The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 51

3 Weeks (6)

 ༺ 3 Weeks (6) ༻ 


  7 P.M.


  The clouded night sky overshadowed the moon. 


  One lone man awaited his guest in the same mansion where Laura used to reside in.




  And after a long time, the doors of the mansion slowly opened.


  Beyond the doors, an elderly man who appeared to be 70 years old entered.


  “I welcome you.”


  I greeted him politely.


  The Second Prince of Roverium, who disguised himself as an elderly man with the ❰Mimic’s Power❱, approached me with his cane and settled down on the seat in front of me.


  “I didn’t fully understand your intentions with this meeting. However, for someone who is a known lone wolf, you have an excellent grasp on the current political scenario.”


  “That is because, unlike in the past, a new variable is forcing my hand.”


  “Is that so?…… Then I take it that you will hear my request then?”


  “Of course, your Highness.”


  His expression morphed into a bright smile.


  The princes of the Kingdoms, who are the Empire’s pawns, don’t have a strong ambition for the throne.


  Because the shrewd ones know that it was nothing more than an illusion.


  The only ones worthy of being the Empire’s pawns were the royals themselves.


  For this reason, the Kingdom princes act the part and pretend to be hostile to each other depending on their backer, but……


  In truth, they work together for the benefit of their Kingdom.


  Until now, the civil war was only a mere formality because the sole power behind the Kingdom was the Ernes Empire, but now the Elmark Empire abandoned two of its vassal Kingdoms, controlling only the Obern kingdom, and began to participate in the civil war in earnest. So it could be said that the current scenario has undergone a drastic shift.


  If the outcome of Roverium Kingdom remaining under the control of the Ernes Empire and the heir to the crown is already set in stone, how much profit can they even reap by intensifying this conflict?


 A small profit obtained by chance through the work of another.


  That’s what should have happened.


  But now the situation has changed.


  Now that the Elmark Empire has crushed the southeastern resistance, the Ernes Empire is trying to grow its influence on the surrounding nations in order to force the Elmark Empire’s hand……


  A clear casus belli was necessary.


  And in the center of this game between the two Empires, the Roverium Kingdom is a vital place because only two princes can succeed to the throne.


  Therefore, I approached the 2nd Prince of Roverium instead of the 1st Prince.


  Because the Alfred Family already backs the first prince.


  But if a prince, supported by either faction of the Ernes Empire, tried to escape its influence, the Elmark Empire would reach out to them immediately.


  From the Kingdom’s point of view, this encouraged competition between the Empires, and as a result of this, whoever ascended the throne would receive a substantial reward.


  But for this to happen, someone who would not bow to either Alfred or the Imperial Family was needed.


 And as for that partner……


  ‘There is no one more suited than the black sheep of Brutein.’


  Yes, this was the perfect situation, as this could never be possible for a Brutein.


  Still, even with this sophistry, Ferzen’s ego rebelled, forcing me to stop my current actions. But I forcefully subdued him.


  Because I want to live.


  “Good, then on May 7th, I shall make a fool of myself and insult the second son of Brutein in the Imperial Banquet. Of course, it will be only a play, but please lend a hand to the Knight who will come and stand by my honor.”


  “And the knight is……”


  Just when I was about to suggest to him who would be better suited to come for him.


  “It’s already decided. Sir Ciel Midford shall come…… He’s the son of a fallen aristocrat and a commoner whore, a vagrant per se, until he was integrated into our ranks, so there shouldn’t be any problems if he fails or if he needs to be disposed of.”




  “More than that, I’m afraid things are developing too smoothly. I believed that the First Prince was already in cahoots with Alfred and that there would be no such opportunity as this one, but imagine my surprise when you reached out to me on your own accord…… Aren’t the Bruteins the loyal hounds of the Empire? Those who would destroy and cleanse every threat to the Imperial Family?”


  Perhaps he noticed that he was a little too forward with his intentions, so the Second Prince couched in a display of embarrassment.


  “Although I am the second son of Brutein, I now carry the surname of Loeurg. I hope this will be enough to ease your worries.”


  “Is that so……”




  The Second Prince requested me to lend a hand to his knight, but I had no intention of doing so.


  Even if it’s a play, don’t accidents happen every now and then?


  The opportunity to kill Ciel Midford and reduce the influence of the Alfred and Claudia families.


  This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance.


  I would be a fool to let this pass.


  As one of the Empire’s pawns of the Roverium Kingdom deflects to the Elmark Empire, the Imperial Family may become suspicious, but the Second Prince will have a clear casus belli at this point……


  Instead, the only question now was how my brother would react when I showed up at the banquet under the name of Louerg.


  ‘That is something I will have to deal with later.’


  Concluding our little secret rendezvous, I rose from my seat.


  Then the Second Prince also followed my lead.


  “Hah, I bet that the reactions people will have towards your appearance will be something memorable.”


  The Second Prince grabbed his cane and……


  “Your Highness.”




  “Please hold the cane in your left hand and take three steps.”




  “Can you grant me this request, Your Highness?”


  “This……is some sort of exotic etiquette?”


  Although puzzled by my request, the Second Prince left the room while taking exactly three steps while holding the cane with his left hand.


  After that, he switched to his right hand and walked away.


  I thought about whether I should have asked him to do so during the whole meeting, but the annoyance caused by my OCD was starting to become a real issue. Thankfully, the meeting ended soon, and he agreed with me in the end.




 The rain never ceased during this night of schemes and plots.



* * * * *










  8 P.M.


  At the sudden knocking on her door, Laura grasped her altar protectively and mustered her mana in preparation to control her corpse servant.


  Because of the recent incident, there should be no harm in being careful of intruders.


  Moreover, since it was still raining even this late at night, Laura thought that this ‘knocking’ on her door couldn’t be a good thing……






  “……How long are you planning on leaving your dearest mother waiting outside your door~~?”




  Laura was utterly taken aback by this situation.


  Why is mother here?! Shouldn’t she be in Rosenberg?


  Wait…..Come to think of it, the wedding between Alfred and Claudia was held today.


  Was she invited?


  ‘Ah, if she was going to come here, then why didn’t she send me a letter in advance…….’




  “Uh……Ah……C-come in Pl-please……”


  “My oh my~ Now that my daughter has managed to secure her man, she doesn’t like to spend time with her mother….I’m so hurt~ But mom has a lot to say to you missy, so let’s go in and have a talk, okay~~.”




  I know I changed the contents of my letters a little to make it seem as if Professor Ferzen and I were a bit close, but……


  But for her to think he was my ‘man’ is slightly exaggerated……


  “Sit down.”




  “Get this stupid corpse out of my sight too.”




  The woman who was once hailed as a genius, the Witch of Genova, the woman who was now living a second life…… obediently followed her mother’s demands.


  Laura’s father was a dotting fool, but her mother was like a strict general who commanded both fear and respect, so, like her father, Laura was utterly at the mercy of her mother.


  “Laura, what are your intentions with him?”




  “Lord Louerg.”




  “If he was willing to dedicate a blessed piano for free, he must like you a lot~.”


  “Ah! T-That….th-that….t-that’s….On-One-sided…..”


  Because of the combination of both her letters and Ferzen’s piano, it now seemed plausible to Laura why her mother reached that conclusion……


  “I attended the wedding between the Claudia and Alfred today and had the opportunity to talk a little with Lord Louerg…….”




  “And you know what he said to me~? That instead of returning home, you would go to him and have several private lessons~~”




  Laura immediately confirmed her words, realizing that Ferzen was covering for her.









  “I-it hurts…..!”


  “Oh~ That’s good then~ Because this mother’s heart is on the verge of exploding from worrying about my foolish daughter!”




  Laura tried to run away from her mother as tears welled up in her eyes, but her mother’s arms were as strong as a military general and she wouldn’t let her go.


  “Did it ever pass through this thick skull of yours what would happen if you, an unmarried maiden, sold her body to a married man?”




  “Hm….I don’t think you get it though. Maybe he sent that blasted piano, not because of his affections for you, but simply due to his sense of debt.”




  “I always thought you were a smart girl, but how can you give yourself away just like that?!”


  Secret meetings……Private lessons…..


  Is mother thinking about that?


  The young girl desperately pleaded with her mother in a loud voice as her face blushed deeply.


  “I…I…I…..N-Not y-yet!…….H-He has a w-wife!….. I’m a mai-maiden……V-Virgin!”


  “You’re going to have to try a little harder sweety~~”


  “I…Re-Really!…….On the sc-school….P-Professor and stu-student!……..J-Just that!…..W-we never sl-slept together…….!”


  Just like a well-trained pet.


  Licking the fingers of its owner.


  Changing clothes right in front of him.


  Getting punished by getting her buttocks spanked all the while shedding tears.


  And even getting tied to a bed with a ball gag on her mouth……


  Laura continued to insist on her innocence as they never had that kind of romantic relationship…… Even though they have done several questionable things already.




  Because of this, Veronica’s anger eased a little as she saw that her daughter was truly innocent.


  No, in truth, her wrath vanished completely.


  If what her daughter told her was true, and she managed to maintain this current status qou between them……


  Yes, if she was doing just that.


  Then isn’t Ferzen the one who fell in love with her enough to even dedicate the first blessed piano in existence for free?




  Now with this, there’s nothing to worry about ~~


  My daughter sure knows how to keep a man dancing to her tune~


  She learned from the best after all~




TL Note: Kyaaaaa Getting mad milf vibes from Laura’s mum kek.


Hear hear ye, lowly mortals, as your Translator, I declare that Laura’s mum is now the number 2 waifu!!! numba 1 is of course Yuriel~~~


Also Im back my babies! my civil cervant exam went super well, and now I’m december imma try to translate at least 15 chappies! noice. Also call me Mara Sov now cause she’s a queen.

btw I found this notice star wars old republic fanfic on AO3 while I was ‘ studying’ for my exam –  Surviving in a Galaxy Far Far Away by 

Ignoring the ‘colorful tags’ of this fanfic it’s been a long while since I’ve found such a work where the writer dives deep in the know hows of the force, and also – Sith Warrior is the best storyline of swtor

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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When I read the development of the Heroine getting NTR’d, I left a malicious comment……   But then I woke up, having become the Villain who robbed the Heroine.      


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