The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 151

Two Choices (3)

༺  Two Choices (3) 



The current situation was precisely why Ferzen despised being in a passive position.


If only the Ernes Empire was not so determined to avoid war, there would have been no need to be this passive.


However, they were trying to avoid a war because they were in the process of shifting their governance style towards centralization.


Naturally, war was something everyone wished to avoid for many reasons.


“That means we have no choice but to limit the amount of money we should exchange, don’t we?”


“If it was only limited to silver coins and not gold coins…… However, that method wouldn’t work well, as it’s not even a suboptimal solution.”


After all, the Elmark Empire could also do the exchange.


If you placed a limit on the amount of money exchanged to prevent inflation, there would be no limit on the total amount exchanged, even if it was cumbersome.


It was like a makeshift measure to address the wound, but not really sterilizing it, more like licking it with the tongue.


The meeting was becoming heated and fruitless, so a break was called.


Ferzen moved alone to the rooftop, gazing at the Roverium Kingdom. 


Preventing inflation in a market where the currency was ten times higher than normal was challenging.


The Ernes Empire could pay more than the Roverium Kingdom, bringing more goods and food to the market. 


However, this could potentially spark conflict, even with all their attempts to appease it. Ferzen contemplated this situation.


He realized that even if they were forced to make a choice, the best course of action would be to let the Roverium Kingdom make that choice. 


Thus, he approached the Second Prince, Raymond, who was with Princess Elizabeth.


“Your Highness.”


“……Lord Louerg.”


“Since Prince Inas is not aware that the Elmark Empire is looking for a justification to start a war……”


“Go on.”


“We should inform Prince Inas about the situation and request that he deliver a speech denouncing the Elmark Empire. This would easily resolve the situation.”


“But will Prince Inas believe our words?”


“If Prince Inas does not believe us…… we should make it clear that we are not averse to war either.”


Unlike in the past, the Elmark Empire was not only hoping to conquer the Obern Kingdom but also revealed its ambitions to conquer the other two Kingdoms.


The Second Prince had informed Ferzen that Empress Gremory was mentally preparing for war.


If they couldn’t bring the Roverium Kingdom to their side, it might be better to undermine it instead.


Rather than allowing the enemy to enter the Roverium Kingdom bloodlessly, it would be much better to render it useless by turning it into ruins.


This way, the Elmark Empire would be able to justify their actions of starting a war by labeling them as evil.


However, even if that were to happen, at the very least, the Roverium Kingdom would not be able to become the Elmark Empire’s strength.


“After contacting the Second Prince, we should also ask the First Prince to give the same speech. If the Second Prince steps forward and agrees with him, it will work out well. If he denies……”


“Lord Louerg.”


“Your Majesty, strategies that change the tide of battle and schemes that help people overcome difficulties… they don’t happen by accident.”


Most people would continue to follow the road laid out before them, even if it was hard and tiring.


However, very rarely, a tiny fraction of the population would find a shortcut that allowed them to bypass the difficulties.


When told that the Ernes Empire was ready for war or that the Elmark Empire was preparing to wage a war, internal enemies would shrink back.


After all, what they wanted was to keep in check the growing Imperial power, not to start a war.


When a war does break out, the power of the nobles would naturally grow stronger, but ironically, those who tried to increase their power through war were rare.


However, they would have to take the risk of some inflation and hoarding in their own country. Since it was inevitable, what could they do?


“Do you think I’m a coward?”


“That’s not the case, Your Highness. If you had said you wanted to wage war from the beginning, I would have been disappointed.”


“Haha…… Is that so?”


The Second Prince looked out the window with a smile.


“Lord Louerg.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“Do you know why most of the buildings in the capital of the Roverium Kingdom were built in such a high-rise style?”


“……Isn’t it because their land size was small?”


“That’s the second reason.”




“The first reason is to prepare for times like this. When the population inside a single building is that high, it becomes easier for us to cause damage.”


“I see.”


Ferzen agreed. Obviously, high-rise buildings were vulnerable to earthquakes.


Unlike modern times, these buildings were not constructed with earthquake protection in mind.


If some elemental mages interfered with the land and caused an earthquake, it would undoubtedly cause considerable damage.


“And….. the main reason I’m upset is because Elizabeth saw it.”


“Saw what, Your Highness?”


Ferzen looked towards Elizabeth.


“The people here are scared.”




“When I read the comprehensive report on what’s happening in the Roverium Kingdom, I realized that my blessing had foreboded evil.”


“That’s why we are here. We can’t possibly know what will cause this ‘evil’. Whether this ‘evil’ signifies a war or something else entirely, how could we, as mere mortals possibly be certain of that?” 


Hearing his candid words, Ferzen didn’t bother to react or put on a pretentious face.


“Lord Louerg.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“What’s your view on destiny?”


“Destiny, Your Highness?”


Ferzen lowered his head, contemplating the Prince’s abstract question.


“I… I don’t believe in determinism, Your Highness.”


Determinism was the underlying structure and order of this world.


His own existence, designated as the villain, who was originally destined to die. However, the result had been different. It was the main character who had died at the hands of the villain.


“Even if the majority of people say something is impossible, there will always be someone who proves them wrong.”




“So, for me, both the impossible and Princess Elizabeth’s divinations… they’re just opinions.”


“Even if it’s an opinion from God?”




The biggest difference between this world and the Seo-Jin came from is the presence of God. 


But even God is a creation of humans, an unfinished part of this world.




“Yes, even if it’s a God who gives an opinion, I don’t think my perspective would change.”


“I see.”


The worry on the Second Prince Raymond’s face slowly faded at Ferzen’s confident words.


“By the way… our break will be over soon. Let’s return.”


“I understand.”


As the Second Prince walked ahead with Princess Elizabeth beside him, Ferzen secretly observed his back.


Was the bird about to break out of its egg? Little by little, the image of an Emperor could be seen emerging from his back.


* * * * *


The sun had finally set on the horizon, marking the end of a day-long meeting.


After much discussion and deliberation, Princess Elizabeth was chosen to be the one to persuade Prince Inas.


Furthermore, the Second Prince had informed all the attending nobles about the possibility of a war breaking out. With this revelation, the meeting was effectively concluded.


As Ferzen stood up from his seat, he noticed some nobles discreetly instructing their retainers.


They were likely instructing them to return to the Empire first to buy as much food and iron as possible in anticipation of the potential conflict.


Recognizing the need to ignore such actions, Ferzen turned his attention to Roer, who stood motionless like a statue, before approaching Princess Elizabeth.


“Are you sure you’ll be all right, Your Highness?”


“If you put it that way, everyone will think I was chosen for this task because I can change his mind by whispering sweet words to him in bed or because I excel in slitting the enemy’s throats.”




“Lord Louerg, just because I’ve received a lot of care from the Imperial Family doesn’t mean I grew up like a delicate flower in a greenhouse.”


“I understand, Your Highness… I may have crossed a line.”


“If you keep saying that, I’ll be the only one feeling sorry. Anyway, go meet your wife waiting over there. I must say, bringing your wife to what could be called a battlefield, you’re quite the man, even with Brutein’s blood flowing through you.”


“I brought her because I thought the safest place for her was by my side.”


“I see. I apologize if I overstepped.”


Princess Elizabeth unfurled the fan in her hand to hide her amused smile.


“Although I’d like to wish you a good night, we both know tonight will be anything but peaceful.”


“I have no doubt it will be chaotic, Your Highness.”


“Then, let’s meet again tomorrow, Lord Louerg.”


“I understand, Your Highness.”


Ferzen bid his formal farewell to Princess Elizabeth and then made his way toward Yuriel, who was waiting for him.


“Let’s go.”


“Of course.”


The two, who seemed somewhat awkward as a newlywed couple, headed toward the direction where they had entered the building and climbed into their carriage.


Meanwhile, Roer, who had been observing the scene, turned away silently.


 Princess Elizabeth, watched Roer depart, sighed, and walked in the opposite direction.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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