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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 5


 ༺ Regression ༻


“This bastard!”


A violent shout.


Then, a foot that filled his field of vision, and a dull pain in his jaw.




Vera groaned with his teary eyes wide open, exhaling a sticky breath.




“This jerk is making a big fuss for nothing. You should have filled your quota then if you didn’t want this to happen!”


The sound of screams filled his ears, causing a nauseating sensation.


Vera, who felt that, woke up from a dazed state of mind and raised his head to look at the source of the voice.


‘… Doran?’


Doran, the leader of the slums’ beggars.


And the man that Vera killed with his own hands by twisting his neck in the past.


Vera let out a rough breath, looked at Doran with a disheveled complexion, and laughed bitterly.




I’m in hell.


My soul, torn to shreds, fell to hell and is being punished.


As Vera sighed at those thoughts, Doran, who was looking at him, had a twisted expression and kicked him once again.


“Still, this bastard!”


Ugh! This time, after being hit in the chin, Vera fell backwards in shock.


Vera looked up at the sky while lying down in the muddy water with a smirk on his face.


The gloomy and stuffy air.


It was the slums.


Even after struggling to get out of it, he eventually returned to the slums.


Ironically, his hell took the form of the slums.


A louder laugh erupted from Vera’s mouth after realizing this.


“Pfft… Hahaha!”


“Are you laughing?! Laughing!!!”


Seeing Vera burst into laughter, Doran became angry and started kicking him.


Vera, while thinking blankly, was being beaten all over his body by an angry kick.


‘The Saint…’


What was the point of saying it? That woman must have been in the arms of the gods.


In the first place, she was a person whom he had no reason to be worried about. In the end, she was a woman who made even an evil person such as himself feel regret, so she must be there.


Vera giggled and recalled the last moments of his life.


What was he thinking? He laughed so hard at himself, who had no shame in daring to make a promise in his next life.


God wasn’t a moron, and there was no way they would show such mercy to a villain who used their stigma as he wished throughout his life.


‘… I’m ashamed.’


I was ashamed of myself for relying on that fleeting moment of warmth at the end, which had weakened my resolve.


It was a truly fitting end for a villain like myself.


Using God’s grace as a tool, sitting on a throne built upon the despair of ordinary people and enjoying pleasure all the pleasure in his life, this was a natural outcome.


His whole body was kicked and beaten. Still, he was bursting with laughter.


Vera, who felt two opposing sensations in his body, once again thought of the Saint, and felt his stomach being torn apart.


‘… It would have been better if we hadn’t met.’


If I hadn’t, I would have been thrilled about that situation. I would have humbly accepted it, and I would not have regretted my past life.


While contemplating this thought, Vera had a sudden realization, ‘Could it be that this was all arranged by the Lord?’


He thought that maybe God had placed him at the end of his life so that he would regret the sins he had accumulated, so that the sinner who dared to defile the stigma of God suffered even more.


Wouldn’t that be very reasonable?


If that was true, the Lord was truly omniscient.


He would pay up the rest of his sentence for his sinful karma with deep regret and despair. If the God who prepared all that for him in advance was not omniscient, who could be called omniscient?


Again, laughter erupted.




There was no reason to laugh, it was a situation where he should be shedding tears, but for some reason, only laughter came out.


After laughing for so long, Doran, who had stopped kicking him, was looking at himself with a tired face.


“Huh, huh…”


“Why? Keep continuing, kicking some more.”


“Hey, you crazy bastard… !”


Hesitatingly. Doran took a step back.


With a somewhat frightened expression on his face, Doran took a step back and ran away.


Vera looked at his distant back and said, ‘That guy has no guts even in Hell.’ Thinking about something like that, he felt a sense of incongruity belatedly.


‘… wait for a bit.’


Does this make sense?


Isn’t this hell? Isn’t this a place to punish evil spirits? But, if that’s where I am. Why is the jailer who punishes me running away?


“Ouch… .”


Vera raised his throbbing body and took a deep breath.


Something is strange. In the midst of that thought, while sweeping his body to check for injuries, Vera discovered shouldn’t exist between his torn sleeves.


Vera hastily rolled up his sleeves.


The shape of a circle with 8 strokes of curves was exposed under the sleeves.




It was the stigma of an oath.


Why is this embedded here? Why does it remain?


After thinking of such a thought, Vera then closed his eyes and examined his soul.


It was the power given to those who received the stigma of the covenant.


Above Vera’s closed eyelids, a dark soul appeared.


A dark soul flickers akin to an ember.


‘… It’s intact.’


Not shattered.


‘… no.’


It had been completely restored.


All the parts that were once torn apart after breaking the oath were restored.


While Vera was making a blank face at this strange phenomenon, he suddenly remembered the oath he had engraved before he died, and looked into his soul again.


A dark soul. On top of it, golden letters were engraved.


‘… It exists.’


The last oath of his life.


The oath of ‘I will live for the saint’.


It was engraved.


Vera opened his eyes and looked around.


The back alley of the slum, which was gloomy and stuffy due to being obscured by the shadow of the tower.


His soul that has not been ripped apart in the slightest.


It was a bizarre situation, as if it was said that everything up to the moment of death was a dream, but the oath engraved on the soul was saying that it was not a dream.


Vera looked at his skinny wrists.


‘The body of a beggar.’


The only time in Vera’s life that he was so skinny was when he was a beggar.


It must be so. After he solved the issue of hunger , he always maintained a strong body.


It would only be later that Vera realized what all of this meant now.


‘… Regression.’


I’m back.


Time was turned back.


He returned as a wretched little boy in the slum who had not done anything yet.


A zoned out thought. The pain slowly receded.


Vera stared blankly at the sky at this incomprehensible phenomenon.


It was right to come up with the question ‘why?’, but, unfortunately, one thought began to fill my head before all the accidents.


‘The saint is alive.’


That fact alone filled my head.


A feeling of relief that can’t be explained with any reasoning.


She is alive. It’s not just alive.


The burn hasn’t scarred her skin yet.


She did not starve while eating honey porridge, which is worse than livestock feed.


… In this slum, she was not here.


Vera, who clenched his fists as he thought of her, enjoyed the relief that rose for a long time, then came up with another thought.


For what reason did I return for?


I tried to make a plausible guess, but no answer came to my mind.


However, an existence capable of doing such a thing came to mind.


‘… the Lord.’


She who sits on the most supreme throne.


The one who shapes the world and weaves fate.


There was no one else who could do this.




Vera walked through the slum blankly, covered in muddy water.


It was because his mind was not organized.


If the Lord did this to me, what did she want from me?


In the midst of a series of questions, Vera finally remembered the oath he had made.


‘… I will live for the saint.’


If there is anything the Lord wants to achieve through him, it will be the fulfillment of that pledge.


Isn’t it? Why else would you pay so much attention to someone who is not good?


He is an apostate who abused the power of God.


The evil being that throws the world into chaos.


This second life that God gave me could not have been for myself.


Suddenly, in Vera’s head, the conversation he had with the Saint came to mind.


-Well, if the Lord was such a loving person, she would have taken pity on the saint and would not have left her in a place like this.


These are the words addressed to the saint, who was living a miserable life in the slum.


The answer that came back was that she had chosen it herself.


Recalling her, Vera burst into laughter.


Again, Vera’s gaze turned to the sky.


‘Even the Lord couldn’t break that woman’s stubbornness.’


So, are you trying to save her by using someone else’s hand?


The thoughts went on for a long time.


If that’s what the Lord wants.


‘I’ll be happy to go along with you.’


He let out a long sigh.


As he sighed, the murky air that had filled his lungs came out.


‘Before that… .’


Vera’s head turned towards the corner of the gutter.


One of the deepest alleys in the slum, Scavenger’s Lair. He headed there.


Vera recalled Renee’s body lying in the muddy water.


Vera’s fists were clenched at the memory of the moment as an indescribably bizarre despair appeared inside of him.


‘… Trash should be cleaned up.’


Even though it didn’t transpire, to Vera, they were sinners that had to be ripped apart.




A shabby pub with a musty smell.


In the middle of the tavern, where all of the equipment in it had been shattered, Vera looked down at the corpses, covered in blood, with a vacant gaze.


They were the scavengers who had their necks broken by him.


It was funny that after he got a second chance and the first thing he did was murder, but he had no regrets.


On the contrary, if he hadn’t done this, he would have regretted it.


Logically speaking, that’s the case.


The deepest darkness of the slum. If left alone, mold will grow without end.


If he didn’t clean up like this, they would crawl out of the slum, so it was the right thing to do so.


… Yes, I could have said so.


‘… That’s an excuse.’


Vera smirked.


Vera didn’t bother to cover up his actions that much.


Finding them and killing them were out of pure rage.


He remembered the end of his life that was still engraved in his head, and he killed out of anger.


The scent of blood filled the insides of the tavern. It entered one’s nostrils and evoked.


Vera let out a deep sigh and brushed off the disgusting atmosphere.




He won with the power of the stigma, but his body felt exhausted.


It was natural.


It’s because his body was too weak right now.


Vera’s gaze turned to the mirror fragment on the floor.


Above the fragment of the mirror, a gloomy impression of a boy with a scrawny face and black hair covering his eyes was reflected.


Yes, a boy.


His body now was that of a young boy who was only fourteen years old.


In addition, he was not able to eat properly, so he was limp and trampled on and injured.


He faced the Scavenger in that state, so he was really tired.


‘Once the cleaning is finished… .’


Vera found a chair that was at least in good shape, then took his seat, and continued ruminating.


He had to plan for the future.


An oath engraved on the soul.


What should I do to protect her? He thought of that.


Life can’t be the same as before.


… No, I didn’t want to live like that since I already regretted that life.


I vowed to live for the Saint, for that eccentric woman, so I had to become a human being who could protect her.


… Fortunately, he knew a suitable position to achieve that.


Vera’s gaze turned to the stigma engraved on his right forearm.


‘… Paladin.’


Paladin of the Holy Kingdom.


An option he hadn’t even looked at in his previous life.


However, if he wanted to, it was the easiest option for him to do.


In addition, it was the perfect place to keep the Saint by his side.


In Vera’s head, the events that would take place on the continent in the future were lined up.


‘It will be four years before the stigma appears on the saint.’


The year she turns 14, the year he turns 18.


He clearly remembered that it was the time when he was collecting rumors about the imperial nobles in order to make a deal with them.


‘It’s been 4 years….’


The past life, that time, has gone now.


According to Vera, the past was just over two weeks.


He remembered that she had found himself lying at the entrance to the gutter.


‘Last life you found me… .’




‘In, this life I’ll go find you.’


A smile appeared on Vera’s face.





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The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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