The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 292

Chapter 292 - Start Of A New Term

༺ Start Of A New Term ༻  



  – Chirp, chirp~!


  The morning had come accompanied by the chirping of birds and sunlight streaming through the window.




  I opened my eyes only to be hit by dizziness and soreness all over my body.




  Then, the memories of last night’s affair came flooding back.


  – Smooch…♡


  “Are you awake, Frey?”


  I wondered if it was all just a dream. But when I saw Clana and Irina fumbling with their clothes next to the bed and then kissing me on both cheeks, it made me realize that last night was very real.


  After all, the feeling of having my vitality completely drained during two months of sleep therapy by Kania was the most obvious evidence.


  – Jiggle…♡


  “I’ve called the carriage, we should get going.”


  “We’re a bit late… Oh well, it can’t be helped.”


  As they gently stroked their slightly jiggling underbelly, they urged me on.


  – Wriggle, wriggle…


  “Kania, what are you doing?”


  Feeling like I’d die if I got up right away, I decided to lay down a bit more and stared blankly at the ceiling. Then I noticed something wriggling under the blanket.




  Then, Kania, who was wriggling under the blanket, quietly emerged.




  She wiped something trickling from her mouth with her hand and then put on a businesslike expression.


  “Then, I’ll prepare for our departure to the Academy.”


  She then picked up her clothes from the floor and quietly headed to the shower.


  “What a sly cat.”


  I watched Kania retreating back with a slightly incredulous look, then turned my gaze back to the ceiling.


  “So, it’s back to school now.”


  The long vacation and rest were now over.


  “It’s time to start again…”


  It was now time to go back to the Academy and diligently carry out the main quest.


[Point Investment System]

< 2910400/5000000 >


  Suppressing the soreness, I sat up in bed and checked the points I had accumulated during my freshman year, and I couldn’t help but sigh.


  “I have to fill it up… before the end of my sophomore year.”


  To end this tragedy as soon as possible and bring peace to the world, I needed to head to the Academy.


  The environment for maximizing points had already been created.


  For the next year, I would become as strong as possible while quickly earning points to awaken the Hero’s Armament.


  And after defeating the Demon King and the mastermind behind everything, I would spend a peaceful and quiet life with my loved ones.




  Of course, to achieve that, I have to go through considerable hardships in the future.


  But being lazy wouldn’t make it any less challenging, so I was about to get up. However, suddenly I noticed something.


  – Whoosh…


  “What’s this?”


  Near my still-naked lower body were three crystals.


  They were black, red, and yellow, and at a glance, they looked like ‘Awakening Crystals’, rewards from the 19+ event.


  Feeding these to the girls would likely awaken them, just like Serena.


  No, wait. Come to think of it, that might not be the case for Irina. For some reason, it seems that my understanding of her was lacking.


  Who else knew her more than I do?


  Well, now that I thought about it, there might be someone. Arianne or the Tower Master, perhaps.


  I should ask them about Irina when I get the chance.


  ‘But where did these crystals come from?’


  I crawled out of bed while clutching my shaking waist. Then I gazed curiously at the crystals in my hand.


  ‘Did someone leave them here? Or, did they emerge from my lower body…?’


  The first ‘attack’ was after spending time with Kania. 


  Then, the second ‘attack’ was after I spent time with Kania again until dawn, only to be pounced on by the two girls who had regained their stamina.


  It must have been quite a while since I blacked out, but my lower body still felt numb.


  So, did it really come from my lower body? 


  It seemed likely, as no one would just suddenly show up  and give me something like this.


  ‘Wait, but what about Serena’s crystal… When and where…?’


  “Frey? Aren’t you supposed to get there earlier because you’re a Professor?”




  A voice broke me out of my reverie. I quietly clutched my head and got out of bed.


  “I’m a professor now.”


  Thus began my peculiar academy life as a sophomore and a special professor for the freshmen.








  “Here it is… Sunrise Academy…”


  A girl stood in front of the Academy’s gate, her expression tense with nervousness.


  “It’s amazing…”


  “Lenya, stop it. You look like a country bumpkin.”


  Her name was Lenya de Horizon.


  She was the second daughter of the Horizon family, known for its elven bloodline, and her interest lies in magic, which she was talented in.


  “Tsk, you must have found it amazing too, Sister.”


  “Still, we can’t be looked down here. You can’t show even the slightest hint of weakness.”


  “I know, I know.”


  A few hundred years ago, the Horizon was a highly regarded Ducal house in the Empire, but that wasn’t the case anymore.


  They had fallen from grace due to a certain incident, and only recently managed to revive their status somewhat.


  However, they hadn’t regained their former glory and prestige.


  Frey, who was unaware of this and only knew them from the prophecy, thought their official status still was that of a ‘Ducal’, instead of a ‘Baroness’.


  This was a small variable created by the Sun God to alter the world.


  “You know how our family managed to rise again, right, Lenya?”


  “W-Why are you like this…”


  She gripped Lenya’s shoulder and spoke with a serious expression on her face.


  “We can’t lose everything now that we’ve come this far, okay?”




  “So, we must join the Hero’s Party. Become its pillar and make a name for ourselves again.”




  Her sister’s eyes blazed with determination.


  After struggling for generations, they barely reclaimed their nobility, yet they still faced disdain and were treated as lowly commoners, this made her sister indignant.

  “And… we must deal with that bastard.”


  “Y-Yeah, we can’t forgive him.”


  Lenya couldn’t help but agree as she looked at her sister apprehensively.


  “That bastard hindered our family’s restoration and even branded you as a slave… He is unforgivable.”


  The ‘bastard’ that she and her sister were referring to, was ‘Frey’, the public enemy, and the person she despised the most.


  “Remember the plan for today, right? We must stand out to catch the Hero’s attention…”


  – Ding dong…!


  As Lenya’s gaze intensified and filled with hostility, mirroring her sister’s, the bell suddenly rang.


  – Attention all students. The entrance ceremony will begin in five minutes. Please gather in the auditorium before then. I repeat…


  And then, the announcement echoed throughout the academy.


  “Let’s hurry, we can’t be looked down on, even for a moment.”




  Listening attentively to the announcement, Lenya’s sister grabbed her hand and started dragging her along


  “S-Slow down…!”


  Unlike her sister, Lenya had poor stamina and she quickly got exhausted.




  Suddenly, her mouth dropped open.


  “What’s with her?”


  A girl with a sculpted face walked past them, leading a group of noble students.


  “That’s the only daughter of Count Justiano. Have you forgotten already?”




  Lenya looked enviously at the girl who was ignoring those trying to talk to her as she walked with an aloof expression, and then her expression turned cold at her sister’s words.


  “She’s our family’s archenemy. You must remember that.”




  “Recently, she absorbed most of the Roswyn faction and is in the midst of absorbing Frey’s faction. Like father, like daughter, I suppose.”


  Although she was only a Countess, her influence was among the highest in the empire.


  Count Justiano was known as the ruler of the underworld, and he controlled the majority of the Empire’s back alley.


  His authority was comparable to a Ducal family, far beyond that of a Marquis, as he dominated the corrupt underworld of the Empire.


  Although he was recently overshadowed by the emergence of the ‘Hero of Money’ and the disguised Kania, everyone regarded the three of them as collaborators.


  And that was somewhat true.


  Therefore, it was only natural that the Roswyn faction, whose guild had recently been officially closed down, and Frey, who had now become a commoner, were absorbed by the Count’s daughter, who reeked of darkness.






  She walked past Lenya with a mocking laugh, and Lenya snapped.


  “Why the hell are you laughing…”


  “Hey, you two! Hurry up, or we’ll close the doors!”




  Hearing the assistant instructor’s loud voice, they quickly entered the auditorium.




  Lenya looked around, and her mouth opened wide in awe.


  “This is so amazing…”


  The auditorium, seemingly small from the outside, revealed a grand and majestic space within.


  – Shimmer, shimmer…! 


  – Poof! Poof!


  The auditorium looks so majestic with beautiful jewels adorned throughout the space. Fairies and lesser spirits flew around, sprinkling blessing dust above her, as if welcoming the new additions to the academy. 


  An insignia of the huge sun, star, and moon adorned the center of the auditorium.


  “Those spirits and fairies… I thought they disappeared from the world centuries ago…”


  Mesmerized, Lenya looked at them with dazed eyes, and then she looked down.


  “Those people… I know all of them…”


  She saw prominent figures.


  “So, you’re the one who won the bet?”


  “I lasted the longest, after all.”


  Kania, a rising figure in the underworld, and Irina, a former disciple at the Magic Tower, were conversing.




  “Accept it, having big breasts isn’t everything.”


  Looking at their expressions, they seemed to be having a very dignified conversation.


  “So… how long will you keep up this act?”


  “Act??? What do you mean? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”


  Meanwhile, Serena from the Moonlight Family covered her face behind a fan and approached the Pure Saintess Ferloche, who wore an innocent smile.


  “Exactly what did I concede… Huh?” 


  “Think whatever you like!”


  The sight of the noble ladies engaging in a meaningful verbal exchange—one pair exuding powerful murderous intent and the other pair radiating a relaxed atmosphere—was quite stimulating for Lenya, who was nothing more than a Baron’s daughter.


  “I don’t need a medical exam. I’m just not feeling well, so please step back.” 


  ‘P-Princess Clana…’


  Quietly observing the scene, Lenya swallowed dryly upon noticing Clana was next to her.


  Lenya deeply admired Clana, the third Imperial Princess, for her effort in rising from the last to the second in line to the throne.


  “Frey’s seed… I’ll protect it. Definitely…” 


  ‘I, too, will be like her… I will revive our family.’


  Even though Clana looked unwell and kept stroking her lower belly, Lenya still silently vowed to be like her.


  “Indeed, this is Sunrise Academy.” 




  Other formidable figures in the auditorium included the youngest Paladin of the Church, Princess Aishi of the Cloud Kingdom, and Roswyn, who looked utterly dejected in a corner.


  Since Lenya was a lower-rank noble, she can’t strike up a conversation with these distinguished individuals.


  – Shimmer…♡




  Suddenly, fairies flew towards her, making her feel a bit intimidated.


  – Shimmer…♪


  – Poof…♡


  “Ah! Hey, that tickles. Haha, hahaha…”


  Sensing the elven blood in her, the fairies swarmed around Lenya, who ended up laughing as she flailed her arms around.


  “…What’s with her?” 


  “She’s really pretty…” 


  “Never seen her before… Is she a commoner?”


  As the second daughter of the Horizon family, who’s known for their elven lineage, Lenya was strikingly beautiful.


  “Behave yourself, Lenya.”


  Her older sister frowned and pulled her back as she noticed the surrounding gaze.


  – Thud, thud…


  The Professors began to enter the auditorium.




  In an instant, the atmosphere turned cold.




  Feeling the tension, Lenya instinctively swallowed dryly and fixed her gaze to one side.


  So did everyone else’s.


  “Uh, ahem.”


  Frey stands quietly beside Isolet. Then he straightened his clothes and cleared his throat with an exhausted expression.


  ‘I can’t stand to even look at him…’


  She looked tense for a moment, then quietly mumbled to herself.


  ‘The public enemy, the vilest villain of the Empire. That scoundrel dared to brand my sister with a slave seal… And now he’s acting all high and mighty…’


  She then gestured subtly with her hand.


  “Can you play a trick on him?” 


  – Shimmer!


  She whispered quietly to the fairy next to her.


  Even though she just met the fairy for the first time today, the instinct in her blood told her that it was possible.


  – Shimmer…!


  At Lenya’s command, the spirit flew toward Frey in front of the auditorium.


  – Rustle, rustle…


  Just as it was about to sprinkle some strange powder on his shoulder.


  – Clack!!




  An owl suddenly swooped in and seized the lesser fairy in its talons.


  “Koo!! Kooo!!!” 


  “Ack! W-What! What are you doing? Ack…”


  The owl glared at Lenya and flew toward her with the spirit in its talons, and pecked on her forehead, causing her to tear up and flail her arms around.


  “H-Help! Help me…! This crazy bird is trying to kill me…!” 


  – Thud…! 


  “Ah, thank… thank you…”


  As she was about to thank the person who helped her for catching the bird and placing it on their shoulder.




  Her eyes widened and she gasped.




  “Uh, ahhhh?”


  Frey was standing in front of Lenya, glaring with an icy look on his face.


  “What is the meaning of this?”


  And then, all eyes in the auditorium were on her.




  It was the moment Lenya’s life at the Academy took a disastrous turn.




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The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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