The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 197

Laura De Charles Rosenberg (3)

༺  Laura De Charles Rosenberg  (3)



Laura De Charles Rosenberg



There’s something about the word “last” that can invoke certain emotions in people.


In fact, when Laura heard that today would be the ‘last’ night Ferzen would be here, she felt a strong desire to leave her room and be with him.




However, the one who would be by his side today was not her, but Yuriel.


Laura tugged at the poor rabbit’s ears as she vented some of her frustrations.


‘……I should go out.’


Feeling suffocated inside her room, Laura held the rabbit doll in her arms as opened the door.


However, not long after she had walked into the hallway, she saw Yuriel leaving the dressing room alone.


If she was in the dressing room without her maids, then that meant……




Shaking her head, Laura opened the door of the dressing room while dealing with the sudden surge of jealousy.


Entering the room, she opened another door, and there she saw Yuriel’s sleepwear.


Looking around it, it was clear that someone had been there.




The sun was still up.


Yet, Yuriel was already preparing for the night.




Reaching out, Laura picked up a bra so large that its size seemed absurd.


And the panties lying around would slip right off her if she wore them.


To make matters worse, she found a particular piece with a hole in the middle, wide enough for her to stick several fingers through it.


Clearly, this article was made with the intention of accepting a man’s member without having the need to take it off.


Not only that, but the other clothes lying around were clearly just as vulgar.


Even seasoned prostitutes would blush in shame if they were to use them.




Laura now understood why Ferzen had placed Yuriel in the rear.


If such a lewd woman were to fight in the front, wouldn’t the enemy enter a frenzied state at the thought of being able to make her their prize?


Perhaps it was for the best if she had been born into the Alfred family.


Had she not, she wouldn’t have been able to conceal her vulgar self without the help of aristocratic clothing.




But no matter how much she internally cursed Yuriel.


Laura could only feel a sense of defeat, so she left the dressing room and walked down the hallway.




Suddenly, she stopped in front of Ferzen’s office.


Without stopping to think about her actions, she knocked on the door and entered.


However, the fact she had knocked became irrelevant as there was no one inside it, so she simply looked around the office before closing the door behind her.






Sitting down on a large chair in front of the desk, Ferzen’s lingering scent brushed against her nose.

On the table, she could see some documents that still required his attention, a fountain pen and the seal of the Louerg Family.


The fountain pen had a slight discoloration, the exact area where one would hold it.


As she fiddled with the pen, a strange and lewd thought bloomed in her mind, so she lifted the hem of her skirt, and……




She rubbed the rounded tip of the pen over her silky white panties.


This pen was certainly his favorite, as it had his name engraved on it.


And the fact she was using this object to satisfy her lust, gave her an unmistakable thrill.


At the same time, she was also satisfying the twisted desire to mark and leave traces of her on such a preferred item.




In just five minutes, her womanhood had become soaked, emitting a distinct alluring scent, drenching her panties.


It didn’t take long for Laura to push her panties aside and insert the pen into her smooth slit.


Although she did hesitate for a moment, it was only a passing thought.




The pen easily penetrated her wet insides, as it twitched, following the movements of her hungry folds.


The sight of a whole pen being slowed whole, with only its tip sticking out was downright ridiculous.


Although plagued with a slight sense of guilt, Laura grabbed the tip of the pen between her fingers and slowly used it to stroke her insides.




His fingers should have been around this thick.


Her meaty folds greedily licked each inch of the fountain pen, searching for any trace of Ferzen on it.






When her shame was lost to her pleasure, Laura straddled both legs on the armrest and pushed the pen even deeper.


As she continued to do so, the liquid dripping from her womanhood flowed down the body of the pen onto the chair, creating a rather large stain.






Her lower abdomen clenched as a wave of pleasure coursed through her body.


Laura, who was just about to climax, lifted herself one last time with her trembling legs and plunged the pen as deep and as hard as she could.






But at that same moment, the door knob was turned. Startled, Laura lowered her legs that had been hanging on the armrest of the chair.




Ferzen, who had just entered the room, froze in place, wondering what he had just witnessed.


No matter how quickly Laura had reacted, she was still too slow.


There was simply not enough time to hide the scene of her vulgar masturbation with his pen.




Ferzen then slammed the door behind him and straightened his tie in an attempt to buy time to process this sight.


It’s a known fact that babies tend to put objects into their mouths as an attempt to learn about the world.


So, could a woman do the same when masturbating with the object of the man she loves……


Who knows?


Rather than trying to comfort Laura, Ferzen kept a neutral expression as he walked towards her.


Then, Laura, who had been sitting on his chair, stood up and moved to the side, her face redder than a tomato.




As the distance between them narrowed, the distinct scent of a woman intensified.


The stain on his chair was clear proof of what had happened.






An awkward silence ensued.


Because it was hard to ask even a simple question – ‘Why was she here?’.


Ferzen then reached out his hand, and picked the Seal of Louerg, which was his original objective,


In an attempt to be considerate of Laura, he had kept his gaze down……


Drip, Drop-.


Instead, his eyes were drawn to the liquid that continued to trickle between her legs.




Noticing his lingering gaze, Laura took a step back trying to make a meaningless excuse.




But at that moment, the fountain pen that had been deeply struck inside her fell on the floor.






On the floor, the fountain pen glistened, soaked with her fluids.


Should he pick it up or leave it alone……


As Ferzen was perplexed by such a dilemma, Laura sobbed like a child.




Isabel, no, Laura, was a woman without tears.


Even when plagued by the curse of the full moon, unable to escape its despairing darkness.


Even when she killed all of her family to break the chain of curses.


She did not cry.


With this fact, there’s no need to elaborate on how strong such a woman was.




No woman would be able to endure this shame, as she broke into tears.


She had shown the man she loved that she had masturbated to him, with his favorite thing…….


The simple fact she didn’t bite her own tongue in order to escape this shame was a testament to how strong her will was.


“I’m….I….I’m…Sob….I….Sob…Sniffle! S-So-Sorry….Waaa….!” 


Even her apology was muffled by her pitiful sobs.


Her stuttering worsened to the point of being almost impossible to comprehend.


“There’s nothing to apologize for……You didn’t do anything wrong, Laura.” 


Reaching the conclusion that it would be simply impossible to pass over this incident, Ferzen picked up his pen and placed it on the desk, as he took a handkerchief to wipe her tears.


Perhaps because of her albinism.


The puffiness beneath her crimson eyes and the overall reddened face made her look like a rabbit.






After her sobbing had subsided, the hiccups followed, and Laura, weakly nodding her head, responded to his call.


“I’m not a clueless man, but in cases like this, I honestly don’t know how to handle this.” 




“Do you……Wish for me to forget this ever happened and leave the room?” 


If not,


“Do you wish me to stay by your side as a man from now on?” 




“You don’t have to answer. I’ll assume your silence as the answer to the former.” 


While still suffering from the hiccups, Laura flinched at Ferzen’s words, showing her hesitation.




In the end, she chose silence.


But even if her mouth was silent……




Her slender hands held onto Ferzen’s collar, desperately wanting for him to stay by her side.


Not as an Academy Professor, not as the Second Son of the Brutein, and not as the Count of Louerg……




She simply wished for him to be, 


A man who would treat her as his woman.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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