The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 107

Andante (3)

༺ Andante (3) ༻



Ruefeld Forest


The Ernes Empire designated Ruefeld Forest as a restricted area, not due to its danger level, but because of the monsters known as Parasites that inhabited it.


Unhosted Parasites possessed low combat capabilities and could easily be defeated, even by young children armed with simple tools. However, their true potential was unlocked when they found a host.


A Parasite’s combat abilities, even with a host, were still not remarkably high as they relied on the host’s physical attributes and strength. 


Up until that point, the Parasites in Ruefeld Forest seemed like any other parasitic creatures.


However, what set the Parasites of Ruefeld Forest apart was their indifference towards whether their hosts were alive or dead. 


They could infest corpses and, upon complete assimilation, drain the host’s blood, circulate their own fluids, and revive dead nerves and organs.


This unique ability of the Parasites contributed to the advanced state of the medical field in this world compared to the progress made in other fields during the same time period. 


Surgical procedures, in particular, greatly benefited from the presence of Parasites. By intentionally infesting less damaged corpses, physicians could perform intricate operations on semi-living bodies multiple times, leading to significant advancements in medical knowledge.


Due to the invaluable role of the Parasites, only licensed physicians were authorized to enter Ruefeld Forest. 


One would expect the mortality rate to be low given the medical expertise present, but that was not the case.


Parasites without hosts to empower them were so weak in combat that birds could easily devour them without resistance. 


To address this, Ferzen intentionally introduced carcasses of beasts to the class on several occasions, ensuring the Parasites had hosts to enhance their combat capabilities.


Given that the location was not entirely devoid of danger, albeit relatively minimal, it seemed to be the most sensible choice for conducting a practical examination.


After a journey of roughly two hours, the carriage came to a halt, allowing the horse a brief respite. Naturally, Ferzen disembarked to relieve the stiffness that had settled in his body.


As it was just past 6 in the evening, the sun had lost some of its scorching intensity from when they had set out.






A brief, pleasant dizziness washed over Ferzen as he stretched, and his gaze fell upon a hat that had landed at his feet.


It belonged to Laura de Charles Rosenberg.


Laura approached, sweat glistening on her brow.




Ferzen picked up the fallen hat, dusted it off, and gently placed it back on her head.


“T-thank you… s-so… much…”


Grasping the brim of her hat, she inclined her body in a gesture of gratitude.


At that moment, Ferzen caught a glimpse of her delicate and captivating nape.


It possessed an elegance and beauty akin to a blooming flower, and Ferzen was seized by an impulse to pluck it.






“I’ve been contemplating something. I believe the Rosenbergs no longer need to align themselves with any particular side and can remain neutral.”




Originally, when I devised the plan to eliminate Ciel Midford, I had considered severing ties with Brutein.


I had intended to involve the Rosenbergs in order to address the aftermath.


However, since my brother has offered his support, there is no longer a need for me to align myself in a way that would appear power-hungry.


The Roverium Kingdom wasn’t the only concern the Second Prince had in securing the throne, but he wouldn’t require Laura’s assistance for that matter.


“Um, so t-that……”


Laura glanced at Ferzen with a shy expression, her hazel eyes quivering.


Did she perhaps believe that I would release her?


Even though I no longer needed to rely on the Rosenbergs to clean up the aftermath, I could still keep them as a personal asset.


After all, it would be foolish to abandon a tool of such magnitude.


However, instead of stating it directly, Ferzen wanted to present it in a different light.


No, it would be more appropriate for him to do so.


After all, the image of him binding Laura for his personal greed contradicted his desired perception.






“If I were to let you go, do you have someone who can exert control over you?”




“I’m certain there would be plenty of individuals willing and capable of doing so.”


However, their demands would likely be far more explicit than his own.


The moment she revealed her secret to anyone, she would find herself completely at their mercy, forced to comply with any demand made of her.


After all, she was the lingering mark of treason left by Isabel Ron-Pierre Genova in the history of the Ernes Empire.


The cruelty that humans could inflict upon those lacking a moral compass was self-evident.


Considering everything he had previously expressed; Laura would easily understand his implications.




Upon hearing his words, Laura fell into a brief silence.


In essence, Ferzen wished for her to voluntarily submit and come to him.


He no longer desired to maintain the image of exploiting her vulnerability.


Of course, it wouldn’t be wrong if he chose to continue doing so.


It was a logical course of action.


The curse of the full moon had followed her from her previous life into this one.


Unless she could overcome it, Laura would always require someone to restrain her when the curse took hold.


In her past life as Isabel, the Genova family had fulfilled that role.


But in this life, the Genova family no longer existed.


She had eradicated them with her own hands.


In that scenario, Ferzen, who had already helped her on multiple occasions, was, to be honest, a viable option.


As he had mentioned, relying on someone else carried high risks.


And if she chose not to do so now……


Eventually, she would find herself in a situation where she had no choice but to seek assistance, realizing that nothing had changed from her previous life.




The outcome probably wouldn’t differ much from her previous life anyway.


Might as well take matters into her own hands and steer the course of events.


In the past, Ferzen had been the one to leash Laura, using her Full Moon curse as justification.


But now, it was Laura herself who extended her hand and placed the leash in Ferzen’s grasp.


She couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony of the situation, resembling a slave choosing their own master.


How contradictory it was, as this appeared to be a passive situation that didn’t align with the active verb of ‘choosing.’




The parasol unfurled, shielding them from prying eyes.


Then, Laura leaned closer to Ferzen.


In response, Ferzen extended his palm to her.


Laura gazed up at him and lowered her head.




Her soft lips met his palm.


Kissing the palm symbolized pleading.


“P-please… continue… to be… my…… Guardian.”


Laura possessed a great deal of pride.


So “guardian” was the most compromising term she could come up with.


But in a mocking manner, Ferzen extended his finger and pressed it against Laura’s lips.




Understanding the implications of his action, Laura naturally blushed.






She meekly took his finger into her mouth and awkwardly sucked on it.


A sense of satisfaction curled up the corners of Ferzen’s mouth.




As their eyes met, Laura averted her hazel gaze.


However, it seemed to amuse him even further.


‘This kid…….’


No, this man.


He must be a sadist.


For some reason, she recalled the spanking he had given her long ago.


At that moment, she felt a slightly heightened determination to overcome her curse.


What a pitiable motivation.


* * * * * *


After establishing their unspoken master-servant contract…


Ferzen called out to Laura, who stood silently with her parasol.






“Those with the Genova bloodline will always excel in one field or another, no matter what.”




“I’m asking purely out of curiosity. What is your talent?”


“I-I don’t know… I’ve… I’ve tried t-to find out……”


Actually, that was the most frustrating aspect for Laura.


“I see.”


With that, Ferzen fell silent, refraining from further inquiry.


A few moments later, the coachmen returned with the well-rested horses, and Ferzen made his way back to the carriage.


Calmly, he took a seat and glanced down at his fingers.


The lingering sensation of Laura’s touch, her tongue on his fingertips, tickled him. He rubbed his index finger and thumb together, attempting to dispel the sensation.


‘Was it Intentional, or……’


Had she done it to embarrass him or to rebel?


Within the shelter of the unfurled parasol, away from prying eyes, Laura had licked his fingers with unexpected intensity, a gesture that didn’t quite align with her innocent appearance.


It emitted an odd, sensual aura.




TL note:  Oh well, Imma lose my job on the 30th since my boss don’t wanna renew mah contract….Oh joy. I hated here anyways this place was driving me crazy.


I may or may not have drowned my feelings with alcohol, but hey! thats whats makes life more bearable right? Right?!


I legit entered the beach protocol from Friday till Sunday (For the prude ones, or the normal ones, beach protocol is when all is forgiven [AND FORGOTTEN] in our lord and savior TEQUILA!)


Aside from the doom and gloom part of adult life (it sucks) as I promised here’s sum ME and Star Wars fics dat I enjoyed reading.


Oh yeh, just a quick note, I know that pp usually don’t like fanfics cause either it’s just plain garbage, shitting on the original creator’s work, or a cringe-fest with the mind of a 12y kid writing it…..So the fics i recommend aren’t like that, and believe me, i had to search a lot. The reason i enjoy reading fics it’s cause i like seeing how things COULD go, or a different pov from the normal cannon. (And of course sometimes i just wanna see my fav ship getting together.)

So because of this mama is being Veeeeeeery selective on what she is recommending here mkay?


Interesting Times by Zanarkand Kido on Fanfics –  A political fic staged on the beginnings of the Alliance systems (pre Mass effect cannon)


Mass Effect: Plan for the Galaxy by Bored Peasent on fanfics – This fic is a solid 7, Nothing to brag about but it also managed to be a good fic without being cringe (for the most part?) and i enjoyed reading to kill time on my sunday.


Beacon’s Effect by Tusken1602 on Fanfics – This one is a trilogy, and it’s a damn good one that expands on the Protean lore. I loved it. and since it’s complete you don’t get blued balled.


Last one for Mass Effect stuff is You Came Back to Me by T.Bryson on Fanfics – This one is for all the Tali-Sheppard shippers out there. The revolves around Sheppard living through the Destroy ending and how life goes after saving the galaxy with out fav Quarian. (Omg i love tali shooooooo much)


Now onto dem Star Wars fic. As a star wars fan i have fallen into the fanfics pit to cope with the horrible stuff that Disney is doing with George Lucas masterpiece. So here ya go. (Ps I’m a super fan of Kotor 1/2 and Swtor so my reccs may resemble my taste mkay?)


Surviving in a Galaxy Far Far Away: by Selfawaredegenerate on AO3 – Omg i found this fic by accident, and i gotta say at first i saw the tags and i though – Oh great another horny cunt made a porn of starwars, then i clicked to read the porn – And omg what a ride. The way this mf goes on about the sith, their society, their philosophy is simply amazing and I’m not even joking. If ur a fan of the Sith Warrior storyline, or just finds the Sith cool, read this damn thing. You can ignore the horny parts cause they are there just cause this mf of an author is horny. I went for the porn and stayed for the plot.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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