The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 27

The Night Of The Setting Full Moon

 ༺ The Night Of The Setting Full Moon ༻





  Even though I didn’t stay awake the entire night, I was exhausted.




  The First Imperial Princess Elizabeth was nowhere to be seen.


7:40 AM.


  Since it’s almost 8 AM, it’s not surprising she has already left.


  Furthermore, her disguise would once again crumble with the sunrise, so she wouldn’t want to be close to me either way.


  ‘Sigh, I should clean this place before I leave.’


  Is she that lazy?


  After cleaning and organizing the watch room, I went out.


  “Good morning, Professor!”




  Since there was still some time before their lectures, some students were loitering around the dormitory. Leaving the dorms, I headed to the parking lot located behind the Administrative Building.


  “Head to the Wizard’s Association first.”


  “As you wish, My Lord.”


  After instructing the zealous coachman, I leaned back comfortably into the carriage.


  The Wizard’s Association.


  Even though it was an association for wizards, in truth, the place served as a membership-based library.


  When one submits a thesis or research, those who wish to read your papers will pay a fine, and part of that money will be handed to the author.


  Also, it was strictly prohibited to reference another person’s thesis on your own unless you received the original author’s consent.


  The reason why contracting private tutors for learning magic was extremely expansive was also due to the existence of the Association.




  Although the secretary’s greeting was a little informal, it wasn’t disrespectful.


  The smell of old books permeated through the building.


  Creating a calm and serene atmosphere that aided my concentration.




  “Heh, look at this kid. If you see someone you know, you should go and say hello to them, and stop bowing, kid.”


  But without even being able to enjoy this peaceful atmosphere, I hurriedly bowed.


  “Good morning, sir.”


  “Sigh, You’re quite the stubborn lad, aren’t you?”


  The Imperial Court Wizard, the Duke of Roswell, and also an Apollyon-class Elemental Wizard —- Theor El Binheim Roswell. 


  “Stop being so grumpy, kid.”


  The Duke of Roswell was someone who had known Ferzen since his childhood, and the young Ferzen would often kick his cane over.


  The reason for that is, of course, Ferzen’s severe OCD.


  For Ferzen, if he took five steps while using the right hand to hold a cane, he also had to take five steps while holding the cane with his left hand. However, there was no way someone other than Ferzen would even walk with a cane in that manner.


  “Kid, if there’s someone who should be the grumpy one here, then that person should’ve been me.”




  “My beard was never the same after you pulled it out.”


  “Are you here just to remind me of that?”


  So he didn’t hold a grudge because of his cane, but his beard?


  “You should be thankful that I’m not an Elemental Wizard. Because if I were, I would have set it on fire rather than pulling it out.”


  There is no greater torture for a child than having a beard swept over his sensitive skin.


  For the first time since I arrived in this world, I could sympathize with Ferzen’s suffering.


  “Since you don’t have kids…. it’s not a surprise you don’t understand my stance.”


  “Tsk…Look at this disrespectful kid.”


  It’s just like how two friends can never empathize with each other completely since they didn’t go through the same experience or walked the same path in life.


  “Heh heh, anyway kid, why are you here at the Association this early in the morning?”


  “…….. I’m here to submit a thesis.”


  “You? Thesis? Pffff.”


  “Is there any problem with that?”


  “Heh, this old man is just surprised, that’s all. Good thing I stopped by then since I was also just submitting a thesis of my own.”




  “So kid, what’s the subject of your little thesis, huh?”


  Ignoring him, I walked to the Association clerk and handed him the original paper and the necessary copies I had spent the entire night preparing.


  Besides the main branch localized in the Imperial Capital, there were four more branches of the Association spread throughout the Empire.


  Therefore, four more copies must be prepared when one wishes to submit a thesis, in addition to the original one.


  “The subject will be about the recognition of alternatives for magical formulas. The thesis shall be free for anyone who wishes to read it for a period of one month….. Also, set the official release date to next Thursday, around 2 PM.”


  “Yes, My Lord!”


  The nervous clerk stretched his trembling hands and carefully received the papers I handed to him.


  For a wizard to submit a thesis, he must have been tested to gauge his real skill; only then will he receive the permit to present papers in the Association. Also, the Association demands complete and utter sincerity, as any lies or unhandled attempts would be castigated.


  This is because you swear an oath when you join the Wizard Association.


  In fact, near my heart, there’s the physical manifestation of this oath.


  And if I break this oath, then my heart will shatter.


  That is why this clerk in front of me is trembling so much.


  Because this is a thesis that falls under the magical oath.


  Since my life could be forfeit if it’s proved a fake, he must have understood the weight behind those papers.


  “My lord, you also wish for a public presentation?”


  “Yes, but it shall be held next Wednesday. The public presentation and lecture will be held at 9 AM in the Auditorium of the Imperial Academy. Also, those who attend can ask any question regarding my thesis.”


  “So soon…..”


  “Since there are only six days left, send a letter to all the wizards you can. Since you’re a clerk of the Association, I trust you can handle this task.”


  I don’t know how many Wizards would be interested in this.


  Still, since it’s a public presentation, I think there should be a good amount of people present.


  Usually, wizards rarely attend such Public Presentations.


  That is because, unlike the internal rules of the Association, you can say whatever you want in your public presentation.


  So it’s normal for some wizards to try to earn some easy money by scamming people with those Public Presentations in the past.


  Because of this, people rarely attend those sorts of events without being invited.


  “I trust your efforts will bring pleasant results.”


  “Yes, My Lord!…. you can trust me!”


  “Hey, hey…..! Ferzen, my boy! Did you just say Public Presentation? What the hell is the subject of your thesis?! C’mon, you can talk with grandpa! Don’t be so stiff! My little boy is smart!”


  “You’re pathetic old man…….”


  “Don’t be mean…. so what is the subject?”


  “Sigh. In short, it’s about visualization.”


  “Visualization? Wasn’t that concept proved to be hopeless?”


  It was.


  It is not that the wizards in this world had never thought of studying the concept of the dimensions behind the mathematical formulas for magic.


  It was an obvious jump, since geometry was also part of math.


  However, the concept of the three dimensions: Length→Width→Volume, is often disregarded, as measuring those dimensions can be quite challenging when applied to magic theories.


  “If I were lying, then I would’ve broken my oath, and my heart would have been shattered by now.”




  “Old man, if you’re that curious, come to my presentation next Wednesday, and if you wish to ask me questions, then remember to raise your hand.”


  After bowing to Theor again, I left the Association and returned to the carriage.


  “Return to the mansion.”


  “Yes, My Lord.”


  I’m tired.


  I just want to go back and rest.


  I miss Euphemia’s warmth.


* * * * *


  In the mansion’s garden, Euphemia continued to read an enormous amount of letters that had arrived to her.


  Each one of those letters were invitations to tea parties.


  ‘What I’m going to do with these….’


  Well, it’s not like my opinion mattered.


  She’s not Ferzen’s wife, just his seed dumpster.


  It’d be a miracle if I didn’t become a joke at those parties.


  Since Euphemia was also a woman, she knew how cruel and merciless women could be and how these parties were nothing more than a game of words, as if each sentence was a dagger thrown at their target.


  As expected of the Second son of Brutein.


  There were a lot of jealous and envious ladies who wished to marry such an esteemed aristocrat.


  And he could very well throw me away for one of those ladies too…..


  “My lady, Master has returned.”




  As Euphemia watched the carriage enter the premise of the mansion, she was informed of her husband’s arrival by a nearby maid.


  Euphemia also noticed that the maid was urging her to meet him.




  However, Euphemia didn’t budge.


  After some time, Ferzen, who had stepped out of the carriage, saw her in the gardens and began walking in her direction.




  Euphemia felt she would lose if she bowed her head at him, so she stared at his eyes with her head held high. But in the end, as he got closer, Euphemia couldn’t handle his imposing presence, so she lowered her gaze.


  “I’m back.”


  “I can see that….”


  “Are those letters all invitations for tea parties? I won’t attend any of them.”


  “I know. Besides, I wouldn’t enjoy it even if I attended one anyway.”


  “Then, if you don’t wish to go, just reject them. Those aristocrats can’t do anything against me.”


  “Sigh. So what now?”


  “Since you seem bored, accompany me to the bedroom.”


  “No…. I don’t want to.”


  “Euphemia, do you want to go on your own, or do you wish me to drag you there?”




  Euphemia was accustomed to having maids who didn’t obey her, but she didn’t want to be humiliated in front of so many servants. So she quickly rose and stood next to Ferzen.


  A refreshing yellow dress that was suitable for the warmth of spring.


  Perhaps because of that, Ferzen suddenly thought Euphemia’s current appearance was similar to a chick.




  “It’s nothing. Let’s go in.”




  Right after entering the room, Ferzen pushed Euphemia into the bed and laid next to her without changing his clothes.


  “Didn’t you sleep in the Academy?”


  “Euphemia, if you had to sleep in your workplace, do you think you could truly rest?”


  His voice was filled with exhaustion.


  Ferzen buried his face in her neck and breathed her natural scent instinctively.


  And as always, he wrapped his arms around her waist and caressed her navel.




  Last night, Euphemia felt lonely in this large bed.


  But now, with Ferzen by her side again, that large bed felt cramped.


  I wonder why….


  His presence feels natural to me now.


  As if she was standing in front of a campfire in the middle of a cold night, his body against hers radiated such a pleasant warmth.


  He’s so warm.


  Too warm….. 



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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