The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 123

Lecture (1)

༺ Lecture (1) ༻


  The first class went off without a hitch.


  Renee, who came out to the hallway after class, whispered to Vera with a troubled expression.


  “The professor… I wonder if he was nervous?”


  She was referring to the professor from the last class.


  It was a middle-aged professor who taught [Introduction to Advanced Spells]. As she brought up the obvious stutters during the lecture, Vera replied with a nod.




  Renee let out a sigh.


  “I feel bad for some reason.”


  She was worried that she might have disturbed the class.


  How could she not? If he was the type of person who was always like that, he wouldn’t have become a professor in the first place. Moreover, she couldn’t help but notice that the professor kept pausing and hesitating during his explanations.


  On second thought, the professor might be unable to deliver his lecture normally because he was wary of Vera and her.


  Watching Renee’s distressed expression, Vera replied nonchalantly.


  “Please don’t worry too much. It’s not like we’re asking him a difficult question. I find it ridiculous that a professor gets insecure of his student’s status.”


  “Hm, yes.”


  Renee’s lips twisted into a smile at the thought that Vera’s way of comforting her was a little too aggressive.


  Renee laughed it off and moved on to another topic.


  “By the way, how about Vera? Did you like the class?”


  As one could guess, she was talking about the previous lecture.


  “It wasn’t bad.”


  Vera’s voice revealed no dissatisfaction. Upon hearing that, Renee brightened up and continued speaking.


  “Right? Actually, it was quite intriguing for me as well. I had no idea the spells I used had such a theory.”


  One might wonder how the Saint didn’t know about the theory of spells, but she got away with it because she was Renee after all.


  “I never thought about being curious because everything comes together if I just want to create something. I should reflect on that.”


  Spells would manifest for as long as she wished. Casting a spell for her was like running a pre-programmed machine, and she’d create results whether she knew the theory or not. 


  As a result, she had no interest in figuring out how it worked.


  Watching Renee’s face light up with excitement as she spoke, Vera nodded in agreement.


  “I know that it’s normal for the Saint to think that way.”


  “You don’t feel the same, Vera?”


  “I already knew everything, so I didn’t feel anything new.” 




  A hint of surprise flashed across Renee’s face, followed by a mischievous smile.


  “Vera is such a show-off.”


  “…I was just stating the truth.” 


  “So you’re not pretending, but you’re really good at it, is that what you’re saying?”


  “I won’t deny it.”


  It was a very brazen thing to say, but Vera didn’t care. 


  Because it was the truth. 


  Despite having issues with his personality, when it came to physical or mental abilities compared to others, he had an exceptional talent that surpassed anyone in both the physical or mental aspect.


  And he had been training with all his might.


  Vera believed that falsely showing humility was deceiving others, and instead of being humble, it was right to take pride in it. At least, that’s how Vera thought.


  While Vera was lost in thoughts, Renee quipped.


  “For someone who’s good at such things, you sure are terrible at relationships.” 




  “I’m not seducing you. I just said what I want.”


  Vera’s face filled with embarrassment. Renee laughed when he tightened the grip on her hand, and continued.


  “Just give in already.”


  “…I won’t.”


  “Let’s see how long you can last.”




  “Who said I’m gonna do anything today? Why are you getting worked up all by yourself? Don’t tell me you’re looking forward to it?”


  Vera clamped his lips tight.


  He thought that the more he spoke, the more he would fall into the pit, and that it was better to remain silent because he might lose much more if he spoke.




  Since then, [Introduction to Advanced Swordsmanship] had progressed similarly to the previous class.


  If there was a difference this time, it would be that this time the professor was only mindful of Vera.


  It wasn’t because he didn’t understand. Wasn’t Vera the Paladin who defeated the great Tower Master of the Magic Tower? There was no way any professors could have been unaware of the news that had reached the entire continent at that point.


  …That being said, she could just leave it at that and move on, but…


  “Vera, you’re being too much.”


  Renee said to Vera as she passed through the hallway, sighing deeply.




  “You’re making it hard for the professor by asking so many questions.”


  The problem was that Vera asked too many questions.


  Vera’s barrage of questions began shortly after the lecture began. Renee, who vividly remembered how the professor’s voice shook as he answered, added with a fed-up expression.


  “Did you know, Vera? The professor spent about half of his lecture answering your questions.”


  “…Did I really take that much time?”


  “I feel bad for everyone. But why are you asking so many questions when you have that much confidence in swordsmanship?”


  “Because I don’t know the theory well…”


  Vera, looking embarrassed, added.


  “Since I’ve been wielding a sword instinctively, I asked questions because I got curious while listening. I will visit the professor separately and apologize later.”


  “I think he’ll dislike it even more.”


  Haha. A laugh escaped her mouth, and she thought to herself.


  ‘You’re working hard.’


  Contrary to the hesitation he had shown the day before, Renee found it amusing that Vera was now attending the lectures with such passion.


  Then the thought occurred to her.


  ‘…Would he have listened to the chicken fight or snowball fight lecture in the same way?’


  Would he have really been this invested in listening to those subjects? With this question in mind, Renee suddenly felt a tinge of regret.


  She regretted that she had rejected them because she thought that Vera, who would’ve listened to lectures about chicken fighting and snowball fighting with such an enthusiastic face, would’ve been cute to watch.


  ‘Mm…well, I’m sure there’ll be another chance.’


  Let’s listen to that as well when we get a chance.


  Renee continued walking with that in mind, but she tilted her head as she entered the room for the lecture [History of the Age of Gods].


  “Doesn’t it seem crowded? I sense a lot of people.”


  “…Yes, it’s crowded.”


  Vera narrowed his eyes as he scoured the lecture hall. There were approximately one hundred seats that were packed with people.


  “I suppose it’s a popular subject.”


  “You have a keen eye, Vera.”


  “I’ll take it as a compliment.”


  Vera, who was already irritated that he had to sit near other students, led Renee to a corner, and the students nearby stiffened in surprise.


  Renee was quite bothered by the energy they gave off, but she promptly put her feelings aside and greeted them with a smile.


  She had already accepted that she was unapproachable, so she decided that it was better to approach first rather than feel bad about it.




  Renee greeted them with as much kindness as she could muster.




  A stumbling male student in the front row replied with lightning speed.


  “H-Hello, Saint. May you receive the Lord’s blessing.”


  Other students nearby also greeted her. Renee’s smile widened at the refreshing courtesy, as if she learned something new.


  Her heart filled with joy because she rarely had the opportunity to converse with people her age or experience such a refreshing feeling. 


  “I’m guessing this is a popular lecture?”


  It wasn’t a question intended at anyone in particular. She just blurted it out because she wanted to talk to people her own age.


  The male student who had previously greeted her replied.


  “Y-Yes…it’s Professor Miller’s lecture, after all…!”


  Renee and Vera tensed up.




  Renee asked back absentmindedly.


  Why is that name coming up here? What the hell did I just hear?


  Such questions emerged.


  Levin, the male student in the front row, had no idea about what they were thinking and decided that his explanation wasn’t adequate for an outsider, so he added more.


  “Oh, Professor Miller is one of our Academy’s most well-known professors! Not to mention, his lectures are short and he is generous with grades, therefore his lectures are always well-attended!”


  The two wondered if their ears were playing tricks on them.


  “The lectures are short…you say?”


  “There must be two professors named Miller.”


  “Oh, I see!”


  It was an awkward dialogue that would have been comparable to a scene from a play.


  Watching them, Levin tilted his head and said.


  “There is only one Professor Miller. He is a senior professor in the Department of Sorcery.”


  Renee closed her eyes tightly.


  It was a natural reaction from someone who thought that she’d never see him again, but might have to put up with that guy’s endless chatter once more.


  Similarly, Vera had a sorrowful expression as he realized the subject he chose was a bad choice.


  Vera cast a glance towards Renee before saying what sounded like an excuse.


  “Why does a professor of sorcery teach history…”


  “I’ve heard that he can’t give up lecturing! He teaches liberal arts in his free time because he’s passionate about his personal research…”


  Vera’s face crumpled horribly upon listening to Levin.


  “…I doubt his qualities as a teacher.”


  Levin trembled as he found Vera’s remarks to be highly unreasonable, and blindly defended Miller with an awkward smile. He thought that was the right thing to do.


  “F-First of all, the professors at the Academy are basically scholars, so they’re perceived as a knowledge enthusiast…”


  He was walking on eggshells while uttering those words. Realizing that he’d been too harsh on innocent people, Vera clamped his mouth shut. Renee patted his hand and comforted him.


  “Uh, umm… it’ll be okay. The lecture has a fixed time limit, and it is short.”


  “…I’m ashamed of myself.”


  “Things like that happen sometimes.”


  The air was filled with awkwardness.


  Please don’t add to my concerns with useless chatters, and just get to the point instead.


  Simultaneously, such thoughts popped into their heads.




  Fortunately, there was nothing to worry about.


  Miller looked so unmotivated, reciting something even a three-year-old would know without sincerity, prompting them to wonder if he was even the same person as before.


  [Yes, that’s why they have all been wiped out and only elves remain.]


  “He’s teaching half-heartedly.”


  When Renee whispered in a voice filled with shock and joy, Vera answered in a similar tone.


  “Yes. Fortunately, it won’t get in the way of other schedules.”


  He heaved a sigh of relief.


  Miller’s eyes were wandering into the air, despite the fact that they were whispering and not paying attention. He obviously had other things on his mind.


  Thinking that Miller might not even realize their presence, Vera asked Renee.


  “What would you like to eat after this?”


  “I heard there’s a student cafeteria. How about going there?”


  “I’ll notify Hela that we’ll be eating separately.”


  “Thank you.”


  The chat about their plans went by quickly, and Miller announced the end of the lecture with a blank expression.


  [Then, we’ll end today’s lecture here.]


  We can go now.


  With that in mind, Vera prepared leave the lecture hall. 


  [Oh, right. There’s homework. Form a group of three and prepare a presentation about the Age of Gods. You are free to choose the topic.]


  Miller added something that he couldn’t possibly ignore.


  [The duration is until the next class. See you later.]




  Dissatisfaction erupted from the remaining students as Miller walked out of the lecture hall. Renee, also wearing an expression of dismay, asked Vera.






“Do we have to do it, too?”




In the ensuing silence, Renee heaved a sigh.





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The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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