The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 43

Dawn of The Dead ? (5)

 ༺ Dawn of the Dead? (5)༻ 




  At 7 PM, Yuriel tried to mask her discomfort as she sat in the central hall of Dormitory A.






  “Sit up straight.”


  Ferzen, who was sitting in front of her, frowned as she refused to change her posture.



   “Why should I obey you? I’m neither your subordinate nor your student.”




  Ferzen was baffled at her retort, and as he couldn’t think of anything to say, he glared at her in silence.


  Feeling a sudden annoyance surging in his heart, Ferzen stretched his leg and lightly kicked her chair.




  Because of her poor posture, the chair tilted back, and panicking, Yuriel squirmed in her chair while pathetically moving her arms and legs to not fall.


  In the process, her mounds shook up and down, triggering Ferzen even more as he forced himself to blur his eyesight as wrinkles appeared on his forehead.




  Yuriel frowned while she fixed her hat, but she was startled as Ferzen suddenly got up from his chair.


  “Hey! Where the hell are you going?!”


  “To smoke.”


  Without even looking at her, Ferzen pulled a hand mirror from his pocket and walked away.


  “What the…..Really…….”



* * * * *




  A young man followed the silent path towards Education Building A while being covered by the mellow light of glowstones.


  In his hand mirror, the image of a basement with a lone figure appeared……


  ‘He doesn’t seem to be in a rush.’


  Rather than that, the figure in the mirror was composed, almost as if he was waiting for something.


  ‘The corpse……’


  There’s no need to use it for now.


  My primary goal should be to acquire information from him.


  Therefore, it wouldn’t do me any good to provoke him.


  In any case, my prey seems to belong to the Imperial Wizard Corps.


  Unless he is an auror Knight, I shouldn’t be in much trouble even if I haven’t prepared a corpse in advance.



* * * * *



  “There you are.”








  Ferzen Von Schwig Louerg, the black sheep of Brutein.


  His steps echoed as he entered the cellar below Educational Building A.


  “Let us not be harsh. Depending on your reason for all of this, I might even overlook your acts and save you from the Imperial Family’s wrath.”




  Babel couldn’t help but laugh at Ferzen’s warning.


  “Why would I even believe in the words of the Emperor’s faithful dog.”


  “I’m merely stating the truth…….”


  “120 years ago, when a kid not older than 10 became the Emperor, the ones who supported him and controlled the Empire were the Brutein……But you fools threw all that power away when that dunce of an Emperor came of age!”




  “You Bruteins have always been the Emperor’s favorite pet. It has been this way since the dawn of Ernes! Do you truly think that I’m such a fool to believe in your words?!”




  A disgusting purple substance falls on the five rats as their corpses begin to sizzle and melt.


  “My last name is not Brutein but Louerg.”


  “So what?”


  “I can help you in your crusade against the Imperial Family in exchange for a way to enter the state of ‘stasis’.”




  Deep in his being.


  Ferzen’s ego stirred. It responded vehemently.


  At this moment, neither Ferzen nor Seo-jin managed to control this intense emotion. However, a third party, something yet foreign, assumed control and suppressed it.


  “I envy you.”




  “Even though you discarded the legacy of Brutein, you still moved to remove every threat to their rule.”


  If only we had such loyal aristocrats in our kingdom……


  Babel thought as he laughed bitterly.


  “Wait… I’m serious……!”


  “It’s truly surprising you managed to uncover this…….”


  Feeling a sudden sense of danger as the man continued to speak, Ferzen took a step forward.


  But Ferzen suddenly stopped when Babel took out a bottle containing a purple liquid and brought it near his head.


  Behind him, the gate to the Underworld materialized as Ferzen continued to predict his next actions.


  “But you know what?”




  “Those fake corpses are not the only thing I prepared.”




  The gate opened.


  Revealing a connection with the second floor of the Underworld – Ruavara.


  “The transaction method is immediate delivery. The deadline is undecided. The Transaction item is ….. Advent.”


  The nameplate with constantly changing shapes finally solidified on the top of the gate.




  Ferzen, who up till now has been watching this farce, heaved a deep sigh.


  Unlike the monsters like the 『Peephole』 who dwelled on the first floor of the Underworld, those who received a name and ascended to the second floor had the freedom of canceling a deal if the payment was insufficient.


  Especially if you wish for a direct advent.


  However, such a deal was completed in front of my eyes.


  He is using his own life as payment.


  “It’s indeed terrifying what a fanatic fool can achieve…….”


  A warlock’s altar doesn’t need to be a solid object.


  Then why not use a body as your ‘Altar’ through means of a stigmata?


  That is because in cases like this, a Warlock may summon a monster from the underworld by sacrificing his own life.


  And if a warlock made his altar a stigmata, then if captured, the first order of business would be to rip off the skin where the stigma was engraved.


  And, of course, in order for one to actually use their own life as collateral……


  Things like social status, bloodline, honor, and achievements are also accounted for.


  If it weren’t for that, then during wars, warlocks would be used as glorified suicide squads.


  “You stupid, thick-headed half-wit.”




  “I shall say it to you once again so that you can lament your own foolishness as you travel to the Underworld.”


  Fixing up his hair, Ferzen opened his mouth and uttered in a venomous tone.


  “I…..! More than anyone else in this world wish to live! Therefore you fool, if we could have reached a common ground, we could have even been comrades.”


  At Ferzen’s words, Babel’s eyes widened as he replied resignedly.


  “The transaction is already finished, so even if I want to, there is no going back now! Since we are both Warlocks, shouldn’t you be aware of that already?”


  “You crazy son of bitch—- Fuck you bastard!”


  Ferzen continued to curse the man like a furious sailor.


「 Wah Wah───! 」


  Beyond the gate of the Underworld that was connected to Ruavara.


  A giant baby’s head popped out……




  And in a single moment, the baby opened his disgusting mouth and swallowed Babel’s body whole.





  The disturbing sound of flesh and bones being crushed and eaten resounded in the cellar.




  From the corner of the baby’s mouth, a deep red liquid dripped down.


  Mixed with the blood, some chewed-up pieces of human flesh also appeared.




  This was the end of a warlock who used his life as collateral.


「 Burp──! 」


  Soon, the baby burped and continued to crawl out of the gate.


  Its length was about 15m


  The size should be close to 8m.


  Ferzen stared at the hideous monstrosity as it sauntered towards his way with the head of a baby hinged atop a giant centipede. He then opened his subspace and took out Isabel’s coffin.




  With an absurd strength, the baby monstrosity smashed the ceiling and crawled into the grand auditorium above as it looked down at Ferzen.


「 Wah Wah…… 」


  However, contrary to his expectations, the thing didn’t attack but started to let out a sickening cry as its body trembled and tried to escape from the building.


  Ferzen was stunned at this absurd scene, but after a brief moment, he followed the creature.


  It was strange that the thing didn’t show any sign of hostility, but the goal was the same even if there wasn’t any danger.


  He did say that there were more corpses in stasis, but……


  It must be on the commoner’s side.


  Because the impact wouldn’t be that great if the casualties only happened to the aristocrats.






  As soon as I left the building, I could see the thing trying to eat the clock tower on the Main Building.


  And the columns reinforcing the building were being ripped through.




  Seeing this bizarre scene, Ferzen wondered if the power that the monster possessed was gravity manipulation……




  But he quickly changed his mind when he saw that the trees were being smashed as the reinforcement columns were being repulsed after getting pulled towards the monster.


  Gravity is a force that only exerts attraction, not repulsion.


  ‘So this thing’s ability should be magnetism…….’


  Straining my loose tie, I made Isabel conjure lighting at a high cost of my mana.


  Elemental wizards who can convert their mana into lightning have the advantage in terms of spell casting, so it’s harder to disrupt their spells. But now, being able to generate electric currents means that I could also interfere with his magnetism ability.


  It’s called electromagnetic force, after all.




  The electric current spreads like a spider’s web, empowering the objects with negative and positive charges.




  However, in the process, Ferzen’s eyes captured faint strings of electric currents.


  ‘Is that thing’s body a magnet itself……?’






  The objects charged with positive and negative charges were attracted to each other as they formed a magnetic field countering the thing’s own magnetic powers……




  The moment the monster claps, a giant part of the building is torn apart and blown away.




  ‘The restoration is going to cost a fortune…….’


  The building collapsed as its reinforcement columns crumbled, but fortunately, unlike the dorms, these buildings were deserted at this time.


  ‘Look at this mess.’


  A dreadful scream was heard from Dormitory B through all of this mayhem.


  The enemy inside the commoner’s dorm must be aiming to kill those who would become the Imperial Family’s future servants.


  ‘But first…….’


  It seemed prudent to deal with that thing.


  If a Euclidean-class combat strength was to be enumerated, it would be 2, and that thing who came from the second floor of the Underworld should be around 2.5.


  If that thing’s body is a magnet in itself, even if it can handle the electric current at full power……


  No, it won’t work.


  My top priority should be to get rid of that magnetic force coursing through its body.






TL Note: Yehhhhh this was kind……Wuaaa…..Disgusting……. Wtf a giant baby with a giant centipede wtf is this shit…..


In times like this I severely question my decision to translate this novel…..And guess fucking what…No fucking one wants to help me cause they say it’s ‘a fucked up novel’ Bah…..They don’t understand that this novel is made for US gentleman of fine CULTURE.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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