The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 82

Chapter 82 - The Conspiracy

༺ The Conspiracy ༻


  Frey, who had been waiting for Roswyn, frowned when she didn’t return after some time. He questioned the attendant who was beside him.


  “Hey, where’s Roswyn?”


  “…Ah, Lady Roswyn has gone to the secret warehouse to gather intel.”


  “I see.”


  Frey nodded his head in response to those words and leaned back on his chair. The attendant questioned him in a hushed voice while simultaneously wearing a piercing glare on her face.  



  “Um… Would you like to rest in the reception room instead of here?”


  “No, it’s fine. The reception room is further away than this room we are currently in. I can’t trouble her with the extra distance.”


  “Ah… I see.”



  When Frey replied with a sly smile, the attendant’s cheeks became red, and she vacated the room in a hurry.


  “…Lady Roswyn! What are you doing here? You have to go back inside!”



  Before long, the attendant located Roswyn in the waiting room sipping orange juice. 



  “Why? Is Frey mad or something?”


  “No, that’s not…”


 “Then what?”



  As the attendant slowly recounted their previous conversation with Roswyn, she smirked and muttered as she drank the orange juice.





  “Lady Roswyn!”


  “Ahhh… fuck. Glancing at that bastard’s face makes me feel like my lifespan is being shortened by ten years.”



  “…Looking at that handsome face shortens your lifespan?”


  Frey is a bastard that everyone in the Empire detested, yet no one could discredit his attractive appearance.


  The attendant coughed and continued to speak, thinking that Roswyn seemed pitiful, since she hated seeing Frey’s face so much that she felt like her lifespan was decreasing.


  “Ahem, no matter how you feel, he’s still a VIP. You have to treat him properly.


  “Phew… that’s annoying.”


  Roswyn drank all the remaining orange juice and slowly got up from her seat to stretch.



   “Ah, But I don’t feel like it. Just tell him to come meet me here.”


   “…Lady Roswyn!”


  But as Roswyn plopped back down onto the sofa without taking a single step forward, her attendant, who had been watching her, began to berate her again.



  “It’s fine. That bastard is obsessed with me. If you tell him I asked him to come here, he won’t complain.”





   When Roswyn replied in a sullen voice, her employee stared at her momentarily and sighed. She returned to the room Frey was resting in.


  “Oh, Roswyn! Are you finally back?”



  “My apologies, Lord Frey. Ms. Roswyn is currently in the waiting room.”



  “Really? Then we should visit the waiting room. Truthfully, it’s too dark here, someone like her doesn’t belong in a place like this”


  Based on the usual rumors surrounding Frey, he should’ve flipped over a desk by now in response to this rude request. Instead, he stood up with a grin. 


  “Uh… Then I’ll guide…”


  “No, it’s alright. I know where the waiting room is, I’ll head there myself.”


  The sympathetic attendant attempted to guide Frey to the waiting room, but Frey waved his hand in refusal and quickly left. 



  “Oh, Lord Frey! My apologies, did I neglect our VIP too much?”


  “No, no, no, not a problem. Even as a VIP, I have to do at least this much to obtain valuable information.”


  When Roswyn suddenly assumed a rather dignified posture and questioned Frey with a gloomy expression, Frey shook his head, indicating he was in no rush.



   “Thank you. As expected, Lord Frey is our guild’s most prized guest.”


  Roswyn responded with a smile and parted her lip as soon as she scattered all the accumulated documents on the desk.



   “I brought all the information about the ‘Slave Market’ that our guild has. So…”


   “I have a favor to ask of you, Roswyn.”


  In response to Frey’s words, Roswyn tilted her head with a questioning look on her face. Seeing her change in expression, Frey spoke with a foolish grin on his face.



   “Can’t you read it for me?”




   “Yes, I want to hear you read the information with your beautiful voice.”


  Roswyn failed to maintain her composure upon hearing Frey’s words.



   Roswyn had dealt with countless individuals and countless guests over numerous years. Her experiences increased her proficiency in concealing her emotions immensely.


  Frey’s self-centered request was the type that she hated the most in the world, yet it was also Frey’s method to protect her from unexpected occurrences. 







  For a fleeting moment, Roswyn showed all her emotions of disgust, distaste, and loathing on her face. 


  “What happened all of a sudden, are you hurt somewhere?”


  “Oh, my apologies. I’ve been having frequent headaches recently…”



 Roswyn’s expression reverted to her usual amicable facial expression and made excuses once Frey questioned the sudden transformation.


  “Ah, anyway, you said you wanted me to read the documents? As expected, Lord Frey is very thoughtful. It’s good to see and learn with your own eyes, but listening to what other people say is useful for gathering information…”


  “Huh? But I just wanted to hear your voice.”


   “…Well then, let’s begin reading!”


  Roswyn, who nearly lost her composure for the second time, displayed transcendent patience, composure, and managed to maintain her expression before speaking.


  “First of all, this slave market will be held in a pocket dimension, the entrance of which can be found in the back alley.”


   “If it’s a pocket dimension… is it perhaps…”


   “Yes, it’s the ‘otherworld’, the entrance that only opens once a year. Apparently, the slave traders are very well prepared this time.”


  In response to this information, Frey’s expression turned serious. Roswyn stared at him with curious eyes before asking a question.



   “By the way, why are you asking me for this? Do you want to participate in the slave market? Or do you have any other information that you’d like to verify?”


   “No, no. Keep reading it to me.”


   “Ah, fine.”


  As Frey replied with a stern expression on his face, Roswyn muttered under her breath, then smiled and resumed the conversation.



  “Anyway, the scale of the upcoming slave market is set to be the largest ever in the past century.”


  “Hmm… I see. Do you have any information on when it will begin?”



  Roswyn shook her head in response to Frey’s curiosity.



 “We don’t have that information yet. But don’t worry. You will be remunerated for the additional information, so if we receive the information, you’ll be the first client we inform.”



  “Oh, thank you.”


  When she stated ‘you’ll be the first client we inform’, it indicates that I would have the right to sell the results of the investigation for compensation to different parties.


  But as Frey simply smiled and nodded, Roswyn laughed at him inwardly and retrieved another document that was scattered on the desk.



  “As a result of our investigation, we discovered that the investigators, the imperial knights, and the Sun God Church were already bribed by the slave traders.”


  “That means…”


  “Yes, on the surface, the slave trade is banned in the Empire… but this information is indication that the slave market is actually legal.”


  Frey began to drool in response to the information. Roswyn silently wrote on a sheet of paper resting on her lap using the hand that had been concealed under the desk. 



 – Very likely for Frey Raon Starlight to participate in the slave market auction. Further investigation is necessary.


 “Roswyn, do you have any other information?”


 “Oh, yes! I’ll tell you now.”


  Roswyn paused for a moment from writing, then opened her mouth again with a smile when Frey urged her.



  “This slave market will consist of a variety of different races and ethnicities.”


  “Different races and ethnicities?”


   “Yes, it is believed that the participants of the slave trade will include not only the western and eastern continents, but also heterogeneous races. It is perfectly fitting to call it the biggest slave market trade in the last century.


  Roswyn didn’t miss Frey’s nodding in response to her words and noted that down on the sheet of paper. 



 “Is there any possibility that disturbances will occur during the auction?”


 “There will likely be very few. Of course, terrorists will always gather.”


  Roswyn folded the note she held and continued to speak.



  “Now, that’s all the information we currently have. Are you disappointed in the lack of intel?”


  “No, no. That’s more than enough. You have been a great help.”


  Frey, who waved his hand with a bewildered expression on his face, immediately coughed and began to speak cautiously.



  “Actually, there’s something else I wanted to talk about, Roswyn.”


  “Is it an important matter?”


  “So, that letter… uhm…”


  As Frey suddenly became puzzled while attempting to divulge top secret information, Roswyn hurriedly pressed her hands on his mouth.


  “Oh, I… um. Would you like to bring us some snacks?”


  “Yes. It would be my pleasure.”



  Roswyn abruptly interjected and instructed the attendant, who was staring at the two of them with a blank expression on her face. The attendant became slightly puzzled as she left the room wordlessly.


  The attendant was envious of Roswyn whose hands came in contact with Frey’s lips.


  “…Frey, you can’t. My identity is a secret.”



   Roswyn spoke with a sullen expression on her face as the receptionist left the room while wearing an envious expression on her face. 



  “Oh, that’s right.”





  As Frey scratched the back of his head and spoke, Roswyn, who clenched her teeth to the point where a vein was visibly throbbing in her neck, barely managed to conceal her emotions and spoke.



  “Anyways… everything could change depending on the stance the Imperial Princess takes during your upcoming birthday celebrations.”


  “I see.”


  “Yes, but you’re going to be there anyway, right? I didn’t mention anything because I thought you’d receive the same information as me.”


  “What kind of stance do you think the Princess will take?”



   Frey’s eyes lit up as he questioned Roswyn. Meanwhile, she heaved a sigh gently and responded in a quiet voice.



  “Um… who knows? It’s going to depend on what stance you, me and Serena take.”


  “…Oh that’s right.”



   Roswyn almost burst out in a tantrum for a fleeting moment when she noticed Frey nodding his head stupidly. Thankfully, she was able to conserve her pristine composure as she suppressed her emotions and displayed exquisite patience.   


  “So, what stance will you be taking, Lord Frey?”


  “Um… not sure. What about you?”


  “Oh, well, you know our family’s motto.”


  Roswyn, who had regained her composure after a brief moment of mental struggle, replied with a faint smile.



  “We are unconditionally neutral.”





  ‘Of course, we’ll stand on the side that is more profitable.’


  Roswyn replied with a smirk as Frey nodded once again with a foolish expression on his face. She muttered to herself and slowly stood up.



  “Alright then… let’s stop here for today.”


  “Huh? Can’t we stay together for a little longer? Let’s eat snacks… and talk about what’s going on…”


  “My apologies. I want to talk more with Lord Frey, but I have already made appointments prior to our meeting.”



 Hearing this, Frey spoke with a sad expression on his face.


  “Ah… There was an appointment you made earlier. There’s nothing we can do about that. Did our meeting bother you?”


 “Ye.. no, no way. How could you bother me?”


  Having uttered those words, Roswyn placed the files in his arms and swiftly closed the distance between them. 



   “Anyway, it was really nice to meet you today. Next time… Ah!”


  Roswyn felt a tingling sensation on the tips of her fingers as she rested her hand on Frey’s collar. She flinched and quickly withdrew her hands.



   “R-Roswyn? Are you alright?”


   “…I think it’s just static electricity. Haha.”


   “You aren’t hurt, are you?”


  As she spoke, she showed her hand to affirm that there was nothing wrong with her. She froze as Frey grabbed her hand in response.



  “You really didn’t get hurt? Let’s see, maybe some blood…”


  “No, I’m fine.”


  “Can I take care of the medical bills? I’m upset because I may have accidentally hurt you…”


  “It’s really alright. If you keep acting like this, I’ll be the one to get upset instead.”


  As Roswyn hardened her expression in response to Frey’s constant worries, Frey, who wore a blank expression on his face, swiftly released her hand and whispered in a low voice.



   “Well then, I’ll look forward to seeing you on my birthday, Roswyn.”


   “Yes, I’ll be looking forward to it.”


  Frey glanced at Roswyn and smiled widely while waving his hand before muttering under his breath and leaving the room.



  “… Kania, what the hell did she put on my collar?”









  “…Sigh, he’s really like a dog.”


  Roswyn smiled and watched as Frey left the room. She opened the door herself and entered the hallway, her expression hardening as she muttered in a cold manner.  



 – Clasp  



  Roswyn had initially planned to place a hidden surveillance instrument, but was unable to due to the shock she felt. She placed the tool on her desk before she laid down on her sofa, frowning at her own arrogance.



  “Lady Roswyn… Won’t you see him off?”


  “You do it. That bastard is finally leaving, but seeing him off, no… Do I really have to see him again?”


   “… See him again?”



   While the attendant tilted their head in confusion, Roswyn stood up with an expression of pure disdain at the mere thought of him.


  “Ugh… I really hate it, I despise it.”



  Roswyn headed to the bathroom, and began washing her hand furiously, which had come in contact with Frey.



 “I can’t even observe him because of the shock I felt… and that bastard touched my hand… Haa.”


  Roswyn, who had been wiping her hands for a long time, sighed and spoke to the attendant outside the bathroom.



   “Hurry up and bring the ventilation magic scroll and cleaning magic scroll to the waiting room.”


  “Lady Roswyn… Please fix your mysophobia. This month’s magic scroll cost…”


  “Don’t nag me, just bring them.”


  “…Yes My Lady.”


  As Roswyn rejected her coldly, the attendant sighed and muttered as she pulled a magic scroll from her arms.



  “When will the Hero appear? Hurry up and appear, and rid me of that bastard…”


  As the attendant entered the waiting room and muttered under her breath to activate the magic scroll, she gave Roswyn a curious expression and questioned her.



   “Lady Roswyn. What will you do if the Hero is a filthy male?”


  “Then I should probably fix my mysophobia? I have a destiny to take care of the Hero, after all.”





  The attendant left the waiting room after receiving a reply she had expected. She hurried upstairs when the bell rang at the counter upstairs.



   “Yes! I’m on my way!”


  The attendant arrived at the counter a few minutes after the bell rang and smiled brightly at her guest as she spoke.



   “How can I help you? Guest?”


 “…I want to see Roswyn.”



  But when the robed guest spoke in a low voice, the attendant frowned slightly.



  “I apologize… Lady Roswyn is taking a break…”


  “…Tell her that the dawn has come.”


  “The dawn?”



  In response to those words, the attendant asked with a puzzled expression on her face, yet the guest remained silent after uttering those words. 



  “…Uh, I understand. Don’t expect too much thought, alright?”



  The attendant felt a mysterious feeling of intimidation from the guest. She slowly descended the stairs to search for Roswyn. 



   “Lady Roswyn! A guest has arrived!”


   “Send another agent. I want to take a break now.”


   “They said they came to see you?”


   “…What do they look like?”


  The attendant spoke with a troubled expression on her face.



   “Uh… I mean… they were wearing a robe, so I couldn’t discern their features.”



  Roswyn waved her hand and reached for the orange juice on the desk next to her.



  “…Oh, come to think of it, they asked me to relay something to you.”


  “Relay something to me?”


  “Yes… something about… the dawn has come?”



  Roswyn’s eyes widened in response to those words.


  “Is that so…?”


  “Yes, but somehow… I felt a little intimidated? Anyway, what should we do? As expected, I should just kick them out…”


  “Bring them inside.”



  Having commanded the attendant, Roswyn spoke again as she entered the VIP room adjacent to her.



  “Guide them here, then go upstairs for the time being.”



  The guide couldn’t help but become very nervous after hearing those words.



  So far, people from all walks of life have come to visit, yet Miss Roswyn had never given anyone this kind of treatment.



  “Then, I’m off.”



  Roswyn watched as the attendant nervously ascended the stairs while donning a reserved expression on her face. She sighed and leaned back on her chair.





  Moments later, the attendant returned with the robed guest and escorted them to the VIP room before swiftly departing. Roswyn wore an interested look and questioned the guest before her.  



  “…Why has the sun come to visit the twilight?”



  As soon as she finished speaking, the guest in front of her took off their robe.


  “It’s about the letter I sent back then… you advised me to come here if we were going to discuss it in detail…”



  It was Clana Solar Sunrise, the 3rd Princess of the Empire, who spoke with a nervous expression on her face.



  “I was quite shocked to receive that letter. We are an information guild, not an errand center.”


  Roswyn sighed as Clana’s expression remained unchanged in the face of her joke and mischievous expression.



  “So, the letter was really sent by you? No one altered or faked the contents of the letter?”




  “So, do you really want me to seduce Frey at his birthday celebration party?”



 Clana flinched in response to those words and spoke again.


  “Y-Yes… That way, Frey’s proposal to me will be nullified. If you show such an unsightly appearance in front of the Emperor, then…”


  “Then why do you seem hesitant?”


  “Well, that’s… so…”



  Roswyn hit the nail on the head as she watched Clana sweat and stutter.



  “I-I don’t know. Thinking about Frey lately makes my cheeks turn rosy or … I feel like crying. Sometimes, my hands just tremble…”





  When Roswyn burst into laughter at those words, Clana clenched her fists and spoke.



  “I’ll provide you with money, so please investigate this phenomenon. I believe Frey has done something to me.”


  “Oh, I see. I understand.”



  Roswyn did her best to contain her laughter as she attempted to note something. She smiled and spoke again.



  “Yes, then… I’ll seduce Frey and make him mine. Is that alright with you?”


  “Oh, no. Wait… Wait…”


  “Hmm? Are you going to annul our contract?”


  As Roswyn tilted her head, Clana, who had a confused look in her eyes, replied quietly while shaking her head.



  “No, just fulfill the contract. Seduce Frey… and uh…”



  As she spoke, her hands began to tremble again. Clana began to lament, fatigued due to the constant physical phenomenon.



  ‘…Oh dear, she doesn’t even realize her own feelings?’


  Meanwhile, Roswyn stared at Clana and contemplated for a moment.



  ‘Well, I wouldn’t be in a losing situation either way.’


  Roswyn did not think highly of the Imperial Family, but the compensation was sufficient, and she thought it would be fun to steal Frey from Clana, who wasn’t aware of her own feelings.



 Roswyn offered a contract to Clana, who still wore a confused look on her face as her thoughts raced ceaselessly in her mind.



 “Fine, I’ll spend time with Frey and accept the payment from Clana, and if Frey really is serious about me…”


  She quickly finished her thoughts as the corners of her lips curled up into a slight smile.



   “…I’ll just use him before eventually discarding him.”



 In Roswyn’s hand, a miniscule dark sphere that had formed when she had touched Frey’s collar began to glow.




The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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