The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 301

Chapter 301 - Her Identity

 ༺ Her Identity ༻



  – Kugugugugu…!


  The vibrations that had struck the entire academy began to intensify. 


  “Wh-What’s happening?”


  “An earthquake? Is it an earthquake?”


  “It can’t be, right? An earthquake at the academy?”


  The students’ bewildered expressions turned white as a sheet .


  Not to mention intrusion, the Academy had never experienced any kind of natural disaster through the use of various ancient magics.


  As a result, despite several recent internal incidents casting a shadow on its reputation, Sunrise Academy was still considered to be the safest place in the empire.


  – Crackle, crackle…!




  Yet, at this moment, that academy was shaking to the point where the walls were cracking. Therefore, it was natural for the students to fall into panic.


  But, they shouldn’t be surprised just by something like this.


  But that was because they didn’t know anything.


  This was just the beginning. 


  Would these guys have any idea how much this academy would be entangled in incidents from now on?


  According to the prophecy foretold by the Ancestor, the invasion of the ‘Academy’ was an inevitable cliché, like fate.


  Also, as predicted, the upcoming ‘Siege of the Academy’ would lead to a large-scale invasion of the academy.


  Of course, I had destroyed the Dark Golem, the final boss of the siege scenario, during my first year, so I had been somewhat relieved during that time.


  However, if things were as they were supposed to be, shouldn’t the ‘Erosion Phenomenon’ occur much later? And wouldn’t that eye monsters and the intermediate Dark Golems only spawn at that time?


  After such events occurred haphazardly, I couldn’t feel relieved at all.


  Therefore, I resolved to become stronger and make the heroines stronger, too. However…


  “Master! Danger…”


  – Crash…!


  I swung my sword, knocking away the light fixture falling towards Lulu and me. Then, I stared at her with a pale face.


  – Ssk, ssk…


  “Uh, eaaah?”


  At that moment, I gently rubbed Lulu’s cheek with mine.


  So soft…


  I felt a warm feeling.


  Now I could understand why she kept rubbing her cheek against mine.


  “I-I want to do it too.”


  – Ssk, ssk…


  “N-Now… because we’re lovers…”


  After I briefly brushed my cheek against hers, Lulu pressed her cheek against mine.


  – Nuzzling…


  Thanks to that, a somewhat hilarious scene unfolded as we earnestly nuzzled while embracing each other for a while.


  – Thump, thump!


  “D-darn it… Wh-What the heck is happening…”


  “S-Save us!”


  Fortunately, the surroundings were so noisy that our reactions went unnoticed.


  “Act slowly according to the order!”


  “Hey, you there, don’t run recklessly!”


  The student council and some professors began to command loudly and lead the chaotic students towards the sports field. 


  – Crackle, crackle…


  However, the incident seemed to be originating from the sports field.


  Others might not have noticed it due to the vibrations, but I could clearly see the space gradually breaking apart in the corner of the sports field. 


  Originally, this scenario started with an explosion incident in the annex, but such variables seemed bound to occur.




  Thanks to Lulu, who helped me calm down, I could assess the atmosphere in the classroom.


  The atmosphere in the classroom was still chaotic. 


  Even the students who wanted to bully me during lunchtime were pale-faced and trembled.


  – Beep, beep…


  Although I was relieved, if things continued like this, there could be casualties. So, I communicated with Kania, Irina, and Clana, who were quietly observing the situation.


  “Go to the sports field. It’s the Erosion Phenomenon.”


  After hearing my brief command, they quietly left the classroom, being careful not to attract attention. 


  “Let’s go too, Lulu.”


  “Ah, yes!”


  After I watched them go, I spoke to Lulu in a low voice and held her hand before starting to move my wobbly legs.


  “We must prevent this disaster now.”


  “P-Prevent it?”


  Upon hearing my muttered words, she reacted by tilting her head.


  “Aren’t you the one who caused it, Master?”


  And then, she uttered the words.




  About to retort with disbelief, I quickly recalled that she saw me as an executive in the Demon King’s Army. So, I hesitated for a while before speaking again.


  “It wasn’t me.”




  “It was the Church. The Church is the Third Force.”


  “Ah, I see.”


  Upon hearing that, she immediately nodded in understanding.


  “I’ll remember it.”


  As she mumbled that, she took my hand and began leading me.


  “The Church is your enemy… The Church is an enemy… eliminate, I must eliminate them…”




  If she had a tail, it would have wagged vigorously as she casually muttered such scary words. Watching Lulu in a daze, I soon chuckled to myself and quietly mumbled.


  Did I just… see it wrong?


  I definitely saw something growing on Lulu’s head.








  – Crackle, crackle…!




  Lulu came outside with Frey, and quietly lit up her Magic Eyes. She started to analyze the distorted space he pointed out earlier.


  This is strange. I have no idea about the structure.


  However, even she couldn’t analyze the distorted space caused by the Erosion Phenomenon. 


  She is the one who can instantly analyze the space that Dmir Khan, the world’s greatest authority on spatial magic, has put a lot of effort into distorting.


  Not only that, but since her Magic Eyes were upgraded, she was able to analyze anything that was magical or had rules to it.


  “Uh, uh…”


  However, for the first time, there was something she couldn’t analyze.


  As a result, Lulu broke into a cold sweat. She checked Frey’s reaction and spoke faintly.


  “I-I don’t know… Master.”




  “I can’t analyze it at all. I don’t know the components or anything else… Heik!”


  Then, Frey quietly reached out his hand towards her head. Lulu flinched with a frightened expression on her face.


  She knew that Frey had never hit her, but the moment she realized that she couldn’t help him had triggered her past trauma.


  The fact that she deserved to be beaten if she wasn’t useful or couldn’t help had been deeply ingrained in her mind.


  It was somewhat faint, but that memory was undoubtedly…


  – Ssk…




  As fear gripped Lulu’s mind, Frey’s gentle touch reached out to her.


  “It’s okay, Lulu.”


  Before long, Frey’s gentle smile came into view for her.


  “At this moment, your presence by my side is already a tremendous help.”


  Then, Frey tightly embraced her.


  – Thump, thump…


  Then, she could feel Frey’s heartbeat.




  His heartbeat was beating several times faster than hers. 


  Her master was experiencing fear and dread several times greater than hers due to some kind of curse.


  This isn’t the time for this.


  Therefore, she made a resolution once again.


  Let’s ignore the past traumas. Protecting the Master in front of you is what matters now.


  Originally, she had a mental strength of only 1, but due to recent changes, her mental strength had remarkably risen. 


  You decided to become stronger, Lulu, didn’t you? Master wants you. So, you have to meet his expectations and become stronger.


  It was an achievement made solely with the determination to protect Frey.


  As Master’s loyal pet, it was only natural to protect him.


  Lulu, who had overcome the trauma of her past on her own for the first time, tilted her head as she felt a tingling sensation in her head.


  “…What’s this?”


  Recently, whenever she harbored an ambition to climb higher, whenever she wanted to  become stronger than she was now, her head would feel itchy.


  “Well, then, can you analyze those guys?”


  “Ah, yes!”


  Thanks to Frey’s question, Lulu, who had been awkwardly rubbing her head in his arms, widened her eyes and nodded vigorously.




  And the moment she looked beyond Frey, Lulu’s mouth opened wide.


  – Krrroooaaarrr!!


  – Kkiek, kkieeeeek!!


  Hideous-looking demonic monsters crawled out from the distorted space.




  “Damn! What the hell is that!?”


  Suddenly, screams and curses erupted from everywhere.


  “Th-This can’t be…”


  The principal, who had hurriedly come out of the sports field, turned pale and sat on the ground, horrified by the disaster unfolding before his eyes.


  “T-The academy is… under attack…”


  The Sunrise Academy, the ‘Sanctuary’ which had never allowed intrusion since the final battle between the Demon King and the Hero a thousand years ago, was ruthlessly under attack.


  “Lulu, analyze the information on the monsters and the combat patterns of the first-year students. Don’t worry about the second and third-year students.”


  “Yes, yes…”


  “Except for the commoners, everyone in the second year is not worth analyzing… Instead, focus on analyzing and evaluating how the first-year students respond to crises. You can do that, right?”


  “Y-yes, I got it…!”


  Thanks to Frey’s urgent shout, Lulu quickly snapped out of her daze and nodded.


  Analysis was her specialty.


  It might have been a bit challenging in the past, but now that her Magic Eyes had been upgraded, let alone analyzing the combat patterns of the first-year students, even analyzing the entire school would be a piece of cake.


  “Also, analyze the combat patterns of Kania, Irina, and Clana. They’ll be facing three mid-bosses each.”


  “Ah….Understood. B-but where are you going?”


  As Lulu clenched her fists determinedly, she urgently asked Frey as he began heading somewhere.


  “There’s something I must do.”


  Then, Frey responded by fiddling with the ‘Robe of Deception’ in his arms.


  “No matter what… I need to minimize the Hero’s influence.”


  Frey’s face turned pale with considerable fear as he said that.


  “While revealing the Hero of Money for the first time, I must also protect all the first-year students. I can’t allow a single casualty. I must turn this incident into a lesson.”


  “Wait a moment!” 


  Indeed… Do I truly have no option but to enter the gate?


  “L-let me go with you…!”


  Lulu desperately ran towards him because, just by looking, it was evident that he was trembling so much that he appeared pitiful.


  “Lulu, please take care of what I said.”


  Frey said that with a gentle smile. He trembled with fear as he stepped into the crowd of people who were staring at him coldly.


  – Ssk…


  At that moment, the robe of deception slipped away from his arms. 


  – Crackle…




  Lulu, who was desperately trying to find Frey who was mixed in with the crowd with her magic eyes, began to break out in a cold sweat when she couldn’t find him with her magic eyes for some reason.




  She stared blankly at the crowd, resembling a dog that had lost its master, and mumbled. Soon, a single tear streamed down her face as she muttered once more.




  Lulu called Frey’s name not as a pet dominated by him, but as a lover who loved him more than anyone else.


  At the same time, her expression began to change more seriously than ever before.


  “Indeed, I must become at least hundreds of times stronger than I am now.”


  Lulu stood still as she clenched her fist. Then, she trembled and spoke with a fire of determination in her eyes.


“Wherever you are, no matter where you go, no matter where you hide… I will find you.”



  Then, this time, her tailbone tingled.


  She quietly twisted her legs when she felt the prickling sensation.


  Focus… Let’s focus.


  Following the sensation that she felt in her head since earlier, she was now starting to feel it in her pelvis too. She ignored the prickling sensation and simply operated her Magic Eyes and began to speak intensely.



“…I will always find you, so that I can be your pet forever.”



  At the same time, the attention of the demonic monsters began to slowly shift towards her.








  At that moment.


  “H-Hero! What should we do now!?”


  “That… Those are demonic monsters, right?”




  The students sticking to Ruby were shouting at her with pale faces.


  “H-Hero, it’s time for you to show us your strength.”


  “That’s right. Hero, you’re strong, aren’t you? So, just those guys…”


  …Darn it.


  In that situation, Ruby was quietly sweating and gazing at what was in front of her.


[Passive Status: Honesty MAX, Vulnerability MAX]


  Frey that bastard…


  In the current situation, the worst curses were piled up on her. 


  Did he already connect to the special system? Moreover, did he willingly spend points like this? He’s not that kind of guy, is he? So, what the hell is going on here?


  Ruby observed her own special details with an annoyed expression. 


  “…Well, playing like this would be fun too.”


  Shortly after, she murmured with a smile full of interest.


  “As expected, you always make me happy…”


  – Crackle, crackle…!




  She casually looked around to search for Frey, who might be busy running around somewhere. Suddenly, her eyes widened, and her hair stood up as she stared at something.




  She let out a short sigh as she noticed the sudden and drastic change in Lulu’s body.


  “Speaking of losers, what are you going to do now?”


  As she was about to avert her gaze, Ruby noticed the intense stare directed at her. She added a brief word.


  “…Regardless, you are always persistent, little sis.”


  The cold gaze of Ruby, who spoke so honestly, intersected with the eyes of Lulu, who had turned ruby-colored.



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The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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