The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 117

Temptation (2)

༺ Temptation (2) ༻


  The past week had been a wonderful one for Renee and a terrible one for Vera. 


  Even as their relationship took an unexpected turn, the moment of their departure from the Empire was fast approaching.


  The Imperial Palace was in the midst of cleaning up after the festival. Entering the Crown Prince’s palace, Renee bid farewell to the siblings across from her with a smile on her face.


  “Thank you for your help all this time. I hope to see you again next time.”


  Maximilian gave a small nod at Renee’s words and answered.


  “We should be the ones thanking you. Thank you for saving the empire.” 


  Maximilian bowed his head. Albrecht, who was standing behind him, followed suit.


  “As my brother said, we should be thanking you since we were the ones who received your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


  Albrecht folded his signature golden eyes gracefully, revealed his white teeth and bowed his head, making a rustling sound that earned a chuckle from Renee before proceeding to answer.


  “Then we shall be going.”


  “Didn’t you say you were going to the Academy?”


  “Yes, I know one of the professors there. Vera wants to visit the academy as well.”




  Renee muttered as she swept Vera’s hand, causing Vera’s face to stiffen.


  The siblings across from them made an ‘ohh’ sound.


  Amidst this, Maximilian was the first to regain his composure and cleared his throat before continuing.


  “Didn’t you say you were going with Professor Miller?”


  “Yes. Fortunately, he agreed to come with us.”


  “He’s a competent professor. If you get to know him well, he’ll be a valuable connection to you. Good luck.”


  After he said that, Maximilian extended his hand forward.


  “Let’s shake hands before you go.”




  Renee replied before lifting Vera’s hand and placing it around her own wrist, then said.


  “Vera, guide me.”


  Vera pushed Renee’s hand gently toward Maximillian with a complicated look on his face.


  It was a handshake made by putting two… no, three hands together. 


  Renee had a beaming expression, whilst Vera, a miserable one. Maximilian’s eyes glistened as if he were watching an intriguing spectacle, and Albrecht, who was a little further away, spotted himself blushing in a hand mirror.


  …It was a moment of farewell that was hard to describe.




  Late afternoon, in the mansion garden.


  Renee, who was sitting comfortably on a sun-drenched bench, smiled and murmured when she felt a presence near her.






  “Being with Vera makes my heart race so much.”




  “My heart is pounding.”




  There was no response, but she could sense a flinching movement. Renee’s smile widened.


  Renee was on cloud nine thanks to it.


  She had so much fun when Vera was this embarrassed. Plus, she was happy to be able to express her feelings, and now that she was being so brazen, she no longer felt embarrassed.


  That’s why it was so fun.


  So it must be true that humans are animals that grow through experience. 


  Renee, who felt satisfied with her own changes, motioned to Vera.


  “Come closer.”


  Vera approached her. 


  Renee tapped her hand on the seat next to her and spoke.


  “Sit down.”


  Vera sat down, making a rustling sound. 


  After recalling Annie’s killer move, Renee shifted her body to rest on Vera’s thigh.


  “Stroke my head.”


  This time, Vera didn’t immediately comply and trembled.


  ‘…Is this still too hard?’


  Renee clicked her tongue inwardly, recalling what Annie had taught her.


  – Slowly, little by little, chip away at his psychological barrier. First, ask him to hold your hand, hug you, carry you on his back, and stroke you. That way, you’ll be able to make progress gradually. So what happens next? Won’t he eventually agree to kiss you when you ask for it? This should be okay, right? This is still appropriate, right? In the end, he’ll be immune to all that.


  Vera, who grants her a kiss when she asks for one.


  Renee, who was striving for that, was getting unnecessarily impatient with Vera’s stone-like demeanor.




  At this point, she had no choice but to use coercion. She had to break down his psychological barriers by accustoming him to this type of skinship.


  At Renee’s stern tone, Vera let out a small sigh and began stroking Renee’s head.




  Vera ran his fingers through her white locks, his hand moving like a comb.


  Renee’s heart skipped a beat when Vera ran his hand through her hair, and her smile widened.


  Watching Renee like that sparked a fire within him.


  It was desire. 


  Vera took a deep breath and began to calm the wave of emotions inside him.


  He tried to suppress himself because he thought it was the right thing to do.


  What was rising up now was an impulse that would surely hurt Renee, for all the ways he knew to release his lust were violent and selfish. 


  Vera couldn’t shake off that feeling.


  Then, once again, Renee spoke. 






  “Vera smells refreshing.”




  His fingertips trembled as he stroked Renee’s head, and she laughed. Vera said with a crumpled expression. 


  “…Please don’t do this.”


  “What if I say no?”




  Renee poked Vera’s thigh with her finger.


  “Didn’t I tell you what I would do if you tried to stop me?”


  Vera closed his mouth shut.


  I won’t give in so easily.


  That was what Vera meant by his gesture, but it made Renee even more elated.


  “You actually like it when I cling to you like this, don’t you? That’s why you provoke me by acting like you hate it.”


  I shouldn’t answer.


  Vera thought to himself, but his mouth continued to speak dutifully. 




  If there was one emotion that Vera couldn’t endure, it was impulsiveness.




  Renee’s temptation was getting more intense day by day.


  Holding hands or hugging had already become a routine, but she went further than merely resting on his lap or sitting on his thigh today.




  She went so far as to kiss him on the cheek. 


  Vera instantly stopped breathing while Renee smiled brightly.


  “I love you.”


  Renee whispered in Vera’s ear.


  Her cheeks flushed red from her own speech.


  No matter how much she got used to expressing her feelings, the words ‘I love you’ still made her heart flutter every time she uttered it.


  She should have gotten used to it now, yet she couldn’t get used to that one line at all, so Renee buried her head in Vera’s nape since it was strange and embarrassing every time, as if it were her first time saying it.


  As Vera felt the soft sensation on his nape, Renee’s words rattled his heart yet again.


  It was too much for him to bear. A look of resentment began to appear in his eyes.


  How far does this cruel person want to torment me?


  Such thoughts instilled unnecessary hatred in his heart.


  Renee’s reddening neck was visible through her white hair, and reignited his intense desire.


  You can’t do this. 


  Just as Vera had that thought and gnashed his teeth…


  “Vera, you’re getting hot.”


  Renee provoked him. 


  At that moment, Vera’s rationality was cut off with a snap. 


  Vera grabbed Renee by the shoulders. He pushed her away and thrust his head toward Renee.




  Renee’s body trembled at Vera’s sudden action, and Vera, who belatedly regained his reasoning, came to a stop.


  His head stopped by Renee’s ear.


  As Vera realized what he was about to do, he let out a growl that sounded like a restrained beast with a horribly crumpled expression.




  Thump. Thump.


  Renee tried to get a hold of her mind, which had been briefly paralyzed by the unexpected situation, before stammering an answer.




  “That’s bad behavior.”


  The tone was strict, as if admonishing her. Vera spoke in a voice Renee had never heard before, causing her to nod her head in agreement. 




  Her voice came out very shaky, and her heart palpitated wildly.


  The way that Vera approached her first and that stern tone were very unexpected that it conjured such a reaction from her.


  Even during that moment, the corners of Renee’s mouth were rising into a smile, but fortunately, neither of them had realized it yet.




  The next day, in front of the carriage heading to the Academy. 


  Dovan, who was leaving for the Holy Kingdom with Marie, and Aisha, who was heading to the academy with Renee, were saying their goodbyes.


  “Aisha, don’t trouble the Saint, don’t get hurt, and make sure to eat your meals. Do you understand?”


  “Yes! Please stay healthy as well, Master! I’ll be right there!”


  Aisha answered with a wide grin and hugged Dovan tightly.


  Dovan smiled at her appearance and stroked Aisha’s head before coming up with a reply.


  “Kid, you’re not even learning blacksmithing anymore, so what master are you talking about? From now on, Sir Vera is your master.”


  “For me, you are my only master. Vera is not Master.” 


  Dovan’s smile grew deeper when she said that with her lips pursed.


  He was touched that such a young kid thought so highly of him.


  Dovan reached into his arms and pulled out a dagger, which he handed to his daughter whom he wouldn’t see for a while.


  Aisha’s expression was tinged with surprise when she got the dagger.


  “…This is…”


  “It’s a present. Do you remember what I told you, Aisha? It’s important to avoid fights if possible. However…”


  “…If you have to fight, you must win no matter what.”


  Dovan’s lips curved into a smile. Aisha’s eyes sparkled brightly. 


  “Yeah! I’ll make sure to get stronger and kick Vera’s ass!”


  Vera, who was standing in silence, frowned at what he heard and spat out sharply.


  “Quit your nonsense and come here already.”


  “Please take care of her.”


  “Yes, don’t worry.”


  “Take care of yourself as well, Saint. I’ll see you when you return to the Holy Kingdom.”


  “Yes, please stay healthy as well, Mr. Dovan.”


  It was a short farewell.


  Then, as if he had no intention of prolonging the conversation, Dovan pushed his wheelchair to Marie’s place.


  Just when Aisha looked at Dovan retreating back with a slightly saddened expression…


  “Whoops! I’m sorry! Have you been waiting long?”


  A carefree voice echoed through the air.


  Everyone in the envoy turned their heads toward the source of the sound simultaneously.


  The red-haired man was wearing all kinds of odd accessories over his gray suit. It was Professor Miller, his bag hanging from his back.


  Renee realized Professor Miller was approaching by his voice and rattling sound and gave him a nod.




  “Ugh, it’s really hard to pack all of this stuff.”




  A rough huff escaped Miller’s mouth.


  “Those who depart… are there nine people, including myself?”


  Renee gave him a nod. There was her, Vera, Aisha, Norn, and the four apprentice priests. Including Miller, there were a total of nine people.


  Given that this was an official visit to the Academy, it would be only right to bring personnel to run various errands.


  Miller replied with a vigorous nod and said.


  “Very well. Please take care of me on the way!”


  He held out his hand, requesting a handshake.


  As Renee extended her hand with a soft smile, Miller took it and shook it up and down.


  As she shook his hand, Renee continued to think.


  ‘It’s a war now.’


  Of course, she was thinking of Vera.


  Yesterday, she was so embarrassed that she stopped her plans, but things would be different from now on.


  Theresa would be there at the academy. She would ask for her help.


  She wouldn’t back down from embarrassment again like she did yesterday.


  A flame of anger began to burn within her alongside her resolve.


  Then, she had a belated recollection. It was because Vera’s actions at that time seemed too skillful. 


  ‘…He must’ve done everything with that woman.’


  Who and what did you do with them to be able to move your body so skillfully? 


  As she thought about it, she remembered the person in the vision that Orgus had shown her.


  Someone Vera cherished, someone from the past he had already lost, and someone who had once been Vera’s light.


  They could be a guy, a woman, a child, or an elderly man, but her mind had already pictured a lady in her prime at some point, so that person became ‘that woman’ now.


  Renee blazed her fighting spirit towards the person who was no longer in this world and said to herself.


  ‘Just wait and see…!’


  Vera will end up being mine no matter how great you are. I’ll make him forget about you. Unlike you, I will surely make Vera happy and laugh. 


  …She said to herself, recalling her determination to tear the bed apart once she found out the truth.





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The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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