The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 190

Birds Of a Feather Flock Together (2)

༺  Birds Of a Feather Flock Together (2)










Ferzen, who was sitting on a chair, slowly rose at the noise emitted by Laura, who had become nothing more than a beast who had lost its mind as he closed the window.


He wasn’t particularly fond of his own appearance, disheveled and drunk, but he stowed all his annoyance deep within.




He then approached Laura, step by step, and upon reaching her, Ferzen extended his hand to untie the gag and the rope tied around her waist.


At least for tonight, they were not meant to restrain her.


It was a type of kindness, a gesture to let her behave freely without any constraints.


Ferzen after all, was only human, so how could he possibly endure his recent stress without finding something to vent it out on? 


As such, there couldn’t be a better person to vent his twisted and ugly self than the current Laura. 


“What are you waiting for?”




“Don’t pretend to be reasonable, when you’re just a beast. Charles.”


He looked down at her with indifferent eyes as he said the name Charles, not Laura.


Then she, who was fumbling with her ball gag and her untied waist, swiftly reached out her slender hand and unzipped his trousers, just as Ferzen wanted.




Afterward, she stripped off his underwear, exposed his flaccid member, and began to laugh, mocking him as she played with the member in her hands. 


Like a lioness playing with its unworthy prey.






Despite his pubic hair touching her cheek, Laura lowered her head and swallowed the flaccid member.


There was not a single shred of dignity and elegance of the daughter of Rosenberg in such a beast.


The only thing that this vulgar and lewd woman’s figure reminded of was nothing more than prostitutes who frequented brothels.




Soon, his shaft slowly swelled up in her mouth and started to escape its confines, annoying Laura.


Although it was something natural, she didn’t like it.


Like a lioness pressing down on its prey with her paws, Laura pursed her lips.


Her red lipstick left a distinct mark on Ferzen’s rod.


However, as his length continued to swell up in size and slipped out of her lips, Laura then attempted to push the penis deep down her throat.


“Gag… Eukk…!”


Truly a remarkable sight as Ferzen’s shaft was completely swallowed by her, as her throat coiled around it like a snake crushing its prey.


Normally, this wouldn’t be possible, as the body would naturally reject such an act, but the curse of the full moon robbed her body of even this reaction.


Like a snake who sought to crush and swallow its prey whole, Laura continued her ministrations, hunting for his seed.


Her hands reached down and grabbed his testicles, gently stroking them with her slender fingers.


It was like a succubus had materialized in this place.


Otherwise, how could a fair maiden turn into such a vulgar woman?


But Ferzen did not indulge in Laura’s throat as it was, he roughly grabbed her snow-white hair.




He moved her head back and forth, smearing his length with the saliva that filled her mouth.


Neither Laura nor Ferzen had any consideration for each other.


His touch and actions were more akin to a person handling an object rather than dealing with a person.




When he felt that it was enough, Ferzen yanked her head back and pulled out his shaft that was deeply inserted into her throat in a swift motion.


There, his grotesquely and massively erect rod that would make a virgin woman cry in horror was exposed.


Alongside his length, marks of her red lipstick and her sticky saliva coated the hideous member.


The markings on his member were unmistakably feminine, but its twitching and throbbing figure revealed its true nature.


Laura, who had recovered from her coughing fit, now glanced at his cock with a sullen look, however……




She once again brought her face closer to his throbbing member with a look of utter ecstasy on her face.




Her own spit smeared her face, but the single thought of draining him of his essence filled her body with immense pleasure.




But before Laura could cling on to his penis again, Ferzen turned her body over, laid her on the bed, and pulled up the helm of her silky white nightgown..




As expected, she fiercely resisted, showing signs of self-harm as she writhed.


In response, Ferzen quickly pulled down her black panties that contrasted with her snow-white skin and roughly shoved his member into her wetness.




……As brutal as the insertion was, her already damp folds welcomed his length right into her cervix in an instant.


Lifting her hips a little, her snow-white bottom clashed against his pubic bone, making it clear that his entire length was now inside of her.


Her narrow folds tightened and coiled around his member.






But without time to enjoy this sensation, Ferzen used the weight of his robust body to press down on Laura beneath him and started to fuck her.


As his grotesque member entered and exited her small slit, her frail body shook painfully, but he didn’t show any hint of consideration, as his purpose of this vulgar mating was merely to release his sexual desire mixed with his accumulated stress. 


On the other hand, Laura did not show any reaction as her eyes narrowed slightly.


It was as if the prey in front of her had voluntarily entered her mouth.


And the foolish prey was even helping her chew its body!


Such an experience was a first for her, and while there was a bit of confusion, she did not resist as it did not seem particularly bad.


Rather, her twisted desires were further stimulated as Ferzen continued to brutally violate her body.




As soon as her prey, who had been diligently rubbing his member inside her, showed signs of ejaculation, Laura who had been panting in pleasure, deeply pressed her buttocks against him.




Then, hot and sticky semen surged in from the tip of the penis of her prey, bathing her womb.


Some of his seeds flowed out of her, dripping onto the bed sheet.


The vulgar smell of the two beasts mating erased the high-quality perfume of Ferzen and the body odor of Laura.


At the same time as he bent his head at her bedside, letting out a sigh of exhaustion, Laura, thinking that he was now exhausted, tried to lift her body……




Ferzen grabbed her neck and pressed her down on the bed, as his length invaded her warmth once more.


The beast simply chose to lay there, under her prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.


……After finishing the second, third, and fourth ejaculations, Ferzen retreated, and only then could Laura lift her body.




Her once snow-white bottom was now red from the abuse, and her gaping slit continued to spill his seed.




Laura, who pushed her finger into her own slit, began to scrape out the semen that the prey in front had scattered inside her.


She had to empty her insides to take the man in front of her again, hadn’t she?




However, Laura, who had finished cleaning her womanhood, hesitated in place, looking at Ferzen’s penis which was still throbbing fiercely although its energy had cooled down a bit.


If the prey in front of her wished to exhaust itself, to the point of self-harm, was there even a need for her to bother with it? 


So, she simply relaxed her body and shamelessly spread her legs.


Then, as if inviting Ferzen once more, she spread her pink labia from side to side.


Thus, the remaining semen within her flowed out, covering her twitching and cute anus.


Ferzen couldn’t help but laugh at this.


……What kind of situation was he being brought back into?


But tonight, at this moment, when did he ever feel the need to be rational? 


If he had, then he wouldn’t have indulged in such a strong wine before.


“Alright…… Wherever you want, I’ll play along with you as much as you want……”


His large hand grabbed Laura’s thin legs, pulled them forward, and inserted his throbbing monster right into her.


Then, unlike when he was doing it from behind, in the current position, the shape of the monster tearing through her narrow vagina was clearly expressed in her lower abdomen.


Even if she was out of her senses and only instincts remained, how could she not feel curiosity at the strange sight that her body was showing for the first time?


Laura stretched out her hands and touched her bulging stomach.


However, she quickly lost interest in it the moment the man started violently penetrating her tiny slit and abusing her cervix, so she removed her hand and looked at Ferzen in front of her.


Her scarlet pupils were reminiscent of a predator’s gaze, waiting for its prey to tire.


Yes, she was waiting for Ferzen to tire to the point of not being able to move himself––the moment he would be at his weakest.


Because when that time comes, she would have no choice but to take the initiative.




And Ferzen, deciphering the intention in Laura’s gaze, let out a faint laugh.


This was surely his most vile and vulnerable moment, helplessly shaking his hips, hanging onto a woman who had lost her sanity, unable to think properly, spewing out vile emotions.


“Your hunting skills… are very clumsy… Charles.”


As Ferzen, who was stroking her cheek softly, lowered his head, his lips met her thin, pale neck.


However, Laura showed a vehement refusal toward that act, roughly pushing Ferzen’s head away.


The neck is one of the vital parts of a human. So, resisting instinctively when lips, hiding what could be called a primitive weapon, teeth, approached such a place, is natural.


But isn’t it funny?


His rod, deeply embedded in her extremely narrow vagina––should certainly be one of the vital points to be protected.


“Really… you’re an incorrigible beast.”


Ferzen, forcibly swallowing a chuckle that was about to slip out, moved his hips.




The noise of the bed, which hadn’t ceased since the moon had risen, echoed once again.




It synchronized with the ticking of the flowing clock, signifying the deepening of the peculiar night of the beasts.





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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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