The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 65

Dovan (3)

༺ Dovan (3) ༻


  Over two weeks had passed.


  As Renee walked along the forest trail with Vera, she reflected on the events that had transpired.


  After all was said and done, it had been a period of three weeks. During that time, the Five Kingdoms of the Federation had visited the blacksmith’s forge once, and Vera sent them away.


  By the time Dovan completed the foundation of the sword he was forging for Vera, the season had already changed.


  That’s right, winter had arrived.


  Autumn had been in full swing until she received the revelation and departed the Holy Kingdom. But now a cold wind swept across the world.


  Renee adjusted the fur coat she was wearing and said to Vera.


  “It’s become really chilly.”


  “That’s true. Oh, if you want to go back…”


  “No! Not yet!”




  Renee exclaimed while squeezing her hand, and after making an ‘Ahem!’ sound, she said.


  “…Let’s walk a little longer.”


  Recently, they’ve had less time with just the two of them, so she said that because she wanted to spend time alone with him. 


  Vera saw Renee speaking with a red face, and soon nodded.


  “I understand. If you want to go back, please let me know.”


  I don’t want to go back for the rest of my life.


  Renee lowered her head, thinking that to herself. It was difficult for her to express her raw emotions in words.


  The wind was still passing by while all of this was happening, blowing cold air across her face.




  The change of seasons brought another concern to Renee’s mind.


  After becoming part of the Holy Kingdom, this time of year always consumed Renee’s mind with worry.


  ‘…Vera’s birthday.’


  Winter. And in a week, it would be Vera’s birthday.


  It was the day when their age difference would narrow to three years before widening all over again to four years.


  Suddenly, Renee’s lips pouted as she was thinking about it.


  Vera, 22 years old. It didn’t sit well with her.


  There wasn’t any other reason. She just felt that she was too young in comparison to Vera, who was becoming a mature adult.


  ‘I’m still 18…’


  As she had to wait three more seasons before becoming an adult, she couldn’t help but show a momentary agitation at the thought of Vera drifting too far away from her.


  Renee shook off her rising dissatisfaction, then had another thought.


  ‘What should I give him this time…’


  It was a concern about Vera’s birthday present.


  In the first year she came to the Holy Kingdom, she only found out it was Vera’s birthday on the same day, so they ended up eating together.


  She gave him a robe in the second year, and shoes in the third year.


  It was the shy girl’s way of appealing to him, hoping he would be reminded of her each time he saw the gifts.


  As she did each year, Renee started to think of practical gifts that Vera could always carry with him.




  That long worry continued along the leaf-covered forest trail.




  “You mean a present?”




  In Dovan’s forge.


  Renee sat across from Dovan with a slightly flushed face and said.


  “Vera’s birthday is coming soon. I want to give him a practical gift, like a dagger or a knife. And I was wondering if I could commission something like that.”


  She thought it was the perfect gift.


  If it’s Vera, he always keeps a weapon nearby, so if there’s no big problem, wouldn’t he always have the gift with him?


  Furthermore, if it’s a weapon made by Dovan, it will be even more special.


  Isn’t Vera greedy for weapons? Vera will surely be satisfied because he’s always complimenting Dovan’s skill.


  “Oh, if it’s too much trouble, you can refuse…”


  “No. I couldn’t possibly be so shameless as to refuse such a job. I certainly want to help, especially since it’s a gift for Sir Vera. A good opportunity to pay back my debt of gratitude has presented itself.”


  A reply while roaring with laughter.


  As a result, Renee’s complexion brightened and she lowered her head.


  “Thank you!”


  “You’re welcome.”


  Dovan watched Renee with a joyful expression, and said in a slightly playful tone.


  “So, have you made any progress?”




  Renee’s body was restless.


  Renee wasn’t so senseless as to not know that ‘progress’ was referring to her relationship with Vera.


  ‘He found out…!’


  At that thought, her face started turning bright red, as she was at a loss for words with her mouth wide open out of embarrassment.


  “Ho-H-H-how did you know…”


  “Isn’t it strange to not know when you act so obvious?”




  Renee covered her blushing face with her hands and lowered her head deeper.


  “…Is it that obvious?”


  “Yes. To the point where I wonder how Sir Vera still hasn’t realized.”


  That’s what I’m saying.


  Renee shut her eyes firmly, and continued with a worried voice.


  “It’s a secret from Vera…”


  I wish he knew my feelings, but I don’t want it to be through someone else.


  To the words spoken with such heart, Dovan nodded his head and replied.


  “…Well, hang in there.”


  Dovan laughed at Renee’s reaction, and recalled the morning he spent with Vera.


  ‘You’re likely to deny it even if I tell you.’


  Dovan wanted to tell Renee that there was no need to worry because Vera was a person who suddenly would become a religious fanatic when talking about her. However, Dovan wasn’t so ignorant as to not know that those words would only break her heart.


  ‘…You will have quite a hard time.’


  Dovan started to feel sympathy for Renee.




  A week later, in the backyard of the blacksmith’s forge.


  “Happy birthday, Vera.”


  Vera had a blank expression as he looked at Renee, who was congratulating him from a seat in front of the outdoor table that had been set up with a variety of dishes.




  Right. Today was his birthday.


  When Vera belatedly realized it was his birthday, he flinched and shook his fingertips. Then he lowered his head, and opened his mouth.




  “Don’t say that, just say thank you.”


  “…Thank you.”


  Vera felt ‘uneasy’ inside.


  This was the seventh time he had celebrated his birthday since coming to the Holy Kingdom, but the feeling was still unfamiliar to him.


  He never cared about his birthday in his past life, and even the date of this birthday was one he had roughly decided.


  Furthermore, Vera always felt uneasy when this day came because he didn’t think he was someone that deserved to be congratulated for being born.


  “Would you like to come over here?”


  Renee’s words.


  At those words, Vera deliberately walked towards Renee with loud steps.


  “This is your present.”


  A neatly wrapped box that was about two and a half spans long.


  Vera knelt down and received his present with his head bowed, then said.


  “I am truly hon-”


  “Thank you.”


  “…Thank you.”


  Renee stopped Vera, who kept speaking with extreme honorifics, and soon let out a sigh of laughter.


  “Do you want to open it? It’s a present me and Dovan prepared together.”




  Vera slowly unwrapped his present.


  He carefully untied the wrapping paper, folded it, and put it in his pocket. Then he opened the lid of the tightly closed box.


  “…It’s a dagger.”


  The dagger gave off the impression of a pitch-black Sword God, and filled Vera’s view.


  “Yes, I thought it would be useful in an emergency.”


  After Renee said that with a smile, Dovan’s words followed.


  “I tried to adjust the specifications to fit Sir Vera’s preference, but I’m not sure if it turned out well. Happy birthday.”


  Vera stared at the dagger intently, captivated by it. He took the dagger and examined it a few times before speaking.


  “…Thank you.”


  More words of gratitude.


  Aisha was standing next to Renee and felt her shoulders pointlessly puff out at the sight of Vera’s blank expression.


  Though I didn’t directly help, didn’t I watch as that dagger was being made?


  That dagger was repeatedly melted and reforged by Master, and personally wrapped by Renee to complete it as a gift.


  Aisha thought that Vera should definitely know about the hard work put in, and now, as a devoted believer of Renee, she wanted her to be praised even more. So, she exclaimed in a cheerful voice.


  “You should be more grateful! LADY RENEE PERSONALLY WRAPPED- OW! OW!”


  “CHAAAA!!! What is this child saying again!!!?”


  Naturally, Renee’s restraint was because she didn’t want Vera to find out the next part of the embarrassing story. Soon after, Norn and Hela’s laughter started filling the room.


  Vera stood in the middle of the awkward atmosphere, and stared blankly at Renee.


  The sight of her crimson red face as she was covering Aisha’s mouth firmly filled his field of view. 


  Her movement as she held on to the struggling Aisha was very hectic. She seemed to be whispering, but this blank head made it difficult for him to concentrate on her.


  However, in the midst of that, there was a reaction that he wasn’t even aware of.




  And that reaction was his heartbeat.


  Vera reached into his pocket and fiddled with the wrapping paper that he previously put away.


  He just felt that it started bothering him for no apparent reason.


  It was nothing more than mere fabric-wrapping paper, but there was another meaning added within.


  Renee covered it with something that wasn’t visible to his eyes.


  With the thought that it was such a gift-wrapping, he found him suddenly full of regret, thinking ‘I’d rather not let go of this.’


  A mysterious regret.


  Vera smiled slightly, feeling that the regret wasn’t entirely unpleasant.


  Yet, he felt uneasy and ashamed for some reason.


  The meaning added to the gift that congratulated him for being born on his birthday bore such a feeling for Vera.


  The ‘Fourth Birthday Celebration.’


  On this day, Vera added the meaning, ‘The day when Renee prepares a gift each year for only him,’ to his birthday.


  With that, he felt immense satisfaction.


  It was a result of that thoughtfulness which allowed even someone as despicable as him to become a person worthy of being celebrated.


  As the noisy atmosphere continued, Norn opened his mouth.


  “Come and eat, Hela worked hard on the meals!”


  “I’m ashamed.”


  Vera looked at Norn, who was smiling brightly, and Hela, who was scratching her cheek with a grin, and then nodded.


  “Thank you.”


  Vera settled down at the table.


  Renee had been struggling with Aisha the entire time, but was startled when she felt Vera’s presence beside her. Dovan laughed heartily as he observed that scene take place.


– Are you there!


  A shout came from the entrance of the forge.


  Dovan’s expression twisted in anger.


  “It was quiet, but today, of all days, there’s trouble. Will you please wait? I’ll be right back.”


  “Let’s go together. My presence will be helpful.”


  “Kuh, fine…”


  Vera put down his utensils and stood up from his seat.


  “I will be back soon.”


  He said that to Renee. In response, she nodded back with a worried expression.


  “Please let me know if there are any problems.”


  “Yes, I will.”


  Vera bowed as he answered Renee, then headed to the main entrance with Dovan.




  An army of bear beastkins were lined up at the front entrance.


  ‘The Third Kingdom.’


  The Third Kingdom of the Federation was the first army to be stopped by Vera when they first arrived.


  As Vera observed the lined up army, he noticed that the large commander who came at that time was missing and became suspicious.


  ‘Has the person in charge changed?’


  Was Vera’s doubt correct?


  As Vera and Dovan approached, the army split in two lines, and a man wearing radiant armor emerged from the center.


  He appeared to be a middle-aged man with a large body, long black hair, round ears, and gave off a firm impression.


  “…The King.”


  A low mumble came from Dovan.


  Vera frowned at the words he heard, and directed his gaze forward.


  ‘The King himself?’


  No matter how important the Imperial Descendant was, Vera thought it was strange for him to come in person.


  As Vera was growing more tense at the doubts crossing his mind.




  The dagger Vera kept concealed by his chest cried out.


  …The very same dagger that had been pulled out from Gillie’s heart.





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