The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 36

Chapter 36 - Bombshell

༺ Bombshell ༻


  “…Young Master, are you really going to do such a crazy thing?”



  It has already been a day since I told Kania about my plans.



  So, as I was getting dressed to go to the ball where Clana’s fiancé will be decided, Kania spoke to me about the plan I told her yesterday.



  After arguing with her yesterday, I went to the classroom without a wink of sleep, and since then, I’ve been trying to ignore this subject.



  But now, seeing her blocking the door and emanating a dark aura, if I ignore her again this time, she will really get mad.



  “Then why don’t we just watch Clana get engaged to those stinky bastards?”


  “It’s not as easy as you think it is…”



  Upon hearing the words I had to say out of necessity, Kania heaved a sigh and said. 



  “I’m sure Her Highness Clana has a plan. She can take care of herself…”


  “Kania, have you finished all investigations regarding the five candidates chosen as Clana’s fiancé?”




  “Then, start with the first fiancé candidate.”



  After hearing my command, Kania hesitated for a moment, then took out her notebook and began turning the pages.



  “Yes… First of all, the first candidate… is the Lord of a Marquisate family, now 53 years old. He has three sons and one daughter…”




  “The second to fourth candidates are no different from the Young Master. Of course I meant… when the Young Master pretends to be a villain.”




  “He is a man well known for his lust; rumors suggest that every woman who has been involved with him is ruined…”


  “That’s enough. I hope now, after looking at that list, you understand the reason why I’m doing this.”



  As I spoke with my brows furrowed, Kania coughed and said.



  “I’m just worried about the Young Master.”


 “It’s fine. It’s not like this is my first time, right?”


  “However, you’re up against the Imperial family. No matter how prominent the Starlight family is in the Empire…”


  “…Don’t worry about that.”



  As I spoke sternly, Kania tilted her head.



  “Even if things go wrong, the Imperial family won’t touch us right away.”


  “…How come?”


  “Because our family are the descendants of the hero from 1000 years ago, and my ancestor had made a covenant with the Imperial family.”

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  Hearing that, Kania asked with an expression of incomprehension.



  “…Does it still stand?”


  “Whether it stands or not, you’ll know when the time comes.”



  As I finished talking with a confident expression on my face, Kania put her notebook down on the desk with a clattering sound and pouted.



  “So, how are you going to take care of the aftermath?”


  “Well… is there really any need to take care of the aftermath?”



  As I scratched my head, Kania placed her palm on her face and then began shaking her head.



  “Young Master… I don’t know if you’re amazing or just stupid.”


  “I must be stupid. There are a myriad of people who are more amazing than me.”


  “I’m sure there are.”



  When I saw Kania looking at me with an eased expression, I couldn’t help but smile.



  “Kania, as my butler, I do like your discipline and perfectionist side… but this honest side of yours that you show from time to time is also a pleasant sight.”



  Upon hearing my remark, Kania’s expression froze, and she immediately began apologizing to me.



  “I apologize, Young Master. I made a mistake…”


  “It’s fine. From now on, please be comfortable around me without being too conscious of your appearance.”


  “Is that so? Then…”



  When she heard those words, Kania looked at me with a bright smile for a moment, then scratched her head with a troubled expression and said.



  “On second thought, I think I’m more comfortable with my usual look.”




  “I grew up maintaining this image since I was young… The thought of abandoning it makes me anxious.”





  As I briefly stared at her, scratching her head with an awkward expression on her face, I offered a suggestion.



  “Um… Would you like to go out together soon?”




  “It’s something that all normal girls around your age like doing. I know a bit about this…”



  That said, Kania responded with an absurd expression on her face.



  “I know. It’s not that I didn’t go out because I was unaware of this, all right?”


  “That’s right. It’s not that you didn’t go because you weren’t aware. So, let’s go out together.”

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  When I said that, Kania stared blankly at me and lowered her head as she understood the meaning behind my words.



  “Of course, you can also go out with Clana and Ferloche too.”


  “Her Highness Clana is busy these days, so she won’t have time for it, and if I keep hanging out with Lady Ferloche, it’s going to be detrimental to you, won’t it?”


  “However, if you’re caught hanging out with me, it will cause quite a bit of trouble.”


  “…What’s wrong with a Master and his butler going out together?”



  As I tilted my head, Kania said with a stern look on her face, as if she was asking something obvious.



  “Young Master, are you thinking of committing an evil deed?”


  “If we follow the scenario where I’m trying to seduce you, and you pretend to be uncomfortable, it won’t really be a problem, huh? In the first place, it’s something I do every day.”


  “That’s not what I meant… that’s not the problem.”



  At the end of my response, Kania raised her head and asked with a blush on her face.



  “Why are you so nice to me?”


  “Um… well.”



  I replied to her with a subtle smile. 



  “I’ve always wanted to be nice to you because I have always made you suffer since my childhood.”





  As I said so with a regretful expression, Kania bit her lip and then asked quietly.



  “So, when…”


  “After this ball and the raid.”


  “Yes, Young Master…”



  After quietly nodding her head, Kania suddenly frowned and raised her voice.



  “Come to think of it, this isn’t the problem right now. The main issue is how are you going to deal with the aftermath?”


  “Like I said, I don’t intend to do anything.”


  “What the hell do you mean…”


  “I will bear the consequences of my actions until Clana gathers enough strength to retaliate. That’s why, even though we could have executed our plan in secret to begin with, we are going to cause a ruckus at the ball on purpose.”


  “Are you serious?”


  “Yes, it’s an opportunity to protect Clana from those bastards and at the same time raise my notoriety.”



  Upon hearing this, Kania finally gave up trying to persuade me with a hopeless expression, and then sat next to me on the bed and said.



  “If all the Imperial aristocrats were like you… the Empire wouldn’t have ended up this way, would it?”


  “…I don’t know.”



  As Kania listened to my words, she stared into my eyes and said.



  “I’m sure it wouldn’t have ended up in this state.”


  “I appreciate your praise.”


  “Well, let’s get going.”



  At the same time, we got up from the bed and began heading to the carriage waiting outside.



  “By the way, did you come up with any plans for Lady Serena?”





  She brought up an issue I contemplated throughout the entirety of yesterday, but I couldn’t come up with a solution.










  “Lord Frey Raon Starlight, the first son and the Provisional Lord of the Starlight Ducal family, is entering.”



  When I brought Kania to the banquet hall where the ball was being held, everyone turned their attention to me.



  “…You’re attracting a lot of attention.”


  “Because I’m a Starlight.”



  Originally, I was always at the center of attention in parties and banquets, but in today’s banquet that I’m attending, it’s worse than usual.



  Indeed, the interest received as the Provisional Lord of the Starlight family is bound to be different from the interest received as the first son and primary heir of the Starlight Family.



  This is because the Starlight family’s status is so overwhelming in the Empire.



  “They are like a pack of wolves that have found their prey.”



  Kania grumbled with an irritated expression as people who always looked at me, paid me bribes, and those who were slightly acquainted with me gradually flocked to me. 



  “Kania, can’t you brainwash them all?”


  “…Black magic isn’t omnipotent.”



  When I asked Kania in a whispering tone, she sighed and answered.



  “…I was merely joking.”



  In the end, I smiled bitterly and began socializing with the people who flocked to me one after another.



  “I’m sorry about your father’s situation. I’ll surely visit him once.”


  “It’s unfortunate… that the benevolent Lord of the Starlight family, the pillar of the Empire, has fallen.”


  “…I’m grateful for your concern.”



  Occasionally, I thanked them in a clichéd manner and stared at the tactless people asking for my father’s well-being with a murderous gaze. The nobles read the meaning behind my gaze and immediately got to the point.



  Of course, the main point was solicitation and bribery while speaking in a formal and civilized way.



  “Everyone, thank you for your concern, but I don’t think it’s something we should be talking about at this place.”



  I felt exhausted while listening to the conversation filled with fallacy, which felt like it would last for several decades, and eventually, I got up from my seat and excused myself in a formal tone that I had never used before because I was acting like a villain.



  “Well, my letter box is always open. Why don’t we discuss the unfinished business there later?”



  When I dismissed the method of sending bribes and solicitations in a fairly formal tone, the nobles let me go with a slightly disappointed expression on their faces.



  “…Bunch of disgusting bastards. Just from their gazes, it’s evident their true goal is to just get close to me.”


  “That’s true.”


  “Keep all the bribes and solicitations from those guys. We’ll have to use it later.”





  After a few minutes of self-rationalization that by suffering from these nobles, I was able to obtain the evidence which would aid in the Empire’s cleansing in the future; I felt exhausted and headed for the place where the cuisines were arranged in order to grab something to eat.



  “Hello, Silver-haired Young Master?”


  “Excuse me, can you spare some time?”


  “I was just organizing a tea party; would you like to join me, Young Master Frey?”



  This time, I am surrounded by a considerable number of young aristocratic ladies.



  “Ummm… I apologize, but I’m famished.”



  After being tormented by the greedy aristocrats for a long time, I didn’t have it in me to deal with these young aristocratic ladies, so I tried to escape after giving them a reasonable excuse, but they cut off my path of retreat and smiled with their eyes, forming a crescent moon pattern. 



  “Then that’s great! I have prepared a lot of snacks and desserts which were imported from abroad!”


  “However, wouldn’t it be rude for me to intrude upon a party meant for the ladies?”


  “But, Young Master Frey, when did you start getting bothered about such things?”





  In this situation, if I tried to keep stubbornly rejecting their advances, my image of a lustful person who chases skirts like a lunatic would crumble, so I smiled and said.



  “Yes, I tried to restrain myself today, but I guess I have no choice.”



  Upon hearing that, the Young Ladies giggled, and as I stared at them apathetically, I decided that I would leave after slightly lifting their mood. 










  Suddenly, all the aristocratic ladies grabbed their bellies in unison while breaking out in a cold sweat.

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  As I looked perplexed by this sudden development, Kania, who was standing quietly next to me until then, muttered.



  “I heard that quite a lot of people have gotten sick from eating foreign desserts these days… Did the esteemed young ladies also get sick from eating those desserts?”



  Upon hearing that, the young ladies staggered up with a frown on their faces, then bid me farewell.



  “Well then… we’ll be taking our leave…”


  “Young Master Frey, the tea party I mentioned earlier, I will organize it next time instead…”


  – Groooowlll!





  After saying their goodbyes, the young ladies scampered away with hastened footsteps to somewhere else.



  “Kania, look into the brands of desserts those girls ate. There must be something…”


  “Young Master, would you mind exuding stellar mana from your own hand for a while?”



  As I observed those aristocratic ladies suspiciously, I ordered Kania to investigate the said desserts, but Kania cut me off and asked me to exude stellar mana out of nowhere.



  My body was still overflowing with mana because recently I drank the highest-grade mana potion. Thus, as I started exuding a bit of stellar mana without much thought, Kania suddenly grabbed my hand.



  “Kania? What are you doing…?”




  “…No way?”



  Then, as she held my hand a smoke rose from her hand. And I looked at her and said.



  “I’ve been having a lot of stomach aches these days… So, I know how to make other people go through the same.”


  “…And what if you get caught?”


  “It’s a curse that can be cast for once. By the time they return from the bathroom, it will be difficult to find any traces unless Lady Ferloche herself investigates.”





  Of course, I was grateful to her for lending me a hand, and I believed in her skills, but I was still slightly worried. However, when I saw Kania’s resolute expression, I decided to keep my mouth shut.



  “Let’s go.”





  Then Kania began walking with a satisfied smile, and I momentarily scratched my head and began following her.



  I don’t know why, but lately I’m becoming more and more like a mouse.










  “Young Master, aren’t you going to have a drink today?”


  “…I’m not feeling well.”


  “Oh my! If the Young Master doesn’t drink, then it must mean that you are in a nasty mood, right?”



  After escaping from the wolves who sought the power of the Starlight family and the young aristocratic ladies who tried to kidnap me, this time, I faced the temptation of wine recommended to me by the young lords.



  ‘…I want to take a sip.’



  I love drinking.



  Although my father taught me that alcohol is the root of all evil, honestly, I had no choice but to love wine because of the sort of work I do.



  Of course, now that my mental strength has improved, no matter how much I drink, I only feel slightly dazed.



  However, I still like booze because it slightly lifts my mood, and that feeling is precious to me.



  Of course, I haven’t had much fun because I pretended to be drunk after drinking half a bottle.



  “I’m afraid I have to visit you later when I have a chance.”


  “Sure, feel free to do so!”



  Of course, I decided not to drink a lot because the work I’ll be doing today needs to be perceived by the people attending the ball as something I did in a sane state of mind. 



  Thus, I waved to my drinking partners with a slightly disappointed expression and headed to the place for desserts, hoping that I might be able to satiate my hunger. However, soon a pretty interesting sight entered my field of vision.



  “…Princess, so which one of us will you choose?”


  “Would you mind giving me a moment of your time?”


  “Hmmm, even though this body is old, I’m much better than these kids.”



  Clana was surrounded by her fiancé candidates.



  “You’ll find out in a while. So, then…”


  “Don’t do that, please… Can’t you just tell me?”



  As Clana tried to leave the scene looking disgusted, one of the candidates reached for her arm and asked a question in a sly tone.



  Upon closer inspection, it was the guy who was considered to be lustful.



  “You’re being rude.”





  Clana, who looked displeased by his action, strongly slapped his hand away. The guy looked annoyed for a moment, but soon opened his mouth with a smirk.



  “Well… now you can treat us this way since we’re just candidates, but once you get engaged, you’d better be prepared, all right?”



  Having said that, he ogled Clana with a covetous gaze, and so did the rest of the candidates.






  Clana, who turned her back on those candidates, quickly left the scene. She then found me watching the spectacle quietly and opened her mouth with a sneer.

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  “…What do you think? Don’t I look funny?”





  As I stared at her impassively, Clana passed me by with a cold expression and said.



  “If you had just kept the promise you made to me back then, this wouldn’t have happened.”



  Upon hearing her remark, I closed my eyes, and Kania, who had been away for a while, approached me and asked. 



 “…What did she say?”





  I struggled to avoid that question and headed to the center of the banquet hall with Kania, who had been waiting by my side until then.



  This was because the main event of this ball was about to start soon.



  “Emperor Raikon Solar Sunrise, the glorious sun of the empire, and Empress Ramie Solar Sunrise are entering!”



  As I was quietly waiting for the right moment in the center of the banquet hall, the lights in the ballroom suddenly went out, and I heard the attendants’ announcement.



  And the next moment, the Emperor and Empress of the Sunrise Empire entered side by side.



– Swoosh…!



  Soon, the Emperor emanated the radiant solar mana, and those who witnessed the scene all bowed their heads at once.






  Meanwhile, Kania, who is vulnerable to the solar mana, frowned, as I hurriedly radiated the stellar mana to shield her from solar mana.






  Although the stellar mana blocked most of the solar mana, it also had the property of cleansing dark mana, so Kania gradually began to get drenched in sweat. Seeing this, I secretly held her hands and imbued her with my life force after a long time.



  “…Everyone raise your heads.”



  After holding Kania’s hand for a long time, the Emperor withdrew his solar mana, then took his seat on the throne and declared solemnly.



  For reference, I held my head high. This is because the Starlight and the Moonlight Ducal families are not obligated to bow in front of the Emperor.



  I hate the privileges that the aristocrats are entitled to, but I like this privilege where I don’t have to bow to the Imperial family.



  “As you all might be aware, the reason I invited all of you lords here today is to announce the betrothal partner of the Third Imperial Princess Clana.”



  Upon hearing that declaration, the eyes of Clana’s fiancé candidates, who were standing at the podium, lit up.



  “The method of selecting the betrothal… Ha-am…”



  The Emperor glanced at those fiancé candidates with a bored expression and suddenly yawned in the middle of his speech. He then rubbed his eyes and continued to speak.



  “Ramie, please explain on my behalf.”



  Having said that, the Emperor, who couldn’t overcome his lethargy, yawned again while sitting on the throne. On the other hand, the Empress smiled at the Emperor, then continued narrating what the Emperor was saying earlier.



  “The method of selecting the fiancé… Originally, Clana, the Third Princess, was supposed to choose by herself, but there seems to be a slight problem.”



  As soon as she said that, the attendants’ announcement resounded through the room. 



  “The Rising Suns of the Empire are entering!!”



  Then the First Prince, the First and Second Princess appeared one after another, and finally, Clana could be seen following them with a desolate expression on her face.



  “You shouldn’t make rash decisions when choosing a companion you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. So, the Rising Suns of the Empire and I together chose the right partner for yourself after a long discussion and consultation.”



  Upon hearing this, Clana trembled and lowered her head as the First and Second Princesses glanced at her and giggled.



  Meanwhile, the First Prince pretended to resemble a father who had a troubled expression.



  “Then, let’s announce the fiancé of the Third Imperial Princess we have chosen for herself.”



  Having said that, the Empress stood up, then slowly descended from the throne, and headed towards the podium where the fiancé candidates were standing.



  The fiancé candidates gulped and everyone’s attention turned to the Empress and the fiancé candidates.






  The Empress, relishing in such attention, arrived at the podium where the candidates were standing, and slowly passed by the candidates with leisurely footsteps.



  The Empress passed by the bald-headed old Marquis and the blushing drunkards, and eventually stopped in front of one person.

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  That person was the lustful man who had tried to grab Clana’s arm earlier.



  “Uh-uh, uh…”



  Clana’s lips were bleeding from biting on them too much, as she trembled while watching the scene.



  “Let everyone know! Clana Solar Sunrise, the Third Imperial Princess of the Empire, is engaged to…!”



  Without even giving her a glance, the Empress smiled and tried to declare her fiancé to the public, but…



  “Empress, would you mind waiting a bit!!?”





  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, then exclaimed emphatically. The Empress stopped talking with her brows furrowed and then began staring at me.



  “Duke Frey? What’s wrong?”


  “I have something to say.”



  Having said that, I headed to the podium and glanced at the flustered nobles.



  “I don’t know what you want to say, but I want you to be mindful of this situation…”



  I walked past the Empress, who snapped back at me with her brows furrowed and slowly started to climb the podium.



  The Imperial guards hurriedly tried to block my way, but the Emperor waved his hand to deter them with an intrigued expression on his face.



  After all, he is the Emperor who likes stimulating and exhilarating things because of his extreme lethargy.



  “…You, what are you doing?”



  When I reached the podium safely, I knelt down in front of Clana, as the nobles began causing a ruckus, and the Prince and the Princesses had a dumbfounded look on their faces. 



  “Clana Solar Sunrise.”



  In such a chaotic atmosphere, as soon as I uttered her name, absolute silence descended upon the ballroom, and in that reigning silence, I smiled and threw a bombshell.



  “I’ve been in love with you for a long time.”



  Everyone froze upon hearing those words.



  “N-N-No… what are you…”



  Meanwhile, when Clana heard my words, she began stuttering with a shocked expression on her face, as I smiled at her and threw another bombshell.



  “…So, in accordance with the covenant, I hereby officially propose to you.”



  And in the next instant, the ballroom was in utter chaos.








  Meanwhile, at that very moment when Frey made those bombshell remarks.






  Serena, who belatedly entered the ballroom, stared at the podium with her mouth agape.



  And in her grasp, a love letter she earnestly wrote on her way here fluttered. 


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The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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