The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 110

Allegrato (2)

Allegrato (2) ༻



  On the day of the practical exam.


  The students guided by Ferzen gathered at the entrance of the Rufeld Forest after breakfast.


  There, Ferzen distributed a map of the forest to the Knights and Wizards who were posing as escorts.


  After this, by controlling Isabel’s corpse, Ferzen scattered mirror fragments throughout the forest.


  “Professor, what are you doing?”


  “Those mirrors are connected to the mirror on my subspace through the ‘Peephole’.”


  Ferzen explained.




  “With this, I can observe the area of the Rufeld Forest. As soon as I arrive at the center of the forest I shall give the signal. After this, send the students off.”


  “Understood, Professor.”


  “Since I’ll be far from them, all of you will be the ones who will be able to act in case of an emergency.”


  “Yes! Leave it to us!”


  After giving instructions to the escorts, Ferzen walked towards his students.


  “The exam is a simple one. Simply arrive at the center of the forest when you see the signal.”


  “Professor… So these corpses under the autonomous control technique are simply protecting us on the way…….Is that all?”


  “Yes. However, don’t think that simply arriving at the center is all. The evaluation criteria, as previously mentioned, are solely based on autonomous control. Aside from this, these Knights and Wizards will also provide assistance in case of an emergency.”


  Finishing his explanation, Ferzen looked at Lizzy.


  Today, she wasn’t in her wheelchair. Instead, she was being supported by her personal corpse servant, which usually pushed her wheelchair.


  Because moving with a wheelchair inside a forest was the height of foolishness.


  Ferzen sympathized with her and even offered her specialized help, however, she firmly refused his offer.


  “Then, I hope you manage to perform well.”


 Ferzen said before turning around and walking away with Isabel’s corpse trailing behind him.


  Lizzy watched his fading figure and then glanced at the rest of the students.


  As previously stated by Ferzen, the evaluating criteria would be the level of autonomous control employed, but the majority of the students concluded that they would be evaluated based on their combat skills, considering they were given the corpses of veteran mercenaries


  The expected synchronization rate should be around 6~7%.


  However, there was a significant difference between these rates.


  In cases where the corpse’s bad habits and character flaws were not addressed in the feedback, the corpse would become an incompetent doll.


  Something akin to a new soldier making critical mistakes due to fear in their first battle.


  Although a low synchronization rate would result in a loss of mana efficiency, from the perspective of the corpse’s combat capabilities, assuming they would be only be supporting one corpse, it was more effective.


  However, if the sole objective of the test was to evaluate this, there wouldn’t be a reason to come to this forest.


  Undoubtedly, intentional crises would arise during the exam.


  During such crises, the students would reveal their ability to manage both their synchronization rate and the feedback from the corpse.


  That would be the key factor for acquiring a high score.


  ‘……I have no intention of giving up. Even if you offer me a carrot, I’ll use it as a weapon against your stick.’ 


  Lizzy was willing to give her all in this exam.




  Lost in her own thoughts as she awaited the start of the exam, Lizzy quickly turned her head towards the surprised shouts of the Knights.




  Ferzen who was at the entrance of the forest, collapsed onto the ground.




  The Knights and Wizards acting as escorts were visibly startled, but no one rushed in blindly.


  Because Isabel’s corpse, who was following Ferzen, also collapsed.


  This meant that Ferzen had completely lost consciousness.


  The only creatures capable of achieving this feat without any physical or magical means were the monsters of the Underworld.


  “……Could it be a Sephar?”


  Except for the secretive third floor of the Underworld, which was something akin to an Imperial secret, the Knights and Wizards already had some knowledge of the beings residing on the 1st and 2nd floors.


  They knew that this particular being’s ability was manifested in the form of a boundary field.


  And anyone who entered this boundary field would lose their conscience. The escort quickly deduced the identity of the monster.


  But of course, this was not the creature’s real name.


  They simply gave nicknames to the creatures who resided on the 1st floor.


  Starting from the 2nd floor, the creatures were assigned arbitrary names to differentiate them from those on the 1st floor.


  The ability of Sephar, who lived on the 2nd floor of the Underworld, was called ‘Mirage’.


  It was capable of manifesting the astral projection of those who entered the boundary field, trapping them in illusions that mirrored reality.


  However, the frightening aspect of this ability was that if the astral projection died within the illusion, the person’s physical body would be trapped in a vegetative state.


  The usual method to fend off this threat was to first realize that they were trapped within an illusion and kill the astral projection of the Warlock who borrowed or summoned the creature……


  But, since the illusions were extremely realistic, simulating even one’s senses, making it was very difficult to realize they were trapped in a dream.


  Even if someone purposely enters the bounded field, their memories would become muddled and distorted, preventing them from acting or realizing the truth.


  “……For now, let’s bring the professor’s body here.” 


  One of the Knights suggested.


  In response, an Elemental Wizard manipulated the air currents, lifting the bodies of Ferzen and Isabel in the air before pulling them toward the crowd.


  Interfering with the boundary field from outside was extremely challenging.


  One way required an Apolion Walock borrowing the abilities of an even stronger monster or having an Auror Knight who reached the pinnacle of their arts, allowing their anti-magical mana to interfere with the bounded field, dropping the barrier, and then searching and killing the enemy Warlock’s body.


  Using corpses to search the boundary field for the enemy Warlock’s body was useless since the connection was severed inside the field.


  “Sigh, it seems like a widespread bombardment is the only solution……”


  One of the three Elemental Wizards presents complained.


  Their strategy was a simple one, unleashing widespread destruction on the surroundings, hoping to kill the Warlock’s physical body.


  Naturally, the Warlock must have prepared some countermeasures for this instance.


  Although devastating the Rufeld Forest would have significant consequences, the prospect of the Second Son of Brutein becoming a vegetable due to the enemy’s plan was even worse.




  But in such a tense atmosphere, Lizzy raised her hand. A lump formed in her throat as the young maiden felt the familiar thrill of excitement.


  Perhaps this could be her moment of genius.


  “I may…..have a way.”


  “What is it?”




  The Sephar’s boundary field would distort the memories of anyone who enters it from the outside, making it hard to realize the truth.


  But Lizzy was confident.


  Sephar, the monster who resided on the Second Floor of the Underworld, and his dream field only interfered with the conscious aspects of a person to some extent.


  And so, after detailing her plan, Lizzy awaited for their reply with trembling eyes.


  “Alright. But are you really sure about this? If something happens to you, Roer would……”


  “It’ll be fine.”




  The three Knights heaved a collected tired sigh, knowing that Lizzy would be doing this for some sort of political gain.


  “Remember, as soon as you realize you are inside the illusion send the signal.”




  With the approval of her plan, Lizzy clenched her fists tightly.


  Since Sephar’s field was a kind of a dream, the moment one realizes it is an illusion, they would be capable of conjuring things within their knowledge.


  Although Isabel’s corpse, an Apolion rank Elemental Wizard was under the control of Ferzen who himself was an Apolion rank Warlock, would pose a significant threat to her……


  As long as Ferzen remained unaware that he was within an illusion, the odds wouldn’t be in his favor.


  And if she managed to kill his astral projection while inside……


  After uniting the Knights they would also be able to exterminate the enemy Warlock.


  But this plan wasn’t safe either.


  There would be no turning back once it began.


  Since Ferzen would fall into a vegetative state, it wouldn’t even be possible to infer the events of this incident through the feedback from his body.


  If her plan succeeded, she would commit the perfect crime.


  No, could this even be called a crime in the first place?


  Wouldn’t it simply be justice for his evildoings?


  Even if she didn’t personally interfere, there was also a chance that the perpetrator of this event would successfully kill Ferzen’s astral projection.


  But Lizzy couldn’t leave such an opportunity to something as whimsical as ‘chance’.


  Cause and Effect.




  On this day…..


  The lamb. 


  Would hunt the wolf.



TL note:  Peephole is a monster on the first floor of the underworld that can connect to mirrors and show their reflections. His first appearance was on the arc where the academy was attacked.


Btw i just went to an all you can eat sushi buffet……omg I don’t think i’ll ever be able to eat sushi again for at least 5 months…..I the genius here….thought it would be a good idea to mix vodka with beer……My head is hurting so much rn…..i wanna die.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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