The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 149

Two Choices

༺  Two Choices  



As Euphemia felt a warm and cozy sensation all over her body, she slowly opened her eyes. She then carefully raised her body up after glancing at Ferzen who was holding her.


The pouring rain had stopped before she knew it. The only trace that the rain left behind was the raindrops that clung to the window and flowed like dew while shining like jewels in the sunlight.




At this time when she usually woke up in the morning, she would feel a lump in both her breasts.


However, perhaps thanks to Ferzen’s touch last night, she felt nothing like that in her breasts right now.


After all, his large hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them violently as if he were handling a cow. It would be stranger if she still felt some lumps in her breasts after all of his rough treatment.


‘Even after waking up, it seems that the afterglow is still present……’


Euphemia let her clothes slip down and pulled her breasts out. Near her pink areolas, she could see a faint bite mark that was caused by his biting.


Even though there were traces of him everywhere on her white skin other than the bite marks near her areolas, Euphemia did not bother to check them as she stretched out her fingers and groped around her areolas.


Once her finger touched it, she could feel a tingling sensation in her lower abdomen that made her shut her legs.


If the red marks all over her body symbolized his affection, then the marks of his teeth around her areola represented his obsession.




As Euphemia traced the fragments of the feelings he had for her on a rainy night, she began to smell her own odor before she even knew it.




Was her sex drive always this high?


Or is it natural to have an increased sexual desire after having a child and entering a stable period?


Eventually, Euphemia took a quick look at Ferzen who was still sleeping. With her breathing becoming more and more rough, she carefully moved the blanket that was covering him.


In the middle area of the pants he was wearing, his rod, which looked as if it was stretching in the morning was slightly twitching.






While her mind wandered about where the courage that made her take such a drastic action came from, Euphemia grabbed his pants and lowered them in an instant.




At that moment, she felt something hard hitting her index finger. Then, she felt the thick veins that bulged on his monstrous rod hideously.


Euphemia traced it carefully before stroking the sensitive part which was positioned just below the end of his shaft. At that moment, the pulsating penis struck the back of her hand vigorously.


‘That was inside of me……’


She was really becoming someone sultry.


As Euphemia stroked the member with the back of her hand, she lowered her head.


Perhaps because it was still raining during the early morning, the dampness of the room made the male musk around his crotch even more noticeable.




Obviously, it doesn’t smell very good.


Euphemia brought her nose close to his hideous rod, pulling all the scent into her nose, and crossed her slender legs.


Then, she checked on Ferzen one last time. After confirming that he was still asleep, she grabbed his length before sticking out her tongue towards it.




The figure of Euphemia, who didn’t put the monstrous rod in her mouth all at once but carefully licked it with her wet and hot tongue, was like a child stealing delicious candy without their parent’s knowledge.


Even using that analogy, Euphemia couldn’t help but feel ashamed.


After all, she was a wife who was stealing and eating her husband’s member without his knowledge.


How can she compare it to the craving of an innocent child?








A vulgar and obscene sound filled the room.


Even though the chirping sound that came from outside the window tried to cover the obscene sound, the lewd sound that was created by Euphemia, who licked the sticky liquid that dripped out of his rod tip, overpowered the sound of the birds.


At the very least, the sweet smell of milk that came from her breasts was able to mask the female odor that grew thicker and thicker from her womanhood. 


Albeit barely.


* * * * *


As soon as Ferzen opened his eyes, he creased his brows and looked out of the window.


Is it because the sun is shining so strongly that it is too hot?


He had slept deeply and soundly which made him feel refreshed. But at the same time, the feeling of discomfort that was clinging to that refreshing feeling aroused a slight sense of displeasure in his heart.


Even so, when he sat up and looked beside him and found Euphemia greeting him, that mild displeasure disappeared in an instant.




Ferzen grabbed Euphemia’s hand and pulled her towards him.


Since the years they had been together were by no means short, Euphemia instantly realized that he was about to kiss her. But……


“You can’t……”


Shaking her head, Euphemia pushed Ferzen’s face away.


At that moment, she could see Ferzen’s brow furrowing, but since there was a good reason for her refusal, Euphemia just smiled like a little devil and gently touched his groin.


“I have already kissed this…… If I kiss you right now, it will only taste like your seed……”


You said you didn’t want to have that kind of a kiss, didn’t you?


Euphemia gave him a childlike kiss on the cheek before lifting herself up and quickly running out of the room.


Meanwhile, Ferzen, who was left alone, moved his hand and touched the cheek that she had kissed.




After lowering his gaze, he let out a wry laugh.


He felt pathetic enough to feel jealous of his own member.


It’s ridiculous to have the same feelings for a mere extension of his own body.


* * * * *




Waking up alone in the morning was a familiar routine for Yuriel, but this particular morning held a tinge of bitterness.


It was the morning after she had spent the night with Ferzen.


Yet, despite the melancholy, a happy smile adorned her face as she thought of Ferzen’s sincere response to her childlike question the previous night.


She believed that she, unlike Euphemia, could provide valuable assistance to Ferzen starting from today. Unlike Euphemia, who was seemingly devoid of redeeming qualities, she thought she could genuinely help him in many ways.


In fact, the unspoken rivalry between her and Euphemia over who was the superior woman was absurd.


Yuriel couldn’t help but scoff at the notion.




As she prepared to leave her bed, Yuriel realized that she was holding something in her hand. Lowering her head, she saw a worn ring.


Had Ferzen left it by mistake?


Before she could contemplate that possibility, Yuriel recognized the ring in her hand.


It was the altar that had transformed Ferzen into a warlock.


“Has he gone mad……?”


An object used as an altar by a warlock was like their second heart, their connection to the underworld, and a repository for all their transactions with that realm.


Leaving it behind was no trivial matter.


Ferzen always wore the very ring currently in her hand on his left hand. Thus, the only explanation for why it was with her instead of him was that he had taken it off and left it with her.




In essence, he had left his other heart with her, knowing she would spend the night alone.


Yuriel’s emotions oscillated between anger that Ferzen had made himself vulnerable and joy that he had placed such trust in her.


She felt like a dog wagging its tail while growling and baring its teeth at the same time.


She knew Ferzen cherished Euphemia, but she had never seen him lean on her in the same way.


Leaving his altar with Yuriel seemed to signify a deep trust and willingness to entrust his back to her.


In the end, isn’t it better to have a perfectly balanced relationship in marriage?


 Yuriel mused. 


‘The only place where imbalance should exist is… in bed.’


With a smirk and a spring in her step, Yuriel left the room, eager to see Ferzen’s face as soon as possible.


* * * * *


After the meal, Laura chuckled to herself as she lowered her head. Ferzen had asked her not to go out if it was important and to stay with Euphemia.


It was amusing because the brat didn’t seem to realize that the person who had been his protector until now was her former self.


How could she not find it funny when he made such a request, especially when she had protected him more than anyone else?


Even before Euphemia and Ferzen’s affectionate farewell had ended, Laura turned and headed back to her room.


Inside her room, she lay on the bed and opened the book she had been reading.


Reading was one of the few ways she could alleviate her boredom in this dull place. However, her mind couldn’t focus on the words on the page. The silence in the room was almost oppressive.


Soon, Laura put the book down and swallowed hard. The sound of her own saliva sliding down her throat seemed to reverberate like thunder within the quiet room.


She slowly got up and moved to the door, locking it securely. Then, she went to the window and closed it tight.


Human curiosity tends to be most pronounced when they’re bored, and it naturally gravitates to the closest source of interest.


At that moment, Laura lowered her tiny hand and groped her own body.


One of her hands touched and pinched her dainty nipples on top of her small and swollen breasts.


Meanwhile, her other hand brushed her own private area, a place which was silky smooth without a single hair on it.


Even though it was nothing but a simple brush,




The pleasure that she got from it was enormous.


‘For sure……’


This pleasure was the same pleasure that satisfied her when she was under the influence of her full moon curse.


Most people under Countess Genoa tend to suffer from their sexual desires. However, let alone suffering from the same condition, it seemed that this shabby body of hers was overly sensitive to sexual stimulation.






As she carefully thrust her little finger inside her crotch, Laura let out a sensuous moan despite the unfamiliar sensation of her belly clenching.


Then, a shiver ran down her slender spine as her tiny little finger stroked her folds.


Due to that, she realized a little why Yuriel and Euphemia were always desperate for Ferzen’s touch whenever they met him.


Maybe because of that too, Laura suddenly remembered the strong odor of the man that she smelled under the desk when Yuriel unexpectedly entered the room back then.


Even though she couldn’t see his genitals, or maybe because of that, Laura imagined Ferzen’s genitals to be ferocious and hideous.


Just like a beast.


“Huh, ah……”


After using her little finger alone, she also tried to use her ring finger together with it.


However, her small slit refused to accept it.


If the ferocious and hideous thing that she imagined penetrated and entered her narrow hole……


Wouldn’t it break her body?


“Heuk……! Heuuung……!”


However, when Laura thought she would be used as firewood for his burning pleasure, she couldn’t help but shudder.


But it was not from fright. After all, as her fingers pushed towards her slit, her waist couldn’t help but float up.


Then, a transparent liquid dripped down her snow-white thighs.




The bed creaked as she lowered her waist. Then, Laura moved her head to the side as the sound of her heavy breath echoed in the room.




In the place where her eyes went, a pure white rabbit was sitting as always.


It was looking at her wetness with its red eyes.






Laura groaned as she pulled her fingers away from her folds.


She then grabbed the book that was lying next to her and tossed it at the rabbit doll without hesitation.




Together with the book that  Laura threw, the rabbit doll fell from the bed.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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