The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 45

Chapter 45 - Update

༺ Update ༻




[Penalty incurred!]



  As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw something I never wanted to see again: 『The Penalty Window』.



Permanent Debuff: The Fate of False Evil
The user’s lifespan and vitality will be massively reduced!



  I almost screamed without even realizing, but as soon as I looked at the window and saw what was written at the bottom, I lost even the energy to do so.



Stack: 2
Special Stack: 1



   “What the hell is a special stack?”



   It seemed something had gone really wrong.



   “I, I…”



  I was looking at the system window and heaved a deep sigh while Irina was mumbling next to me, drenched in cold sweat.



  “…Get out of my room.”



  When I furiously said this to Irina, her eyes grew wide open, and she rushed out of the room.

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  “Frey!! How are you feeling?” 




  “…You stay out as well, Serena. Call the doctor later.”

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  I ordered Serena, who barged into my room and asked about my well being along with the owl on her shoulder.


  The next moment, the white owl flew from her shoulder and perched on my head with a hoot. 





  “…This guy, he’s still the same.”



  As I petted the owl that had suddenly perched on my head, I asked Kania, who was standing there with her head lowered, unable to look straight at me. 



  “So, who are the people that discovered my identity?”



  As soon as I asked her, she inquired with a serious look on her face.



   “…What do you mean by people?” 


  “Well, according to the penalty window that appeared in front of me, it seems two people have discovered my identity.”



  Upon Hearing this, Kania began staring at me, speechless.



  “It’s all right… According to the prophecy, there’s still a chance to clear the game even with 5 stacks.” 




  “Yes, of course, the difficulty would increase considerably. It just states that it’s actually possible, but it does mention the fact that nobody has ever been able to achieve it. But I need to try. So…” 


  “But that is not the problem, is it?…”



  I tried to wrap things up as positively as I could to reassure Kania, but she settled down at the edge of the bed and held my hand as she began to speak.



  “…Young Master, do you know how long you have been out?” 


  “Hmm… One month?” 


  “It has been three months.” 


  “Oh, god.”



 When I heard Kania’s words, my head began to ache.



  “…When are the final exams?” 




  “You’ve got to be kidding me.”



  Of course, not just the final exams, there were a lot of other things piling up that I needed to resolve. So I ruminated how to deal with this situation, but soon gave up thinking about it because of my headache and decided to close my eyes for a while.



  “…So, did you figure out who found out?” 


  “Well, you see…”



  Then Kania, who had been biting her lips tightly, replied with a trembling voice.



  “I’m not very sure.” 


  “…You’re not sure?”



  When I inquired with a slight frown at that remark, Kania replied with a guilt-ridden look on her face.



  “First of all, the first time the Young Master coughed up blood, was right after the ‘Raid on the Commoner’s Dormitory.’” 


  “…I see.” 


  “Blood was gushing out from your eyes, nose, and even ears, Young Master. And you were in such a severe state that you were immediately admitted into the Imperial Hospital.”


  When I heard something that I couldn’t remember at all, I felt disturbed because I was reminded of what I had experience in that strange dream.



  “…However, Young Master, one month after you were hospitalized, something else happened.” 


  “Something else?” 


  “Yes, just as your condition began to stabilize, you vomited blood once again. At that moment, I just thought you were in a critical condition, but…” 


  “…In fact, someone must have noticed back then.”



  Silence lingered for a moment when I replied calmly. 



  “Anyway, since you are now awake, we should get the doctor to check up on you right away…” 


  “No, don’t worry. I’m fine.” 




  “Get me a sandwich and coffee. I’m hungry.”



  When I cut off Kania and asked her to bring me some food, she quietly left the room with a face riddled with guilt.






  As soon as she stepped out, I sighed and began examining the system window that had popped up in front of me.



『Raid on the Commer’s Dormitory Cleared!』



『Awakening Progress of the Hero’s Armament has increased!』



  “…At least that’s good.”



  The only good thing about this desperate situation was that the ‘Awakening Progress of the 『Hero’s Armament』 had increased. This would help me fight the Demon King on equal footing.

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  Thanks to this, the power contained in the Hero’s Armament would have returned to some extent. This would include the effect of increasing my life force, but I gave up on carrying it around due to the risk of getting caught along with it.



System Update Completed!


  While I was immersed in such thoughts, I swiped away the quest clearance window. However, this time ‘System Update Completed’ window appeared in front of me.  



The following features have been newly added:

– Cumulative False Evil Point system

– Assistance function




The following things have changed:

– Due to the Cumulative False Evil Point system, points will be rewarded as a lump sum payment once a week.


Accumulated Points: 5000pts



  “…Why do I have so much?”



 I glanced at the great deal of information that had suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. I immediately grabbed my head and quietly reached out and pressed the question mark icon on the corner of the system window.



This is the ‘Path of False Evil’ system assistant. Please feel free to ask if you have any queries.


  At that moment, a clear voice resounded in my head.



  “…Let me ask something. What’s a special stack?”



  When I heard the voice, I asked about the ‘special stack’.



  Because I knew all the other features, but I didn’t know anything about the ‘special stack’.




A special stack is a stack that builds up when your identity gets exposed by a special target.



 When I asked her, the clear voice resounded in my head again.



The special stack, due to its singularity, can only be stacked up once in the entire scenario, and unlike the normal stack, it only significantly reduces vitality.


  “…I’m so glad to hear that.”



  Having said that, I began searching the secret compartment in the bag next to my bed to check my remaining lifespan. 






  But no matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find the lifespan meter. Where did it go?



  ‘…Does Kania have it?’



  I didn’t think much of it since I had told Kania about the secret compartment in my bag, instead I kept asking the assistant other questions I had in my mind.



 “So, what target did I get identified by to have gotten a ‘special stack?’” 



Conditions are insufficient. Please meet the conditions.





 But the assistant began saying strange words.



A detailed description of the ‘special stack’ is unlocked with a ❰Special Function❱ when certain conditions are met.



“…So what’s that condition?” 



Hint: ❰Identification❱. Any other answers are beyond my authority.


  As I made an expression of disbelief upon hearing the assistant’s words, another system window suddenly appeared in front of me.




Special Quest: Identification

Contents: ???

Rewards: ???



  “…Damn it.”



  Staring at a strange quest that I didn’t even know what it was, I furiously swiped away the window and closed my eyes for a moment, and fell into deep contemplation.



  ‘…The prophecy and the system, they’re all wrong. There’s definitely something strange.’



  I don’t know since when, whether it was from a few months ago, or a few days ago, or even yesterday, but according to the dream I had, my and Irina’s memories were quite different from the ones I remembered and what was mentioned in the prophetic book.



  And the system as well. Not only had it returned the memories of the five Main Heroines, but now it was popping up with things like ‘Special Stack,’ ‘Special Quest,’ and ‘Special Function,’ things that weren’t mentioned in the prophetic book.



  ‘…At this point, I’m afraid something else might pop up next.’



  They say fear always springs from ignorance, and my situation right now reflected that adage perfectly.



  I thought I predicted and calculated everything, but more and more mysterious things kept popping up.



  ‘I think some sort of unknown being is tinkering with the system and the prophecy…’



  Because of that, my mind got flooded with questions about the identity of the being who was constantly trying to intervene with my plans to save this world, and what would happen in the future if I couldn’t trust the system and the prophecy?



  “…Let me ask just one more thing. Are there any items or skills in the system that can increase my lifespan or vitality, in other words, my life force?”



 After thinking about it for quite a while, I suddenly asked this question, feeling a little hopeful.




Such items or skills do not exist in the system.



But the system betrayed even my last shred of hope.



 “Young Master, I have brought your meal.”



  I shut down the assistant and was feeling dejected when Kania entered my room with a meal.



  “…Yes, sandwiches and coffee are the best way to increase my life force.”



  I thanked Kania and smiled bitterly. I then took a bite off the sandwich and said.



  “Kania, please give me a report of everything I missed.” 


   “But right now you should…” 


   “…I’ll find out later anyway.”



  When I said that, Kania sighed deeply, and took out a notebook from her pocket and began to look through it.



  “First of all, please allow me to tell you the conclusion of the ‘Raid on the Commoner’s Dormitory’ incident.”



  The conclusion to the raid on the commoner’s dormitory described by Kania, fortunately, was just as I had expected.



  She reported that the heroines who left the commoner’s dormitory along with me, who was in a critical condition, immediately reported all the facts to the investigation squad and the Imperial Family.



  Then the Imperial Family and the Sun God Church attempted to cover up the incident as best as they could.



  This was because they were afraid that the world would be thrown into disarray if they admitted that the Demon King had reappeared after a thousand years, even though they hadn’t found the Hero yet.



  However, the confidential information that Clana had shared through her espionage squad spread the truth behind the incident across the Empire, and eventually, the Imperial Family and the Sun God Church were forced to proclaim the return of the Demon King.



  Thanks to this, I, who had been involved in this case, was put on the defensive, but the tide changed when Serena stepped forward.



  As she defended me, claiming that one of the Demon King’s subordinates controlled my mind, she and Kania secretly engaged in various political maneuvers, and because of this, it became a protracted battle over my punishment.

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  The debate dragged on for quite a while, and ended when the Imperial Family and the Sun God Church made the final decision that it was too early to punish me because there was a high chance that I, being a descendant of the Hero family, could be chosen as the next Hero.



  Of course, she also mentioned that because of this, Isabel, who took fall instead of me, was completely ruined along with her family.


  “So now, the Imperial Family and the Sun God Church are proclaiming that the ‘Hero’ will soon appear, while also looking all around the Empire for anyone that has the qualities of a ‘Hero.’” 


  “…It’s futile.” 


  “That’s what I thought, as well.”



  After such a long report, Kania took a breather for a brief second, and soon after, put on a serious expression and spoke in a serious tone.



  “So far, this is the official conclusion of the incident.” 


  “…So, are you saying that there’s an unofficial conclusion as well?” 


  “Yes, that is correct.”



  Kania, who nodded quietly at my question, went through her notebook and continued.



  “Well, first of all, with this incident… Her Highness Clana’s position has become quite firm.” 


  “How come?” 


  “The public and some of the conscientious members of the Imperial Family, who saw Her Highness Clana take the lead in trying to reveal the truth, began supporting her. And when the truth was finally revealed, the level of approval has further doubled.”


  “…The Empress must be furious.” 


  “Yes, this is why it is believed that the Empress’s words were highly influential in the decision of the Imperial Family taking your defense. After all, at this point, the person who can most effectively keep Her Highness Clana in check is you, Young Master, who used the covenant.”



  Listening to this, I said with a bewildered expression on my face.



 “Of course, I did everything expecting this to happen, but… It’s ridiculous that it’s actually happening. Defending a man who could be a confidant of the Demon King just to hold on to their power.”



  When I said this, Kania took a fountain pen out of her pocket and twirled it around in her fingers as she answered.



  “The Empress is confident that she can control you, Young Master. I think, sooner or later, she will use this case as an excuse to put pressure on you.” 


  “…I was already prepared for that.”



  When I heaved a deep sigh while saying that, Kania sighed, as well, and turned the page of her notebook.



  “Young Master, your current reputation… is at its the worst.” 


  “My reputation?” 


  “Yes, Her Highness Clana has spread rumors that you are a member of the Demon King’s army.”



  As soon as I heard this, I replied to her with a slight smile.



  “That’s great. I’ll benefit a lot from the False Evil System thanks to that.” 


  “…Is it really good?”



  As I was smiling, I soon came to my sense and fell into deep thought when I heard Kania asked a question with her brows furrowed.



  ‘…That’s right, I can’t just blindly trust the system and the prophecy.’



  I felt I should be wary of everything from now on. 



  Of course, if I don’t use the system, there is no way for me to beat the Demon King, so I have no choice but to do whatever the system ask me to do for now… However, shouldn’t I at least be wary of it?



  So from now on, I would have to be vigilant of the system but at the same time use it to its fullest. In addition, I would investigate more about the prophecy and system.



  “…Kania, when does vacation start?”


  After organizing my thoughts as such, I asked Kania a question, recalling that the only place in the world related to the prophecy and the system were ruins of my ancestor. 



  “Vacation starts in a few weeks but… There is so much work you have to do that there won’t be much time to rest.” 




  However, based on Kania’s answer, it seems the trip to the Western Continent in order to seek the truth has to be postponed for a while.






  As I kept eating my sandwich with a blank look on my face, suddenly lunar mana began to creep outside the door.



  “Serena? What are you doing?”



  Sensing something off, I called out to Serena, who I had put on standby in the hallway, but for some reason there was no answer.



 “…Come in.”



  Eventually, I told Kania, who was vulnerable to lunar mana, to step back, and called Serena into the room.








  But she seemed to be in an awful state.

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  “So-Sor… Ugh!” 


  “…Lady Serena? Are you all right?” 


  “I-I am fi…!”



  In a cold sweat, she suddenly opened her fan and began blowing wind that spread the lunar mana.






  Confused, Kania cloaked me in dark mana, and thanks to that, the wind that was rushing at me collided with dark mana and scattered everywhere.



  “Serena, stop!!” 





  When I panicked and gave the order, she answered sullenly and lowered her head.



 – Spaaark…



 And a red magic circle was shining on her body.



  “…That damned Moonlight family.”



  Only then did I understand why Serena was acting in such a way. 



  The Moonlight Family had a curse called ❰Familial Subordination❱ that had been passed down from generation to generation.



  The curse, which had been passed down from the very moment the family was founded, allowed the Moonlight family to enjoy absolute power as a Ducal household while also having to carry an arduous duty.



  That arduous duty is the noble and dirty task of purging the elimination targets determined by the family’s elders and its Lord, who is shrouded in secrecy. Such is the fate of the assassin household that guards the night of the Empire.

  Officially, Serena is the Lord and the real leader of the Moonlight family, but behind the scenes, she was being ordered around by the elders and the secret Lord of the Moonlight Ducal family.



  “I-I apologize. It just hurt so much… And Ms. Kania was next to you…”



 Of course, instead of being able to move Serena from behind, they would get swayed by her. However, the Moonlight family’s elders had Serena in their grasp with ❰Familial Subordination❱, so they could issue order to her.



 Considering the situation, it seems the family elders and the secret Lord have probably ordered her to kill me, and whenever she doesn’t really try to kill me, the pain inflicted by that curse accumulates.



  Looking at her state right now, it was clear that she hadn’t really try to kill me in three months. Otherwise, there was no other reason, for her to act like this.



  ‘…As expected, that’s the only way then.’



  But this would only work once or twice.



  Eventually, if she doesn’t really try to kill me, the pain inflicted by her curse would grow stronger.



  Of course, dispelling the ❰Familial Subordination❱ curse would be the best solution, but unfortunately, there was no way for me to do so.



  Even in the ‘prophetic book’, which although was fairly unreliable, still had a lot of useful information. Only the dangers and cruelty of the ❰Familial Subordination❱ was explained there, but there wasn’t any mention about how to lift the curse.



  It was stated that this was an ancient curse that existed in the family since the founding of the Moonlight Household, and so far nobody had been able to figure out a way to lift it.  



  By the way, according to my ancestor, ‘The code to undo it has been programmed, but no one has ever succeeded in lifting the curse. This is definitely a dog shit game.’ He added this comment to that section.



  I didn’t understand very well, but it seemed this curse was a puzzle that my ancestor hadn’t been able to solve either.



  “Frey… I’m fine, so don’t worry about me…” 


  “Be honest.” 


  “…I’m not fine.”




  Serena definitely was in considerable pain. So, it seemed I had no choice but to use the method I had been thinking about for a while.



  Anyway, if it went according to the scenario, the Moonlight family’s elders would be neutralized later.



  “Serena, listen to what I say closely.” 





  After having thought it through for a bit, I opened my mouth, glaring at Serena.



  “…I cast ‘Absolute Obedience Magic’ on you.” 





  Then Serena, who was still drenched in cold sweat, looked astonished with her mouth agape.



 – Hooot!!


 “Wha-What do you mean?”



  And then, suddenly, the owl that had been quietly being petted by me suddenly took flight and flew out of the window into the azure sky. I sneaked a quick glance, then continued speaking, slowly.



  “Just as you heard. I used you.”

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Just like that owl, it’s time for me to release Serena.












 That moment, at the temporary commoner’s dormitory.



  “…This date? What does it mean?”



  Irina was fiddling with the little device she had just obtained in her room and muttered to herself.



  “Is it a magic artifact used for good deeds?”


The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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