The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 25

On Duty (3)

 ༺ On Duty (3) ༻



  The main hall of the dormitory.


  Designed in a similar fashion as all the other dorms.


  If the door to a student’s room is open, it means that there is no one in there. But if there is a flag in front of the door, then it means the room is occupied.


  I settled down calmly in the lobby, confirming that all the flags were up.


  The students can transit around the dorms freely until 10 PM.


  Beyond this, unless the student has a special transit permit, an abyss dweller on the first floor of the underworld will constantly shout for the students to go back to their rooms.


  The professor on duty can handle such special permits.


  Aside from being present in the eventual case of an attack, those are all my duties.


  Therefore, unless an attack occurs, I can just sleep in the lobby without worrying.


  ‘But truly, the efficiency of such an arrangement is abysmal…..’


  At least the abyss dweller, a wraith, can keep me updated on the dormitory status.


  Otherwise, I would have to stay awake and sharp the entire night.








  Professor Ilena…. no Princess Elizabeth settled down next to me without her accursed necklace.


  She crossed her legs rather bewitchingly and looked at me with an icy gaze.


  She probably doesn’t know I’m already aware of her real identity.


  I will just ignore her.


  Making the best use of my time, I decided to summarize the contents of my second lecture.


  Since my lectures are about ‘Black Magic’ and the ‘Arts of the Warlock,’ there was no particular reason to designate the word ‘Magic’ as the theme of the following lecture.


  That is because, apart from black magic and elemental magic, all the wizards in this world have the basic ability to neutralize a spell after analyzing it.


  Understanding the basic principles of a magical phenomenon.


  While this skill is available to all those who tread the path of magic, this, in truth, is only possible when a wizard has the necessary knowledge. 


  This ❰Disruption❱ skill was quite challenging to implement as the wizard needed to know the spell in detail. Still, he also needed to understand how the mana was circulating in his opponent’s body and how much mana he used to cast the spell.


  Therefore, thanks to those variables, the wizards of this world developed many mathematical formulas to deal with them.


  Of course, those mathematical formulas aren’t perfect, as the variables in an actual combat scenario are difficult to measure. However, those formulas are still the better choice when applying the ❰Disruption❱ skill.


  In this aspect, there isn’t much left to comment about this world systems.


  Perhaps the author added the ❰Anti-Magic❱ powers to Auror Knights and consequently the Protagonist, so he wouldn’t need to delve into these mathematical concepts.


  Regardless, from Seo-jin’s point of view, there was also one alternative way of incorporating this technique that doesn’t delve into mathematical formulas.


  And this alternative way is the graphical representation of a dimensional concept that anyone who loves sci-fi content has already heard of at least once.


  Creating lines by connecting opposing dots.


  The connected lines take a particular shape.


  Those lines now come together and form a three-dimensional picture.


  In this way, a three-dimensional cube is born.


  That is the concept of creating something in the zeroth dimension and slowly upgrading its depth to reach the third dimension.


  However, this method is only applied to concepts that remain in the three initial dimensions. Therefore, mathematical formulas are more dependable when one reaches the fourth dimension.


  No matter how high your spatial perception is, there is a limit to how much the human mind can understand concepts beyond the three main dimensions.


  This also is true for me since my mind cannot fully comprehend concepts beyond the fourth dimension*.


  Because of this, it isn’t necessarily wrong that this word’s wizards prefer the mathematical approach.


  But since it’s rare for most wizards to reach the Euclidean class….


  Rather than relying on an inflexible formula, this method is much more efficient.


  These concepts are not only part of my following lecture but also part of a separate thesis I wish to publish in the future.


  Wizards — Those who are greedy for more knowledge but won’t share it with anyone.


  For example, Yuriel, the professor of Elemental Magic.


  Her knowledge obtained by particular tutors couldn’t be taught in her classes due to her signed non-disclosure pact.


  However, these same people were also strangely cooperative when the knowledge of mathematical formulas was on the table.


  Since my public image is not so well known by the majority of the aristocratic society because Ferzen, the second son of Brutein, was a notorious lone wolf.


  Therefore, there won’t be any problems with gaining fame through this method.






  I was suddenly pulled from my thoughts as the squeaky sound of a wheelchair echoed through the lobby.


  Lizzy Poliana Claudia was nearby.






  “What happened….”


  “I will look into it.”


  Princess Elizabeth, who was about to raise herself from her chair, took her seat once more as I walked towards the main gate of the dormitory.


  Her characteristic red hair, tied in twin tails, was messy. Lizzy turned around and looked at me when she heard footsteps approaching her way.


  “Lizzy Poliana Claudia, aren’t you aware of the rules? From 7 P.M onwards, students are not allowed to be outside the premises of the dorms unless the professor on duty gives you a pass.”




  An awkward silence. 


  “Aren’t you going to answer me, Lizzy Poliana Claudia?”


  “I feel sick….. I was going to the infirmary.”


  “I see. Did you catch a cold? Your voice seems hoarse.”




  “Nevertheless, return to your room.”




  “I’ll call the doctor myself, and he shall examine you here.”


  Lizzy visibly paled at my words.


  “What…. did you just say?”


  “I said I will contact the infirmary myself, and you shall be treated here. Since it’s night and the temperature is comparatively lower, you will only worsen your condition if you go out right now.”


  “…… ”


  “Therefore, return to your room.”


  There is no need for more words.



  Having said that, I left the Dormitory.


* * * * *




  “What the hell was that….”


  Returning to her room, Lizzy controlled the corpse as he picked her up and laid her on the bed.


  The disgusting act of kindness from that man.


  Rather than feeling thankful, unbearable nausea rose from within her.


  Lizzy Poliana Claudia accepted she was now a disabled person and would have to endure the pain her ankle caused from time to time.


  Since she couldn’t walk, the young girl was forced to sit in her wheelchair or lie on the bed for most of her life.


  Therefore, her body slowly weakened, and Lizzy, who was a normal and healthy girl at the age of 10, now has become frail and has suffered from several ailments since then.


  Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg.


  The source of all her suffering.




  Following a faint knock, her door was soon opened, and a doctor in a clean white robe entered her room.


  “Welcome…… ”


  Of course, behind him was Ferzen.


  “I will now examine you. Therefore, excuse me.”


  “Ok…… ”


  With a nod, Lizzy lets herself be examined by the doctor.


  “Hmm, it seems that your throat is inflamed.”


  No wonder my throat aches every time I drink something……


  “I will apply an injection on the inflamed area.”




  Lizzy was well accustomed to those words.


  The doctor carefully injected the antibiotics into her vein.




  Ironically, people who had a lot of injections feel more pain than those who don’t.


  This is because the body remembers the pain, causing the muscles to contract and, in turn, increasing the pain caused by the needle.


  But Lizzy tried her best to hide her pain.


  Because she didn’t want Ferzen to see her moaning in pain.


  “It’s done.”


  After withdrawing the syringe, the doctor soaked a piece of cotton in alcohol and pressed on the entry point.


  “If your condition doesn’t improve after three days, go to the Infirmary. Well, then…..”


  Lizzy’s complexion visibly improved as the medicine reached her throat and gradually relieved her pain.


  However, her body felt heavy as if it demanded rest.


  Ferzen, who was standing by the door, looked into Lizzy’s eyes as he turned his back to her.


  Because he knew that being alone with her in a closed environment would trigger yet another panic attack.


  “Aren’t you afraid…..?”




  Surprisingly Lizzy, of all people, was the one who stopped him from leaving.


  “What do you mean?”


  “The Alfred Family will soon enter a marriage union with us….”


  “Lizzy Poliana Claudia.”




  “You don’t have to worry about that. I’m not afraid, nor will I ever be.”


  Ferzen, who turned around, stared at her with his distinct blood-red eyes.


  “Know this, Lizzy Poliana Claudia. I have no intention of denying what I have done to you.”


  What Ferzen had done — wasn’t necessarily evil since it was an accident caused by his OCD.


  “I am well aware of Claudia Family’s grudge towards me. But Lizzy Poliana Claudia. Keep this in mind.”




  “If you fail to bite my neck, you will have to accept the consequences of your actions.”


  Ferzen’s most dreadful thing is his magical prowess.


  As a Warlock, he was more dreadful than an Auror Knight.


  Both Auror Knights and Elemental Wizards, at least, can’t tarnish his body as much as a Warlock can.


  Even more so for a Warlock of his level.


  Therefore, under that assumption.


  The most threatening person to Lizzy was Ferzen.


  “I will let you rest.”




  After speaking, Ferzen left the room.


  Now alone in her room, Lizzy, who was lying on the bed, smiled.


  “It’s fine…..”


  His dignity was unmistakable, even though he was rotten to the core.


  Lizzy covered herself with a blanket as she glared at the ceiling.


  As Ferzen said, Lizzy was determined to bear the consequences of her actions if her fangs failed to rip his throat.


  Because when you try to kill someone……


  You must also need to be prepared to die.




  But if that was to be her destiny…….


  I just need one night.


  She would use every means possible to seduce him, and when he laid with her, she would rip his throat and burn his house, leaving no witnesses behind, and then…. she would also cut her throat cleanly.


  It won’t matter if she further damaged his body or humiliated him by controlling his corpse.


  Because by that time, I would also accompany him to the underworld.




  Her eyes became heavy.


 Lizzy Poliana Claudia drifted to the land of dreams while thinking about her revenge.



Translator’s Note:

*For those who skipped school or just suck at physics or geometry, the three dimensions are height, length, and width, and the fourth is space-time. The fifth is still being theorized by string theory.


So when Ferzen says that Mages below Euclidean class don’t need to worry, he’s trying to say that those mf can’t even interact with space and time yet, so this way of dealing with magic is more optimal than mathematics, but once Space-time gets in the equation than its time to release the Math.


An example of the Fourth and Fifth dimensions is that scene in the Movie Interstellar or in Twilight Zone (that one is good).



Chest day workout routine

  • Chest flies for warmups 6×12
  • Light weight lateral raises for shoulder warmups 4×12
  • barbell Bench press (yeh baby) 8×12 (2 reps Progressive overload)
  • Inclined barbell bench press 4×12
  • Dumbell Bench press 6×12
  • Cable Crossover 4×12
  • Cable fly 3×12
  • Cable low fly 3×12
  • Machine chest press 4×15


  • Dumbbell shoulder raises 3×12.
  • Dumbbell Fron raises 3×12
  • Bent over dumbbell raises 3×12



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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When I read the development of the Heroine getting NTR’d, I left a malicious comment……   But then I woke up, having become the Villain who robbed the Heroine.      


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