The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 290

Chapter 290 - The Butler Who Has Become A Woman

༺ The Butler Who Has Become A Woman ༻



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  “Slurp, slurp…” 




  Pressing her stomach against Frey’s, Kania grabbed his arms and pulled away from the passionate kiss.


  – Swish…


  Kania then pulls her body downward, with her belly still facing him.


  – Twitch…!


  Frey’s manhood started to twitch violently when it’s pressed against Kania’s belly.


  “Do you remember when you collapsed during the third penalty and you were inside me?”


  Feeling Frey’s manhood throbbing against her belly, she reached out and grabbed both of his hands and whispered in a shy voice.


  “Back then, it was your soul, but now it will be your cock.”


  – Twitch…! 


  “Either way, it’s really cute how your cock twitched against my belly.”


  As she said that, she silently rocked her body from side to side, feeling every tremor of Frey’s manhood. She thought to herself.


  ‘I want to feel his manhood in my belly like this forever…’


  When Frey was inside of her as a soul, Kania could feel the twitches and vibrations in her belly.


  “Did you like it that much? Seeing your cock throbbing under my stomach like this made me feel really good…”


  – Twitch, twitch. ♡




  Kania, who had long since become addicted to that stimulating and immoral sensation, melted into a blissful expression as she felt Frey’s manhood pressed against her belly, which makes her belly throb and relive that feeling she longs for. 


  In more ways than one, Frey had unwittingly turned Kania’s belly into an erogenous zone.


  – Spurt, spurt…! 




  Kania, who had been burying her face in Frey’s belly and drool on it, began to shudder as his manhood ejaculated on her belly copiously


  “Young Master… Are you trying to impregnate my belly now…?”


  Kania’s womb began to tremble violently as she said this.


  It was as if her body was protesting against the seed that had gone to waste outside of her body.


  ‘It’s so good♡’ 


  “Kania, did you come just now?” 


  “N-No, Young Master.”


  She grinned happily at the increased stimulation in her lower abdomen, and she answered hurriedly with a smile when Frey asked her curiously.


  “I’m not that perverted.” 




  Kania was that perverted.


  According to her own words at least.


  She did come slightly when Frey ejaculated and sprayed his semen against her lower belly where her womb was. 


  “Your actions don’t match your words…?”


  And now, she was using her hand to scoop up some of Frey’s thick cum that was now splattered on her belly and shoving it into her mouth.


  “This… I can’t help it.”


  Hearing Frey’s sarcastic remark, Kania suddenly looked prim and proper, like a formal butler. Then she continued.


  “I’ve been checking on the Young Master’s health by tasting your semen every night, and I’ve come to like the taste of it.”


  Having swallowed Frey’s semen every night, she had grown accustomed to it. And she spoke those words as she eagerly savored it in her mouth. 


  “I’m glad to see you’re in good health, but it does taste a little sweet… Perhaps you should cut back on the sugar after all.” 




  She savored his cum for a moment, and Kania added with a grin.


  “Besides, it’s a waste.” 




  “It’s your seed, and I’d rather have it inside me.”


  With that, Kania wraps her hand around Frey’s manhood.


  As her small, delicate palm grazed Frey’s manhood over and over again, a dizzying pleasure spread through Frey’s entire body.




  Receiving such an intense stimulation right after he reached climax was too much for Frey. He couldn’t help but to breathe sharply each time Kania stroked his manhood fervently.


  ‘I-It’s too stimulating…’


  Kania had somehow managed to minimize the curse’s connection for tonight’s affair, but she still felt the ‘pleasure’ just as strongly as Frey was.


  ‘I-I might… really die at this rate…’


  Yes, she was in a state where she could feel twice the pleasure, or maybe even more.


  Which was why it was easy for her to lose control, despite practicing every night by secretly consuming Frey’s semen.


  Even the sensitivity tests she had tried while Frey was asleep were of no use.


  It was only natural that there would be a stark difference in the level of pleasure when she did this when Frey’s awake.






  It gave her chills for a moment, but she soon closed her eyes and extended her tongue to give a long lick around the base of Frey’s manhood.


  She was determined to satisfy her Master, even if she fainted due to pleasure.




  “Ugh, uhh…”


  Kania’s soft tongue swirled around the base of Frey’s manhood to the tip.


  – Nyam…


  Kania’s tongue settled over Frey’s manhood, and his cum mixed with Kania’s hot saliva dripped down the side of the veiny cock.


  – Drip…


  The sticky saliva dripping down from Kania’s tongue was making Frey’s cock slick with the mixture of their fluid.




  Kania remained like that for several minutes.


  “Uhm, Kania? For how long…” 


  “Pwease waid, Yhoung Mashter1(Please wait, Young Master.).” 


  She persistently lapped her tongue over the tip of Frey’s cock while dripping a copious amount of saliva. She closed her eyes tightly as she answered Frey’s question.


  “Are you trying to kill me?” 




  “Young Master is still abnormally hard even after cumming once. So, to completely swallow the Young Master’s cock, some prep work is necessary.”


  Having said that, Kania rubbed her pussy and whispered seductively.


  “As for my lips down there, I haven’t used it yet for today.”


  Her pussy was already soaking wet and dripping her juices down her thighs.




  Frey swallowed hard at the arousing sight. Kania looked adoringly at him before planting a surprise kiss on his swollen manhood.


  “I submit to you and your cock, Young Master. Forever.”


  And then, unlike Serena’s declaration of defeat, she declared obedience like an obedient butler.


  She could no longer hold back her desire to submit to Frey as his loyal butler and as a woman.


  “In front of you is a butler hailed from a common background. She desires to sire your child by having an affair in broad daylight.”


  With her words, the twitching cock in her cheeks trembled even more. She gripped his cock gingerly and rubbed it against her face with a blissed out expression.


  “So… Please… Punish this filthy butler with your cock.”


  Frey’s manhood was harder and angrier than ever.








  “Haaa… Haa…”


  Kania was shivering like a person struck by lightning.


  – Slurp…♡


  She was currently on top of Frey, rubbing his manhood against her fold.




  “Yes, yes, master…”


  Kania was about to respond when Frey looked at her with a puzzled expression and called her name with a worried look.




  As his cock rubbed against her pussy, Kania felt the tip of his cock slip into her vagina, and she lost her balance from the dizzying pleasure.  


  – Pfft…


  Unfortunately or fortunately, due to her entrance being too slippery with her juices, Frey’s manhood was unable to enter and slipped between her thighs.


  – Slurp, slurp…♡ 


  “Haah, haah…”


  As the cock sandwiched between Kania’s flesh throbed, desperately trying to get inside, Kania unknowingly started to moan and grind against Frey’s cock.


  – Squish, squish…


  Her soft flesh moved back and forth, wrapped around Frey’s cock.


  “Hey, Kania.”


  When her hot juices have coated Frey’s manhood to a sticky sheen, Frey, who had been watching in silence, spoke quietly.


  “You said you couldn’t wait to get pregnant with my child.” 




  “If you want to get pregnant, you’re going to have to put it inside.”


  Frey said while supporting his head with both hands. He had a rather relaxed expression as he realized something important.


  “U-Uh, yeah… You’re right…”


  She thought she was the one who led this affair, but seeing Frey’s relaxed expression, Kania broke into a cold sweat.


  ‘I have to put it in, I have to…’


  Then she grabbed Frey’s manhood again as she muttered desperately.


  ‘This time I’ll do it for sure. I’m not going to let the second position get taken too…’


  Having made such a resolution, she carefully pushed his manhood into her velvety fold.


  – Squeeze…


  The tip of Frey’s manhood reached her hymen.


  “…I love you, Young Master.”


  Kania shuddered nervously for a moment, then whispered in a low voice.


  “Uhh, ughhh…!”  


  She squeezed her eyes shut as Frey’s manhood was completely buried to the hilt inside of her.


  “Ah, ahhh…”


  And then there was the electrifying mixture of pain and pleasure, along with the slow dripping of her virgin blood down Frey’s manhood.


  “Kania, are you okay?”


  Even she, a warlock who had been stabbed and cursed countless times, could not help but feel the pain.


  “I-I’m fine… On the contrary, I am honored, Young Master. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life.”  


  Despite shedding tears, Kania had a happy expression on her face.


  – Squeeze…


  It was because Frey was smiling softly at her, holding her hand in his.


  She was happier than anyone in the world right now.


  – Squeak, squeak…♡ 




  Kania, who had been holding his manhood inside her for a while, shuddered and leaned back as Frey gently rocked his hips.


  ‘Young Master’s cock… is throbbing inside me.’


  In that dreamlike moment of ecstasy, Kania was overwhelmed by a rush of intense pleasure.


  In addition to the pleasure that she felt, she could also feel the ones Frey felt.


  ‘Even rocking my hips feels like a waste…’


  Kania silently thought to herself. She realized that if she moved in earnest, the night would be over before she knew it.


  ‘I just want to stay like this, with his cock inside me, forever.’  


  She wanted to savor this moment, this moment when she was filled to the brim with the manhood of the man she loved more than anyone. Just a little longer.


  – Tup…! 




  However, her hopes were short-lived.


  – Squeeze…..! 




  Kania screamed and trembled as Frey, who had an unreadable expression on his face, firmly pressed down her lower belly with both of his hands. 


  – Squeak…!


  With that, Kania’s back arched like a bow, and Frey thrusted his hips hard, driving his cock all the way into her.


  – Thrust, thrust…


  Just as Frey’s manhood made contact with her cervix, Kania’s entire body convulsed, and her juices squirted out like a fountain.


  In her first experience with Frey, she was completely defeated.


  “Aaah, aaah…”


  After dripping fluid from both her mouth and her pussy for a while, she collapsed on top of Frey.  






  Frey strokes her head adoringly, then flipped her over and switched positions.


  “You’re still inexperienced, aren’t you?”


  Frey, who was completely on top of Kania, whispered in her ear teasingly.


  “You cum just by me touching your stomach, and that too with only one thrust from me. And you say you’ve been practicing on me for two months?”


  “I-I’ve been…” 


  “Well, it doesn’t look like you’ve made much progress, does it?”


  Saying that, Frey began to press down hard on Kania’s belly again.




  Kania, whose belly and uterus had now become erogenous zones, let out a moan with a dazed look in her eyes.


  – Squelch…♡


  Her pussy, still connected to Frey’s manhood, shyly leaked her juices.


  “Young Masterrrr…”


  As Frey increased the intensity of his thrusts against her stomach, Kania urgently grabbed his arm.


  “I-I’m coming…” 


  – Thrust ♡ Thrust♡ 


  “Save… me…”


  But Frey’s hand did not stop.


  – Squeak, squeak! 




  On the contrary, Frey started to move his hip again, and Kania started to thrash around wildly.


  – Lick. 




  Then, Frey pulled out his manhood for a moment to lick her stomach, and she stopped protesting and began to convulse again.


  “Hold still, Kania.”


  Stroking her cheeks, Frey pushed his manhood back into her inviting pussy.


  – Squeeze… 




  But at that moment, Kania’s lewd pussy began to tighten around Frey’s manhood.


  – Slosh, slosh…♡


  Her pussy, which had been clinging tightly to the cock that had been ravishing her, began to fight back, holding tightly onto him with every fold of her vagina.




  The walls of her flesh tightened to a dizzying extent.


  Frey, who had been on the lead, began to hesitate slightly.


  “Young Master…”


  Kania was already on the verge of fainting because of their combined intense pleasure. But, she looked at Frey and asked a question just before she lost all of her senses.


  “How do you feel… about this affair?” 




  “Can I ask you… one question?”


  When Frey only blushed at the question, she wiped the drool from her mouth and asked again.


  “Are you more satisfied with Serena… Or did I make you feel better… Hyahhhh!”


  Before she even finished her question, Frey rammed his cock into her vagina again.


  “I-I’m sorry♡ for my rude remark…♡ Hyhhhnn…”


  Frey thought silently as he looked at Kania, who unconsciously tightened her pussy with a blissed out face.


  If Serena was a well-balanced pussy which was the most compatible with him, Kania was a glass cannon that couldn’t be broken.


  Serena was powerful enough to keep Frey’s virility going until morning, and she was a match made in heaven for Frey’s manhood.


  And Kania, well, she was a natural, with tightness and  sensations inside that no one else could match.


  “Okay, I got it…”


  With that thought, Kania whispered in a low voice, holding on to her fading sanity with the last of her strength.


  “No more, please release it… inside me…”


  At the same time, Frey felt his cum churning from the base of his cock.


  “Please… Admonish this impudent warlock and fill this butler’s sloppy pussy with your thick cum…♡”


  Sensing their impending climax, Kania wrapped her legs tightly around Frey as she whispered filthily.


  – Spurt, spurt! Spurt…!


  Soon after, a powerful gush of semen spurted deep inside Kania and flooded her womb.


  “It’s… So full inside…♡ Hehe…♡”


  Kania smiled happily as she felt Frey’s seed completely filled her womb.


  – Spurt, spurt…


  “…! …!!!”


  As Frey’s pleasure overlapped with her own, she wrapped her legs around Frey and blacked out for the fifth time.


  – Spuuurt… 


  “Heh, heh…”


  Kania regained her senses just as a second load slammed into her womb.








  Before we realized, it was already evening.


  – Squeak, squeak, squeak!


  The sound of flesh against flesh echoed from the largest room of the inn on the outskirts of the city center.


  “Ha, haaa… ugh… ugh…” 


  “Haa, haa…”


  Even after darkness fell, Kania and I continued.


  – Spurt, spurt…


  As my cum filled her vagina for who knew how many times, Kania, who had been passing out and waking up repeatedly, opened her eyes and flinched.




  I thrusted my hips roughly on top of her and satisfyingly withdrew my cock as all of my semen flowed inside her.


  – Pop…!


  I pulled my cock with a pop.


  – Drizzle…  


  Soon after, my cum began to pour out of her, but Kania instinctively clenched her pussy to keep my baby batter inside.


  “Kania, let’s rest for now… No, this should be enough… right?”


  I was sweating profusely and breathing hard as I looked at her, but when I felt a stiffness in my lower half, I looked away and started to say uncertainty.


  – Kugwang…!!! 




  Suddenly, the door to our room shattered, and for a moment, I sat with a stunned expression.


  – Step, step… 




  At first I thought there was an intruder, and I quickly reached for my sword under the bed, but when I saw the people walking towards me, my eyes widened, and I lost my words.


  “You thieving cat…” 




  Irina and Clana were slowly approaching me.


  Completely naked, too.






  I squirmed back in panic, and Kania, having just regained her senses, sat up in bed with her eyes wide.


  “Y-You guys. How did you get in here…” 


  “We broke through the wall.” 


  “W-What are…” 


  “Forget it. This is against the rules, you know that, right?” 


  “N-No, it’s not! What are you…”


  Their conversation continued.


  “Well, since it’s come to this, we’ll just have to exercise our rights too.” 


  “Y-Yeah. That’s right.”


  But then Irina and Clana’s eyes turned serious, and I broke out in a cold sweat and tried to get out of there.


  “Where are you going, Frey?”  


  Clana shyly stepped up to my left side and blocked the way.


  “You said it yourself, didn’t you?”


  And with a plump breast that I’d never seen before, Irina scooted over to the right side of the bed to block me.


  “You’re the one who said “all of us”… are the ones who made you the happiest.” 


  “Right, so… we should ‘all’ work together to make Frey happy, you stray cat bitch.”


  Then they looked at me with eagerness and excitement in their eyes.


  “Y-You girls… what is this…”  


  Kania spoke urgently while stroking her lower belly that was soaked with my cum.


  “…I, I’m not done yet.”


  With that, the three girl’s eyes began to focus on me.    


  “W-Would you like to conquer… The most noble pussy in the empire?”


  “I-It will be so warm inside me, I’ve already warmed it up.” 


  “I-I’m the second wife, and as per our wager, you must obey me first…” 


  The main heroines are trying to kill me.





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