The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 202

War (2)

༺  War (2)  




For something that would only be there temporarily, the platform was built in a rather neat and careful manner.


As Ferzen entered the tent that acted as a command center next to the platform, he could see the Second Prince preparing for the speech with the help of Princess Elizabeth.


Being blessed by the God of Wisdom meant that Princess Elizabeth, albeit limited, could foretell what the future had in store for them. 


Since it would undoubtedly become a great strength for them, there was no reason to not use her ability before such a great war.




As soon as their eyes met, Princess Elizabeth naturally smiled and greeted him with her glance.


The relationship between them was neither distant nor close and was really difficult to put into words. So Ferzen could only return her greeting with his glance before he walked towards the Second Prince—Raymond.


“Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg has arrived, Your Highness.”


“Ah…… Have you come, Count?”


The Second Prince, who was reading the speech with all of his attention, smiled brightly and greeted Fersen.


“There is still time left before we go up to the podium. Take a rest for a while.”


“I understand.”


Ferzen lowered his head as he answered. Then, he walked away and sat down on a chair in the tent to catch his breath.




And then, a man walked in front of him before sitting down next to him.


To be exact, it was a very familiar old man─Corleone Wayne Barretta Alfred.






He laughed inexplicably as he glanced at Ferzen while his outstretched hands were holding a cane in front of him.


“Do you find it hard to believe that I am here?”


“I’d be lying if I said it’s not the case…… Sir.”


Not long ago, he had resolved not to let personal feelings cloud his judgment before the war, hence, even as it turned his stomach, Ferzen maintained his decorum, addressing Corleone with honorifics.


“Is there any need for you to forcefully consume your remaining life like this?”


Of course, even if he used honorifics to address him, there was nothing he could do about the thorns in his words.


“Participating in a war even though you are the current head of Alfred’s family. You are really thinking about your family’s future, aren’t you?”


“Do you think so?”






“Please refrain from calling me by my name.”


“Count Louerg.”




“Are you aware?”


“Of what?”


“If our Empire had faced more wars… Alfred might have been as honored as Brutein is today.”


“Must you project your bitter inferiority before we march to war?”


Corleone laughed off Ferzen’s cutting critique and shifted his cane.


“Politics is war without blood, while war is politics with blood.”




“There’s no room for nobility on the battlefield.”


It was a stage for humanity’s vilest and basest nature to be laid bare.


Could there be a better theater for Alfred’s methods to thrive?


“Brutein may boost our allies’ morale and intimidate our enemies… But you cannot instill terror.”




“Count. You’ll witness how the malice of a man on the world’s most depraved throne, which Brutein has always scorned, dictates war.”


If victory came, praise would shower upon Brutein.


Yet, the tangible gains would fall to Alfred.




Corleone rose after speaking and patted the stooped back of Ferzen.


“By the way… Before I came here, I researched your collateral line.”




“Should you fall in battle and Yuriel fails to carry on your lineage… The headship of Louerg will transition to one from the list I’ve compiled.”


“Is that so?”


Corleone glanced at Ferzen, who was reacting calmly, and smiled bitterly.


Since it was too late for Ferzen to react like that now, he could not help but think that he really had a strong pride.


“Then, I’ll excuse myself.”




Walking away with his cane, Corleone gradually disappeared from Ferzen’s sight.


When he finally left the tent, Ferzen let out a deep sigh filled with the discomfort he had been holding in.


What he did was childish provocation.


Or perhaps it was a twisted form of encouragement to survive the war.


However, thinking that he didn’t like it either way, Ferzen got up and followed his footsteps.


Then, after bringing a piece of cigarette to a nearby fire, he inhaled the smoke deeply.


“You’ve picked up a harmful habit.”


“Your Royal Highness.”


“Why not finish your cigarette?”




“Is that permissible?”


Ferzen, caught off-guard by her sudden presence, dropped his cigarette, poised to crush it underfoot, but her words halted him.


“It’s fine. Even I indulge in a smoke.”




“I jest, of course.”


Princess Elizabeth’s eyes twinkled with amusement, her smile hidden behind her hand.


“No man desires a woman reeking of tobacco. I am yet unwed, unfit for such vices.”


“Not all would agree.”


“Even smokers detest the scent on others.”




“Do I seem suspect to you, knowing of such things?”


“Not at all.”


While Elizabeth’s words were genuine, she reached for the cigarette in Ferzen’s hand with a delicate grace.


The right thing for him to do was to take it back and prevent it from touching those beautiful lips.


However, how come the sight of her clumsily holding a cigarette with her slender hands and inhaling a puff of smoke looked so beautiful?


“Cough…… ! Cough!”


“…… Are you okay?”


Princess Elizabeth coughed violently, tears welling in her eyes from the harsh smoke.


“Cough! So, this is what smoking is like…”


“Why did you try it?”


Ferzen quickly took the cigarette from her, crushing it underfoot, and pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket to dab her tears.


“Dispelling needless doubts is… Cough! Necessary, right?”


With her cough subsided, Elizabeth quietly faced Ferzen, noticing the proximity of his face.


The handkerchief, embroidered with laurel leaves for victory, wasn’t his own.


Perhaps a gift from Yuriel,


Or from Euphemia, now in Brutein?




Seeing him, a man already claimed, adorned with the marks of his wives, stirred a pang of melancholy.




Elizabeth reached out to his collar.


The closeness and her enigmatic presence made Ferzen’s body tense.




But she simply straightened his collar, stepping back and breaking the peculiar tension.


“The speech will start soon. Let’s go.”


A mere tiptoe from her could have brought her lips to his.


Yet why pursue such whims and cloud the mind of Ferzen, bound for battle?


As the wind tousled her hair, Elizabeth turned away.


“…I understand.”


Ferzen, replying after a moment, brushed where her hand had been near his collar.


After all, his collar had not been crumpled at all from the beginning.


Because of that, his mind started to get a little confused. However, Ferzen forced it out and started walking towards her.


* * * * *


From the capital and the nearby lands, 32,000 soldiers were conscripted.


Prince Raymond, poised on the grand platform, steeled his nerves.


He couldn’t bear to reveal his anxiety to the troops before him.


Nor to the nobles behind him, including Ferzen.


His upcoming declaration of war was a pivotal moment.


Taking a deep breath, Prince Raymond signaled the elemental wizards and began to speak.


─Fear is natural.


Magically amplified, his voice boomed across the field.


─War is unknown to us, yet its terror and horror are universally acknowledged.


Soldiers listened in silence, absorbing every word amidst their own breaths.


─Some say this war is unnecessary.


─But my people, should I cower and keep you from battle,


─The choice to dismantle our shelter will become the venom that erodes our very foundations.


─The rain meant to nourish will flood, and the sun meant to sustain will scorch.


─I am aware of your worries.


─Future generations might scorn me for highlighting fears rather than bolstering morale.


Yet Prince Raymond refused to infuse his speech with empty rhetoric.


─The battlefield will force upon you unwanted sounds and unwanted sights.


─How could I then glorify war with deceitful grandeur?


─You must understand the purpose, and the cause of this conflict.


Not just heeding a nation’s call to arms.


He would not send his people to perish by arrows, ignorant of the cause.


And so, Prince Raymond maintained this course in his address.


After all, there’s a huge difference between soldiers who took up spears and swords after knowing about the reason for going to war,


And soldiers who grab spears and swords without even knowing the reason for going to war.


─You fight not for the Imperial line, but for your homes.


─Like you, the Royal Family stands ready to defend our shared home.


─We will not cower behind you.


─The total number of people that are conscripted is 75,000.


─If someone dies among that number, we will never let you be buried in the grave of a nameless soldier.


─The Ernes Empire will remember your dedication.


─The Ernes Empire will reward your sacrifice.


─Yet, as Royals, I implore…


─Should we fall, lay us to rest with your hands.


─Of course, that moment might not come.


─Just like how your comrade who was alive a moment ago became a cold corpse and fell to the floor and like you who did not even know that your comrade had become a cold corpse.


─Our death will be no different.


─My people! Why are you holding spears and swords at this moment?


「For a place to live─! 」


His speech, though personal, resonated.


And as 32,000 voices roared in response, Prince Raymond felt a surge of emotion.


─Here, I vow to you!


─The Ernes Empire you defend,


─Shall always be a land of the people, for the people, by the people.


With the conclusion of his speech and a raised hand…


A trumpeting, so powerful, it seemed to fill the world.


Following this, Prince Raymond’s final command marked the onset of the inevitable war.


The soldiers’ shouts once again cover the area.


“Thank you for your effort.”


“……It is nothing.”


“Then, I will go back to my place. Your Highness.”


“Good luck, Count.”


“I also wish you good luck, Your Highness.”


Ferzen turned his body and left the podium to return to his place.


That’s right. Finally,


The war begins.


* * * * *


It’s hot.


The fervor responding to the speech ignited like grand fireworks.


Yet Lizzy, unable to echo that sentiment, merely clapped with the crowd, her gaze hollow upon the stage.


……Their fervor wouldn’t consume the foe.


Rather, she wished it would turn inward, incinerating them to nothing but ash.


Death would claim her, too, in such flames,


But if Ferzen shared that fiery fate, it didn’t seem so grim.


Which country will the ash-chasing butterfly pursue, she wondered.


Feeling truly curious, Lizzy quietly looked at Ferzen who was walking towards her group.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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