The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 147

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As Ferzen ascended from the first floor to the third, he encountered two maids standing upright in the long corridor. 


When they spotted him and attempted to politely greet him, Ferzen hushed them by putting his index finger to his lips, silently conveying his wish for them to remain quiet.


He acknowledged their bows with a slight nod and proceeded to the nearest room. 


Gripping the doorknob of the room where Laura was sleeping, he turned it.




Inside, the room was pitch-black, with all the lights off. The pouring rain outside prevented even a sliver of moonlight from entering.


However, Ferzen’s eyes had adjusted to the darkness over time, allowing him to see the pure white figure of the sleeping girl clearly.


‘……Looks like everything is fine.’


Laura was sleeping peacefully; her quiet breaths audible. She clutched her rabbit doll tightly to her chest, a serene expression on her face.


Ferzen closed the door gently, ensuring she wouldn’t wake up, before heading to Euphemia’s bedroom.




Upon opening the door and entering the room, a sweet fragrance of milk reached his nostrils.


Had she fallen asleep without extracting her milk?


No, Ferzen noticed a container by the bedside that was partially filled, indicating she had already done so.


Indeed, Euphemia’s time was passing, and she was preparing to become the mother of their soon-to-be-born child.




Acknowledging this, Ferzen picked up a nearby towel and gently wiped the area around Euphemia’s chest as she slept.


But even with the slightest stimulation, some of the milk that had stayed inside her pink nipples was dripping out.


Since he felt that one towel wouldn’t be enough to handle the amount of milk that would drip out, Ferzen reached his hand out and gently cupped her large breasts.


‘……Is the lump gone yet?’


However, he could feel her breasts were stiff and had too much tension as he glanced down at Euphemia’s sleeping face.


If she woke up in the morning in this state, she would have significant breast pain.


Therefore, Ferzen stroked Euphemia’s cheek and lightly shook her body.






Even though she must have been in a deep sleep.


She still responded to his voice and moved her body. Finding her appearance lovely, Ferzen placed his hand on her back and slowly raised her body up.


Then, without any strength, Euphemia slid towards him in her half-sleep state.


Even though he found her action of rubbing her face on him like a child while sniffing him to be cute, Ferzen still woke her up while bringing the tub that was next to her.


“It might hurt a little bit.”


Since it felt like the milk had already condensed to some extent, Ferzen supported Euphemia from behind, reached towards her breast with his large hand, and gently grasped it.


“Hick……! I……it hurts……”


Euphemia, who was still unable to free herself from the grasp of sleep, stammered and flinched.


However, Ferzen didn’t stop. He just lowered his hand a little bit more, grabbed her stiff nipple, and then pinched it with quite a bit of force.




Then, the pale milk that flowed from the tip of Euphemia’s nipples dripped into the container like the rain that was pouring outside.


Ferzen’s hand, which had been gripping her breasts, was also wet. Therefore, he naturally put more force into his grip to prevent his hand from slipping.




However, Euphemia, who had already poured out a large amount of milk, felt a pleasant sensation rather than pain from Ferzen’s touch. Therefore, she couldn’t help but let out a sultry moan.




Despite the loud sound of rain hitting the window, her voice was so clear in his ears.


In the end, Ferzen couldn’t help but start to gently tickle her areola, as he grabbed her stiffly raised nipple, and pulled it forward.


Rather than doing it for her sake anymore, he was fully acting because of his lustful desires now.


Originally, Ferzen had no thoughts of embracing her at all. But his instincts overtook his rationality, making him press her soft navel to tease her.


“Heu…… Aang……”


Euphemia’s soothing voice and her natural scent emanated from the nape of her neck.


Her body rewarded his touches with both her voice and scent.


Meanwhile, Euphemia, despite still being asleep, poured out a clear, sticky liquid from her slit as her body trembled thanks to the pleasure and the experience that had been beaten into her for a long time.




When Ferzen laid her back on the bed, Euphemia spread her slender legs to the side instantly. Making her engorged wetness which was covered by a soaked panty visible to Ferzen.




As Ferzen took her underwear–which no longer functioned as one, off, a strong scent of a female that begged to be eaten by her male wafted into his nose.


However, in stark contrast to the scene in front of his eyes, Euphemia was still entrusting her body to the overflowing energy of sleep.


……If he wanted to be considerate of her.


It would only be right for him to suppress his desire to embrace her.


However, Ferzen didn’t do that. He pulled his pants down and brought his ferocious erected rod next to her tightly clenched slit.




Even when Ferzen hadn’t inserted it yet, he could feel a tingling pleasure running through his body the moment the tip of his shaft touched her slit as if kissing it.


Throwing aside any pretense of slowly savoring the moment, Ferzen leaned down and wrapped his arms around Euphemia’s slender body like bondage before plunging his rod into her in one swift motion.




Ferzen’s penis cut through Euphemia’s soft flesh and crashed into her cervix in an instant rather than giving her any time to adapt and letting her inside gradually expand its walls……




Surprised, Euphemia’s slender body violently moved.


“Ah, uh…… ah……”


Euphemia trembled as she let out a weak stutter which was unable to even convey her true emotions.


Even though she could tell from the body odor that entered her nose as well as from the warmth that indicated he was close to her, that it was Ferzen who had entered her,


Euphemia still used both of her hands to grab Ferzen by the shoulders in order to comply with what her instinct was telling her; push him away.


That was just her instinct as a mother to drive out the savage who suddenly tried to penetrate her womb where her precious child was sleeping.




“Oh…… ! Anng……!”


However, as if telling her that resistance was futile, Ferzen only stopped thrusting for a moment before ramming his length into her again.


Then, he took a bite of Euphemia’s large breast and went on to devour her body like a hungry wolf preying on its prey.


It seemed to be Ferzen’s way of telling her that before she was the mother of his child, she was his woman……


“Heuk…… ! Heuk……!”


Little by little, Euphemia, who was at a loss about what to do, regained her senses.


Before long, she stopped struggling and gently hugged Ferzen’s head.


At the same time, her legs, which were stretched out to the sides, wrapped around his waist in order to pacify his violent sexual desire.


“Heuk…… ! Eung……!”


As if she hadn’t lost her touch, the abomination that throbbed violently inside her folds became more docile instantly.


At the same time, Ferzen was still biting her breast. His action of chewing on her forced Euphemia to let out a painful moan as she felt a burning pain in her breast.


However, she just gently brushed the back of Ferzen’s head and accepted his every move as if she was feeding a baby.




Just like that, time flew.


Now, her nipples, which had been bitten by Ferzen, were tinged with a pale red color. 


The milk that flowed from the tip of her nipples looked as if they were its tears, so Ferzen held Euphemia’s pelvis quite forcefully as he lightly licked it with his tongue.


“Since I already have a child in my stomach…… I will not be able to accept your seed……”


“I know…… This is just for my pleasure.”


Without much movement, his swollen shaft pulsated violently inside her.


Even though she wanted to twist her waist every time his rod rubbed against her uterus, when his semen started to fill her insides, Euphemia couldn’t help but curl her toes strongly as she felt she was having a weak climax.


Honestly, calling it weak was a little bit far-fetched.


After all, she was still climaxing. It was just not as strong as the time he had licked her womanhood with his tongue.


Slowly, this long-lasting wave of pleasure engulfed Euphemia gently.


“Huh, huh……”


Soon after, a plop sound echoed weakly as Ferzen pulled his rod out of her.


Then, he rubbed it against her swollen clitoris, seemingly enjoying the afterglow of his ejaculation.


Euphemia smiled lightly as she stared at his girth.


She found its figure quite cute as its size gradually diminished as if it was feeling satisfied after devouring its prize.




However, as if it had read her thoughts……


His throbbing member bobbed up and down at the entrance of her womanhood.


Then, Euphemia apologetically squeezed her own folds, which he had forced open.


Feeling his seed, which boasted a sticky consistency, flowing inside her, Euphemia laughed out loud.


“What did you find funny?”


“I-it’s nothing……”


As Euphemia shook her head and raised her upper body, she carefully positioned herself so that his seed would not leak out.


After she was done, she gave Ferzen a short kiss on the lips.


Without stopping, she lowered her head and held his limp, half-shrinking member with her tiny mouth.






Euphemia who was accustomed to serving, licked her fluids that had stained his thing as well as his seed that could not come out.


At that moment, Ferzen tried to pull her body away from his rod while saying that she did not have to go this far because he was the one who forcibly woke her up when she wanted to sleep……




Paying no attention to him, Euphemia pursued his member as it fled away from her.


 She then buried her head deeply and gently moved her tongue.


When Ferzen saw her slender hands hug his waist so that he wouldn’t run away, it was his turn to laugh out loud.


For sure, it was the sheep that was caught, bred, and tamed by the wolf.


However, at some point, the sheep was also naturally taming the wolf.


TL note: 16/20

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In this forsaken world

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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