The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 109

Auction (2)

༺ Auction (2) ༻


  As the auction began, the host’s booming voice from the stage resonated throughout the hall.


  [Ladies and gentlemen!!! Good evening!!!]


  Renee murmured, startled by the sound of the host’s voice echoing through the room.


  “He has a very loud voice, but I don’t think he is using any other device.”


  Albrecht, who had come to his senses, was the one who answered her.


  “He’s Baron Feldon, the one who hosts the public auction every year.”


  “Huh? A nobleman?”


  “He’s doing it voluntarily. He’s too passionate to pass up an opportunity like this.”


  Albrecht’s eyes were shining with longing as he continued to speak.


  “I’m thinking of taking over that position when the Baron retires.”


  Renee smiled awkwardly as she read the deep aspirations conveyed in Albrecht’s voice.


  “W-what about the Knights…?”


  “It’s just an annual event, so it shouldn’t interfere with my main duties.” 


  Albrecht said, a flush of red coloring his pure white cheeks. 


  “I like this kind of passion, the loud shouts, and also leading people in front of it.”


  In other words, he liked being the center of attention. That’s what he was talking about. 


  Vera, who was quietly listening to the conversation, belatedly understood the meaning and frowned at Albrecht’s arrogance. 


  There were so many things he wanted to say, but… he didn’t say them out loud.


  It was because he thought that Albrecht wasn’t the kind of person who would listen even if he said it.


  Thus, in the midst of that strange atmosphere where it was difficult to say anything… 


  [The first auction item! That isss!!!]


  A loud shout filled the hall, increasing the tension in the atmosphere as the group’s gaze turned to the stage.


  “Vera, what is coming out?”


  “It’s a big iron cage. Ah, it’s a magical beast from an unexplored land.”


  Vera realized what kind of item was being presented as soon as he saw the cage and gave an answer. As if to prove him right, Baron Feldon’s explanation continued.


  [A baby Drake rescued from the Dragon’s Canyon! This Drake is our first auction item!!!]




  Renee was startled by the mention of a ‘Drake’ and voiced her concern.


  “I-is it all right to put something like that up for auction?”


  Speaking of Drake, isn’t it a giant magical beast that exceeds at least 7 meters when it becomes an adult?


  It was natural to worry about whether it was okay to put such a magical beast up for auction.


  Renee had an uneasy expression.


  It was Albrecht who responded to Renee once again.


  “It’s fine. Those who buy such things are either Tamers or Dragon Knights. With their skills, they can easily control a baby Drake.” 


  Even as he explained, his gaze was fixed on Baron Feldon, and his hand holding a pen was carefully jotting something down on the notebook he had taken out.


  “When presenting the auction item, skip a beat… When introducing the item, make the end of speech as long and loud as possible…”


  Renee felt cold sweat running down her back at the scribbling sound from the side and Albrecht’s continued muttering.


  ‘Is it okay?’


  It was because she wondered if it was acceptable for the Second Prince to be genuine about this. 


  “Do-does the Crown Prince know, too?”


  Does your brother also know about this? Did your brother not say anything?


  To the question that she unconsciously asked, Albrecht tilted his head and replied. 


  “Hmm? Of course, he knows. My brother always gives me words of encouragement. He’s someone I’m grateful for, as he has always supported me.”




  A deep flush of embarrassment washed over Renee’s face.


  “Hmm… you both get along really well.”


  What came out was such cliched words.


  Even though she wasn’t a citizen of the Empire, Renee’s face began to twist oddly with a strange feeling of unnecessary concern for the future of the Empire. Albrecht, who understood her expression differently, smiled and added.


  “Isn’t it natural? We share the same blood, after all.”


  His pen stopped, and his gaze shifted to the Drake sleeping in the cage.


  “While some may think it is common for siblings to compete for the Emperor’s throne, I believe that they are wrong.” 


  His eyes, which had been burning with passion, had already softened into a warm gaze.

“Don’t real brothers support each other in their respective positions? I may be skilled with a sword but lacking in politics, whereas my brother may not have the might, but he has a sharper eye for governing than anyone else. Therefore, it’s right for him to rule, and it is right for me to protect him from those who desire to harm him.” 




  “Hm, I ended up sharing a shameful story.” 


  “No, I think it’s cool.”


  Renee responded with a thumbs up. At the same time, other thoughts were running through her head.


  ‘That’s a cool thing to say, but…’


  I didn’t mean it that way. I think he misunderstood.


  Renee considered if she should correct her words, but soon gave up and kept her mouth shut.


  Wouldn’t she feel sorry if Albrecht froze up after she scolded him again unnecessarily?




  He was a kind and well-behaved person, but why did talking to him always make her sigh?


  Suddenly, Renee felt the obvious truth flash through her mind that ‘A person’s everyday behavior is important.’ 




  Even after that, the auction continued amid cheers.


  A rare elixir found only at the northern tip. The ribs of a Death Knight said to have been brought directly from the Cradle of the Dead. The lifeblood of a vampire flown in from the Citadel of the Black Night.


  Items that made people wonder how they were obtained continue to emerge. 


  “What about the people who obtained those things?”


  At Renee who asked with a pale face, Vera nodded and responded.


  “It’s definitely something to be curious about, but I think nothing good will come from trying to find out.”


  He wasn’t just saying it for no reason.


  In his previous life, Vera had organized the slum’s underground auction, which was different from the public auction here. He was someone who knew better than anyone else what had happened to those who had brought mysterious items from there.


  ‘They’re either dead or suffering from a curse.’


  The price of touching forbidden mysteries was never light.


  Vera was sure of it.


  He didn’t know about anything else, but those who brought the Death Knight’s ribs and the vampire’s lifeblood wouldn’t be safe.


  While he was lost in thought, the vampire’s lifeblood was traded for a hefty sum of 3,000 gold, and then a book displayed in a glass box was brought up on stage.


  [And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the next item! Do you believe in ancient secrets?! Have you heard about the mysteries contained within this item?! If any of you have not heard such stories, today you will have a truly rare experience!!!]


  He shouted while hitting the glass box with his palm once. When the audience responded, Baron Feldon continued in a voice louder than before.


  [Behold! This is a grimoire with the whispers of the extinct Dream Demon!!! This item is up next!!! The starting bid is 2,000 gold! Now, who’s ready to make a bid?!]


  “Ah, that seems to be the item the Professor was talking about.”


  “Yes, it seems like it.”


  Vera looked at the grimoire displayed on the stage, lost in thought. 


  ‘The Whispers of the Dream Demon.’


  A primitive and mystical species said to have gone extinct in previous generations. While contemplating the book that contained their knowledge, curiosity arose within him.


  “So the Academy was keeping something like that.”


  “Indeed, the Professor must have had a reason for negotiating personally in the VIP seats.”


  When it came to items related to extinct primordial species, collectors would be eager to find them. Vera belatedly began to understand Miller’s urgent attitude.


  “Do you think the negotiation went well?” 


  “Well, wouldn’t he have taken care of it himself?”


  The auction price continued to soar even as their chatter continued.


  What started at 2,000 went to 3,000 then to 5,000 and kept going up little by little.


  [Aaah! Number 183! Ten thousand!!! Ten thousand gold is ouuuut!!!]


  The price doubled at once.


  “It must be the Professor, right?”


  If someone was willing to go to such lengths and spend so recklessly, it was likely him. Albrecht responded to Renee’s question with that thought in mind. 


  “Probably. As long as the Academy is bringing in money, the Professor won’t be short of funds.” 


  “But, is it okay to just use it recklessly like that?”


  “‘It doesn’t matter because it’s not my money.’ I’m guessing he might be thinking that way.”


  An awkward laughter escaped from Albrecht’s lips.


  Renee, feeling uncomfortable with Albrecht’s demeanor, followed suit with a forced smile and rubbed her fingertips.


  “So, he’s an oddball.”


  “Right. A little… hm, a lot like that.”


  [Ten thousand has been bid!!! Anyone else? Then let’s count down!!! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Sold! The Whispers of the Dream Demon is auctioned for 10,000 gold!!!]


  A roar followed, and thunderous applause broke out.


  Albrecht’s body began to tremble in the heat of the auction house.


  Surprised by his reaction, Renee moved subtly in the direction of Vera and muttered. 


  “Ho-how long will the auction last?”


  “…I believe there are about ten more items left.”




  The thought of either sending Albrecht away or simply leaving the auction now crossed Renee’s mind. 


  What should I do?


  While she was pondering, the next item was presented on the stage.


  [This item is!!!! A dagger excavated from the ruins of the western end of the Canyon! Its purpose is unknown! Condition is poor! However, everyone here must know that true treasures are hidden among these old items!!! Now, we invite participants with the courage to test their luck! Starting bid is 200 gold! Do we have any bidders?!]


  The lengthy, loud explanation boiled down to, ‘I don’t know what it is, but it might be good, so buy it!’


  Renee burst out laughing at the lengthy explanation and asked Vera.


  “Do you want to buy it?”




  There was no response. Renee tilted her head.




  When Renee tapped his shoulder and asked, Vera flinched and answered only then.




  Even while speaking, Vera’s eyes remained fixed on the stage.


  It wasn’t because he was familiar with that item. There was no way he could have known about such an old dagger.


  There was only one reason why Vera’s eyes were locked on the stage right now. 


  ‘This is…’


  Vera’s hand swept over his chest.


  The energy inside him was responding to that dagger.


  Vera frowned, trying to recall what this energy was. 


  A warm and refreshing energy. A subtle energy the size of a single seed compared to its large presence.


  It was the same energy that resided within him after consuming Aedrin’s fruit a few months ago. 


  It was now responding to that dagger.


  Vera composed himself and stared at the dagger.




  Wasn’t it Aedrin’s energy that had not responded to any stimuli all along? Why was it now reacting to such an unknown object?


  A dilemma arose, and within it, Vera made one choice. 


  Vera’s hand reached forward.


  His palm pressed down on the bell that had been sitting on the table.


  ‘I’ll get it first for now.’


  He didn’t know what that dagger was, but it wouldn’t be an ordinary object if it reacted to Aedrin’s energy.


  “Ah, are you bidding?”


  “Yes, I have confidence in my luck.” 


  Vera responded to Renee’s words and used his fingertip to write a number in the empty space of the magic circle that emerged around the bell. 


  [Aah! 500 gold! Number 1 has bid for 500 gold!!! Is there anyone else?!]


  Since he didn’t have any more money than this, he would have to give it away if anyone else bid. However, Vera knew that no one in this place would bid on this dagger.


  ‘Number one.’


  That was the number of the VIP seat they were currently sitting in.


  And it was the seat number of the Imperial Crown Prince.


  The only ones who knew that they were here instead of the Crown Prince were Professor Miller, Albrecht, and the Crown Prince, Maximilian.


  In other words, no human being would dare to compete with the Crown Prince and spend money on something that was auctioned for fun and not an object of fixed value.


  Vera waited leisurely.


  [Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Sold! The dagger from the ruins has been sold for 500 gold!!!]


  “Oh, congratulations.”


  Roughly nodding at Albrecht’s words, Vera let out a breath as he leaned back against the backrest of the sofa.


  A smirk tugged at the corners of his mouth. 




  This was why power was good.





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The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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