The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 84

Chapter 84 - Stockholm Syndrome

༺ Stockholm Syndrome ༻

  “M-My value…?”


  “Yes, your value.”


  Frey glanced at Lulu with a soft smile. She replied with a blank expression, inducing Frey to smile subsequently and speak.


  “You are my possession, my precious asset. If you were to get injured, the value of my assets will decrease. Therefore, I have to treat you well to maintain your pristine condition.”




  Frey grabbed Lulu’s left arm, inducing a loud cry.


  “What’s wrong? Does it hurt?”


  “Oh, that… that…”


  “Oh dear, your left arm is a mess too.”


  Frey retrieved a bandage that was lying on the bed and used it to envelope Lulu’s arm.


  “This bandage is a high-quality product, so just using it to cover your wound will cease the bleeding and heal your wound. A minor injury such as yours will heal rapidly.”


  “Oh… t-thank you…”


  “Now then, don’t try to injure yourself.”


  As Lulu expressed gratitude towards Frey with an awkward expression, Frey patted her hair and whispered faintly.



  “If you keep doing things to hurt yourself and your value as a product decreases, I’d have no choice but to throw you away.”





  Lulu hurriedly parted her lips in response to those words.


  “P-Please don’t discard me… Please, please…”


  “Why? Are you afraid of being abandoned?”


  Lulu responded with an expression of terror as Frey inquired with a grin on his face. 


  “I-I don’t want to be thrown away…”


  “Well, our Lulu has been abandoned numerous times now, hasn’t she?”




  Frey spoke with a cold expression plastered on his face as Lulu widened her eyes in response to his words. 



   “You’re a child who brought disaster to her parents. You were abandoned as a result. Your friends are always suffering and a kind nun who attempted to assist you is now in a coma, isn’t she?”





  As Frey began to recite painful memories from her past, Lulu’s expression transformed into one of despair.


  “I-I’ll do anything… If you just take me in, please…”




  “Please raise me… Please.”


  Lulu immediately bowed her head. Strange emotions once again emerged as Frey stroked her hair. 


  “Anyways, do you know why I said these things?”



  Frey suddenly paused as he was stroking Lulu’s hair and whispered in her ear in a low voice.


  “If even I discard you, you’re finished. You understand that too, correct?”





  Being presented with an irrefutable fact, Lulu nodded her head obediently despite being well aware that she could be discarded at any given moment. 


  “That’s why you’re not a human, you’re a pet. You’re my pet.”




  “Even if I’m the greatest moron in the Empire, even if I’m scum and a villain, you’re going to love me as I raise you as my pet, right?”




  Lulu stuttered slightly in response to Frey’s words, inciting him to raise his hand.





  “Huh? Did you think I was going to beat you?”


  Lulu blankly stared at Frey as he gently placed a hand on her shoulder instead of assaulting her. 


  “As I stated before, you are my property, so I won’t treat you poorly.”




  “But, if you don’t want to be that, then…”


  Lulu gulped her saliva in agitation as Frey’s expression became chilly.



   “Why did you just stutter, Lulu?”


  “T-that’s… so…”


  “You don’t want to be my pet?”


  “No, no that’s…”


  “I see… Do you want to be abandoned again?”


  Lulu shouted with a pale, exhausted face, in response to those words. 


  “I-I’ll do it! I’ll be your pet! Please…!?”


  As Frey’s hand approached the buttons on her clothes, she stared at him with anxiety written on her face. 


  “Pets don’t rebel against their owners. That’s common sense.”





  Lulu bowed her head and emitted a strange moan as Frey unbuttoned her clothes gradually. 





  Frey continued to unbutton Lulu’s clothes. He laid her on her bed slowly and stood over her upon finishing.






  Frey stared down at her silently before inserting his tongue in between her lips.




  Lulu laid under Frey while blushing. She could feel his hand as they slowly crawled lower and lower. She unwittingly attempted to halt his advance with her own hand. 



   ‘…If you want to survive, you have to submit.’



  She held back her tears and released the strength in her hands.





   In response, Frey shifted away from her.


  “Good. It looks like you’re completely submissive to me. You didn’t even attempt stop my hand.”




  Lulu could barely hear her own response over the thunderous beating of her own heart. Frey buttoned her clothes and whispered in a faint voice. 


  “If you resisted, I planned to break every limb in your body and dispose of you in the back alley… it’s a relief you submitted.”




  If it was any other person who uttered those words, it could be considered a joke. However, the person in question was Frey, those words sounded realistic when uttered by him. 


  Lulu turned pale as she quietly contemplated what would have happened to her if she had stopped Frey’s hand.


“Hmm… But what is with these clothes?”




  Frey had been staring at Lulu as if she were some cute pet. His expression suddenly turned into a frown and he inquired. 


  “The clothes you’re wearing now are far too shabby for my precious pet.”


  Frey clapped his hands and Kania, who had been waiting outside in advance, entered the room.


  “Kania, bring the most fashionable women’s clothes in our mansion.”


  “Yes, Young Master.”


  “Oh, and jewels and accessories as well.”


  In response to those words, Kania nodded and swiftly exited the room.


  “W-why are you providing me with clothes…?”


  Lulu stared at Frey with a puzzled expression and questioned his intentions. 


  “You’re my pet, of course you should be wearing the most luxurious clothes.”



   Frey replied with an indifferent expression plastered on his face.


  “That way, when I brag about you to my friends, I won’t be embarrassed.”




  Lulu finally nodded with satisfaction as she could at last get a glimpse of Frey’s intentions.



  “What? Why are you staring at me like that?”


  “I-it’s nothing.”


  Lulu, who had been far too satisfied by his response, began to glare at Frey with a frigid gaze. She bowed her head quickly to distract him.


  “There’s no need to cower in fear. You’ve already submitted to me. You can act out a little, as much as you would like.”


  “Young Master, I have retrieved the most expensive clothes and jewels within the mansion.”


  “Oh, really? Bring them here.”



  Frey stared at Lulu with a relaxed expression as he spoke to her. He spoke again with a smile when Kania mentioned she had brought the articles of clothing along with jewelry. 


  “So, which of these would you like to wear?”


  “Ah, that’s… so…”


  The articles of clothing that Kania had retrieved were of immense value and glamor, the likes of which Lulu wouldn’t have been able to afford, even if she worked for the rest of her life.



  “Uh… uh…”



  Lulu felt pressured due to Frey’s order to choose an article of clothing. She could only stutter as she was incapable of choosing any particular article of clothing. 


  “Lulu? Do you not like any of these clothes?”



  Frey questioned her with a mysterious expression after she had spent some time pondering. 


  “N-No! No! I like them all, so it’s difficult to choose one…”



  Lulu quickly spouted excuses out of fear that she’d offend Frey.


  “Is that so? Then just take them all.”





  She froze in response to the words that came out of Frey’s lips. 


  “You like them all? Take them.”


  Frey spoke to Kania who stood beside him in an indifferent tone.


  “Kania, take all the clothes to Lulu’s room later.”


  “Yes, Young Master.”


  Realization slowly dawned on Lulu upon hearing Frey’s words. She tried to wave her hand in dismissal with a blue face but Frey continued to speak without giving her any openings to speak.



   “Then, for now, retrieve the jewelry box. I need to find the perfect jewelry for Lulu.”





  At Frey’s command, Kania bowed her head and headed towards the jewelry box. She returned with the jewelry box and clothes in tow.


  “Handle these with care, Young Master. These gems are fragile…”



  Kania picked up the jewelry box and walked towards Lulu with a stoic expression on her face…




  Somehow, the jewelry box slipped out of Kania’s hand and fell onto the floor.


  It was caused by Lulu’s stigma, which subconsciously recognized this situation as a ‘happy situation’.





  As Lulu froze in bewilderment, puzzled on how to salvage the situation, Frey and Kania exchanged glances in confusion.





  A few seconds after their exchange, Frey stood up and approached Kania.


  “Y-Young Master! I made a mistake! Forgive me just this once, just once… Kheheuk!!!”



  Frey arrived in front of Kania and kicked her stomach with as much force as possible as she begged for forgiveness with a pale face.


  “Keugh, Keugh Keugh… Ugh…”



  Kania grabbed her belly in pain and groaned uncontrollably.


  “…Fortunately, the jewel wasn’t damaged.”



  Frey paid no attention to Kania’s agony and simply held the jewelry box out to Lulu.


  “So, which one is prettiest? The emerald one here? Or the opal one here? Or… the diamond in the middle?”


   “Hah… uhhh…”


  Lulu watched speechlessly with a pale expression as Frey pointed out jewels with a gentle smile and Kania clutched her stomach in pain.



  “Yes, I know. Just take them all.”




  “Of course, the clothes and jewelry are not gifts, they are being lent to you. Never forget that this is a benefit that can only be obtained by remaining as my pet.”


  Frey spoke as he strode towards the door, a wide smile plastered on his face.



  “Decorate yourself with your favorite clothes and jewelry, then come down to the dining room. Let’s have lunch together.”


  Lulu stared blankly at Kania as Frey spoke. Once Frey was gone, she approached Kania who had been grasping her belly and moaning until then.



  “Kania… are you…”


  “I-I… I’m fine… Huh!”


  Kania staggered until she could sit down, her face red from pain.


  “…Lulu, please change and come out when you’re ready. I’ll wait outside.”



  Kania struggled to stand up before heading for the door. She politely bid her farewell before leaving.


  – Creak…





  With Kania gone, Lulu was left all alone. She plopped down onto her bed and began organizing her thoughts on the recent events.


  ‘Yes, I became his toy and doll. These clothes and jewelry… he’s just providing them so he can show off to his friends.’



  Lulu began muttering to herself with a cold expression on her face after she had finished tidying up her room.


  ‘You could tell just by watching him abuse Kania. No matter how kind Frey is to me, in the end he’s just an abhorrent villain.’



  She reached out to the slightly blemished jewelry box as those thoughts lingered in her mind.



  ‘So all I have to do is… take advantage of the twisted love he provides me.’


  After some contemplation, Lulu finally decided on a ruby from amongst the jewels. She cautiously rose from the bed and murmured to herself.



  “That’s fine…”


  With a shaky expression on her face, she caressed the bandage enveloping her arm.



  “Kania! Are you hurt? I thought I held back before kicking you?


  “N-No… don’t worry about it…”



  As Lulu continued to immerse herself in her thoughts, Kania emerged from the room to meet a worried Frey. She led Frey to the dining room as she clutched her stomach.









  “W-what is all this…?”


  “What do you mean? It’s just a meal.”


  Lulu, who headed down to the dining hall after changing, noticed the exorbitant quantity of luxurious food. 


  “I-I can’t eat this much food…!”



  Frey replied with a smirk as Lulu spoke in a trembling voice, terrified by the overwhelming amount of food. 



  “Just discard it.”




  “Eat what you want to eat, and if you don’t like it or can’t eat anymore, just discard it.”



  Lulu stared at Frey with a puzzled expression in response to his words.



  “What’s wrong, do you not like the food? I was wondering how the chefs I hired in a hurry today would perform, but they must be terrible at their jobs.”


  Noticing her hesitance, Frey frowned and stood up. Lulu hurriedly grasped onto him and spoke.



  “N-No! I’m happy! It’s great!”


  “Really? That’s a relief. Now I won’t have to deal with the chefs.”


  Frey smiled and sat beside Lulu.



  “Come on, say “ah”.”




  “What’s wrong? Isn’t it normal for masters to feed their pets?”


  When Frey inquired with a puzzled expression, Lulu quickly nodded her head and parted her lips.





  “That’s right, good girl.”


  Frey slid in a slice of steak in Lulu’s mouth with a pleased smile on his face. He gently stroked Lulu’s head as she chewed the steak and questioned her.


  “How is it, does it taste good?”


  “Yes… it’s delicious.”



  Lulu replied sincerely for the very first time as she responded to Frey’s question.


   She had been abandoned by her parents when she was a child and lacked even a single friend. 


  Food as luxurious as this was a completely new experience for her, she had never tasted a delicacy as exquisite in her life.  



  “Okay then, next.”




  “That’s right. You’ve adapted well.”


  Lulu, who initially submitted to Frey’s demands out of fear, fell in love with the mountain of delicacies that slowly melted in her mouth.



  “Oh, you got something on your cheek.”




  Frey wiped Lulu’s mouth with his hand and smiled.


  “Now you know how to eat a meal, right?”




  “Yes, then eat well.”


  Lulu questioned Frey with a bewildered expression on her face as Frey stood up.



  “Uh, where are you going?”


  “I’m already full. Eat as much of the food as you want, and leave what remains as leftovers.”


  “W-wait a minute!”



  Lulu hurriedly called out to Frey as he tried to ascend the stairs. 


  “What’s wrong, Lulu?”


  “Uh… So… If I don’t eat all this food, you’ll just throw them away… Isn’t that too much of a waste?”




  “So… for our next meal… I thought we could use magic to send the leftover food to an orphanage…”


  Frey flinched and his expression became frigid in response to Lulu’s suggestion. 



  “Oh, I’m… sorry…”


  “Lulu, there’s one thing you should keep in mind.”


  Frey arrived before her and gazed down at her with frigid eyes.



  “It’s quite presumptuous for a pet to suggest something to its owner.”


  “Uh, uh…”


  “A pet’s only goal is to be blissful as it receives affection and attention from its owner.”




  Lulu shriveled and struggled to muster a brief reply. Frey patted her chin for a brief moment before stepping back and speaking. 



  “After you finish eating, head to the bathroom on the second floor. There is hot water there for you to wash yourself.”




  Frey spoke as he ascended the stairs to the upper floor. Lulu tilted her head in response to the words he uttered. 



  “Keeping oneself clean is a basic task pets should perform, so ensure you are keeping yourself clean in the future.”


  Frey opened the door to his room and went inside.






  Lulu was left alone in the quiet dining room, carefully cutting the steak in front of her with a knife and fork.





   Lulu left the dining hall after spending a great deal of time there.













  As Lulu entered the bathroom, her mouth was agape in response to the sight visible before her eyes.


  She was under the assumption that it’d be a normal bathroom. Instead, the bathroom was several times larger than those within the huts and tents she previously resided in. Jewels adorned the walls and various components of the bathroom.



 – Bubble Bubble…


  Lulu’s mouth hung agape for some time. She glanced down at the bubbles surfacing from within the depths of the water and instantaneously lost her train of thought.



   “Oh my god…”



  The bathtub full of bubbles was filled with high-quality potions.








  Following her momentary hesitation, Lulu entered the bathtub and fell deep into thought as she watched as all the scars and markings on her body that were byproducts of her self-harm vanished in an instant.



  ‘Don’t be fooled… he’s a villain. It’s not that he really loves me, he’s just taking care of his property…’


  Before arriving here, she had witnessed a chef staggering out of the mansion.



  When she asked Kania what was going on, she received a reply coupled with an indifferent expression.


  “When Lulu was being fed by Young Master Frey, didn’t you frown because the fish was too greasy?


  “Ho-How did you…”


  “The chef who prepared it was beaten and kicked out of the mansion. Perhaps the rumors will spread and he won’t be able to work as a chef anymore.”





  Lulu responded with a bewildered expression. Kania whispered to her in a faint voice.



  “Get used to it. It’s like this everyday.”


  Lulu muttered with a determined expression on her face as she recalled Kania’s words.



  “Yes, Frey is just a villain. I just need to use him to get rid of this curse.”


  Lulu glanced down at her own body that had been cleansed as her expression slowly changed.



  “I just have to do that…”


  Although in a different form, Lulu received affection for the first time since being abandoned by her parents. She questioned herself with a trembling voice.



  “…But why do I feel like this?”



  The bubbling bath water embraced her warmly.





The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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