The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 40

Three Years, and Revelation (1)

༺ Three Years, and Revelation ༻


Renee humbly admitted.


At this rate, she would never fulfill her goal.




“Is there a problem?”




Renee replied briefly to Hela. She then put her chin on the table and continued to ponder over her worries.


It had been three years and a month.


What did she do with the mindset of approaching Vera slowly?


Hand? She had been holding it since then.


Name? That stickler called her by her name for just one day. Only that day, he called her by her name, then returned to the title of ‘Saint’ the day after.


A time for the two of them? There was indeed something like that. She and Vera would walk around the flower bed for about an hour or two a day, and it was always the same conversations, to say the least.


Well, she shouldn’t make those excuses.


‘…the Holy Kingdom is the problem.’


This Holy Kingdom was the problem.


It was quite dull, and all she had been doing for the past three years while undergoing her education.


There needed to be some dramatic event in order to make progress in the relationship, but the Holy Kingdom was so peaceful that there was no such dramatic event.


Tap. Tap. She tapped her fingers on the table.




We needed to make a breakthrough.


Renee’s expression hardened while contemplating about that.


Theresa would have shaken her head if she saw this scene.


The biggest problem was that she didn’t realize that she herself was the cause, and instead, she kept wasting time looking for the root of the problem on the outside. Isn’t that pitiful?


It was a common misconception among those who have never been in a relationship.


That there must be a dramatic event to advance the relationship.


Sadly, Renee was an ignorant girl who believed that such an illusion was the truth.


If Theresa were around, she would have pinched Renee’s cheeks right away, but unfortunately, Theresa still didn’t return from her dispatch since that month three years ago.


If we were to point out the main cause of this travesty, it would be that there was no one by Renee’s side to point out her wrong view of love.


“Saint, it’s done.”


“Ah, well done. Thank you.”


Renee thanked Hela, who had finished dressing her up, then raised her cane and asked a question.


“Where is Vera?”


“Waiting at the front of the door.”


“Good. Then see you later.”




Tap. The cane touched the ground.


Renee, who had become quite accustomed to her way around here, went to the door on her own. She then opened the door of the accommodation and walked out.


Creaaak. The door opened with a creaking sound.


“Good morning, Saint.”


Vera’s deep voice soon followed.


Renee, who felt her heart throb, a phenomenon that didn’t fade in those three years, quivered and nodded her head as she stretched her hand forward.


What followed was a warm hand that overlapped with her own outstretched hand.


Renee held on to that warmth. She then smiled gently and said.


“Then shall we go?”


“Yes, Saint.”


A stiff voice pierced her ear.


The moment she hit the ground with the cane, the sound of footsteps followed suit.


Renee grabbed Vera’s hand and began walking through the hallway, which was about 20 steps long.


Today was Renee’s 18th birthday.




It was her fourth birthday in the Holy Kingdom.


As was the case with the last three times, Renee was spending her birthday this year as well with the Apostles and a few close friends. A small place outside the Grand Hall was prepared for this.


In the midst of the hustle and bustle, Rohan said.


“Oh my! Congratulations Saint. You’re a young lady now, a lady!”


“Be careful with what you say. It’s disrespectful.”


“Huh? I just said she’s a lady. Why?”


“It sounds disrespectful coming from you. So just keep your mouth shut.”




Upon hearing Vera’s stinging words, Rohan smirked and let out a ‘heh’. Renee giggled as she listened to them.


She didn’t know why they never got tired of it, and Renee, who would always panic when they quarreled like that every time they met, was now able to laugh it off and pass it as casual bickering.


While Rohan and Vera were quarreling, another voice was heard nearby.


“Happy birthday, Saint. I’m delighted.”


“Congratulations too. I’m also good at congratulating others.”


“Thank you. Sir Krek, Sir Marek.”


“That’s right. I’m Krek.”


“Saint knows Marek’s name too.”


Words following in a muffled voice.


The twins were very fond of Renee, the only person in the Holy Kingdom to call them separately by their names.


So, in the hope that Renee would not be stained by the vicious Vera, they were trying harder than anyone to reveal Vera’s true nature… 


When the twins visited Renee, Vera was always by her side, so the twins were still unable to reveal Vera’s nature in front of Renee.


After all, the twins hated pain.


“Saint, congratulations.”


Soon, Trevor greeted her.


With that said, Trevor slowly shifted his gaze to steal a peek at Renee’s forearm. However, he was caught by Vera and was dragged to a distant corner along with Rohan.


Renee sipped tea while thinking that they had gone out to have a friendly tussle with each other as the sound of Vera’s footsteps drifted away and two screams echoed while they were being dragged against their will.


Her hair fluttered in the cool breeze that caressed her cheeks. The scent of tea that tickled the tip of her nose was soothing.


Feeling the sensations around her body, the corners of Renee’s lips were raised to form a subtle smile.


A serene atmosphere.


People who she became familiar with. People who had become a big part of her life.


Three years was enough time to make her feel that the Holy Kingdom had finally become her home.


Her relationship with Vera didn’t develop at all, but her life and way of thinking were incomparably better than it was three years ago.


She still didn’t harbor any faith. However, she was able to let go of her resentment.



She still thought she wasn’t good enough to be the Saint yet. However, she could accept the title of Saint.


Fortunately, time allowed Renee to let go of her resentment.


Of course, there were still things she can’t let go of.




Renee felt her heart pounding again upon hearing Vera’s voice.


Probably their tussle ended, so Renee pursed her lips and uttered a reply upon hearing Vera’s calm tone.




“The Holy Emperor is coming.”


“Ah, is that so?”


Renee carefully placed the teacup on the table and grabbed the cane she had placed next to her.


“No need to stand up.”


“How can I do that?”


“The Holy Emperor will understand.”




Upon hearing that, Renee called him sternly. Even the surrounding people could hear her.


“…I apologize.”




Vera closed his mouth. Seeing his behavior, Renee continued speaking with a smirk.


“I’m just kidding. And it’s common courtesy. How can I sit still? Aren’t you treating me like a child?”


A grumbling mixed with sarcasm.


Vera’s unwavering attitude was good, but when he treated her like a child, she had no choice but to be grumpy.


Can’t you see me in a different light now? Such complaints were bound to come out.


Of course, from Vera’s perspective, he had his reasons.


When Vera saw Renee talking with a pout on her lips and an anguished face, he swallowed the words that were about to pop out.


‘You’re still a minor.’


That’s right. The standard for adults on the continent is 19 years old.


Renee, who was still 18, is a minor, in other words, a child.


Three years was enough of a time span to change Renee from a girl to a woman. It was enough of a time for Renee’s beauty to fully bloom. However, for Vera, Renee was still a naive girl.


But he couldn’t say it out loud because it was obvious that Renee would get heartbroken again if he said this to her.


Because it was against Renee’s feelings, who has recently become obsessed with being mature.


Vera, who had never dreamed that the cause of such behavior was himself, bowed his head again, and answered.


“…I will rectify.”


“What do you mean by rectify? You keep picking up strange habits.”


Soon, she grumbled.


Renee answered, thinking how far the ‘apologize bombing’ would extend to, and then turned her body to face the direction where Vargo was coming from.




“Congratulations. Saint, you’re 18 now, aren’t you?”


Upon hearing Vargo’s words, Renee nodded. Vargo grinned and looked at Renee who was smiling as well.


That long white hair was neatly combed down. That youthful face was rapidly losing baby fat and taking the appearance of a woman.


She grew up so quickly, didn’t she?


Vargo, who thought that the children’s time passed so fast, continued to speak in a tone brimming with laughter.


“Now, in just one more year, the Saint will become an adult. Hm, you grew up so fast.”


“I’m still lacking.”


“What are you lacking? There is no one lacking in this Holy Kingdom, except for that gloomy little kid.”


Vera looked at Vargo with a crumpled expression on his face upon hearing his demeaning words.


“…I’m ashamed.”


Of course, the words that came out of his mouth wore the robe of humility. He didn’t want to be disrespectful in front of Renee.


Vera thought as such, as he looked at Vargo, laughing playfully at him.


The assumption he had once thought of has now reached the point of conviction.




Vargo didn’t die of natural causes.


Vera, who has grown steadily over the past three years, is now at a level where he can see the realm Vargo dwells in.


The divinity emanating from Vargo’s body wasn’t the divinity of a person near death’s door.


That divinity, which is getting denser and stronger with each passing day, was large enough to sustain Vargo’s body for more than ten years with the vitality it contained.


Then a question naturally crossed his mind.


‘Then why?’


What drove Vargo to death?


He had thought about it countless times, but he couldn’t find an answer.


Vera still remembered that scene vividly.


An overwhelming force that overturned even the colossus Terdan, the being who can even push the mountains. That attack could be best described as ‘total eradication’ rather than ‘destruction’.


Something that could drive such a powerful person to death was something that Vera couldn’t even dare to think of.


The only thing that came to mind was the Demon King, but it was several years after Vargo’s death that the Demon King appeared.


The time wasn’t right.


As his worries deepened, Vera’s expression grew serious.


It was during that time that Renee’s words continued.


“Oh, Holy Emperor, I have something to tell you.”


“Yes, go ahead.”


Renee fiddled with the teacup and pondered for a moment.


For a long time, since the day she had first arrived at the Holy Kingdom, she was wondering what she had to do.


“I-It’s time for me to receive the revelation.”




Silence engulfed the noisy surrounding.


All gazes turned to Renee.


In the midst of it all, Vera opened his eyes wide and looked at Renee.




“It’s fine. I thought a lot about it and made this decision.”


A smile hung around Renee’s mouth.


Renee was no fool. She had enough awareness to know how much the people of this Holy Kingdom cared for her. How much they respected her.


She who has received a sacred stigma must also receive a revelation.


One of the few rules that is enforced in the free-spirited Holy Kingdom.


The Holy Emperor, Vera, the other Apostles, and even the priests.


Renee was aware that they knew about it, but chose not to mention it in front of her.


“I’m fine now.”


I chose today because I thought it would be better to speak in front of as many people as possible.


“Because everyone has been considerate of me. I’m saying it today because I want to express my gratitude.”


The smile on Renee’s face grew wide.


“Thank you all so much.”


Renee didn’t harbor faith yet. She didn’t believe in the glory of the Gods, in the greatness of their power.


However, she was ready to accept them.


She could no longer deny this stigma that had been bestowed upon her.


So many people cared for her, so many adored her. Thus, she wanted to reciprocate those feelings.


With that resolve, Renee had the courage to receive the revelation.


‘There is also…’


Renee felt the presence of Vera standing next to her and laughed sneakily.


‘…While we’re at it’.


Shouldn’t we change our daily lives a bit?


Renee, a novice in a relationship, was a silly girl who believed that dramatic changes are essential for relationships.





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