The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 160

Ash Chasing Butterfly

༺  Ash Chasing Butterfly 



The female doctor whom Ferzen had brought along on this journey, walked with slight dissatisfaction simmering in her heart as she made her way to her employer, who had summoned her so early in the morning.


……Didn’t he know that a woman never wants to meet anyone without even having the chance to wash herself properly?


What eased her minor grievances was the substantial amount of money that came to her periodically.


There was no doubt that by the time her contract with him ended, she would have enough funds to establish a clinic in the capital.


“Is this the place?”


“It is.” 


She stood in front of a room that the maid had led her to.


To the best of her knowledge, the room before her should have been empty.


However, since it was unlikely that the maid, who merely followed orders, would deceive her, the female doctor knocked on the door and entered.




However, as soon as she entered the room and closed the door behind her, the doctor flinched at the fishy smell that was seeping into her nose.


She was someone who was not inexperienced with men, so naturally, she recognized the smell that had filled the room.


When she naturally turned her gaze to the bed……




Her instinct instantly urged her to leave the room immediately.




After all, what she saw was the sight of the Young Lady of Rosenberg lying down with her legs spread wide open. Her pure white legs trembling and from her precious jewel, the seed of the man was dripping down.


Not only that but both her hips and thighs were marked by handprints.


Moreover, the fingers on both of her hands also seemed to be bent at the wrong angle.


“I,I,I,I…… I did not see anything.”


Closing her eyes tightly and turning her body around, the female doctor barely uttered a sentence out of her trembling mouth.


The dark side of the nobles was a weakness to someone in an equal position.


Meanwhile, it became a strong leash for those of lower standing.


The man in front of her, Ferzen, was not a simple noble.


What was hidden behind the façade of Louerg was the direct descendant of Brutein.


This meant that the only way for her to be free from the leash was death.


If she didn’t want that outcome, then, she would have to be subordinated to him forever.


“The reason I called you here for, let’s stick to that.”




Ferzen’s voice sent a chill, all over her body.


Eventually turning around, the female doctor took trembling steps forward and moved closer to Laura.


‘Just what……’


Observing the body that was right in front of her, she could see the traces of his rough manhood vividly.


Just how wildly did he covet her tender body?


“Excuse me…… Miss……”


Opening her thighs a little more to examine her womanhood, her swollen pubic area caught her eyes.


Her inner flesh seemed to be a bit torn as well, and perhaps it was due to that, that her legs trembled whenever the flowing semen touched it.


“I-I think…… She needs a bath first.”


“Then do so.”


Putting the items that she had brought with her, as well as the bag down on the floor, the doctor supported Laura carefully and walked towards the bathroom. Once they were inside, she quickly poured some cold water into a basket.


“Would you like to squat down on this……?”


After hesitating for a long time, the Young Lady of Rosenberg grabbed her shoulders and hesitantly lowered her waist.


Carefully washing her slit with cold water, she pushed her finger inside her and began to scrape the sticky semen out of her.


“Heu, heuk……!”


“Even if it hurts…… Please endure it.”


Just how much semen had he poured into this delicate body?


Every time she scraped the semen that clung to her soft flesh out, it floated in the basket that was filled with cold water.


“Are you perhaps…… In your unsafe days?”


She felt sorry for her, but there wasn’t much she could do on her part.


All she could do was prescribe her some medication to prevent her from having Ferzen’s child.


“I-I’m…… Not.”


“Thank god……”


How heartbreaking would it be for her if she had to bear the child of a man she did not love. On top of that, not from consensual sex but from rape.


At least the fact that she was safe made her a little relieved.


“But just in case…… I’ll still prescribe some medicine for you. Don’t worry, I’ll speak differently to the Count.”




From the doctor’s point of view, she saw it as Ferzen raping Laura using his authority.


And Ferzen deliberately did not try to clear up the misunderstanding.


After all, If he cleared up that misunderstanding, he would also need to tell her that Laura was someone who has descended from the lineage of the extinct Genova.

Of course, that was by no means, acceptable.


After all, Ferzen’s reasoning for doing that was to build up more sense of debt in Laura’s heart and tighten the leash that tied her to him even more.


……After washing Laura with all her heart in the bathroom, both of them came out and the doctor sat her on the bed before she began to treat her wounds as best as she could.


Then, when she discovered the wounds on her tongue, she pitied her even more. Thinking that she had even attempted to kill herself while being raped by Ferzen.


“It’s over…… The medicine will last for a week, so she should take it in the morning and evening. This medicine is supposed to relieve pain, so she can take the described dosage sometime later.”


“Good job.”


“My lord.”


“What is the matter?”


“The lifetime contract…… Can I do it later?”


“It’s good that you’re quick-witted.”


“Then…… I will leave now.”






When the door to the room was closed, Ferzen pulled out a chair and sat down in front of Laura, who was sitting on her bed.


“You seem to have a lot of questions.”




“If you don’t want to ask, let me tell you.”


With a relaxed tone, Ferzen told her what had happened between them from the night to dawn in detail.


And while listening to his words, Laura unknowingly flinched and started to avert her gaze.


Even if she tried to kill someone using a different method, just why did she opt for a coition death……


It’s not like it was a method that was without flaws.


Of course, even Laura herself didn’t know how her curse would be affected by her subconscious.


After all, she and all of her family in her previous life longed for the satisfaction of their desires.


They just felt joy in the process of simply killing someone. She could not find any other person who felt a different kind of joy just like her current self.


In the first place, even though the history of the Genova was not short, there were no documents about this curse.


After all, who would leave clear proof of your family’s most well-guarded secret? 


So Laura couldn’t help but feel more intimidated in front of Ferzen.


She at first thought that he had raped her, seeing her injured tongue and broken middle fingers as nothing but something that he had manipulated.


However, if he simply couldn’t reign in his lust, haven’t there been many opportunities to do that until now?


Rather, in a situation where he was seen as a rapist by the doctor, he still maintained her secret. That made her feel indebted to him.


“Looks like you have nothing to say.”




Ferzen said so in a weary tone and rose from the chair.


Unwilling to let him leave just like that, Laura reached out and grabbed the hem of his clothes.


“I-I’m…… S-sorry……”


If she ended up having his child, It wouldn’t do her any good to have a child of her own.


Laura ducked her head, feeling like she’d scared him.


“When you are finally able to do so, go to your room. At that time, the maids will clean this room.”






Ferzen bent down and put his mouth near her ear.


“…… Masturbation is not something to be ashamed of, so don’t be shy about it.”






He closed the door and left, leaving her alone.


Did he think that the reason her curse manifested in a different way than before was because she was sexually frustrated?


About masturbating……


‘I have been……’


Doing it rather too much.




She never thought she would have her first experience with a man, which she had not done in her previous life, would be like this.


Laura just tossed and turned her body, immersed in a dull and confused mood.


* * * * *




Euphemia, who had been in a deep sleep, turned her head at the sudden creaking of the bed.


The first thing she saw was Ferzen lying beside her, his tired face buried in the blanket like a child.


She wanted to tell him that he had worked hard, but Ferzen seemed he was too exhausted to respond. So, Euphemia simply turned to face him and embraced his sturdy body tightly.


His hair was slightly damp and dry.


Today, the heavy scent of perfume that clung to his body felt a bit unusual, but Euphemia ran her fingers gently over Ferzen’s back.


In response, Ferzen said nothing and returned Euphemia’s embrace. Soon, he began to release slow, even breaths.


However, Euphemia noticed that his breathing near her collarbone was clearly irregular…


“My breasts…… It’s okay if you want to touch them……”


She said it in a low voice before leading his hand towards her large breasts.


“If you squeeze too hard…… Milk will come out…… So, you need to be gentle……”


She wondered whether it was okay to say that kind of thing with a motherly tone.


On the other hand, Ferzen obediently put his hand inside the hem of her dress and gently massaged her voluptuous breasts.


The touch didn’t fuel his lust but rather slowly dragged his consciousness down.


…… After a while, Ferzen’s hand that was massaging her breast completely stopped.


Euphemia observed how Ferzen’s breathing near her collarbone had become steady, and she smiled softly before planting a gentle kiss on his lips.


She recalled that, in the past, he would wake up at the slightest of disturbances.


The fact that he no longer did so meant that her arms had indeed become a warm and comforting refuge for him.


As this thought crossed her mind, Euphemia instantly felt a sense of contentment wash over her.


* * * * *


As time continued to flow swiftly, Ferzen found himself somewhat relieved from the fatigue that had accumulated from controlling Laura’s curse.


After a full day had passed, he headed to the Ernes Empire’s base in the Roverium Kingdom, accompanied by Yuriel, who could barely walk.




However, in what could hardly be called a mere coincidence, he collided with someone who hurriedly emerged from an alleyway.


To his surprise, the man made a quick getaway without offering any apology.


Yuriel, standing beside him, expressed her disbelief.


 “Isn’t that a typical pickpocket tactic? Why aren’t the knights doing anything……?”




“E-uh… Yes?”


“You should proceed ahead.”




When he reached into his pocket, Ferzen felt a finely folded piece of paper.


The reason the knights hadn’t pursued the man was probably that they had observed he was delivering something rather than engaging in theft, given their excellent perception.


“Proceed ahead?”


“Yes. I might arrive quite late for the meeting. Please speak to His Highness the Prince on my behalf.”


She felt a touch of suspicion, but Yuriel nodded without further comment and moved forward, with the knights accompanying her.


As Yuriel faded from his view, Ferzen quietly extracted the piece of paper from his pocket and unfolded it.


Inside, neatly written, was the address of a specific building.


Just who in the world was waiting for him there… Ferzen was momentarily puzzled, but since no names came to mind, he took a deliberate step toward the address.


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