroom.


  “Good job.”


  Serena looked at the Lulu and gently reached out to pat her head.


  – Whoosh!


  Lulu suddenly turned her head away, leaving Serena puzzled.


  – Hudadak…!


  Lulu stared at Serena with bread in her mouth and quickly climbed onto Frey’s lap.


  “…What is it, Lulu?”


  Frey rubbed his cheek against Lulu’s head, then stroked her belly affectionately as she handed him the rye bread.


  “Is this for me?”


  Realizing that his gaze held no resistance or worry, Serena quietly observed Lulu, who responded in a low voice.


  “Everything is fine…”




  “…But my only master is Frey.”


  Serena’s eyebrows twitched slightly at her words while Lulu, looking frightened, continued quietly.


  “…I can accept everything else, but that will never change.”


  “Is that so?”


  Serena tapped the table faster.


  “Lulu, is something wrong…?”


  Still stroking Lulu’s belly, Frey tilted his head in confusion.


  – Creak…


  The peaceful yet precarious was interrupted by the inn’s door suddenly opening.




  Instantly, the joy was gone from Frey’s face, replaced by shock.




  The newcomer was Isolet.


  “Why are you here…”






  As soon as a common enemy appeared, both the girls’ expressions turned cold.


  “I-I mean… Frey isn’t here, see? He’s nowhere to be found.”




  But they soon became puzzled when they noticed Isolet talking seriously to someone behind her.


  “That’s enough.”


  A familiar voice followed, and they all soon felt confused. 


  “Frey is here. I know it.”


  Aria, Frey’s sister, pushed Isolet aside and entered the inn.










  “Frey is… missing, presumed dead…”


  Roswyn had heard the false testimony from Vener, whom she doubted. She looked dazed until she returned to her room.


  “His corpse is missing, but… he’s likely dead…”


  Facing the harsh truth that she had been denying, she stared vacantly into space.


Helper System

> Identity of the Hero

– The identity of the Hero, as you know, is… [Frey Raon Starli]

System Recovery in progress… [99% Complete]


  She could no longer fool herself by thinking it was another person with the same name.


  No one else in the Empire had that middle name and last name.


  There was only one person with that name.


  “F-Frey… I-I…”


  As Roswyn helplessly reached out for the system window, she muttered in a dazed voice.


Helper System

[System Restoration Complete!]


  The moonlit window appeared before her.


Helper System

> Identity of the Hero

– The identity of the Hero, as you know, is… Frey Raon Starlight!




  She quietly stared at the sentence and hesitantly reached down.


Helper System

> Everything about the Hero
> Everything he did
> The truths of the world
> Restrictions that will apply to you
> Others


  Roswyn clicked on ‘Everything about the Hero,’ and she froze in place.


Helper System

– He is the only Hero who can save the world, and…




  It was all too late.


Helper System

– …the person who always gave you flowers and prolonged your life.




  Roswyn covered her face with both hands and collapsed to the floor.





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The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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