The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 78

The Empire (2)

༺ The Empire (2) ༻


  It was the night after Renee decided to go to the banquet.


  After dinner, Vera arrived at their lodging and took a deep breath to calm himself.


  ‘…Yes, it was bound to happen.


  He was so flustered at that moment that he had forgotten about it.


  In his previous life, Renee had attended the Foundation Day celebration of the Empire in the form of an official participation. 


  And that was exactly this year’s banquet. 


  At that time, the news about the Saints participation in the official ceremony spread, and the Foundation Day celebrations drew an unprecedentedly large crowd. He himself also made great profits at the time.


  He didn’t like it, but in reality, it was a much better direction. In any case, she would make an acquaintance with someone to whom she would fight alongside against the Demon King.




  Vera humbly accepted it. Since the event had already happened, wouldn’t it be right to make plans accordingly? Vera was not someone who wasted time on unproductive thoughts.


  ‘If it cant be avoided….


  It would be better to prepare for possible accidents that could occur depending on the changing situation. 


  Vera got up from his chair and went towards Renees room to discuss their future plans.




  “Come in.”


  The voice came from inside after he knocked.


  Vera turned the doorknob slowly and stepped inside.


  The first thing that he saw as he came in was Renee sitting on the couch with Aisha on her lap, purring. 


  Instantly, Aisha and Vera made eye contact. It was a short contact. But at that moment, Aisha flashed a crooked smile. It was clearly a smirk.


  For some reason, Vera got heated up from that sight, and he bowed his head down.


  “…Have you had a good rest?”


  “Oh, yes. The servants were very helpful. What about you, Vera?”


I’m good as well. Ive also received a lot of help.”


  It was the usual greetings, then it wasnt long before the real business came out. Vera sat down across Renee and spoke.


  “I called for Rohan from the Holy Kingdom. He doesnt really have any reason to refuse, so I think he wouldnt mind. Your appearance at the banquet will be announced from the outside upon Rohans departure from the Holy Kingdom.”


  “From the outside?”


  “Yes, the Saint would be departing from the Holy Kingdom. Its better for the rumors to come out like this.”




Renee immediately understood what Vera was saying.


  Certainly, if it becomes known that shes traveling in secret, she would be targeted by more people than before, so it would be better to confuse them regarding her movements.


  “Somehow, I feel sorry for Rohan because I think hes the only one whos going to have a hard time.”


  “…Dont feel bad for him, he deserves it. Moreover, Rohan is also an Apostle. He wont be easily intimidated, so you can rest assured.”


  Renee smiled awkwardly at Veras trivial tone.


  “Uhm, okay. So, what do we do until then?”


  “We still dont have anything planned for that. Is there something youd like to do?”


  Something she wanted to do.


  Renee stroked Aishas hair and thought about it.


  If it was something Renee, not the Saint, wanted to do, then…


  ‘…A date.


  Of course, it was to spend time with Vera, but there was something else that came into Renees mind.


   She remembered the determination she had when she was talking with Vera privately before they left the mountains.


  She remembered the desire to be an impressive person worthy of Vera.


  The words that came after were naturally related to that.


  “…How about I volunteer? I think it would be nice to have a free clinic for a short while.”


  “That sounds amazing. Then, Ill make a Holy Kingdom Priestess’ identity for you.”


  “Ah, thank you.”


  Before their conversation ended, Renee asked a question.


  “Oh, by the way, do you have anything you want to do in the Empire, Vera, now that you’re back at your birthplace?”


  She asked because she thought she wasn’t being considerate enough of Vera.


  She didn’t ask about his family, but she could sense from the atmosphere that either Vera didn’t have any family or that it was a sensitive topic. 


  Vera paused for a moment, thinking about Renee’s question, then nodded his head. 


  “I’d like to stop by the library once. But, I can go there myself once Rohan arrives, so don’t worry about it. Thank you for your consideration.”


  The library.


  Renee’s face was full of surprise as Vera mentioned a rather unexpected place.


  “You must really like books, then?”


  “It’s not that I like it, but there’s just something I want to investigate.”




  So it was for work.


  Renee, who was about to nod understandingly, suddenly had a thought.


  Aisha looked up at her when she came to a standstill, but of course Renee didn’t notice. 


  Renee thought.


  ‘Wait, this is…’


  Wasn’t it the perfect timing for a date?


  A library date! They would spend time together in a quiet place reading books! Then, she would suddenly fall asleep and rest her head on his shoulder!


  Her delusions started churning, and her face started becoming flushed.


  Renee didn’t hesitate.


  “Then, let’s go together tomorrow!”


  Renee wasn’t a fool who wouldn’t take the opportunity that she’s been given.




  “Yes! I don’t have anything to do anyways, so…!”


  She replied with a bright expression. 


  At that, Vera paused. 




  He couldn’t get the words out.


  Even Vera, who was insensitive, knew that asking “Can the Saint read books?” would be impolite. 


  Their conversation was suddenly cut off.


  It was only then that Renee realized that she couldn’t really go to the library.


  ‘Ah, right!’


  She regretted being reckless. 


  A cold sweat broke out on her forehead. However, not wanting to pass up the opportunity, Renee suddenly blurted out.


  “Read to me, Vera!”


  “…The contents are not really that interesting.”


  “It’s okay! It’s meaningful if you read it to me!”


  Vera didn’t ask what the meaning was. 




  He just thought that Renee must be very curious about the library.


  Renee brightened up at Vera’s answer.


  Aisha’s head tilted as she listened to the conversation between the two.


  “You’re going to the library?”


  “Huh? Ah.”


  A sound escaped Renee’s lips as she realized that Aisha had been listening.


  ‘Should I take her with us?’


  As she thought about it, she felt a little bit disappointed.


  “Have fun.”


  Aisha answered.


  “Huh? You’re not coming, Aisha?”


  “I don’t know the alphabet.”




  For better or worse, Aisha refused.  


  Renee’s hand brushed the top of Aisha’s head again.


  “So, would you like to take a tour of the capital tomorrow with Sir Norn, Aisha?”




  Aisha’s face brightened at the suggestion. 


  This created a plan that everyone was happy with.


  In the midst of all the excitement, Aisha looked back at Vera and spoke.


  “Then, what about you?”




  “Aren’t you going home? You said this is your hometown.”


  …She brought up a taboo topic.


  Renee’s body flinched.




  You can’t say that!


  …As she was shouting internally, Vera answered.


  “I’m an orphan.”




  ‘What do you mean, ‘Oh’!’


  Renee’s face was very anxious.


  “So, you also don’t have parents?”


  Her words expressed a sense of camaraderie. 


  At that, Renee’s face went white as a sheet of paper, and Vera’s face became distorted.


  Vera thought.


  ‘Is she trying to pick a fight…?’




  In the end, the conversation ended on an awkward note.


  Aisha never realized she had made a slip of the tongue, and Renee was too taken aback to find the right words, leaving Vera at a loss as well. 


  He left Renee’s room and made his way back to his own room.


  Vera was walking down the hallway when he was stopped in his tracks by two figures walking in the distance.


  Naturally, his eyes narrowed.


  ‘Count Baishur.’


  Walking towards him was Marie, who had her arm linked with Count Baishur. 


  He had a strong build and a clean-cut appearance with short, neatly combed black hair. He was the head of the Imperial Inspection Department, who was known throughout the Empire as a severe workaholic.


  As soon as he saw him, Vera immediately clenched his teeth like he was about to run away, then bowed his head.


  “…Nice to meet you.”


  He was no longer Vera of the Underworld. He was now Vera, an Apostle of the Holy Kingdom. He had no reason to avoid Count Baishur.


  It was Marie who answered Vera, who had been bowing his head. 


  “Oh my? Where are you going at this late hour?”


  “I was with the Saint. I thought we should discuss our future plans.”


  “Ahh! Oh, honey. This is the Vera that I was talking about. Vera, this is my husband.”


  After Marie’s introduction, Vera glanced up and saw Count Baishur looking at him with curious eyes.


  “Nice to meet you. I am Baishur. I work for the Imperial Inspection Department.”


  “I am Vera.”




  Baishur nodded. At that, Vera’s head tilted.


  What did he mean by ‘indeed’? Vera wondered.


  It was the reaction of someone who had heard about him to some extent, so if that was the case, the source would’ve been Marie. 


  Vera’s gaze shifted towards Marie, who chuckled and returned his gaze. Meanwhile, Count Baishur spoke again.


  “I’ve been busy at work, so I haven’t introduced myself yet. Please make yourself comfortable.”




  “Goodnight, then.”


  “Goodnight, Vera! Make sure to come out for breakfast tomorrow!”


  After saying that, Marie and Count Baishur walked past Vera.


  Vera lifted his head up and looked back at the departing back of Count Baishur.


  He felt a sense of awkwardness and oddness. 


  The awkwardness was from Count Baishur’s friendly approach towards him, and the oddness was from Count Baishur’s attitude toward him as if he were somehow a spectacle.  


  He felt a creeping anxiety within.


  What did that blabbermouth Marie say about him?


  It was to her husband, and not just someone else, so she might have told him some personal stories.




  Vera tried to push his worries away.


  There was no reason for Marie to use his flaws against him, and it was more important to think about their plans for tomorrow rather than that.


  Their destination for tomorrow was the capital’s Imperial Library.


  Vera made a mental note of what he needed to look for at the library. 




  Information about the ancient species. 


  He needed information about that ancient species that showed him Aisha from a different time period. 




  He hadn’t given it much thought, but the hallucination that Orgus had given him clearly had some purpose.


  Why, and for what reason, did the ancient species show him a different timeline?


  ‘I have to figure it out.’


  Orgus must have been deeply involved in his regression, and the Imperial Library was sure to have some information regarding them. 


  Vera walked down the hallway, organizing his thoughts and plans in his mind.





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