The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 142

Roverium Kingdom

༺  Roverium Kingdom 


“All of them are dyed in the color of the Ernes Empire, huh?”


“……It’s because they have been here for a long time.”


Marquis Phyrgia set aside the document he had been perusing, joining Prince Inas den Proissen Roverium for a meal. 


The papers scattered across the table bore the unmistakable mark of the Ernes Empire, each transaction entwined with their influence.


“Well… It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means there are plenty of places to make our mark.” 


Prince Inas discreetly swallowed his saliva. 


He had expected to meet with someone of high standing from the Elmark Empire, but the direct appearance of Marquis Phyrgia, essentially Empress Gremory’s right-hand man, was unexpected.


Yet, despite his lofty position, Marquis Phyrgia’s demeanor was far from formal or dignified. It exuded a certain vulgar and frivolous air. 


Strangely, Prince Inas didn’t find it awkward. 


Marquis Phyrgia appeared to be someone who had clawed his way to his current status, unburdened by the lives he may have trampled on his ascent.


“I think it’s about time we left.” 


“Indeed, let’s do that.”


Their conversation had been a means to pass the time until this moment. Now, as they stood, other patrons in the restaurant followed suit. 


It was like a trickle turning into a rushing stream.


Onlookers might wonder why individuals of considerable influence would dine in a place that was not associated with the Imperial Family. 


The answer was simple.


The Elmark Empire treated the Roverium Kingdom not as a kingdom, but as a territory. 


Their claim was not to the kingdom, but to its capital.


During the Roverium Kingdom’s long history as a vassal state of the Ernes Empire, the Ernes Empire had consolidated all influence and power within the capital. 


The economic backbone, the territories of the nobility, and the basic infrastructures all revolved around the capital. This approach spared the Ernes Empire from having to excessively monitor the kingdom’s noble dynamics and made governance simpler.


Marquis Phyrgia’s method of flaunting their presence in the Roverium Kingdom was to provoke the Ernes Empire. 


After all, with Inas ascending to the throne, the Elmark Empire would inherit all the seeds sown by the Ernes Empire over the years.


‘Even though our Empress sees this as nothing but an additional benefit……’ 


Marquis Phrygia had always been known for his insatiable greed for material gains. 


At this moment, he wore a fake smile on his face, concealing his true intentions. Just as various rivers flowing through different directions eventually converge and merge into the same ocean, their procession crossed paths with that of the Second Prince of the Ernes Empire at the entrance of a grand staircase.


“The weather is truly splendid, wouldn’t you say?”


“Indeed. I’ve heard that Elmark enjoys a refreshingly cool climate even during the summer. Is that perhaps why I caught a whiff of such strong perspiration from you?”


“Why concern ourselves with the scent of sweat when we are about to meet such distinguished individuals?”


Their conversation as they ascended the staircase was, as expected, rife with thinly veiled barbs and tensions.


And behind them, Princess Elizabeth, the little sister of the Second Prince of Ernes Kingdom–Raymond, squinted her beautiful eyes.


After all, she felt unpleasant when she remembered about the things that she got when she read his inner thoughts when they were exchanging some words about the sensitive topic he had brought up in their last meeting.


Unlike his arrogant attitude and mouth that spoke plausible and flowery words, his insides were dark and rotten.


One of the readings she got back then was his intention to rape her. However, that was not the most unpleasant of all. 


After all, the thing that broke her perfectly schooled face was when she read his thoughts about wanting to release dogs in heat to mate with her.


If she had drunk any amount of wine at that time, she would have slapped him on the spot.


……Why did Empress Gremory have that kind man as her aide?


Judging by the astute diplomacy, eloquent speech, and quick thinking she displayed during her visit to the Ernes Empire, Empress Gremory did not seem to lack ability. 


The fact that she had chosen a corrupt and morally bankrupt man as her aide might indicate her skill in handling difficult situations.


‘Gremory Elden Ishtar Elmark……’


She wielded a double-edged sword that was difficult to manage. Like a palm wounded by a scratch, the germs that would immediately pounce on it would gnaw at her flesh.




Princess Elizabeth was lost in thought as she ascended the stairs. Her expression turned cold when Marquis Phrygia suddenly approached her.


“Do you have something to say to me?”


“Is there anyone who can’t help but speak when they see a beautiful flower?”




“I was merely admiring it quietly and tentatively reaching out to touch it.”


With his handsome face, pleasant voice, and reputation, there would hardly be a woman who wouldn’t be flattered by his words. 


However, Princess Elizabeth knew all too well how many masks he wore to hide his corrupt nature. 


She immediately withdrew her hand behind her as soon as he finished kissing it.


‘If I had known it would come to this, I would have worn gloves.’


It was a pity that there were so many eyes on her. If it were just the two of them, she might have thrown a glove in his face.


“Marquis Phrygia, do not be vulgar in front of my sister.”


“I extended every courtesy, but wasn’t I coldly rejected?”


The corners of his mouth curled slightly as he spoke, almost as if he were laughing at himself. 


It was a delicate balance between being insolent and courteous, crossing the line yet not quite. 


This infuriated the Second Prince, who felt that his pride as a man, not just as a royal, was being trampled upon.


“Let’s stop…… Let’s go inside.”


Marquis Phrygia turned and glanced at Prince Raymond, whose expression had hardened, before walking away. 


However, after taking just a few steps, he abruptly stopped.






It was the sound of someone climbing the stairs, and not just one person but many. 


Could there be anyone among them who would struggle to climb such a short flight of stairs and still not have reached the top?


If it were people from the Ernes Empire, he would undoubtedly mock them. If it were his own people, they would certainly pay the price for embarrassing the Elmark Empire.


As Marquis Phrygia contemplated this, a sudden chill ran down his spine. 


His rapidly tensing muscles revealed the stress he felt, and the sweat that had trickled down his cheeks from the heat now turned cold. 


It was as if he had taken on the instincts of an animal perpetually on alert, trying not to appear weak before a stronger predator.


Even the sun in the sky seemed to hide its radiance behind a blanket of clouds as if it dared not shine too brightly.


After a few more steps were heard, what appeared from the other side of the stairs was Ferzen von Schweig Louerg. He ascended slowly, followed by five northern nobles.




Birds that had been perched nearby, basking in the sun, hastily spread their wings and took flight.


Simultaneously, Marquis Phyrgia clenched his fists as those crimson-red eyes gleamed brightly from within the shadows.


It had been a while since he’d experienced such a chilling sensation, and he had never encountered anyone other than Empress Gremory Elden Ishtar Elmark who could evoke such a feeling.


If she were a man, Marquis Phyrgia couldn’t help but think she might look something like Ferzen.


That’s why a nagging doubt had begun to take root in his mind.


Why would someone with the bearing of an emperor lower themselves to serve as a mere vassal and claim to be a pillar of support?


His confusion deepened as he observed the people following Ferzen. Were they truly nobles from the Ernes Empire’s camp, or did they hail from the North?




Ferzen suddenly halted his ascent up the stairs, casting a quick glance at Marquis Phyrgia, who stood at the forefront of the Elmark Empire’s procession. 


Then, with an indifferent expression, he continued towards Ernes Empire’s Second Prince, Raymond.


That’s right.


Those who had endured an eternal winter had now arrived in the Roverium Kingdom, their quest for summer finally at hand.


* * * * *


“Forgive me for being late, Your Highness.”


“Ha, haha……! It’s never too late.”


The Second Prince once again realized the value of the Brutein lineage.


After all, despite being born as males, they had never coveted the throne. Instead, they focused on safeguarding the Empire to the best of their abilities.


In hindsight, he clearly understood that the Imperial Family’s descendants always vied for the throne to secure their support.


Hadn’t the wavering momentum been instantly steadied by Ferzen’s mere presence and allegiance?


“Let us go, Your Highness. I will accompany Her Highness, Princess Elizabeth.”


Ferzen extended his elbow towards Princess Elizabeth, creating a makeshift armrest for her to rest her hand on before bending down to face her.


In response, Princess Elizabeth glanced towards Marquis Phrygia, who stood a short distance away, before delicately placing her hand on Ferzen’s firm forearm.


“Thank you……”


“Why are you thanking me for something so simple, Your Highness?”


As if time flowed in one direction only, the people from the Ernes Empire’s camp began to enter the palace one by one, following the Second Prince, who led the way.


Just before it was Ferzen’s turn to enter with Princess Elizabeth, Marquis Phrygia looked at him and spoke.


“Unlike the current head of Brutein, I’ve only heard about you. It is an honor to meet you here.”




“This should be the very first time you and I have met. Don’t you think it’s too much to frown on our first meeting?”


The information Ferzen had gathered about him painted a picture of someone rather shameless. 


Confirming that the information was accurate, Ferzen turned his head to respond.


“All men with twisted sexual desires are problematic.”




Marquis Phrygia couldn’t quite accept the unsubstantiated accusation as it was.


“Those words… Who did you hear them from?”


As Marquis Phrygia fired those questions, the people in front of Ferzen started moving.


In response, Ferzen stepped forward with Princess Elizabeth and replied in his distinctive voice.


 “I heard them through hearsay.”


As Ferzen entered the palace, the sun, which had hidden behind the clouds, reappeared, bathing the world in its radiant light once more.


The birds that had fled returned to their perches and began chirping with sweet voices.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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