The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 42

Three Years, and Revelation (3)

༺ Three Years, and Revelation (3) ༻


  Once the revelation ended, Renee entered the conference room and settled down on a chair in a daze. She was deeply reflecting on the revelation.


 『 Moving forward, benefit, do…』


  She was befuddled due to the sentence she couldn’t understand at all. As a result, she tilted her head and narrowed her brows.


  “What does it mean?”


  Trevor, who was sitting right across her, chuckled at her question, then said.


  “Well, I can fully understand your concerns, Saint. The revelation of the gods can be quite ambiguous.”


  “Trevor, do you think you know what the answer is?”


  “I can’t give you a definitive answer, Saint. Revelation is a matter of how the receiver interprets it.”


  Doubts grew on Renee’s face.


  “If that’s the case, then why are revelations bestowed in the first place?”


  If they’re going to give me a revelation, what’s the point of saying such cryptic words?


  It was a disrespectful remark, but unlike Trevor and Vargo, Renee and Vera didn’t care about such a thing.


  Vargo, who was silently listening to the conversation, answered Renee’s question in a laughing tone.


  “It’s a way of giving a problem, Saint.”




  “Yes, the revelations are means to hand out problems to those who bear a stigma. The problem ranges from what you’re living your life for to the purpose of your stigma.”


  Isn’t the problem too tough?


  At that thought, Renee’s expression darkened a little more.


  Vargo noticed Renee’s expression, and this time, he spoke in a slightly calmer tone. 


  “You don’t have to think too hard. They didn’t provide a definitive answer to the problem. It is up to the Saint to interpret the problem and seek the answer on your own.”


  On my own. 


  Renee nodded and fell into deep thought.


  ‘Do as I wish in the future.’


  It was a revelation without a proper explanation of ‘what to do’ and ‘where to go’. According to Vargo, Renee would need to fill in the gaps by herself.


  Her expression darkened as her thoughts deepened. The more she thought about it, the more her head throbbed. She let out a pain as she succumbed to her headache.


  After a long period of contemplation, Trevor spoke again this time.


  “You don’t have to give us an answer right now. Sometimes trying to find the meaning of a revelation will take a lifetime.”


  “Ah, yes.”


  Renee answered and nodded her head slightly. She then pursed her lips and posed a question to Vargo and Trevor.


  “I apologize if my question seems rude, but what revelation did the both of you receive?”


  She was curious about what revelations others received before her, so she asked such a question.


  “For me, it was the word ‘consider.’ Your Holiness…”




  “…Yes, that’s right. In fact, it’s quite rare for a revelation to consist of more than one word. The only examples right now among us are the twins and the Saint.”


  Renee, who was listening to their conversation, asked another question after the word ‘twins’ suddenly popped out.


  “What kind of revelation did Krek and Marek receive?”


  “Protect, think, and realize. That was the revelation they received.”




  Renee answered with a slight nod and continued speaking.


  “That’s clear…”


  “Well yes, um… I know that the Guardian Apostles have received clear revelations from generation to generation. Through that, we could speculate that the God of Protection has a very meticulous personality”


  “You don’t know what the Gods are like?”


  “That’s right. It’s because no one has ever met them.”


  A thought flashed through Vera’s mind, who was quietly listening to their conversation while being next to Renee.


  ‘It’s possible that from generation to generation, the Guardian Apostles have always been fools.’


  Since the God of Protections only selected fools from generation to generation and appointed them as Apostles, maybe the revelation was constructed in a way that made it more understandable to them.


  Vera didn’t voice out any assumption that came to his mind.


  If he voiced it out, wouldn’t it be the same as saying that Renee, who received a four word long revelation was dumber than the other Apostles?


  For Vera, those words were more sinful and profane than anything else.


  Vera remained silent, convinced that the reason Renee received a three word long revelation was because the Gods cared so much about her.




  Renee immersed herself in silence. 


  Renee continued to think for a long time. Suddenly, she lifted her head at the idea that flashed through her head.




  With a brightened face, Renee uttered words in an exhilarating tone.


  “Travel across the continent and aid people! Could it be that’s the meaning of the revelation?”




  “I think moving forwards means to physically move… This power is something I can’t use for myself, so I need to use it to aid others who can be saved. I think that’s the meaning of it.”


  Vargo, who was listening to her, smiled and nodded at Renee, who continued to speak with a smiling face.


  “That’s a brilliant interpretation. If the Saint accepted the revelation that way, then that’s the correct interpretation.”




  Renee smiled shyly at Vargo’s words and then nodded.


  “Well, I think this is the correct answer. It feels like I’m on the right track. What do you think, Vera?”


  Vera looked at Renee and replied.


  “It’s great.”


  After replying as such, Vera realized how she had gone out of hiding in her previous life.


  ‘Did she go through something like this?’


  Renee’s interpretation of the revelation was directed toward the world, so maybe that was why she traveled around the continent.


  Renee’s smiling figure reflected in Vera’s eyes.


  Her smiling figure appeared innocent and serene. 


  Vera looked at Renee’s face, as he listened to the answer Renee came up with. He was amazed that young Renee had no qualms about living for the sake of the world.


  It was something he could never do.


  To interpret the meaning of the revelation for the sake of others, and to accept it with a smile.


  It was impossible for Vera.


  Suddenly, a small smile flickered across Vera’s lips.


  It was because he could feel the small light kindle within her.


  It was a smile that Renee couldn’t see.


  However, it was a smile that could be seen by Trevor and Vargo.


  Trevor opened his eyes wide as his jaws hit the floor. Meanwhile, Vargo frowned and clicked his tongue.


  The two thought Vera’s smile was detestable.




  Since the revelation was interpreted, things were planned quickly.


  Renee said she would venture out to the world, so it was necessary to make preparations.


  From the people who would accompany her, to the travel expenses, and the route Renee would take.


  There were many things to consider, so the Holy Kingdom was having a rare busy time.


  It didn’t take long to select personnel to escort Renee. Because Vera was already there. Starting from Vera to Norn, and Hela who served Renee.


  It was wasteful to deploy a large number of people, so Renee’s escort was decided to consist of only three people.


  The problem about allowance would be solved by sending requests to the Holy Kingdom each time they were in need of assistance. Now the only remaining issue was the route.


  It could be said to be the biggest problem.


  Why, you ask? It was because there were more than ten countries, not to mention if you counted the no man’s land that wasn’t under anyone’s jurisdiction, and the tribal provinces, the continent became more vast than their schedule would allow. 


  Of course, they wouldn’t stop at every place, but to go around this vast continent, it was necessary to plan the route.


  The conference room in the Great Hall.


  Amidst the meeting to decide which route to go and where to stop first, Vargo uttered these words.


  “How about going to the Great Woodlands first?”


  “The Great Woodlands?”


  Renee tilted her head and continued speaking.


  “…You mean the woods located in the southwest?”


  “Yes, the land of the elves.”


  When she heard the answer, Renee’s inquired about her doubts.


  “Can I even go there? I know there’s a barrier. The only way to enter is if we get permission, so if we don’t get permission, we won’t be able to enter.”


  That was the question that came to her mind.


  The Great Woodlands.


  The Great Woodlands, the domain of the ‘Deepest Root, Aedrin’, one of the nine ancient species, was nigh impossible to enter from the outside due to the barrier they had set up.


  This was a fact known by every resident on the continent.


  Vargo looked at Renee, who asked the question while tilting her head. He then resolved Renee’s doubts with a smile.


  “You can go there. The Apostle of Abundance, who isn’t present here, is dispatched there, so it is possible to enter as her supporter.”




  Renee looked surprised.


  It was a reaction that occurred when she realized that the Apostle of Abundance, whom she had never met before, was dispatched there.


  “She has been dispatched for almost 10 years now…. I made this suggestion to support her because I haven’t heard a single piece of good news about if things are going well over there. So, what do you think?”




  Renee briefly thought about Vargo’s proposal.


  Naturally, it was tempting. Didn’t she have fantasies about the Great Woodlands’ mysteries as a child?


  A land full of beautiful elves and all kinds of sweet fruits.


  Renee quickly finished her thought and nodded because of her memories and the excitement that she suddenly felt.


  “Yes, I will go there then.”


  “Great. Then I will give you the signal to depart once all the necessary preparations are done.”






  After the meeting, Renee was walking through the flower bed with Vera, and uttered these words in an excited tone.


  “I’m looking forward to it.”


  “What do you mean?”


  “It’s the Great Woodlands. It’s one of the very few places in the history of the continent that people have rarely actually visited.”


  Vera nodded his head as he recalled Renee’s excited face.


  “That’s true. It’s one of the unexplored landscapes that hasn’t been properly discovered so far, so I’m also looking forward to it.”


  “Right? I heard elves fly in the sky. Is it true?”


  They didn’t fly in the sky.


  It was a fact that Vera was sure of because he had seen an elf in his previous life.


  However, Vera felt that saying it would disappoint Renee, who seemed excited, so instead, he uttered an evasive answer.


  “… I think we will find out when we go.”


  “Um, right? Sorry. I get excited just thinking about it.”


  “It is natural to be excited. There is no reason for the Saint to apologize.”




  Silence followed again.


  Vera walked along the flower bed while matching Renee’s stride, recalling the elf he had seen in his previous life.


  He never visited the Great Woodlands.


  The elves Vera saw were the elves who ventured out of the Great Woodlands to confront the Demon King after his resurgence, especially the ‘Wind Incarnate Friede,’ who was hailed as a Hero.


  How could he forget the invisible arrow that was aiming at his neck?


  Vera pursed his lips as he reminisced about the past and the words of those who saw Friede back then.


  “I have heard that elves have a truly beautiful appearance. Legend has it that the moment you see them, you will be captivated by the appearance that will make your heart ache for the rest of your life.”


  Of course, Vera disagreed.


  As for the reason… It was because all the elves Vera had encountered were enemies who were after his life. There was a reason why Vera’s favorability towards the elves was low. Another reason was because of Renee, who was much more beautiful than the elves, including Friede, by Vera’s standard.


  However, that was something Renee didn’t know.


  Renee suddenly felt her heart thump when she heard Vera talking about the elves’ appearance.


  “Is that so…”


  Suddenly, Renee’s whole body was filled with a sense of crisis.


  If you thought about it, it was only natural.


  Elves were beautiful. And Vera was a young man in his prime.


  ‘He must be curious about the elves!’


  Renee’s eyes narrowed.


  Again, Renee reminded herself of the need for the power to turn back time.


  ‘Why did I say I want to go there!’


  She resented her past self for having short-term thinking. She hated herself, who was excited about going to the Great Woodlands.


  A scenario was drawn in her mind.


  Vera was mesmerized after laying his eyes upon an elf, and even after leaving the Great Woodlands, Vera was heartbroken because he couldn’t forget the elves.


  At the end, Renee secretly wiped her tears at the sight of Vera, who was not even sparing her a single glance… 




  A cold sweat ran down Renee’s back. 


  ‘Oh, no!’


  The eighteenth of fall.


  Renee faced her first crisis in her pursuit of love.





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