The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 143

Land of Fighters (1)

༺ Land of Fighters (1) ༻


  The peculiar atmosphere that had lingered between them for several days since Vera’s counterattack began, now took on a competitive nature.


  They were looking for opportunities to berate each other all day long.


  During the weekend, Renee went out to get some sun, as always. And with all her senses alert, she made her way to Vera.


  Of course, it was to find an opening. 


  However, she was filled with confusion as she did so.


  This was the first time that Vera, who was always apologetic, had been stubborn with her.


  If she had been a mature individual, she would have thought, ‘Did I go too far?’ in the face of Vera’s stubborn attitude. But for Renee, it was an unthinkable notion. 


  Renee was the most immature girl in the world when it came to Vera, so she was just feeling furious thinking ‘Okay, let’s see who wins’.


  On the other hand, Vera was not so different from her.


  He was very edgy as if he was preparing for a battle. In his mind, he had been counting ways that Renee could make fun of him and planning how to respond.


  The only difference between them was that Vera had a justification for his actions.


  With a simple phrase like, ‘You did it first,’ he had the minimum excuse to shift the blame to the other person, who was the cause of the incident. 


  Therefore, Vera rationalized that his behavior was not at all strange.


  Of course, the process of having this firm mindset was not easy.


  The remaining speck of rationality in Vera’s mind had put up a fight. 


  Wasn’t that right? He was now 23 years old. Considering that the age he remembered during the last round was over thirty years old, it was safe to assume that his actual age was well over forty.


  He was arguing with Renee, who was still 18 years old, still finding her footing in the world. What kind of person was he to not feel ashamed of that?


  …Of course, if you looked at it closely, even engaging in such a verbal battle was an immature attitude for an adult. But what could be done? His heart did not allow him to stop. 


  In the end, it was all because of that. His damned competitive spirit had triumphed over his embarrassment.


  He was a born fighter. Vera could not stand the thought of losing in an argument because he grew up hearing all sorts of petty arguments in the slums and had never lost once.


  Vera believed that a little shamelessness was the key to making life better.


  There was no reason for Vera to hesitate since he could win the argument with his eyes closed just by saying, ‘This is all the Saint’s fault’.


  In a garden on a sunny spring day, as the sun was warming her skin and a cool breeze was stroking her hair, Renee suddenly caught the scent of the flowers.


  “Seems like the flowers have bloomed.”


  Vera narrowed his eyes.


  ‘This is it.’


  She was planning something. 


  Feeling it, Vera looked out at the open garden and said.


  “Yes, it looks like spring is in full swing. The structured flower bed is full of fresh flowers. It looks like it has been painted red and yellow in a green background. Moreover, the long walkways through the flower beds were paved with nothing but the soil, giving it a more natural feel.”


  He described the landscape in full detail so that the word ‘King’ would not come out.


  But even as he was belittling Renee…


  Renee smiled slightly and said what she had prepared.


  “That’s why spring is also called the ‘King’ of seasons.”


  Vera’s eyes shook.


  He thought that this was too far-fetched.


  Soon after, Vera clenched his fist as he realized that he had been too soft-hearted.


  That’s right. The essence of fighting is beating your opponent. He realized that there were no rules and that the playing field was not fair.


  Vera decided to be more aggressive.


  …No, he had to be more crude.


  “Yes, it’s so beautiful to the point that ‘tears’ come to my eyes. For some reason, it makes me crave for ‘alcohol’. I feel like having just ‘one drink’ would enhance the experience.”


  It was a lethal move.


  It was a feast blatantly alluding to ‘that day’.


  Renee’s body trembled, as expected.


  Vera felt a small sense of pleasure knowing that he had won. It was a very childish sentiment, but at least a good one.


  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


  He won by using the same weapon as his opponent.


  A corner of Vera’s lips perked up, and his eyes went to the walls.


  However, it was a rash decision.


  It wasn’t like Renee did nothing while Vera prepared for his lethal move.


  Renee was angry. She could not accept being humiliated.


  So, she blurted out the words that she had been holding in.




  Vera stiffened.


  Renee, feeling him shake, continued with a sly smile.


  “Do blockheads usually spend their childhood playing with building blocks? Just a random thought.”


  If you push hard, I’ll push back harder.


  She was trying to express that.


  Renee slid her hand over Vera’s hand and added.


  “Hmm, building a castle out of your own greed must mean that blockhead hasn’t had much time for other things.”


  Tap. Tap. She was tapping Vera’s stiff hand as she talked.


  “This place is quiet, and nobody’s around, so maybe you could try practicing. Ah, I’m talking about studying the architecture of the Academy.”


  Her laughter was filled with blatant mockery. 


  The battle had been won.


  Despite being so crude, Vera had succumbed to becoming a ‘blockhead,’ and his body shuddered.




  It was one of those moments that would make anyone laugh out loud. 


  It was an immature, childish war of nerves, like children bickering.


  But there was an undeniable fact amongst it all, which was that Vera couldn’t find the right words to win against the ‘blockhead’ comment.


  A one-sided onslaught continued.


  “I heard children that play with blocks usually build castles and roleplay.”


  “Ah, do you like blocks, Vera? Well, even if you don’t say it… pfft!”


  “Phew, wouldn’t it be nice if someone were to build an entire castle for me with some ‘blocks’? Oh wait, was Vera a ‘blockhead’ who would build castles out of blocks? Ah, no worries, people usually learn from their experiences, right?”


  As if determined to completely turn the tide of their previous battles, Renee ruthlessly trampled over Vera without any consideration. 


  Vera could only feel frustration at the undeniable ‘blockhead’.


  Vera’s expression crumpled.


  The look he gave Renee had been sullen for some time now. 


  What was even more surprising was that, amidst that scowling face, no other negative emotions emerged in Vera’s heart.


  Like a person who had fallen into a strange spell, all thoughts of anger vanished as soon as he looked at Renee. The intention to counterattack disappeared. All Vera could think of was a sense of desolation.


  Her smug and pouty face, her fluttering white hair in the spring breeze, and even her playful gestures. Everything was a lethal weapon directed at Vera.


  “Block~head. Block~head.”


  Vera thought.


  Why can someone’s voice carry such a clear, laughing tone?


  Maybe the reason why I can’t refute her ‘blockhead’ comment is because it’s embarrassing.


  His gaze wandered somewhere far away.


  Like a loser out of desperation, he gave a lame retort.


  “…I’m not.”






  Renee’s smile became bigger.


  She felt a rush of excitement as she found her position in this relationship.


  ‘This is it.’


  I have to be above Vera.


  Because Vera is a treasure that I got in exchange for my eyes. Because he’s mine. Vera should not defy me nor talk back.


  If I ask him to hold my hand, he should. If I ask him to hug me, he should. If I tease him, he should just close his mouth and hold my hand tighter.


  Renee smirked and provoked Vera once more.


  “Stupid blockhead.”


  She leaned closer and whispered it in his ear.


  It was the most straightforward thing she had ever said.


  It was a declaration made in the euphoria of victory.


  She believed that she had completely established her superiority. However, Vera’s reaction to it was different from before.


  Vera felt a breath tickling his ear. He felt the slight moisture, the vibrations that came from the whispering, and the long strands of hair brushing against the back of his hand. 


  “If you don’t like it, try refuting.” 


  Vera’s face twisted at the clear provocation in her voice as she giggled.


  He tensed his jaw and clenched his teeth. His lips curled into a smile, and his breath caught in his throat at the tickling voice.


  He glanced at Renee.


  Her pink lips were very striking over her whiteness, and it drew into a big smile like she had been holding it in.


  Her lips parted to taunt and seduce him.


  “Why? You can’t?”


  They were too close to each other. He felt like he was losing his mind.


  Suddenly, the urge that made him push Renee away came back again.


  It was a selfish desire driven by a greedy and urgent need, a desire he didn’t want to reveal.


  What should I do?


  First, let’s make some distance and take a deep breath.


  Vera made up his mind and was about to sneak away, but his rising emotion stopped him.


  Once again, it was his desire to win. He thought that if he ran away this time, he really would have lost, so he hesitated. 


  …At least, that was what Vera thought.


  The childish bickering they had been engaged in for the past few days was providing him with a very convenient excuse for his rising desires.


  It’s fine now.


  This is not about getting rid of this urge. It’s about winning against her.


  This is revenge on Renee, who has tormented me so much and continues to torment me. 


  If I withdraw now, I don’t know how much more torment I’ll endure, and how much I’ll tremble from shame.


  It’s time to get ahead of her.


  His urge, masked by his desire to win, was beginning to whisper in his mind.




  Renee laughed.


  A fragrance wafted along with her voice.


  It was a clear and refreshing scent.


  Vera moved as if he was entranced by it.


  His head turned forward. He looked at the one who had been mocking him all this time.


  No, it was slightly to the side, an ambiguous position between the corners of her lips and cheeks.


  The sound of ‘chu’ resounded like thunder.


  He felt like he had become an animal other than a human. It was because he could feel her body temperature through his skin as they got closer.


  Vera’s eyes widened in surprise as he realized what he had done, but he managed to sort himself out.


  I didn’t do anything wrong. This is revenge for her mockery.


  He recalled the ridiculous excuse he had been repeating to himself just moments ago.


  He spoke.


  “…I’m not a blockhead.”


  Slowly, his head moved backward. Feeling the burning sensation of shame all over his body, Vera averted his gaze from Renee. He found it hard to face her.


  Meanwhile, Renee mulled over what had just happened with a dazed expression. 


  From the moment their skin touched, she was not aware of what had happened and only realized it a little later.


  What was it?


  He came close. Something hot brushed past me. I could smell Vera’s scent enveloping my whole body.


  Something soft touched the corner of my mouth, then pulled away. At that moment, I felt an electric current spread throughout my body.


  No, I’m still feeling it.


  The sensation is still there. It’s getting stronger.


  The current spread, and it didn’t end there. In the place where the current had passed, an indescribable heat surged.


  Renee pondered about it for a while, then she jerked up when she realized that Vera had just kissed her.


  Her head was going blank in a way that had never happened before.


  “Th-tha-that, uh, uhhh…” 


  For the first time in a very long time, after she had gotten familiar with Vera, Renee malfunctioned.





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The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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