The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 17

Professor Ferzen (1)

༺ Professor Ferzen (1) ༻


  As Euphemia woke up, she slowly stretched her tired body.


  “…… ”


  No matter what happens, this man always embraces her body when he sleeps.


  But now, Euphemia didn’t have it in her to resist his touch.


  Rather than accepting him, she simply adapted to it.




  Euphemia looked out of the windows, sighing in self-pity.


  The sky was dark as a tempest looms on the horizon.


  And thanks to the dark sky, she could clearly see her own reflection in the mirror.


  And what greeted her was the image of a pathetic and shabby woman, like a bird trapped in a cage with its wings cut off.


  She didn’t want to confront that image of herself again, so Euphemia closed her eyes.


  Then, as her eyes closed, she began to feel lethargic, but she didn’t fall asleep.


  Because at that moment, the memories of the last night surfaced in her mind.


  ‘… …’


  It was something that she personally didn’t want to remember.


  It was like seeing your own self being stripped of everything you held dear and then condemned to a life of slavery at the behest of some noble lord.


  No, in this case, it would be better to be a slave.


  Because last night she felt like a…. sow.




  Rather than a slave… she was more like a whore.


  Yes… that was exactly her situation.


  “Ah… … ”


  As Euphemia’s heart resembled the dark sky, Ferzen opened his eyes, stretched his large hands, and brought her closer to him.


  “Get…. away…. from me….!”


  Euphemia quickly became annoyed as her face was buried in his strong chest, so she whined and tried to push Ferzen away.


  But he stood still like a mountain.


  As if to warn her against this useless struggle, Ferzen lowered his face and bit gently into her neck.

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  “Ah~ !”


  Like a mother who holds her puppies by the neck to prevent them from running. His act was similar to that, but Euphemia felt her body stiffen.


  “No…… ”


  After she calmed down a little, Ferzen raised his head and tried to kiss her lips, causing Euphemia to quickly turn her face away from him.


 One might wonder about Euphemia’s actions since they have already concluded their wedding proceedings. However, in retrospect, they’ve never kissed until now.


  However silly it was, Euphemia wanted to preserve her last bit of innocence.




  However, Ferzen was determined as he reached for her once more and forced her to look at him despite her resistance.


“No… !”


  Panicking, Euphemia hastily closed her mouth as his lips closed on hers, trying her hardest to block his tongue, but…..


  “Hm !”


  Ferzen then assaulted Euphemia’s unprotected navel, crushing her resistance.


  His tongue intruded into her mouth as Ferzen violated every nook and cranny of hers.




  In response to this, Euphemia instinctively bit Ferzen’s tongue.


  “…… ”


  She could see the frown forming on the owner of those red eyes that seemed to stare at her soul.


  “Ahhhhh… … ”


  And when she looked at those eyes… Euphemia lost her breath.




  Ferzen then quickly lowered her head and started kissing her in a rough manner.

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  She couldn’t resist him anymore…. But it seems Ferzen hasn’t forgiven her yet.


  “U-Umm… … … … ”


  And if Euphemia learned something from her time spent with Ferzen is that he never fails to deliver his ‘Punishment’.


  Therefore, she implored him the best she could.


  However, Ferzen wasn’t interested in her pleas as he bit her tongue.




  Surprised by the searing pain, Euphemia cried and tried to push Ferzen with her hands.


  “Ah-Ahhhh…… Hn…… Hnghh! Ugh!”


  Holding her hands, Ferzen then kissed her very tenderly and gently.


  Not a hungry and angry kiss like before, but a simple and lovely one where they could taste each other’s blood.


  “Hngh! Ah……! Hnghh……!”


  After they shared this long and passionate kiss, Euphemia covered her face with both hands and burst into tears.


  Ferzen reached his hand in an attempt to comfort Euphemia, but….


  Euphemia had curled up, completely refusing his touch.


  “I-I… really don’t…. I can’t understand you…….”


  At Euphemia’s crying words, Ferzen got up from the bed and strained his clothes.


  “Euphemia, you seem to misunderstand something. I never asked you to understand me…. and you’ll never be able to.”

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  “…… ”


  “Is this why you keep resisting me?…. Truly Euphemia? You should have already learned by now that resisting me was never an option.”


  Having said his piece, Ferzen calmly opened the door and walked out of the room.


  She is finally alone.


  Ah…. I want to cry again, but there are no more tears remaining.


Drip, Drip.


  It seems rain finally began to pour down.




  It was such an intense downpour that it didn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon.


* * * * * 


  After taking a bath and changing clothes, I skipped my breakfast and headed directly for the Academy.


  Euphemia will also need some time in order to calm down.


  So I thought it would be for the best if I prepared my teaching plan in my assigned office in the main building of the Academy.




  As I watched the droplets of water dripping down the window, my carriage arrived at the Academy.


  After seeing that the carriage was parked perfectly, I opened my umbrella and headed towards the main building of the Academy.


   ‘I think it’s on the 4th floor….’


  Recalling the faint memories of the debrief, I folded my umbrella and went towards the fourth floor.



「403──Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg」



  When I opened the door with the designated nameplate, I encountered a rather monotonous office.


  The office was very minimalistic in its decoration, and in case of any renovation, it would be carried out at your own expense.


  But I rather liked this simplistic office.


  Because the simpler an ambient is, the lesser the chances of something triggering my OCD.


  “…… ”


  Just as I was about to head inside, I turned my head, curious to see who the office next to mine belonged to.



「404──Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred」



  “Hmm… … ”


  I wonder if this arrangement was made on purpose, but it doesn’t matter.


  Yes, it doesn’t matter at all….


  ‘404.. …’


  This is quite tempting.


  403 is not a bad number. However, 404 is just something that brings me more comfort.




  When I opened the door, there was a red carpet, some water bottles, and a couple of flowers by the desk.


  It seems that Yuriel stopped by yesterday and left some of her things here in advance.


  ‘But I don’t think it would be difficult to move those things….’


  In fact, from the moment I thought about this, I’ve already made up my mind.


  So, after switching mine and Yuriel’s nameplates, I moved all of her objects and possessions and placed them just like they were in the other room.


* * * * *


  “Heh heh… … ”


  Yuriel entered the main building while manipulating the air current around her so that no raindrops came in contact with her clothes.






  However, contrary to her expectations, Ferzen was calmly sitting in her office while scribbling on some papers, and Yuriel’s mind went blank.


  “Ehhh, excuse me?”


  “It appears to me you don’t even have the decorum to knock.”


  “……And why should I knock on my office?”


  “Hah, you’re not capable of even reading the nameplates hanging on the door….”


  Come to think of it, if this was her office, where’s my stuff?


  Taking a brief look outside, Yuriel checked the nameplate on the door.



「404──Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg」




  Although she can’t remember if her room was 403 or 404, Yuriel clearly remembered entering this room and leaving some of her items here yesterday.


  “If you don’t have anything more to say, then leave me be.”

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  “…… ”


  Yuriel didn’t even consider the possibility of Ferzen being the one who changed the nameplates and moved her stuff to the other room.


  Because such a thing was impossible.




  Therefore, this could be viewed as the act of a third party intentionally creating conflicts between Alfred and Brutein.




  Alfred and Brutein already have a bad relationship, so trying to create more conflicts would not matter at all.


  ‘So someone who is after me personally did it?’


  Among her professor colleagues, there is no one who would fit this description.


  So it was difficult to narrow down the likely suspect.


  And she knew it couldn’t be Ferzen because he went home without even coming to his office yesterday.


  “Yuriel, are you planning on staying there the whole day?”


  “ Ah Ah, I’m leaving now, so stop nagging me.”


  “…… ”


  After hearing her mild reply, Ferzen frowned for a second as Yuriel quickly turned around and went into the hallway.


  I didn’t lock my door yesterday because there was nothing important in there, but from today on, no one is going to enter my office without my permission……


* * * * *


  Somehow, Yuriel seemed to have been fooled, so I shifted my attention back to my papers.


  The entire academy period is three years from admission up to graduation, and the curriculum is roughly similar to that of a modern university in the sense that it is divided into 2 semesters every year.


  ‘I have limits to what I can teach regarding theoretical aspects of black magic…. so I need to choose a direction for my classes and, if possible, incorporate my real-life experiences into the curriculum.’


  As I became engrossed with my planning, time passed quickly, and I stayed in my office until the afternoon.


* * * * *


  The calendar of this world was the same as Earth, so February, the month containing only 28 days, ended quickly, as the month of March dawned upon me.


  “Stop touching me….”


  Besides the period when Euphemia menstruated, I constantly bathed her womb with my seed.

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  It’s a little regretful that today is already March 3rd.


  So before going to work, I spent my time stoking Euphemia’s navel.


  “I’ve placed an order for foods that should help with conception. The maids should inform you of the change in your diet. Make sure you eat all of it.”


  “Hah… as if your noble seed would like to create a new life in my lowly womb. I wouldn’t expect good news if I were you.”


  “…… ”


  Upon hearing Euphemia’s words, I reflected on our shared nights.


  I grabbed her waist as she tried to scamper away and kept refuting with her loose tongue, and after I filled her womb with my seeds for three to four times, I lay down limp on the bed and trembled slightly as I had no strength left in my waist.   


  If even after all that, she didn’t get pregnant, I may indeed have a rather serious problem.


  That author wouldn’t be such a bastard at the point of adding a secret infertile setting on Ferzen’s character…..






  “I’ll be back soon. And if you are feeling bored, then think of the names your child will have. If you don’t have enough imagination for that, then try to solve those problems I gave to you earlier. With each problem solved, I shall grant you one wish. However, you will not be returning to Louerg, nor will we be stopping our nightly activities.”


  “…… ”


  “Ah… this reminds me, we received a detailed report on Louerg’s development, so give it a read if you’re curious.”


  I could see a small smile forming on Euphemia’s face as she hurriedly took the letter from my hands.


  “Then I shall be back for dinner.”




  She didn’t even look at me…. but I didn’t have the heart to criticize her when she was so focused on that letter.


  March 3rd.


  Today is finally the date of the ‘Entrance Ceremony’ at the Academy.


  And after making sure my appearance was nothing less than perfect, I got on the carriage and set off for the academy.




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PS: before you guys get mad (git gud bozo) I didn’t changed anything related to the authors writing style i only made minor changes in the way the POV changes from character to character so that the reading is something more pleasant for all of you since this ‘fluid pov’ thingy works well on Korean but is a goddamn nightmare in English.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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When I read the development of the Heroine getting NTR’d, I left a malicious comment……   But then I woke up, having become the Villain who robbed the Heroine.      


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