The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 91

Chapter 91 - The Stolen Flower

༺ The Stolen Flower ༻




  “Huh? Why is it…”


  “Did you know? If you inject solar mana into a Canaria, it’ll radiate a golden light.”



  Frey’s expression became flabbergasted in response. Roswyn ignored him and proceeded to inject solar mana. 



  Coming from a collateral family, Roswyn didn’t possess as much solar mana as Clana. She had however, trained diligently whenever she had the time for it. Her mana was sufficient to light the flower. 



  – Shing…






  As Roswyn continued to inject solar mana into the Canaria, Frey began to look dejected when a faint black smoke seeped out of the flower. 



  “Hm… Though it did get a little brighter, it’s not shining as brilliantly as the rumors suggest.”



  Roswyn, who had been focused solely on the flower, finally gently placed the flower down beside her. 



  “…You liked Canarias all this time?”


  “Yes, I like them a lot. Do you know why?”


  “Hm… I wonder?”



  Frey frowned as if he found the whole situation unpleasant, but Roswyn continued speaking.



  “Just as the glow of the sunset envies the light of sunrise, I too, like yellow more than red.


  “…You do?”


  “Yes. So truthfully, I was quite sad whenever you brought me red roses.”



  Frey nodded his head with a frown as he watched Roswyn smile sorrowfully.



  “…I’ll bring you yellow flowers from now on, so…”


  “But didn’t you already give me one?”




  “I’m talking about this yellow Canaria.”



  Frey silently stared at Roswyn as she gently tapped the Canaria.



  “…Weird, is it really Roswyn?”


  “Why are you staring at me like that?”


  “N-No, it’s nothing.”



  When Roswyn tilted her head and questioned him, Frey dismissed his statement with an awkward smile.



  “It… really was a gift for me?”



  Clana quietly muttered with a trembling voice as she observed the scene through the eyes of the canary. 







  “But… But I definitely sensed dark mana…?”



  I stubbornly assumed Frey’s gift was a trap.



  However, nothing happened to Roswyn when she opened the gift box. All it contained was a canaria.  



  Considering who gave me the nickname ‘Canaria,’ this couldn’t be a coincidence.



  ‘R-right. Didn’t a black smoke emerge from the flower?’



  Amidst my confusion, I recalled a black smoke was expelled from the flower as Roswyn injected her solar mana. 



  With that thought in mind, I concluded that the gift was a malicious trap that Frey created with the use of our childhood memories. 



  ‘But wait, if that really was a trap… how come Roswyn is unaffected?’



  Confusion struck again as I suddenly had another matter to take into consideration. 



  Roswyn definitely grasped the flower with her bare hands. It’s strange that nothing happened despite coming into direct contact with it.



  ‘Wait, could it be…’



  I broke out into a cold sweat when I recalled what Frey had mentioned regarding the black magic. 



  ‘Could it really just be that a little dark mana got mixed in when Kania went to purchase the flower?’



  I did notice that Kania unknowingly released a large amount of dark mana while I stared at Frey’s room prior to entering. 



  For some reason, her dark mana seemed tens of times more powerful than in the previous timeline.



  Then… if Kania’s dark mana did slightly seep into the flower for some unknown reason…



  ‘That Canaria really was a gift meant for reconciliation…’


  “Frey, can you pin the flower into my hair?”



  Roswyn’s joyous voice pierced through me, interrupting my train of thoughts and forcing me to come back to my senses. 



  “Fufu, thank you.”



  Roswyn thanked Frey after he placed the flower into her hair with a faint frown. She proceeded to question him afterwards. 



  “So, why did you use the covenant for Clana?”


  “…Roswyn, are you trying to acquire information from me right now?”


  “Not at all. I simply asked out of curiosity.”



  I subconsciously gasped at the mention of the covenant and focused my attention on what Frey was about to say.



  “I just wanted to play with her before throwing her away.”




  “Yes, I didn’t like how conceited she was, even since childhood.”



  I nodded as if I expected the response that he would provide. 



  “I-I knew it. Frey just wanted to play around with me…”



  “I see… I suppose my guess was off the mark?”



  Before I could completely organize my thoughts, Roswyn narrowed her eyes and began whispering.



  “What do you mean?”


  “Like, for instance, I thought you did it to protect her?”



  Hearing that, I froze on the spot and Frey also frowned.



  “What kind of bullshit are you spouting, Roswyn?


  “Didn’t you make the proposal when those despicable, lustful low-lives were about to become Clana’s fiancé?”


  “That’s right. I did it so I wouldn’t be suspected by other attendants.”


  “I see… Then, where did those fiancé candidates vanish?”



  Roswyn asked while tilting her head while Frey let out a sigh.



  “Why are you asking me such a question?”


  “Well, one of our Intelligence Guild’s clients suddenly disappeared. Isn’t that bizarre?”


  “I’m not sure. Maybe he went into seclusion on some mountain after I took Clana or maybe one of the girls they harassed took revenge on them.”


  “Is that so? Is it really like that?”



  Roswyn smiled and continued speaking.



  “But you see… It’s surprising that even our Intelligence Guild is unable to determine their whereabouts.”


  “Why is that something to be surprised about? Your Intelligence Guild is…”


  “You should know exactly what kind of organization our guild is.”



  Roswyn’s tone became serious as she continued.



  “There are only 4 groups with the power and ability to hide information from our guild.”


  “And those groups are?”


  “The Imperial family, the Church, the Moonlight family, and…”



  Frey’s expression stiffened as he listened to Roswyn’s deduction. A sly look emerged on his face as he spoke.



  “As expected… I can’t fool Roswyn.”


  “Oh my, then the gossip circulating amongst the nobles is true after all?”


  “No, that’s not it. I did eliminate them… but it was because those disgraceful bastards were trying to steal my toy.”


  “…Well, if you say so.”



  Roswyn stopped interrogating with a smile when Frey didn’t seem likely to provide any information. 






  I could only let out a stupid sound and mutter after listening to their conversation.


  ‘What did I just… hear?’



  Their conversation kept playing back in my mind and made me feel dizzy. 



  ‘Frey used the covenant to protect me? No, that can’t be. He’s only ever considered me a toy he can play around with… Back then and even now…’



  “Anyways, is it true that you were just dumped by Clana?”



  I tried to think as rationally as I could, but Roswyn’s abrupt question stopped my thoughts in their tracks.



  “…Seems like it.”


  “Shall I pour you a drink? Wine tastes the best when it comes to overcoming heartbreak.”



  Roswyn grabbed the liquor bottle placed on the desk as Frey nodded in response to her proposal.



  “Would you like a cocktail?” 





  With Frey’s permission, Roswyn gathered all the liquor bottles scattered around the desk and started to mix them.



  ‘…A drug?’



  Through the canary’s eyes, I noticed Roswyn secretly taking out a drug while mixing the drinks.



  – Drip






  I could only watch dazedly and involuntarily mutter as I watched her sneak the drug into the cocktail.






  At some point, I ended up clutching the veranda rail with my hand that began trembling again.



  “No? Why shouldn’t she…”



  Now that I finally gained some power and obtained the Imperial family’s weakness, I won’t be forced into an engagement, even if Frey’s covenant is broken.



  So I really need to cut myself off from that detestable Frey… 



  There was no knowing what he’d do with my Imperial authority if I didn’t somehow break off this engagement… Which was why I requested Roswyn’s assistance in helping me cut ties by using this scheme…



  So why was my heart telling me to barge in to stop the situation from advancing…?



  “Shall we toast?” 





  Despite my contradictory feelings, Frey had already raised the drugged cocktail to his lips.



  “Mm… The taste is quite peculiar?”



  He downed the whole drink before I could take any action.



  “So how do you feel right now, Frey?”





  Frey began mumbling with hazy eyes as Roswyn stared at him with expectant eyes. 



  “My chest… it feels hot.”


  “Does it?”





  Roswyn moved next to Frey before embracing him.



  “It’s fine. You’ll be able to find a better girl.”


  “No, it’s really not like that… I only saw her as a toy…”


  “Yes, yes. I know.”



  Roswyn closed the proximity between her and Frey. She curved her eyes and whispered alluringly. 



  “…But, what about me?”




  “If you so want, I can console you tonight.”


  “What are… no, r-really?”



  Frey, who momentarily had a serious look on his face, began to speak with hazy eyes.



  “Do you really mean it…?”


  “Huhu, not right now, but another…Eup?”



  Roswyn attempted to back away to avoid having her breasts groped. Her lips however, were stolen by Frey. She tried to push him off of her with a startled look on her face. 








  In the next moment, Frey and Roswyn landed on the floor. Their bodies were connected, like a beast with two backs. 



  “Hah… hah…”



  As I watched the spectacle unfold in a daze, I quickly severed my visual connection with the canary and slumped down on the floor. 



  “Aeugh…. eugh…”



  It definitely went according to plan, and I shouldn’t be concerned with who he becomes intimate with. 



  But why are tears falling from my eyes?










  “Heup… eup!”



  Even after Clana stopped watching, Roswyn and Frey’s tongues intertwined for a long time.



  “Puah, w-wait…”



  Roswyn eventually mustered up all her strength to push Frey off of her.



  – Seuk…  



  She was about to speak, but stopped and tensed up when Frey reached for her bottom. 






  After a brief moment, Frey’s hand came in contact with her bottom, as a satisfied expression flickered across his face. 



  – Psst



  At that instant, a black spot on her hand started to light up.  








  Then, Roswyn suddenly started to vomit.



  “G-Get off.”



  Roswyn shoved Frey away with a glare and hurriedly headed for the door.



  “D-Disgusting… Eugh…”



  Roswyn, who left Frey’s room in a rush, ran to the veranda where Clana was waiting and began puking.



  “Uek…! Euk…” 



  After throwing up with tears welling up in her eyes, Roswyn spoke after noticing Clana staring dazedly at her.



  “I’m sorry, it was too nauseating.”


  “W-What was…” 


  “I went for a round of drinks with Frey, but I had to escape the middle cause I felt like I was going to vomit.”



  Clana’s face paled in response while Roswyn glared repulsively in the direction of Frey’s room. 



  “As expected… I can’t stand Frey, even if it’s a commission.”  



  Clana bit down on her lips in response to Roswyn’s disgusted comment. Roswym clapped her hands and brought something out. 



  “Ah, I completely forgot to hand you this. Here.” 


  “T-this is?” 


  “It’s the hidden magic device I used to record Frey sexually assaulting me. Use it for your plan later.”



  Clana inadvertently accepted the device with trembling hands.  






  Roswyn, who still felt nauseous, took out the Canaria flower with her fingertips as if it was filthy before tossing it onto the floor.



  “…I’m still getting goosebumps.”





  Right as Roswyn stomped on the flower, Clana cried out in distress.



  “Hm? What’s wrong?”


  “U-uh…so… That’s…”



  Clana could only stammer in a quivering voice when Roswyn tilted her head and questioned her. 



  “…Are you going to throw that away?”



  When Clana finally asked after much hesitation, Roswyn released a sigh and picked the flower back up.



  “I almost ruined the commission due to my useless emotions. Thank you for helping me return to my senses.” 


  “T-That’s not it…” 


  “Honestly, I feel sick just holding onto it, but what can I do when it’s so beneficial to keep it?”



  Roswyn pinned the flower back into her hair as Clana stood there watching. 



  “Alright, I’ll return to Frey’s room.”


  “I-isn’t it dangerous? Frey might be mad so I’ll go inst…” 



  Clana, who stared long and hard at the Canaria tucked into Roswyn’s hair, hurriedly spoke out.  



  “You don’t have to worry.”



  Roswyn replied to Clana with a bright smile. 



  “That bastard’s so obsessed with me, he’ll come crawling back to me, even if I kick him aside.” 


  “T-Then, you don’t need that flower, right?”



  When Clana heard Roswyn’s confident statement, she asked with a feigned composure.



  “Seems like you like the flower quite a lot?”



  Roswyn asked while pulling out the flower with upturned lips.



  “Y-Yes. Not to that extent, but…”



  Clana held out her hand expectantly while doing her best to maintain a calm tone of speech. 



  – Tuk!






  Clana looked on dumbfoundedly as Roswyn plucked out the smallest petal and placed it into the palm of her hands.



  “Please be content with that, Your Highness, the Third Imperial Princess.”



  Roswyn tapped her on the shoulder and left the veranda before Clana could respond. 






  Clana stood there blankly for some time, helplessly mumbling with her head lowered. 



  “J-Just this… with just… heuk.” 



  And it didn’t take long for tears to cascade.


The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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